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• 6/24/2018
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• 11/10/2017

Most Nostalgic Nitrome Game(s)

Exactly what the title implies.
I have multiple
Fat Cat: If I remember correctly, this was my first Nitrome game ever
Droplets: Not quite a favorite of mine, but when I first went to Nitrome's site (by accident, while playing on Miniclip) this was the most recent game. The music also brings back memories
Toxic 2: I can still remember being unable to beat level 2 (I was young back then, don't complain) I also remember seeing it's animation on the homepage, and all that was 8 years ago. Today, it's one of my favorites
Toxic 1: Not as much as 2, but still brings back memoires. I remember wasting a lot of time blowing up the signs
Twin Shot: I rember this game fondly
Skywire 1 and 2 (mainly 2): These also. I can remeber thinking they were saying help instead of go after ready in every level
Double Edged: This was the first new game on Nitrome for me
Chisel: It inspired Chiselerlikescheese (my old account, now being used by my brother), that should say enough
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• 3/17/2017

Spring Logo Contest!

As TMU pointed out in his update earlier today, we need newer logos. Particularly we are in need of a spring-time logo as the season approaches, so please enter the Spring Logo contest with your submissions to help the NFF get a new logo that doesn't look quite so bland as the one we have now.
To vote for a submission, leave a Kudos on a post made with a submission, and the votes will be tallied up and the winner declared on April 3rd.
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• 3/14/2017

Logo updates

While clearing some things I have noticed the fact that since 2015 we have been using the same 2 logos (1 winter/1 spring). Due to the fact that in that time all logo competitions seemed to fail, I decided to switch the logo to a generic one.
I guess from now on we shoul just add new logos when an user feels like making one, not based on competitions.
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• 12/19/2016

Winter Logo Contest

It's too late to do a Halloween or fall logo contest, but winter is coming soon and it would be great to have a fitting logo prepared for it. So, submit your winter logo designs on this post by putting an image in your response.
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• 4/16/2016

LETS make a test subject comic series

Rules: no dating no making fan made enzymes that will fan-made no nitrome game references no vilonce.
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• 4/1/2016

[Game] Wheel of Unluck

Due to lack of any activity on this forum for the past 10 minutes, I decided to make a new forum game!
Well, how do we join?
Just input "I will take my chances" below!
How do you win? How does the game work?
Well, first, here is something you will love. Almost everyone wins!
As for how the game works, it is very easy! At the end of each game, the single loser (choosen by chance) gets perma banned! Then a new game starts as another thread (this one gets locked).
Note: Ban evasion is called cheating and is IP bannable.

Submit the message, game starts!
Have fun ;)
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• 3/28/2016


Please post your featured suggestions here and here
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• 2/28/2016

Spring logo contest

Spring starting. Time for new logo!
Submit your logos, and the one with most kudos wins!
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• 2/27/2016


Please do take part in thia discussion - RFB. It involves my bureaucracy request and is a very important decision the community should participate in
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• 1/25/2016

Image contest reboot?

So here is what I am thinking of...
How should we restart doing an image contest? Simply continuing it all over again? This doesnt sound like a reboot.
I am thinking about doing everything from scratch, with a new article, improved rules, a better judging system.
Here are 3 possibilities for judging:
A) Absolutist - a different judge each game is choosen, and so he will determine each winner. 
Also this judge isn't allowed to ask other users for their opinion on who should win (we have B and C for that).
B) Community choise - each user is able to vote their favourite submissions.
Most voted wins. In case of draws, we will have finalists and a new voting shall be done.
• It can be made so contestants can or can not vote as well
C) Council - each game will have a different primary judge. This judge will pick users from the community (secondary judges), who will help the primary judge decide on the winners.

This thread is open for discussion, please drop your opinions and improvements below.

Also, if you guys pick A or C, we will need to pick a judge. Note that judges arent allowed to submit art.
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• 1/24/2016

Demotions and a bureaucrat request

Hi all.
This post will be covering two points: demoting inactive staff and highlighting The Mysteryous user's request for Bureaucrat.
On Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki, a lot of the old admins have become inactive. These admins are Axiy, Santiago González Martín, Emitewiki2, Random-storykeeper, and Bluefire2. These admins should be demoted since it does not make sense for inactive users to have admin rights and also these inactive admins may be contacted by new users.
Here is what I am suggesting for the rules for demoting inactive admins, based on [[what was discussed on my message wall:

An admin that is inactive for 1 year will be demoted.
However, if an admin announces that he/she will be inactive, a demotion will take place 2-3 months after the time the admin mentioned that he/she would return.
Admins that return to the wiki can ask for their admin rights back after 2-4 weeks.
Prior to an admin's demotion, that admin should be messaged and told that he/she will be demoted soon.
I also want to discuss making The Mysteryous user a bureaucrat. The Mysteryous user has been very active in trying to help the wiki by helping in the technical aspects of the wiki, introducing new features, and keeping current features up to date. He has shown a lot of devotion to the wiki. Furthermore, the wiki only has one other bureaucrat (me), and it would not be bad to have another bureaucrat.
Please discuss both of these topics.
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• 1/21/2016

2016 news

So here are my updates and plans for this wiki. Here is what we have done so far:

* Implemented featured article queue
* Implemented featured media queue
And I want to...
Implement cool features! (like we did last year; more on that later)
Reboot Image_contest!
I am thinking on having a different user judge each image contest (with the condition he doesnt participate in it). I am thinking about the contest starting each time a judge is found.
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• 3/2/2016

Featured Media queue

Want your image/video/music featured on the main page?
Post it on this thread so we can add it to the queue!

Note: Make sure your submission doesnt look something you spent less than 5 minutes to make.

Featured Medias:
Spacecanohead - February 2016
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• 3/2/2016

Featured Articles queue

Want your article featured on the front page ? Put it in the queue here!

Notice: Requires some decent work put into it.

List of featured articles:
DoCK - February 2016
Tenant Times Two - March 2016
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• 11/9/2015

[Game] Slogan Generator!

Here is a fun game I came up with myself. The rules are pretty straight forwards.
Try to come up with a funny slogan for an imaginary product. The next person must take the last letter of each word in the last slogan and make a new slogan using words that start with said letter. You must also state the name of the product; it can be anything really, just keep it clean. Here is an example.
User 1: Findex: It cleans fish tanks, not windows.
User 2: PetRock: Take some hot stones today, silly!
Get how it works? Awesome! Let's get started.
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• 11/9/2015

[Game] Worst staff application

Imagine you are applying for staff on a wiki/forum/site
Something like this: (your questions/answers can be different, just make something up ;) )

What is your timezone? (so we can expect when you can be online) - Neptune timezone
When are you most active? - every once in a blue Moon
What is your experience about moderating wikis? - I am admin and bureaucrat on my wiki, but no one joined it :(
Are you multilingual? - Yes, I can speak English, British, American, HTML and Lolcatz
When did you first join Wikia? - June 11 1978
Have you ever been banned before? - I was suspended on school, does it count?
How many hours can you dedicate to our wiki? - 25h/day
How many times have you applifed for staff before? - 178
When was your last staff application made? - 30 seconds ago
Do you usually follow the rules? - No, the rules follow me
Anything else you want tell us about your staff application? - Yes, make me bearcat or I will DDoS your wiki. Final warning.

Join the game in the comments below
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• 11/9/2015

[Game] Ban the Person Above You

Hello Nitromians! I thought it'd be fun to start a few forum games, so here is the first of a ew I am planning to make.
I found this game on Smashpedia and thought it would be a fun game for the forums here.

Note: You will not actually be banned, this is all for fun and jokes.
The rules are simple.
Give a reason (even if it is completely ridiculous) for the person above you to be banned; just don't lose sight of the fact that this is all for fun and is not to be taken offensively in any way.
Here are some examples.
User 1: Banned for starting this forum thread.
User 2: Banned for banning someone.
User 1: Banned for banning someone who already banned you.
User 2: Banned for looking like a fish.
User 3: Banned for not having a profile pic.
You get the idea? Great! Let's get started.
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• 11/8/2015

Winter Icon Contest

Hey there Nitromians! With winter getting ever closer, it is time to replace out spring/summer icon/logo with a winter themed one. Submit your logo images to this forum. The image that gets the most Kudos wins the contest and will be selected as the new NFF Wiki logo. All submissions must be made by November 21st. Good luck to you all!
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• 1/21/2016

New mobile main page!

Mobile users now have a new wiki mainpage, specially designed for their smartOS!
The new page is a much better experience in terms of looks and optimisation.
Features a new "contents" section. A "universal" one, which features the same category as the desktop one, as well as user-specific, which showcases the fanart of great contribuitors (more to be added!)

Note: This thread had a few images -hosted externally- of the mobile layout (so users w/o a mobile can see what layout we are talking about); however they have been removed.
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