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The 24 Days of Moneyball


31 Original Stories only a 14-year old could invent

Aka Originality Month

(From July 1st-July 31st, this page will be updated with a new plot) The objective of this page is to have 31 stories having to do with 4 characters. The characters used in the stories below are: Winged Carter, [Carter, Austin]], Ninja Bennet, and Enda. If any other one of Austincarter4ever's chacter's star, they're either going to be the side character, villan, or, I don't know, a weapon???? There is not much time to write this (full stories are released later)

July 1st

Enda must stop a strange character from entering Austin and Justin's game studio because nobody believes her.

July 2nd

Carter, Austin tries to pursuade Austin and Justin to be outside more often.

July 3rd

Winged Carter Pursuades Justin to lose weight, but Justin always makes it come back.

July 4th

Enda explains why she resembles independence.

July 5th

WAC, NB, and Enda must save Carter from a villan who wants to remove his positive feelings.

July 6th

NB does Ninja training his own way T_T

July 7th

Carter becomes "Amelia AirCarter" so that he can be on the same level with Enda after a misunderstanding.

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