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8bitmadnessicon8bit Madness is a fan-fiction game spinoff of the jam entry game 8bit Doves.

It was released for iOS, Android, Fire OS, WP and BB10. NitromeBoy to follow.

Instead of calm 3D green colours and beautifull music, this game has red-ish colours and an evil music remixed from the original 1. The music is disorted.


The games consists of 50 level pack.

The first pack consists of 250 levels, while all the others get an addition of 300 levels which get doubled for every 3rd level pack.

Pack I Welcome to h!!! >:)

Level 1

Level 1 takes 30 minutes to complete at the shortest route and with 0/257 doves taken.

Pack II How did you get there?

Pack III You can't be that good

Pack IV The Land of pain!

~more soon

Bonus: Horror Pack


The game has been criticised for its difficulty. Only 2 users has managed to beat level 1.

It has been stated that the music makes people go insane and drive them to attack everyone on sigh.


In only 10 minutes the game has scored the impossible. It got negative downloads.

As of XX.YY.ZZZZ (referred as day 0) it got minus 5,678 downloads, minues 13,453 1 stars, 56 of 0 stars and 56,000 1 star.

The comments are all of people who rage and tell an awful story of their gameplay.

Closing and Wanted

On day 1 the game has been removed from the iTunes app store. Around 1,000 people suing Apple and Google Play for physical and emotional harm. Apple has stated that the game somehow skipped the review approval.

On day 2 Google tried to locate the developer, with the exact location under Pacific Ocean.

On day 5 Google, Amazon, Blackberry and Microsoft removed the app from their final stores.

As of XX.YY.ZZZZ the app is kept being distributed on different sites, however it is unknown if said persons are related to the original developer.


On day 3, it was anounced that the game will receive more updates, including 'The horror pack' suggested by a test subject fan. Said update was released minutes before the day 5 removal.


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