About it

NAM have written it on this page .(Don't Spoil)To hint his friends for the secert of NAM's avatar then.

Here is users who know a lot about Nitrome by reading Nitrome Wikia.So I have to make the questions more difficult.





4a.A game.light all of Stars.

6a.A character.In N.M.D. it is't a boss but you can only come across one.

8a.The material which NAM used to make these.(Only Klemen702 knows now)


Made by NAM

9a.He provided the Demolition Crew with tools.But has not appeared in the game.


1d.Enemy Soldiers in his feet.

2d.Mr.______.It can increase the number of enemies in NMD.

3d.Although he has scars on his face,He is handsome.

5d________ Flying Fish.

6d.A character from Double Edged is in this skin.

7d.Most muscular.

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