Abomoneynation Ver2
Gender Unknown
Species Unknown
Health 5 hits
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Game(s) The 24 Days of Moneyball

Abomoneynation is the first boss in The 24 Days of Moneyball. He seems to be a little disoriented, for he is a random thing of sci-fi. Apparently, he is part chicken and a mash-up of other crazy things. Abomoneynation was made in a laboratory called La La Laboratories ♪ in No-Name Ville.


The same scientists that clones Austin's DNA appears a level before level 12's CDI with a man-made monster named Obomoneynation. Though they are scientists, they are poor spellers.

Phase 1

You have to evade it untill a weapon spawns. From there, you use up your ammo untill it loses some HP.

Phase 2

It will go around the level in a fiery rage, and you must duck and cover.

Phase 3

After tiring it out, defeat it by aiming for any point on its peculiar-shaped body.


  • Obomoneynation appears in J.U.S.T.I.N who needs help with their groceries.
  • Obomoneynation is actually Abomination with the word money wedged in there.
  • Obomoneynation appears as a silouhette in Spacial Rider levels.
  • Two words: Chickens and GEMSTONES!!!!