Achivements (Nitrome Must Die) can be found on Nitrome Must Die iOS and Nitrome Must Die 2 iOS. Some of them return.

Nitrome Must Die

Shot Put (Defeat the Nose and Snot)

Germbusters (Defeat the Parasite and The Moon)

Block Party (Defeat Big Daddy on Crusher Guardian on Squish Block)

Feeling Blue (Defeat Blue and the Scientest)

Chain Reaction (Defeat Angry Heads)

Overweight (Defeat the Cat and the Owl)

The Big One (Defeat the Red Warthog Serpent)

Mecha Saur Raids Again (Defeat the Mecha Saur)

Steampunks (Defeat the Tank)

Nitrome is Dead (Defeat the Nitrome Boss and complete the game)

Nitrome Must Die 2

Winging It (Play as Austin Carter)

Caek Thief (Play as Justin Bennet)

Tough Yet Cute (Play as Carter Austin)

Arr (Play as Bennet Justin)

Spikes Bad (Defeat the Giant Spike Ball)

Great White Whalish (Defeat the Under-Dweller)

The Haters Strike Again (Defeat the Nitrome Businesswoman and complete the game)

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