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Adventures in Tentania is a series of stories that follows the adventures of some Cuboy Academy characters and some NMDFFM characters as they somehow meet in the world of Tentania, an artificial world full of magic and fantasy that was created by Owl and Neko as a kingdom for their Towers and Tarragons role-playing board game. Now with twelve heroes in this world of Tentania, they all work together to complete quests, help civilians, and slay evil as they struggle to maintain peace across the vast lands.


Owl: The Gamemaster, Owl knows everything there is to know about Towers and Tarragons and often acts as a guide for the others.

Neko: The leader of the group, as he is the most experienced T&T player of them all, Neko is a kind and helpful fat cat. Neko is a Guardian, wielding a large shield that he uses to protect other party members from danger.

Nectarine: A tomboy with a bit of an attitude, she is sassy, witty, and gets the job done. She is very awesome and has attracted the attention of Austin, though she isn't interested in him at all. She is an Assassin and carries a ton of weapons with her.

Austin Carter: A student from BettertthanCuboy Academy, Austin is a punk and talks big, though he is a bit cowardly; at times he does come through though. As a Rogue he is very sneaky and the bad guys that is.

Hallbert: The school bully, though he is much less a bully and more of a big tough guy. He is a Slayer and wields his mighty sword Freiheit as both a weapon and as a 'mind-changing tool'.

Orange: A very intelligent student, Orange is Blue's cousin and has been accepted into the high school setting despite being in eighth grade. Orange is a Wizard and is capable of using magic spells.

Warlock: A student from the Nitrome Towers School for Delinquent Boys, he likes to cause mischief and sometimes will practice mischief on his allies. In T&T he is a warlock and can distort reality with arcane spells.

Storm: A young man whose sister is Harmony. He has an adventurous spirit and speaks like a pirate. In T&T, he's a Mercenary who can sneak around with the help of his silenced shoes.

Harmony: A young woman whose brother is Storm. Though she is supportive of her friends and family, she can be a bit sassy. She enjoys playing musical instruments and singing. When Harmony enters T&T, she becomes a Bard who can use her keytar to assist her allies.

Sunnadai: A celestial dragon who has a daughter named Lunnadai. She is selfless and optimistic. Sunnadai becomes a Gladitorial Dreik in T&T who wields a trident that's bright as the sun.

Lunnadai: A lunar dragon who is the daughter of Sunnadai. She is definitely a chip off her mother's block since she enjoys helping others. In addition, she is curious and playful. Upon entering T&T, Lunnadai becomes an Enchantress who is able to cast a variety of spells.

Extreme: A girl who is the sister of Curly, she is very active, courageous, and likes giving encouraging advice to her friends and family. When she gets excited or curious, she speaks Spanish. Extreme is a Paladin who can heal her allies and harm her enemies with her magic sword.

Curly: As a boy who is the brother of Extreme, Curly is quite the opposite when it comes to his personality. He is very lazy and self-centered unless if any of his family or friends need help. Besides his friends and family, he loves animals and is very good at taking care of them. Curly is a Ranger who uses a bow that is almost as big as he is. He almost always has his pet Juggernaut Enzyme Jiggles with him in his pocket.

Season One

You can read Season One episodes below!

Episode One: Let the Game Begin!

“What do you mean you don’t know where you are!? How did you get into our game!?” Neko shouted angrily.

“We could say the same about ye landlubbers!” Storm yelled back.

“What are you talking about? This is our game of Towers and Tarragons and we never put you is this possible? The gamemaster didn’t put you in here, right Owl?” Warlock asked, looking up at the sky.

“That is correct. I did not put these foreign characters here.” Owl’s voice boomed from above.

“Ahh! What was that voice? Who was that?” Lunnadai asked in surprise.

Hold up. Before we get any farther, perhaps I should answer some questions as to how these characters exactly got to this moment. For our Cuboy Academy students, it all started at a meeting of chess club…

This is a flashback in case you did not know that alreadyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D

Orange scratched his head in thought. “Hmm...aha! Check!” he said, moving his knight into position.

“Checkmate!” Neko replied, moving his queen across the board.

Hallbert sat back and watched the game unfold. Austin, who was waiting for Justin to show up so they could begin their latest scheme, sat at the teacher’s desk.

“Hallbert, why are you at chess club of all things? I thought you were supposed to be a big tough guy!” Austin remarked.

Hallbert stood from his seat and in one swift motion had Austin staring down the blade of his great broadsword, Freiheit.

“Gah! Okay, okay, I’m sorry! No need to get messy…” Austin stammered.

Hallbert spun the sword around in his hand and resheathed it behind his back.

“Why does the school even let you carry that thing around?” Austin asked.

“I don’t use it too often. I don’t like to hurt fellow students with it.” Hallbert replied.

“Well why would you turn it on me?” Austin asked.

“You are not a fellow student. You attend that other school. Besides, even then I don’t use the sword on fellow students because then the blade is made dull, and I cannot very well slay Sky Serpents with a dull blade.” Hallbert explained.

“You’ve slayed giant flying snakes with that thing!?” Austin exclaimed.

“Guys, shush, I’m trying to think.” Orange said. “Ugh, I’m stumped. I think you’ve really won Neko.”

Suddenly, in a puff of purple mist, Warlock appeared from thin air. He levitated one of Orange’s bishops and took Neko’s queen down.

“Whoa man! I didn’t see that move!” Orange exclaimed.

“Hey, that move doesn’t count! He interfered with the game!” Neko pointed out.

“I’d just go with it if I were you.” a voice said. Everyone looked over at the door where Nectarine leaned against the wall, looking really awesome. WAY awesome. Like, ‘way out of Austin’s league’ awesome.

“Dang, she’s so awesome!” Austin said. Nectarine stepped away from the wall and walked over to the chessboard. She took the toothpick out of her mouth and flicked it at Austin and then placed her hands on her hips.

“If that move is reversed, Orange will just make the same move again, so the way I see it Orange is still in the game.” she explained.

Neko sighed. “I guess you’re right.”

“I’m ALWAYS right, m’kay? Now, are all of you boys going to keep sitting around playing chess another fifteen minutes past the end of chess club or are you going to leave this popsicle stand and head home?” she asked them.

“Well, that sass was a bit uncalled for. We wanted to finish this game.” Neko replied.

“Screw this, I’m tired of watching you both play chess. I’m heading home.” Hallbert said, grabbing his backpack.

“Yeah, and Justin is taking way too long. I’m gonna jet...unless you’re not doing anything later, hot stuff?” Austin said, eagerly leaning in towards Nectarine and winking. Nectarine abruptly grabbed his head and shoved him back.

“I just showed up to cause a bit of mischief, hehe.” Warlock said, raising his staff to teleport away.

“You know what Neko, we can play this another time. I want to play Towers and Tarragons! Blue told me about the time he played it with you, and it sounds awesome!” Orange said.

Warlock halted his motion. “Towers and Tarragons? I love that game!”

“Is that why you dress up like a buffoon all the time?” Nectarine remarked.

“B-buffoon? Woman, this is how I choose to dress!”

“So you choose to dress like a buffoon?”


“Towers and Tarragons was pretty fun, I’d play again.” Austin said.

“Sounds like a nerd-geek type of game.” Hallbert said. After Austin told him about his first time playing the game, Hallbert changed his mind. “Perhaps I could find more Sky Serpents to slay and then finally shatter my father’s record!”

“Meh, I guess I’ll tag along. Just uh, keep that guy away from me.” Nectarine said, jerking a thumb at Austin who was currently zipping up the toothpick she’d discarded into a bag.

“You got it.” Neko said.

That night at Neko’s house, they had all gathered to play Towers and Tarragons.

“Welcome, everyone. We are about to begin the game. Allow me to recite the Poem of Origins. Please close your eyes. In the land of Tentania, an evil force arises that threatens the safety of the whole kingdom. Six heroes must venture forth to stop this evil, before the land falls to its power. And so the journey begins. Open your eyes.” Owl said, reciting the poem.

When they all opened their eyes, they saw that they were no longer in Neko’s living room, but in the middle of an expansive forest that stretched beyond where the eye could see. Some large crystals grew out of the trunks of most of the trees, and a beautiful waterfall shimmered as it caressed the side of a rock cliff, with the plateau of the cliff containing more crystallized trees and a babbling river. Mixed with the waterfall was fine, grainy sand made up of sapphires and emeralds that had eroded off of the roots of the trees by the river above. This created a small pool of water at the base of the waterfall that glimmered beautifully with color and was home to small fish with scales that were made up of rubies, an adaptation that the fish had evolved over time of living in this area.

Neko now wore an armor made up of silver plating, with a chainmail underneath. His tail also had armor plating, though it was custom-made by the finest armorsmith in all of Tentania to make it flexible and comfortable. In his left hand he held a large metal shield that was nearly equal in height and width to Neko himself; on the front of the shield was a sky-blue cat paw emblem.

Orange was adorned in dark blue robes decorated with stars and a tall pointy wizard’s hat that had a crescent moon on the front of it. Orange clutched an oak staff that had an orange orb on the top of it.

Austin was garbed in his rogue outfit: black, tight clothing with a black cloak and a black mask over his eyes, and a set of knives strapped to his leather belt.

Hallbert was dressed in a similar outfit to his usual one, except that now his cape was orange in color and had the emblem of the bear clan on it. His helmet was also a bit larger, as were the horns on it, and his sword now shone with a regal elegance yet fierce, commanding edge to it.

Warlock appeared the same as always, further confirming that he does in fact always dress like a buffoon.

Nectarine now wore a black, hooded cloak that bore gray and white markings on the sleeves, back, and hood. She wore white trousers, brown boots, and brown, fingerless gloves. Slung across her back were two crossbows, two quivers of bolts, and a Spanish saber. Hung on the belt at her waist was a collection of throwing knives, a short sword, an assortment of corked vials filled with strange fluids, and a small sack full of small explosives. Tucked in her boots were two flintlock pistols, a small dagger, and a magic stone.

“Dang it, why does she get so many weapons!?” Warlock complained.

“Shut up! It’s because she is so...awesome…” Austin said, his jaw dropping open as he looked over at her. His tongue fell out of his mouth and his eyes widened as she walked over to him. She put a hand to his chin and then closed his mouth, causing him to bite his tongue.

“Now, as awesome as I am and as beautiful as this scenery is, what are we doing and where are we going? Also, what are we all supposed to be?” Nectarine asked.

“I am a guardian. I specialize in protecting the group from danger.” Neko said, hefting his shield and saluting.

“I’m a rogue...isn’t that attractive?” Austin asked.

Nectarine drew a knife from her belt and pointed it at Austin. She placed the cold metal against his cheek and coolly said, “No. It isn’t.”

Austin gulped.

“I’m a wizard! All right!” Orange cheered.

“Slayer.” Hallbert said.

“And I can see that Mr. Not a Buffoon over here is dressed exactly the same, since he is in fact a buffoon.” Nectarine said.

“I am NOT a buffoon! I just happen to also be a warlock in T&T, okay?! Besides, Hallbert is still the same!” Warlock pointed out.

“He has at least a few differences that stand out. You, on the other hand...not any at all really.”

“Your journey begins at the Schmountain, where a town needs your assistance in order to save all of their lives. Go!” Owl’s voice boomed.

“Let’s go then!” Nectarine shouted, venturing ahead. Austin scrambled along behind her, and the others followed.

After many many hours of trekking through the Crystal Forest, they reached the base of the Schmountain, a high mountain of dry, desolate rock with little to no vegetation at all.

“Well this doesn’t make sense--the Schmountain usually has a stream of water running down it; where’d the water go?” Neko asked.

“Beats me. Let’s get up there and find out.” Orange said. They began to hike up the mountain when suddenly a flash of light came from in front of them. When the light vanished, there were six strange characters...

As for the NMDFFM characters, this is their story…

“Ugh! There’s nothing here to do at all!!!!” Harmony complained.

She, her brother Storm, and her cousins Curly and Extreme were staying with their grandparents for the summer. Their grandparents happened to live in a beach house that was in a rural setting. Currently, the four of them were wandering around pondering about what they could do.

“Then why did you agree to come, lass?” Storm asked.

“Y’guys asked me at the worst time! I was listening to music!” She insisted.

“Well, look on the bright side! We can always go to the beach and there are tons of things our grandparents have here!” Extreme exclaimed heartily.

“Now that be the spirit!” Storm agreed.

While they were walking around, two blue figures flew up to the squad of polygonal protagonists.

“And how can we forget that they have pet dragons?” Curly added as he reached out to pet them. Both of them seemed content with the act.

“It’s been a while, guys!” Lunnadai happily exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Sunnadai chimed in. “How have you all been?”

“Bored…” Harmony answered.

“Well, there has to be SOMETHING around here we can do together! We’ll help you look,” Lunnadai said.

“Great! Being entertained, here I come!” Harmony cheered.

So the polygonal protagonists along with the delightful dragons continued on together in the search for something to do. Their search ended when they reached the basement.

“Wow, look at all this stuff!” Extreme gawked upon seeing all the items packed into shelves and boxes.

Everyone walked around and admired everything.

“I was wondering where our big blue ball went!” Lunnadai said to Sunnadai upon seeing it in a box.

“Didn’t it get confiscated because you flew too far from the beach without permission?” Sunnadai recalled.

“Yeah… I’m still sorry.”

“It’s still quite alright.”

The dragons giggled in unison and then started to bounce the ball around the room.

“Hmm…” Harmony hummed while rummaging through one of the boxes.

“Hey Jiggles, look! I found some more food pills!” Curly cheered while holding the bottle for it.

“Yip yip!” Jiggles barked with excitement. He quickly climbed out of Curly’s pocket so he could unscrew the cap from the bottle.

Jiggles wasted no time in unscrewing the cap so that he could get his tiny hands on the pills and pop them into his mouth.

Jiggles chewed a pill up but was met with a nasty surprise. It didn’t taste ANYTHING like a food pill! He ended up spitting out the pill.

“Bleh!” Jiggles exclaimed.

“Huh?” Curly asked. He looked at the label and realized the truth.

“Oh! So that’s where grandpa’s alzheimer's medication went! Don’t worry, Jiggles. I’ll just make you something else to eat. My cooking is fabulous!”

Jiggles proceeded to pant in a content fashion while Curly set the bottle on the ground.

“Yeah, to him your cooking is ‘fabulous’! How can you cook food that animals like but not humans? It just doesn’t make any sense!” Harmony sassed while continuing to look through a box.

“Whoa, is this what I think it is?” Harmony noticed a familiar-looking handle sticking out of all of grandma and grandpa’s belongings. She didn’t hesitate in using all of her might to pull it up.

“It is!” She exclaimed with joy. “It’s a keytar! Yes!!!!”

The keytar was red with an 8th note on its handle. The buttons on its handle were white while its keys varied between white and black. There was a black strap around it for easy carrying.

She jumped around with glee before putting it around herself with the help of its strap.

“Did anyone find an amp so I can plug in this baby?”

“There’s one over here!” Extreme cried while holding it up.

Harmony ran over to Extreme in a hurry, took it from her, and then looked around the room for a plug. After finding a plug, she plugged the amp into the keytar and started playing.

“Ugh, I haven’t played in a while…” She said under her breath after a bit of playing.

For the most part, everyone seemed to enjoy her music.

“See? There really is something for everyone to do here!” Lunnadai reassured before hitting the ball.

Lunnadai didn’t look where she was hitting the ball and it caused a box to fall out of the shelf.

“Oops!” She exclaimed.

“That’s okay,” her mother assured.

¿Qué es eso?” Extreme asked while walking over to the box.

“Hmm… It be called ‘Towers and Terragons’,” Storm read.

“Let’s check it out!” Extreme insisted before opening the box. Everyone gathered around out of curiosity.

Upon opening the box, the polygonal protagonists, the delightful dragons, and the endearing enzyme saw a plethora of small figures, two pieces of paper, and a game mat underneath them.

“It’s a board game! I love those!” Lunnadai hurrahed.

“Even Monopoly?” Curly joked. “That one’s my favorite.”

“That one is so boring! I always end up falling asleep! So who wants to play?”

Sunnadai simply nodded in agreement.

“Ye can count me in, lass!” Storm agreed.

“Me too!” Extreme cheered.

“If my family is playing, I’ll play too,” Curly boasted.

“Yip!” Jiggles added.

“I’ll play as long as I have permission to play music between turns,” Harmony insisted.

“Of course you can play between turns! Your music is the best!” Lunnadai accepted. Harmony blushed.

“Since we have that settled, let’s continue,” Extreme said while picking up the first piece of paper.

“Huh, it wants us to write down a name… I wonder why? In addition, who is gonna come up with the name?”

“Let’s take turns writing down a letter,” Storm suggested. “That way, we all pitched in to come up with the name!”

“That’s a great idea! I’ll grab some pencils,” Extreme agreed while turning to rummage in a box for some pencils. After handing out pencils to everyone, they proceeded to take turns writing in random letters until there were no more spaces on the paper.

“Hmm! This name has a nice ring to it!” Extreme complimented when they had finished writing in letters.

“Yeah, it sounds like a castle full of nice velvet cushions and a basement full of cardboard boxes!” Curly imagined.

“You and your cardboard boxes,” Harmony giggled while rolling her eyes.

“Tentania sounds like a quaint town full of people who know your name,” Sunnadai imagined.

“Well, now that we have our name, let’s move onto the next paper!” Extreme decided. Everyone nodded in agreement and Storm picked it up.

“Allow me to recite the Poem of Origins,” Storm began to read. “Please close your eyes.”

Everyone closed their eyes (except for Storm ‘cause you’d have to be a psychic to read with your eyes closed) and continued to listen.

“In the land of … err… Tentania, an evil force arises that threatens the safety of the whole kingdom. Six heroes must venture forth to stop this evil, before the land falls to its power. And so the journey begins. Open your eyes.”

The room shifted around Storm and he couldn’t help but sharply gasp.

Upon everyone opening their eyes, they realized they were no longer in the basement. Instead, they were in the middle of an expansive forest that stretched beyond where the eye could see. Some large crystals grew out of the trunks of most of the trees, and a beautiful waterfall shimmered as it caressed the side of a rock cliff, with the plateau of the cliff containing more crystallized trees and a babbling river. Mixed with the waterfall was fine, grainy sand made up of sapphires and emeralds that had eroded off of the roots of the trees by the river above. This created a small pool of water at the base of the waterfall that glimmered beautifully with color and was home to small fish with scales that were made up of rubies, an adaptation that the fish had evolved over time of living in this area.

Extreme was now wearing silver armor with gold accents. She wore a helmet that seemed to shimmer in the sun’s light and two light gold wings were coming out of her back. Like the shirt underneath the coat she wore at home, her symbol adorned the chest of her armor. There was a pointy object with wings clipped to a strap around her waist.

Harmony now appeared to be wearing an aqua green dress with dark red leggings, puffy sleeves, her symbol in the center of the dress, and brown boots adorned with fourth notes. She had a strap around her waist with a small sharp object clipped onto it. Lastly, she was wearing a fluffy white hat with a treble and bass clef put together so they’d look like a heart.

Sunnadai’s appearance changed quite a bit. She was wearing a spiky orange collar with a tan tunic and a golden helmet with a red feathery crest. She had a red cape sprawled across her back, armor for her shoulders, and holes for her tail and wings.

Curly was wearing a white hat with small blue feathers, brown and yellow armor on his chest, knees, and arms, black gloves, green pants, black shoes, and a red scarf. His symbol was slightly higher up on his chest than usual. Jiggles’ appearance remained unchanged, unless if you count the way he now had to fit himself inside Curly’s pockets.

Lunnadai’s appearance was dramatically changed considering that she was wearing a purple collar with yellow stars, a navy blue cloak with holes for her wings and tail, and a white head guard with a light blue veil. Hidden in the cloak was a small spellbook.

Last but certainly not least, Storm now wore a dark brown hat with yellow jewels and chains hanging on the sides, two yellow shoulder guards, a longsleeve aqua green shirt, yellow arm guards, a dark brown chest guard, a big brown belt, a pointy object clipped onto the belt, and black shoes with yellow lightning bolts on them. His symbol was between his shoulder guards.

“What… Just happened?” Harmony wondered while looking all around. She walked over to the water so she could get a reflection.

“And since when did I get such an awesome looking dress?” She gawked while prancing around in it a little. She stopped prancing when she noticed the dagger. She pulled it out of its sheath to get a better look. It was silver with a brown handle. “Hmm, I guess I’ll keep this. Who knows when you need something sharp?”

“And since when did I get a bow?” Curly wondered while staring at the bow that was now in one of his stubs. It was curly at both ends with a harvest gold finish and a thick, stretchy black string at the end. Upon stretching out the end, an arrow with a point on one end and yellow curls on the other appeared. “Fabulous!” Curly exclaimed before shooting the arrow off into the distance.

“This is the best dress up game ever, mommy!” Lunnadai cheered. “And I got this cool looking staff!”

Lunnadai’s staff was blue with a white crescent moon at one end and a pale yellow star on the other. Lunnadai held it in her right claws.

Sunnadai simply nodded and showed her the weapon that she suddenly acquired: a trident with a light blue handle and a reddish orange end. In the middle was a yellow sun with orange rays. The end of the trident looked like her mouth with an additional point between the jaws. Sunnadai held it in her left claws.

“What be this?” Storm wondered while pulling his sword out of its sheath. Storm’s sword was rather oddly shaped since it took on the appearance of an anchor. It was completely silver except for the handle, which was cerulean.

“Cool!” Extreme exclaimed while looking at her sword in its entirety. It was yellow at the handle with turquoise wings and an orange blade.

“Anyways, I think we were transported into the game. None of this seems real.”

“But where’s the castle?” Curly asked with a bit of disappointment in his voice.

“Where’s the town of Tentania?” Sunnadai added.

“Maybe this whole world is Tentania,” Extreme thought while sitting down.

“What are we all supposed to be?” she asked to her allies.

“Hmm, I am not quite sure. Perhaps someone here knows what we all be?” Storm suggested with a raised eyebrow.

“That idea is music to my ears! Let’s all forage ahead and find someone!” Harmony said.

“Since I have a staff of some kind, I think I can do some magic...maybe I can...aha! Teleport spell! Okay, let’s see…” Lunnadai said, flipping through a spellbook. She raised her staff and cast the spell, and with a bright flash they all vanished from the forest.

When they reappeared they found themselves at the base of a very tall and dry mountain with not a single spot of green on it. Before them were six strangers dressed in clothes similar to them. A tough character wielding a large sword, an orange blob wearing blue robes, an emo kid wearing all black, a fat pink cat clad in shining armor, a warlock, and a really awesome girl that had tons of weapons.

“Ahoy there, ye travellers! We have some questions to ask of ye!” Storm called in greeting.

“Huh? Who are you guys? You’re dressed like you’re other players, but...that isn’t possible!” Neko exclaimed.

“Sorry, we just want to know exactly where it is that we are.” Sunnadai explained.

“What do you mean you don’t know where you are!? How did you get into our game!?” Neko shouted angrily.

“We could say the same about ye landlubbers!” Storm yelled back.

“What are you talking about? This is our game of Towers and Tarragons and we never put you is this possible? The gamemaster didn’t put you in here, right Owl?” Warlock asked, looking up at the sky.

“That is correct. I did not put these foreign characters here.” Owl’s voice boomed from above.

“Ahh! What was that voice? Who was that?” Lunnadai asked in surprise.

“I am Owl, the Gamemaster. It seems that you other players somehow made your way into the same world as ours in Towers and Tarragons. Did you happen to come up with the exact same world name?” Owl asked.

“Yes, we did. Tentania, right?” Curly asked.

“THE SKY IS TALKING! AAAAAAAAAAAH!” Harmony exclaimed while holding her stubs to the side of her face in disbelief.

“Dang it Owl, you said there was no way anybody could come up with the same world name as us!” Neko shouted.

“Don’t look at me, they must have picked letters at random.” Owl said defensively.

“Oh, wait, if you’re the Gamemaster, could you tell us what class we all are?” Extreme asked.

“Of course! The dragon in the golden armor is a Gladiatorial Dreik. The smaller dragon is an Enchantress. The blonde one lying on the ground is a Ranger, and a lousy one by the looks of it.” Owl explained.

“Hey!” Curly replied, feeling a bit offended. Jiggles climbed out of Curly’s pocket and rubbed up against him as if to say “Don’t listen to them. You’ll be a fine Ranger…whatever that is!”

“The one in the dress there is a Bard, a class that specializes in using magic songs. The one in the silver armor is a Paladin, and the one who speaks like a pirate is a Mercenary.” Owl continued.

“Um, excuse me.” a timid voice said. The twelve warriors stopped their conversation and looked over at the villager dressed in brown robes. He held a rusty bucket in one hand and seemed to be very shy and hesitant; he nervously scratched the top of his head, which was balding, with his free hand.

“Ah, villager! We are travelling heroes who heard you were in need of assistance! How may we aid you in your plea?” Neko asked the villager.

“Oh, well, um, you see, the, th-th-th-the water h-has dr-dr-dried up, a-a-a-and the village needs water! It is v-v-v-v-very hot out in these summer months, and w-w-w-we ha-have no water to survive. If y-y-you could help us--oh, but you heroes m-must have something more important to do like slaying dragons…” the villager said, stammering from shyness.

“Hey! Not all dragons are bad!” Lunnadai exclaimed. The villager jumped back a bit in fear.

“Lunnadai, be a bit more gentle, okay? This man is very shy and we mustn’t startle him.” Sunnadai said assuringly.

“We are here to help you with your problem, sir! We’d be glad to help!” Orange said eagerly.

“Oh,’re very kind, but...I don’t want to waste your time with our i-i-i-insignificant problem. A bit of water is n-n-n-nothing compared to s-s-saving an entire k-kingdom, so I--” the villager rambled.

Nectarine stepped forth and grabbed the small man by the collar of his robe. “Listen man, your village is in danger and we’re here to help, all right? You gonna take us there or not?!” she yelled.

“Ah! Y-y-yes! O-of course! It’s right up the mountain! F-f-f-follow me!” he stuttered.

The twelve heroes followed the shy man up the mountain, and after an hour of hiking, they reached the village which was located along the mountainside. The village was built into the side of the mountain, with houses built atop lofts constructed out of bamboo and vines and the buildings connected to each other with rope bridges. The largest of these buildings was the council room where the village elders met, of which the timid man was a member of.

“I could use a nap now,” Curly complained. “And a mani pedi! Woo, that mountain did a number on me!”

“That mountain did a number on all of us,” Extreme admitted. “But we still need to help this village! You can always nap when we get home.”

“Oh, alright. Sounds fair enough!”

“Mountain didn’t do nothing to me.” Nectarine said, brushing a bit of hair out of her eyes.

Austin gawked at her, when Hallbert pushed him out of the way. “So, are we going to take a look at this water spring or what?”

“I will s-s-speak with the other village elders, and we w-w-will g-grant you access to the spring. It is h-h-heavily guarded since it is our sole s-s-source of water.” the timid village elder said. He walked inside the building and a few moments later came back out and told the heroes that they were cleared for entry.

At the water spring, the heroes saw that it had indeed dried up, not a drop of liquid to be found.

“This is quite odd…” Orange said, scratching his head.

“Yeah, why would it stop producing water all of the sudden?” Warlock asked.

“Village elder, is there anything else we should know about this spring?” Orange asked.

“W-well, long ago it was said that there was a water spirit that lived at the spring and it was believed that he would keep the spring flowing. Nobody believes in that fairy tale anymore though!” he explained.

“Perhaps it left because people stopped believing in it, and now it is no longer attending the spring?” Hallbert suggested.

“Well, I don’t see why that could possibly--” the villager began.

“That’s exactly what it must be!” Neko reasoned. “Let’s start looking for it, it has got to be around here somewhere…”

“But what if it not be around here, huh? Then what will we do?” Storm asked.

“Hmm… I don’t know… Orange, Warlock, scour your spellbooks for a spell that will reveal hidden buildings. The water spirit must have some sort of building nearby that it would live in and it must be hidden from mortal eyes.” Neko said.

“I’ll look for one too!” Lunnadai said while grabbing her spellbook and beginning to look through its many pages.

After many minutes of searching, Warlock found a spell. “As a warlock my spellbook is full of spells based around distorting reality; an invisibility spell is just the kind of thing you’d find in here. Waving his staff around, he cast the spell and a shockwave was sent out, with the wave of energy halting and bending around one area of space that seemed to be empty.

Austin ran towards the area and smacked into the invisible wall. “Ow. Why didn’t I go through?” He pondered.

“It’s invisible, not intangible, moron.” Nectarine said, feeling along the invisible building’s walls. “Aha! A doorknob.” She turned the doorknob and stepped inside. The other heroes followed, though the house was too small for Lunnadai, Neko, and Sunnadai to fit.

“Looks like we’ll just have to wait outside,” Lunnadai groaned.

Inside the small house was a wall lined with bookshelves, a small table with a flowerpot on it, a bed, and a table with a cup of tea on it.

Extreme dipped one of her stubs into the cup and then tasted the tea. “Hmm...still warm. The water spirit definitely still lives here. He must’ve gotten too lazy or something!”

“Sounds like my kind of guy.” Curly said, jumping up onto the bed and getting into a comfortable position. Jiggles whimpered and shook his head.

Through another door to their left, a blue ghostly creature appeared. “Huh? What? Who are you? How did you get in here?” he asked, dropping his basin of water and spilling it all over the floor.

“Whoa! Wait a minute, how could he make tea and have this basin unless he had water?” Extreme asked while holding a stub to her chin.

“Mr. Water Spirit, have you been hogging all of the water?” Harmony asked. “That’s a pretty out-of-tune thing to do if you ask me.”

“What? How could you--all right, fine. Yes, I have been hogging the water, but for once I’d like to have some of it to use for my tea and my bath and to do the dishes! Those ungrateful villagers haven’t done anything to thank me for giving them all of the water in seventy years! The last villagers to actually give me something was seventy years ago and they gave me a lifetime supply of tea! Pretty nice of them, unlike the current villagers!” the water spirit complained.

“The villagers are going to die of thirst without the water from your spring though.” Hallbert said.

“Well they ain’t so much as given me a ‘thank you’, so too bad!”

“Oh, okay, well in that case we’ll all be on our way and--” Hallbert began before swiftly drawing Freiheit and pointing it at the water spirit’s nose, inches away.

“Ah! Okay, okay! I’ll give them the water back! All of it!”

“Wait, you don’t have to give it all back! You can share the water with the villagers. That way you can do the dishes, drink your tea, and not smell like a garbage dump. Seriously, that last one would do us all a favor…” Nectarine said.

“Eh, I think the awesome girl has got a point there. Very well, I shall share the water with the villagers, but they should come and say thank you first!” the water spirit said.

So they went and spoke to the village elders, who laughed in their faces and said they didn’t believe in the water spirit anymore...after staring down Freiheit, they quickly changed their minds and left a nice gift basket for the water spirit. The water spring began producing water once again, and now the water spirit and the town shared the water.

“Hmm...sharing...perhaps...hey, Storm!” Neko called. Storm ran over to Neko.

“What is it, lad?” Storm asked.

“Well, I’ve been thinking...maybe you and your friends and my friends could uh, share Tentania.” Neko suggested.

Storm thought over everything that had happened and then came to a conclusion.

“That be a good idea! Yar friends seem to know more about this place than me hearties and I, so it would be a good idea that we stick together,” Storm agreed.

Neko extended a chubby paw, and Storm reached out with his stub. The two then firmly shook hands, sealing the deal.

“Hey Nectarine.” Austin said. Nectarine rolled her eyes and turned around.

“What?” she snapped.

“I was just wondering...what class are you supposed to be? You never said.”

“Assassin, I guess.”

“I thought you wanted to be a knight.”

“That was middle school. Besides, even if I did want to be a knight nowadays, the game is based on your personality, not what you want to be.”

“Uh-huh. So, do you find my personality charming?” Austin asked, winking. Nectarine shoved him away, and he fell off of the rope bridge and down the mountain. Lunnadai saw him in danger and swooped down to save him. She caught him and carried him back up to safety.

“Are you alright?” Lunnadai asked with concern in her voice.

“Yeah, thanks.” Austin responded.

Neko and Storm watched as this happened. “Yes, I think we’ll all get along just nicely.” Neko said, smiling.

Episode Two: The Two Who Bicker are Making us Sicker

“Me hearties, it be time to play Towers and Tarragons again!” Storm happily declared.

“How can you tell?” Extreme asked with much enthusiasm.

“The box be glowing blue! It has to be some kind of signal! Like the maritime signals me dad taught me about!”

“¡Sonidos bien! I’ll get the others!”

“I just hope that by now, Curly and Harmony got over their little squabble… It hurts me heart to see them tear each other apart like scurvy dogs over something small…”

It didn’t take Extreme long to gather up everyone for another game of Towers and Tarragons.

They all started to take seats around the game board.

“Hey, make more room fatso!” Curly yelled at Harmony.

“I’m not fat!” Harmony yelled back. “And besides, I said I was sorry!”

“One sorry isn’t enough for my dear Jiggles, and it’s not enough for me either!”

“You’re being ridiculous!”

“No YOU’RE being ridiculous!”

“They’re both being ridiculous…” Lunnadai mumbled under her breath while rolling her eyes.

“Lunnadai, give them time,” Sunnadai assured. “Not everything can be settled in one day.”

“Guys, the others need our help!” Storm insisted in a worried fashion. “We can’t sit here and have ye two argue all day ‘cause we need everyone to pitch in!”

“But she started it!” Curly whined.

“ARRGH!!!!” Storm yelled in annoyance. “Look, we’ll sort this out later. Fer now, ye two need to put yar argument aside and help! Okay?!”

Startled by Storm’s annoyance, Curly and Harmony rapidly nodded. Afterwards, everyone put their hands and claws on the game board and teleported into Tentania.

“Gah! Where are those guys!?” Warlock exclaimed.

Neko dove in front of Warlock and blocked the mountain dreik’s blaze of fire with his hefty shield.

“They should be getting the signal, don’t worry!” Orange said, holding his staff in the air as the orange orb glowed with a dull blue light.

They were currently in the middle of a large grassy plain; mountain dreiks had come down from their rocky home for unknown reasons, and while investigating the odd behavior the four heroes of Cuboy Academy, Warlock, and Austin, found themselves surrounded by the giant lizards.

“I don’t get it, why aren’t these things flying all over the place and blasting us with fire from above?” Austin asked as he rolled away from an incoming dreik foot.

“Mountain dreiks, and dreiks in general, do have wings, but they are not often powerful enough to lift them off the ground very high or for extended periods of time. The best they can do is glide through the air for half a minute.” Owl’s voice explained.

“Oh...well then why don’t they just glide?” Austin asked. Neko leapt in front of him and raised his shield, blocking a claw swipe, and then retaliated by blasting a laser beam into the attacking dreik’s chest.

“Questions later, Austin! Right now you need to stay alert!” Neko scolded.

“Yeeha!” Nectarine shouted. They looked over to see her charging towards one of the dreiks, firing crossbow bolts at it.

“Nectarine, look out!” Orange called.

Nectarine slid down across the ground, baseball-player-style, while firing her crossbows up into the dreik’s soft underbelly where it was most vulnerable. The beast shrieked ferociously and backed off a bit.

Hallbert then ran towards the weakened dreik. He leapt up, used Austin’s head as a footstool to give himself a boost into the air, and then dug his dagger into the scales of the dreik. He spun around on the dagger and then flung himself up onto the head of the giant draconic creature. He drew his mighty broadsword Freiheit and repeatedly thrusted it into the dreik’s left eye. Unfortunately one of the other dreiks swatted Hallbert off with its tail.

“Hallbert!” Neko shouted.

“I got him.” Nectarine said. She vaulted off of the ground onto the head of one of the dreiks and stabbed it in the head with her saber. The beast recoiled in pain, tossing its head back. Nectarine released her hold on the saber and slid down the dreik’s back. As she neared to the tail, she called over to Warlock. Understanding what he was to do, Warlock casted a spell that caused the dreik’s tail to flick upwards. Rising to her feet, Nectarine surfed across the scales on the dreik’s tail and leapt off of it, catching Hallbert in midair and then safely skidding across the ground.

“Dang, she is so awesome!” Austin exclaimed.

“Yeah, but a bit impractical...we probably could have just waited below his landing point and caught him there.” Neko said.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Nectarine asked.

“Thanks, Nectarine. I owe you one.” Hallbert said.

Suddenly, the group found themselves once again surrounded by mountain dreiks as the large reptilian creatures began to regroup.

“Come on...where are you guys?” Orange said, looking at the glowing orb on his staff.

“Did you really have to use my head to do that!?” Austin shouted at Hallbert.

“By the way, nice move Warlock.” Nectarine said. Warlock grinned.

Suddenly, a flash of light occurred and standing in the middle of it were six heroes.

“Yes! Finally! Reinforcements! See Neko, I told you I knew what I was doing!” Orange said. Neko sighed and flipped a gold coin into the air, which Orange swiped and put into the pocket of his robe, grinning.

“Lo siento,” Extreme apologized. “We would have come sooner but we’re having a bit of a problem on our end.”

“You were standing too close when we were teleporting, you extra large cheesecake!” Curly insulted.

“For the billionth time, I’m not fat, you- YOU poser!” Harmony insulted back.

“You take that back!” Curly hissed.

“I can see that. Right now we need your help though, these mountain dreiks are too much for us, even me! A level 76 Guardian!” Neko exclaimed.

“Wait, we have levels!?” Austin said, surprised.

“Questions later, Austin...uh...Farter!” Warlock said.

“Why would you insult me like that? Also, that was a terrible insult!”

“I’ll bet he is still salty about the time you and Snow busted him for the whole answer key thing.” Nectarine said.

“I am not!” Warlock shouted.

“How did you know about that?” Austin asked.

“Snow and I have lunch every weekend. Anyways, let’s stop with the chit-chat and get to kickin’ some dreik tail!” Nectarine said, drawing her Spanish saber.

“We’re gonna be fighting dragons?” Lunnadai asked. “Aw man, that feels so bad. But it still counts as helping, so I guess I can put that aside.”

“Dragons and dreiks have some stark differences.” Owl explained. “Dreiks are usually longer and more serpentine in build, as well as being poor fliers and being able to breathe fire for longer bursts of time. Dragons, on the other hand, have a greater range of elements and--”

“Sorry to cut you off Owl, but we’re kind of in the middle of something!” Neko said. The twelve heroes had already begun to fight the dreiks.

“Yeah! We’re starting to turn back the tides!” Orange said.

Suddenly, they all heard a roar in the distance. All of the dreiks looked over in that direction and then ran towards the sound.

“They’re getting away!” Hallbert shouted, charging after them.

“Wait! That roar in the distance...that is the roar of a baby dreik! Is it possible that the mountain dreiks came down here for something that has to do with their babies?” Neko said.

“Thar only be one way to find out! Let’s follow ‘em!” Storm exclaimed. The twelve heroes followed the mountain dreiks.

They soon reached a secluded area in the middle of a large cave with a huge jungle inside of it. They followed silently behind the mountain dreiks, not wanting to startle the large reptiles. On occasion they had to remind Curly and Harmony to hush up, as the two continued their infantile argument.

“Hmm...something isn’t right…” Sunnadai said, observing their surroundings.

Austin looked up at where Sunnadai was looking. As a rogue, Austin could see greater distances, and high up in the canopy of the jungle trees he could make out some sort of mesh material…

Looking up ahead, Austin saw they were approaching a trap. “Guys, stop...the clearing ahead is booby-trapped…”

The twelve of them halted on the path.

“A trap? Who would set a trap?” Extreme wondered.

Up ahead, the mountain dreiks roared as a large net fell on all of them, entangling their limbs.

“Har har har! Good thing we had some flame-retardant nets, eh lads?! Har har har!” a voice haughtily announced. A cloaked man swung down from the canopy on a vine and landed atop the heap of trapped dreiks. He flamboyantly flourished his cutlass and then sheathed the blade and laughed once again. “Now, let’s get these big un’s back to the camp!”

“Ah, of course...a poacher clan. They captured the baby dreiks to lure out the adult ones so they could trap them. No doubt they’ll harvest the horns and scales for use in armor and weapons…” Neko said.

“So they’re just looting them? We would’ve done that if we’d killed the dreiks too though.” Nectarine pointed out.

“True, but that was just in self-defense...this is different.”

“This is some black market trade type stuff, isn’t it?” Extreme asked with a stub to her chin. “No es bien…”

“Exactly. And we’ve got to put a stop to it.” Neko said.

“Let’s help out our flightless cousins!” Lunnadai exclaimed.

“Quiet down...we don’t want the poachers to hear us…” Orange said.

“They will if those two keep bickering…” Nectarine said, jerking a thumb over at Curly and Harmony.

The twelve heroes once again started to follow the dreiks, though the reptiles were now in the captivity of the poacher clan.

After a while of following them as quietly as possible, the Tentanian heroes reached the poacher camp, a large area with tents pitched for the poachers and large cages constructed to hold captive animals and creatures.

“Okay, now remember, we need to stay as quiet as possible. Stealth is key.” Orange reminded everyone. Everybody nodded, with the exception of Curly and Harmony who were currently staring each other down.

“Ye two cut that out for a moment,” Storm tried to reason quietly. “We need to teach these sons of biscuit eaters a lesson and ye two are gonna blow our covers!”

“Shh…” Hallbert said with a finger to his mouth.

“Well she started it! She hurt my pet with that elephant's foot of hers!” Curly shouted.

“Oh, you’re such a repeating note! For the trillionth time, I’M SORRY!!!!” Harmony retorted even louder.

“Guys…” everyone else whisper-yelled at the two of them.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?!” a voice said. They all looked up over their hiding place behind the bushes to see the poacher leader himself.

“Well, our cover is blown.” Warlock said.

“What, have our weapons stopped working or something? Get him! Argh!” Nectarine yelled, rising to her feet and drawing her sword. As she stood up she saw that the rest of the poacher clan had heard the commotion and were currently looking over in her direction, all blades drawn.

Orange sighed.

“Let me guess, all of the poachers have seen us now, right?” Hallbert asked.

“Yeeeeeeeah…” Nectarine said, lowering her blade. “There are too many of ‘em.”

“Ye got that right! Now, what do all of you say to surrendering, turning over your weapons, and coming quietly with us?” the poacher leader said.

“Warlock, I need you to cast a spell real quick before this guy notices how many of us there really are.” Neko whispered.

“Got it.” Warlock replied. Warlock hid his staff behind his back and pointed it at whoever was behind them, zapping them with a small beam of light. Curly and Harmony, who happened to be standing behind Warlock, quickly found themselves to be turned invisible.

“All right, come along now!” the poacher leader ordered them. They all went over to a table where they all set down their weapons. Nectarine kept pulling weapons out of her pockets, seemingly having no end to the number of weapons hidden in her uniform. Eventually the poacher leader got tired of waiting and just told her to leave her jacket on the table.

The ten Tentanian heroes were then escorted over to a large tent where they were locked into individual cells.

After the guards left the tent, Neko looked over at Warlock. “All right, who did you make invisible?”

Warlock sucked air through his teeth. “...Curly and Harmony…”

“Come on man! You had to pick the two people who can’t work together on anything at the time?!” Nectarine shouted.

“Quiet down, the guards are still right outside. Besides, I didn’t exactly have a wide window of opportunity to do it and I had to be discreet.” Warlock said defensively.

“Well, we’ll probably be here for a while. Aren’t you glad they gave us cells next to each other, Nectarine?” Austin asked.

“No. I am not. In fact, I think it was quite clever of them to set up the best possible way to torture me like that. In any case, just because I don’t have any pointy or explosive objects to hurt you with, every part of my body can still be considered a weapon, so I would recommend you keep your distance if I were you.” Nectarine said.

“You know, that shirt you’re wearing is pretty nice.” Austin said.

Meanwhile, outside the poacher camp...

“Quit bumping into me, you- YOU… Oh, I can’t think of any more words to describe you!” Curly complained.

The two were walking into the poacher camp and seeing that they were… well… invisible, they were causing a lot of head turning and confused glances.

“And I can’t think of any numbers higher than trillion…” Harmony responded while rubbing her chin.

“But I won’t let go that you stepped on Jiggles!” He pouted.

Harmony sighed. “We’re still going on about him? I don’t mean to be sassy at a time like this but maybe you should ask him how he’s doing instead of trying to think of more ways to call me fat. Maybe you could have done that instead of starting an argument?”

“Hmm… I wasn’t really thinking about him! I was only thinking about you instead of his well-being…” Curly started to realize. “I should talk to him. Hey Jiggles, are you feeling alright? I would have asked earlier but I was quite upset…”

“Yip!” Jiggles responded happily. He followed up with a series of squeaks.

“Oh, I’m so glad to hear that! And you’re right… I shouldn’t have gotten so caught up with actions and let the anger go to my head… Looking back at the incident, it was an accident after all. But I forced this issue to be more than it really was.”

“So now will you accept my apology?” Harmony asked.

“Yes. All of the apologies have been accepted, including the trillionth.”

Curly, Jiggles, and Harmony laughed in unison.

“So now that we’ve settled that, what are we supposed to be doing?” Curly wondered.

“Well, while you two were bickering, everyone else was captured by the poachers,” Owl explained to them. “Warlock made you two invisible so you could sneak through the poacher’s camp and free them.”

Curly and Harmony nodded and pressed onward.

Nearing the other side of the camp, they noticed a tent that was much larger than the others and had someone standing guard.

“Well this’ll be a piece of cake,” Curly boasted. “There’s just ONE guy standing guard!”

“Yeah, but there’s something about that monocle he’s wearing over one of his eyes… We’d best be quiet as a staccato note!”

As they approached the door of the tent, Curly and Harmony stood up on their hind feet and started to tiptoe past the guard.

Just as they were going to get past the guard, Harmony had snapped a twig that was near the entrance. She sharply gasped and then covered her mouth.

“Who goes there!?” The guard demanded.

Curly and Harmony stood completely still as to not alert the guard.

“Don’t try hiding… I can see you thanks to my revealing monocle!” He boasted.

“I knew there was something about that monocle!” Harmony thought to herself. “I should do something, and fast!”

“Harmony, you know songs!” Curly reminded. “Do you have any that would put this guy to sleep?”

“Well yes I do, but what good are they on a keytar?” She asked.

“Just try! If it doesn’t work, I’ll blame myself.”

Harmony slowly nodded and then grabbed her keytar from behind her back. She quickly started to play a lullaby. The guard, who had been looking around for invisible life forms, fell fast asleep.

“Great job!” Curly cheered.

“Thanks!” Harmony cheered back. “Now let’s go free the others!”

When they entered the tent, they heard one voice shouting and another one grunting as if in pain. They looked over to see Nectarine holding Austin’s shirt collar in her hands through the bars between their cells, with Austin struggling to free himself.

“And if you make ONE more comment about that, I’m going to pr--” she shouted.

“Guys, they’re here! They’ve made it!” Neko said.

“What? How can you guys see us?” Curly asked.

“Oh please, I got the Contact Lenses of Truth in a quest back when I was only Level 12, I’ve been able to see hidden and invisible things for years now!”

Austin managed to wriggle free of Nectarine’s death grip on him. “Again, how is it we have levels?” he asked.

“Doesn’t matter! Get us out of here guys!” Lunnadai said. “I hate not being able to move around freely!”

Curly and Harmony nodded in unison and started using their weapons to pick the locks. Jiggles pitched in by wearing down the locks with his powerful jaws. It wasn’t long until their teammates were free.

“I’m so glad ye two stopped fighting!” Storm cheered. He was so happy he couldn’t resist hugging Harmony and Curly.

“I’m SURPRISED you two stopped fighting,” Lunnadai added. “Lemme’ guess, someone ran out of ways to insult the other?”

“Yeah, we both ran out of insults,” Curly responded.

“Then we worked through the problem!” Harmony sang.

“Great! Now back to our main problem. Thar be a ton of poachers and only twelve of us. What shall we do?” Storm pondered.

“Get me my sword and I’ll beat on the heads of the whole lot of ‘em!” Hallbert shouted triumphantly.

“Well, those two are still invisible, but it’d be a bit suspicious to see a huge broadsword floating in midair.” Orange pointed out.

“Well, there is one thing they can’t confiscate from me.” Neko said, smiling. He patted his belly and walked over to the exit to the prison tent.

The twelve heroes walked away from the poacher camp, their weapons in hand and the dreiks freed, as the camp burned in flames behind them.

“I had no idea you could fire so many different types of lasers!” Warlock exclaimed.

“It’s a gift, what can I say?” Neko said.

“Guys?” Curly asked.

“Yeah?” the others said all together.

“Harmony and I are really sorry for bringing our argument here. We almost made all of you fail the task that we were sent to accomplish…”

“Yeah… We’ll never bring any arguments here again!” Harmony chimed in.

“Well, even though the poachers talked about harvesting and selling multiple body parts from the dragons and I, we forgive you.” Neko said.

“Wait, what!?” Sunnadai and Lunnadai exclaimed in surprise. They exchanged flustered glances.

“Neko, we agreed we wouldn’t talk about that!” Hallbert said sternly.

“Yeah, we all forgive you guys. Buuuuut…” Warlock said.

“But...but what?” Harmony asked.

Warlock grinned mischievously. “The invisibility spell won’t wear off for another few hours, so you both’ll be tripping over your own feet all day since you can’t see where your legs are!” he yelled.

“Warlock!” Curly and Harmony shouted in exasperation.

“Hahahahaha! Mischief! It’s what I do best! Hahahaha!”

Episode Three: The Legend of Blaze Crest

“All right everyone, today we have a story mission rather than a side quest.” Owl announced.

All twelve of the heroes cheered in excitement and began to talk amongst themselves about what it could possibly be.

“Hold everyone! Allow me to explain. Your quest is to...wait...what is this? I feel a strange presence as it’s impossible.”

“What is it, Owl?” Orange asked.

“Hmm, I thought I detected something foreign, but the feeling seems to have passed. As I was saying, your quest today is to find and acquire the first of the five stones of the Blaze Crest, an ancient artifact that holds much power. The stone you seek is called the Ashen Sapphire and is a characteristic blue color. Now, go on your quest!”

The twelve heroes set out in search of the Ashen Sapphire with great haste.

“Um, Neko, what is the Blaze Crest, exactly?” Austin asked the large cat.

“I’d like to know too!” Curly chimed in. “It sounds fabulous.”

“Well, you see, the legend of the Blaze Crest is a chronicle of the world of Tentania that goes back a long time. The Blaze Crest was first discovered by the Heroic Tribune many centuries ago. A large war broke out in a struggle to attain the Blaze Crest’s power. Fortunately, the Heroic Tribune combined their forces and fought back against the dark forces that opposed them. As the evil armies closed in on them, the Heroic Tribune withdrew the five magic stones from the Blaze Crest, rendering it useless, and put the stones into a magic sword that they forged as a failsafe. Welding the Sword of Eternity, the leader of the tribune, called Eagle King, used the sword to beat back the enemies. Unfortunately, the enemy leader had many generals at his command that had the ability to summon powerful monsters from an astral plain.” Neko explained.

“What happened then?” Nectarine asked, her interest piqued.

“The Sword of Eternity wasn’t enough to defeat them on its own. The Heroic Tribune had to call on all of their allies to help defeat the overwhelming odds, and in the end, they triumphed. After the war was over, they all made council and agreed that they should take action to prevent something like that from happening again, and so they scattered the five stones across the world of Tentania and put them under the protection of their most trusted allies, who watch over the stone to this day.” Neko finished.

“Arr…” Storm said in awe.

“Wait, then why are we trying to collect the five stones for the Blaze Crest?” Warlock asked.

“You see, recently these dark forces, who had been locked away, have begun to slip through the cracks and into this realm of existence. They will try to find the stones and assemble them together in order to unlock the prison where the dark leader of old and his generals are sealed away. We must collect the stones and use the Blaze Crest to reinforce the locks on the Sorcery Realm where the dark forces are held in order to keep them from getting out.” Neko told them.

“Mhm...and what about these guardians? Won’t they stop us? And even then, couldn’t they handle any dark creature that tries to get to the stones?” Harmony asked.

“Yes, the guardians are very powerful and could feasibly deal with most threats to the stone’s safekeeping. However, there is still the chance of creatures more powerful than even the guardians could handle could slip through the cracks, and so it is better to reinforce the seal now than to just leave it alone and hope that the guardians can take care of it.”

“Then let’s go!” Extreme exclaimed with much enthusiasm.

“We’ve already begun. We have been marching there as I have told you this.” Neko pointed out.

“Oops. We’ve been going so slowly that I thought we were standing still,” Extreme responded while blushing a little.

The band of heroes continued their journey and soon came upon a section of forest that was completely desolate. The forest floor was gray in color and the trees were bent, twisted, and lifeless, bearing no leaves or fruit.

“Something about this place makes me uneasy...” Austin said, holding his dagger close as his eyes darted around nervously.

“Yeah! It definitely looks like the stuff of nightmares,” Lunnadai added while flying closer to her mother.

“Stay close to me, pipsqueak.” Hallbert said pulling Austin over.

“What the heck man!? Why would you--” Austin began.

“No, I’m serious. Look there.” Hallbert said, pointing. The group looked to the left side of the small dirt road to see some sort of hive constructed of dead leaves and grass.

“What is that?” Sunnadai whispered.

“It’s some sort of giant bee hive or wasp nest.” Warlock replied quietly.

“We’d better steer clear of it.” Nectarine said. They all quietly moved past the hive and continued down the path. Suddenly, they heard a loud SNAP.

They all looked back to see the branches holding up the nest breaking and the hive tumbling down to the ground and splitting open. The swarm of bees emerged from the hive and darted towards the party.

“Run!” Orange shouted.

“AUUUUGH!!!!” Harmony exclaimed. “Not the bees! Anything but the bees!”

“Those aren’t any ordinary bees--those are Scavenger Bees! Don’t let them sting you or you’ll be paralyzed, brought back to their nest, and then--” Neko began.

“We get it! Don’t let ‘em sting ya!” Nectarine shouted.

“Hang on guys, I’ve got just the thing for this!” Warlock said. He raised his staff and turned around to face the oncoming swarm. He pointed his staff at them and uttered a magical incantation. Smoke blasted forth from the tip of his staff and cloaked the bees. The bees fell to the ground as they were made drowsy from the cloud of smoke.

¡Muy bien, Warlock!” Extreme cheered.

“Uh, thanks. Anyways, we should really get going.” Warlock said.

“Right. We’re nearly to the first stone.” Neko said.

The heroes went deeper into the desolate woods and came upon a set of stone stairs at a ruined area. They made their way up the stairs and went under the archway and into a glade that retained its vibrant and lively colors.

“So where is the guardian?” Hallbert asked.

They suddenly heard a strange noise from behind them. They all turned to see that the statue perched atop the archway was glowing with a golden light. When the light dissipated they saw a girl with flowing brown hair. She wore a cerulean shirt and blue, sleeved cloak as well as tights and a shimmering blue cape. She turned around and looked down at the heroes. She flew down from her perch to the ground and approached them.

“Nobody had come to attempt to steal the stones for many, many centuries. Why have you foolish travellers decided to do so?” she asked.

“Hey! We aren’t foolish!” Lunnadai barked. Sunnadai nodded in agreement.

“Listen, we--” Nectarine started.

Neko held up a quieting paw. “Lady Aqua, we are heroes of Tentania. We have come here on a quest to acquire the Ashen Sapphire not for evil use, but for the protection of the land of Tentania. Recently the dark forces of old have begun to slip back into Tentania from their prison in the Sorcery Realm. We are on a quest to collect the stones and use the Blaze Crest to strengthen the seal and prevent more powerful forces from gaining entrance here.”

“I see. Forgive me for calling you all foolish. You all seem to be capable heroes and I am sure your intentions are well-placed. However, I cannot just assume your story to be entirely true. The dark forces of old are well-practiced in their illusions and trickery. I hope you understand.” she said.

“Of course.” Neko said. “Everyone, we will have to battle Lady Aqua and prove we are strong enough to protect the stone.”

“Or perish trying.” Aqua said.

“Let’s watch the face though,” Curly suggested. “You don’t see faces like these every day.”

Aqua’s hands glowed blue with magic.

“What’s her class?” Austin asked.

“Water Sorceress, level 200. She won’t be an easy battle.” Neko said.

Before they could begin their fight, they all heard ghastly moans come from the entrance to the glade. They all looked up to see a mass of skeletons approaching the glade.

“No…” Aqua breathed.

“Are those the dark forces!?” Sunnadai asked in surprise.

“No, but it is clear that whoever is controlling them has come for the stone.” Aqua said.

“We shall help you protect it.” Hallbert said, brandishing Freiheit.

Aqua smiled. “Thank you. Perhaps you truly are heroes for Tentania.”

They all started to fight off the skeleton army. Swords split apart bones, magic spells destroyed skeletons in numerous ways, arrows flew, and music played.

“These things seem to keep on coming!” Orange said.

“They’re a real nuisance too--this one just got spaghetti tangled all around my saber!” Nectarine shouted.

“Then we just need to keep our attacks coming too!” Extreme responded before cutting through another skeleton.

“Look there!” Aqua said, pointing. “A dark figure using some kind of magic. I’ll bet he is some sort of necromancer! If we take care of him…”

“The skeletons will fall as well. Got it.” Austin said.

“We can’t let these skeletons get to the stone though. Harmony, Extreme, Sunnadai, and Warlock, you’re staying in the glade with me.” Neko said. “The rest of you, get rid of that necromancer!”

“Good luck, you guys!” Harmony crooned.

“I was gonna say that!” Extreme cried in surprise.

Aqua led the charge towards the necromancer. She blasted high-powered jets of water at the figure in the trees. It swiftly dodged the attack, stepping out into the light. It wore a gray hooded cloak with a green flame pattern at the bottom of the garb and at the ends of the sleeves. It right hand glowed green with magic and in its left hand it held a staff made of bones and topped with a skull that had green light in its eye sockets. Its own eyes glowed green beneath the cowl of the hood it wore.

“Who are you!?” Aqua demanded, lobbing an orb of water at the figure. The necromancer summoned a skeleton between himself and the water orb, the bony servant acting as a shield to its master.

“And by chance, did you pick your outfit out in the dark?” Curly asked before firing an arrow at the necromancer. The necromancer summoned another skeleton that took the arrow for its master.

The necromancer laughed evilly. “As a level 79 Necromancer, your attacks are useless against me; I know the best spells of the art.”

“As a level 200 Water Sorceress, Aqua is SO going to kick your ass!” Nectarine shouted.

“No! Don’t kick my donkey!” the necromancer protested, indicating the skeletal donkey that stood behind him.

Austin lobbed multiple throwing knives at the death sorcerer only to have each of them blocked by a skeleton.

“Gah! We just can’t seem to touch him!” Orange said.

“He can’t block us all if we attack all at the same time!” Nectarine pointed out. They all began to use their weapons to assault the necromancer.

“Hey! You can’t do that! It’s cheating!” the necromancer shouted. His skeletal shields were unable to block all of the attacks at once and he soon found himself being beaten down by the Tentanian heroes.

“Any last words!?” Aqua asked, her hands glowing blue.

“Yes...another one bites the dust!” the necromancer shouted as his hand glowed green. The ground below him opened up and he fell into it, out of their sight, before the ground closed back up again.

“Darn it, he got away!” Austin yelled.

“Yeah, but at least now he can’t get the stone!” Storm triumphantly pointed out.

“We’ve taken out all of the remaining skeletons!” Extreme said while she and the rest of the heroes joined back up with the others. She thrust her sword back into its sheath.

“Heroes of Tentania...although the threat made today was not one of the dark forces, I do now believe that the stone will be safe under your protection, and that what you told me about the dark forces must be true. Please, take the Ashen Sapphire, and good luck on your journey ahead. Should you need my help again, allow me to place this summon spell into the spellbook of your party’s Enchantress.” Aqua said. She placed her hand on Lunnadai’s spellbook and her eyes glowed blue briefly. “There. Should you need my help in battle, simply use this spell and I will be there.”

“Thanks!” Lunnadai quipped.

“Thank you for your help, Lady Aqua. We will be sure not to let you down. We will prevent the Blaze Crest from falling into the hands of the dark forces.” Neko said.

“I know you will. We would not want Living Nightmare to escape.” Aqua said.

“Whoa, Living Nightmare?! Who is that!?” Austin asked, his eyes wide.

“He was the leader of the evil army all those centuries ago. He has the ability to become darkness itself. Should he escape, Tentania would be thrust into darkness. I have no fears or doubts that you will be able to succeed in your quest, though. Farewell, heroes.” Aqua said. She glided across the ground and into the glade where she sat down in front of the fountain and meditated.

“All right guys, one down, four to go.” Extreme said with a grin.

Episode Four: Looks Aren't Everything

Episode 4: Looks Aren't Everything

“Man, it’s hot out today...Owl, what are we supposed to be doing?” Orange asked, wiping a bit of sweat from his forehead.

“It’s so hot that I think my fur is going to explode!” Lunnadai complained.

“Hmm...there are many side quests on which you could embark. Perhaps you could quest for the Fist Mitts of Dackaron?” Owl suggested.

“Nah, sounds boring.” Austin said.

“Then maybe a journey to slay the Parrot Ogre that is terrorizing the villages of Frensho?” Owl asked.

“I knew it was a bad idea to feed Ave one last cracker before we left,” Storm whispered to Harmony.

“Owl, might I suggest hunting down Meldd?” Neko asked.

“Ah, do you think the newer heroes are ready for that?” Owl asked.

“Of course! Besides, with there being twelve of us, we shouldn’t have a problem hunting him down and defeating him!” Neko said confidently.

“Very well. Neko, you know the way, yes?”

“Yes! Let’s get going. Follow me everyone!”

“All right!” Extreme cheered before springing up from the ground.

“Where are we going?” Curly asked, holding some sort of creature in his arms.

The creature was brown with two small, beady green eyes, a fluffy tail, pointed ears on top of its head, and a small mouth with pointed teeth at the ends of it. It had six small spider-like legs.

“Weren’t you listening?” Harmony asked.

“Oh, no, sorry, I was laying on the ground here when I saw this little guy, so I crawled after him. Isn’t he neat?” Curly asked.

“What is that thing? Looks like it crawled out of a sewer!” Warlock said.

“Are you looking in a mirror?” Nectarine asked.

“What? No, I’m talking about that--ooh, you did it again!” Warlock yelled, turning red with rage.

“Uh, Neko, you’ve travelled Tentania for a long time. Any idea what that is?” Sunnadai asked.

“, honestly. I can’t say I’ve ever come across such a thing before.” Neko replied, scratching his head in confusion.

“Well, I think he’s cool!” Curly said, letting the creature climb up his arm to rest on his shoulders. Jiggles watched intently from Curly’s pocket. He wasn’t too sure about this new creature.

“All right, whatever you say.” Orange said.

Hallbert pulled Austin close. “I don’t like that little monster...keep an eye on it.”

“What?! Why do I have to!? I don’t like the look of that thing either! What if it bites me? Or eats me? Being partly digested would NOT impress Nectarine!” Austin exclaimed.

“It isn’t big enough to eat least not whole...and besides, I’ll be keeping a close watch over it too.” Hallbert reassured him.

“Ah, right. If you say so.” Austin responded.

They followed Neko on a long trek. They soon reached the base of a towering canyon.

“This is the Cliff Lands. We must climb to the top and then move across the plateau. We should then find a cave where Meldd lurks.” Neko said.

“So what exactly is the deal with this guy?” Harmony inquired during their climb.

“According to my research, Meldd is a giant Triceratops-like monster, but unlike Triceratops, he is carnivorous. Meldd eats nearly everything he sees, and this cave has become known as Meldd’s Dinner Table, as those who enter never return, thought to be eaten by the giant creature.” Orange said, reading out of his book.

“Was that a Magic School Bus joke?” Austin asked.

“Hold on! Meldd is a giant dinosaur monster that would like to eat us like little popcorn kernels!?” Storm shouted angrily. “He’ll have to eat my sword first!”

“Don’t worry, we can take him!” Lunnadai said cheerfully.

When they reached the top, Nectarine loaded bolts into each of her crossbows. “Let’s get him then!”

“Who’s a good little creature?” Curly cooed to the creature while petting it. “Yes you are!”

“Austin, have you been watching it?” Hallbert asked.

“ hasn’t done anything terribly suspicious.” Austin answered.

“I still don’t like it. We’ll have to pay extra attention to it while we are in there. If it springs a surprise attack in the middle of this battle with Meldd, it could seriously mess things up for us.”

The twelve heroes and the suspicious yet cute creature walked across the plateau of the Cliff Lands and soon found the cave. Without hesitation, they entered into Meldd’s Dinner Table.

“It’s dark in here…” Hallbert said.

“Let’s see if I have a spell for that!” Lunnadai exclaimed while pulling out her spellbook. “Hmm, Lightning, Tightening, oh, here we go! Lighting!” She touched her wand to the pages of the spellbook and a glimmer of light shone on the tip of the wand. She then waved her wand in a specific pattern and in an instant, the cave glowed bright enough so everyone could see their surroundings.

“That’s better.” Nectarine said. “I was starting to get uneasy.”

“You know, you could always hold my hand.” Austin said.

“Yeah, the better to see my awesome new friend!” Curly boasted.

“Uh, Curly, your new friend is gone.” Orange said.

“WHAT?! Oh, this is a travesty! Where could it have gone?!” Curly cried in dismay before burying his face in his stubs. “What if Meldd got a hold of them while Lunnadai was doing her hocus pocus????”

“We’ll find him, laddie,” Storm assured. “He couldn’t have gotten too far!”

Hallbert and Austin cautiously looked around them. The party of heroes stepped forwards when suddenly there was a flash of light and the world seemed to spin for a moment. Battle music began playing from somewhere.

“What? What is this? What’s going on?” Austin asked.

“It’s a random encounter!” Neko exclaimed. In front of them all was a group of snakes.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get them!” Hallbert shouted. He found he couldn’t move his feet. “Huh? What’s going on?”

“It’s a random encounter, so the battle system is turn-based.” Neko replied.

The snakes slithered forth one by one and attacked some of the heroes.

“Augh! Why did you have to attack me?” Harmony asked sadly. “Is it my hair? It has to be my hair!”

“What’s happening? I’m flashing green, I have a white bubble with green dots over my head? And why am I down on one knee? What’s happening!?” Orange exclaimed.

“This is your first time in a random encounter, isn’t it?” Warlock asked.

“Everyone, select your attack and your target.” Neko said.

After everyone had decided what they were going to do, they attacked sequentially. Lunnadai cast a healing spell on Orange to remove his poisoned status ailment.

“Thanks!” Orange said.

“No prob, bob!” Lunnadai responded.

“Uh, my name’s Orange.”

Lunnadai cutely shrugged.

They defeated the snakes and then all started flapping their arms up and down uncontrollably.

“Why are we--you know what, I think I know the answer already.” Nectarine said.

“Random encounter.” Neko replied.

“All right, now let’s go find Meldd and hope we NEVER have to go through THAT again!” Austin exclaimed.

“First we have to find the little guy!” Curly exclaimed.

“We will, don’t worry.” Warlock said.

Suddenly they heard a loud roar from behind them.

“I found Meldd, do I get a cookie?” Hallbert said, taking out his sword.

“Yes!” Lunnadai agreed. She waved her wand and a cookie appeared in one of Hallbert’s hands.

“Thanks.” He bit into it. His eyes widened in surprise and he spat it out. “This is oatmeal raisin! I hate oatmeal raisin!”

“Sorry…” Lunnadai apologized.

Meldd roared a second time and advanced on the heroes. They all leapt back and drew their weapons.

Meldd stomped forwards with one foot. Neko dove forwards, laid down on his back and raised his shield. Meldd’s foot stomped down on the shield, but it did not faze Neko.

“Urrgh...attack him now!” Neko called.

Nectarine fired her crossbows at Meldd’s head, but it bounced off of his scales.

Harmony played a forte piece to stun Meldd, but it didn’t have much of an effect on him.

Orange and Warlock cast spells together; they seemed to do a bit of damage to Meldd, but they didn’t slow him down.

Neko rolled out from under Meldd’s foot and got back up to his feet.

Storm and Extreme attacked Meldd’s legs with their swords. Their attacks were little more than scratches on the reptilian giant’s legs.

Meldd roared again and swung his head from one side to the other, low to the ground. Many of the heroes were bashed aside. Hallbert managed to grab hold of one of Meldd’s horns and ride it up. Lunnadai flew up to try and help Hallbert attack Meldd, but the Triceratops roared again, blowing Lunnadai back against a wall. Sunnadai sharply gasped at this event and angrily flew towards the beast, but Meldd blew her back as well.

Neko blasted lasers at Meldd but it seemed to have little effect. “Should’ve eaten more cake…”

Hallbert managed to snap one of Meldd’s horns off with his sword. Meldd reared back in pain and then stomped the ground, making the earth shake. Hallbert lost his grip and slammed into the ground.

“Lunnadai, we’re going to need help taking this guy down!” Austin called.

Lunnadai shook her head to regain her bearings and pulled out her spellbook. She flipped through the pages until she found the page that Aqua was on. “Aha! She’ll be able to help us out in this situation a ton!” Lunnadai cheered. “Guardian of the Ashen Sapphire! Seamstress of Waves! Idol of Water! We call upon you to help us in this battle!” Lunnadai chanted the summon spell from the book.

In a flash of light, Aqua appeared. “Meldd, huh? Haven’t seen him for millennia. Very well, let’s do this.” Aqua said.

Her hands glowed blue and drops of water came down off of the stalactites. The water seemed to burn Meldd as it hit him, and soon steady streams of it were dripping from the ceiling. As Meldd recoiled in pain, Aqua blasted water all across the floor underneath Meldd.

“Wizard, if you would.” she said, looking at Orange.

Orange nodded his understanding and placed his hand over the top of his staff. A shimmering orb of blue and white came to life in his hand and he threw it at the water. Ice crept across the floor as the water froze over. Meldd slipped on the ice and fell on his side.

“He’ll have a difficult time getting back up! Let’s attack him now!” Nectarine said.

“Well done, heroes. Now I return to my glade.” Aqua said as she vanished.

“¡Muchas gracias, Aqua!” Extreme thanked.

The heroes were now attacking Meldd’s weak points with ease. Meldd tried to get up, but the ice was so slippery that he ended up falling back down.

“We’ve almost finished him!” Neko said.

“Look! There’s my little friend!” Curly called, pointing at the small creature as it stood upon Meldd. “Come on down! It isn’t safe up there!”

The little creature glowed red and suddenly red streams of gas seeped out of Meldd and into the little creature. The monster grew in size, inheriting Meldd’s strength and voracious appetite.

“Whoa, whoa! Okay, note to self, next time you see one of those things, kill it right away!” Hallbert said. Curly nodded with much uncertainty.

The creature smashed many of the heroes aside and roared at Curly.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ve got just the thing!” Orange said. He pointed his staff at the monster but all that came out of his staff was a little fizzle of smoke. He pointed his staff upwards and hit it with his hand. “Darn thing...why isn’t it--” He was cut off as an energy ball blasted upwards out of his staff and then fell back down towards them. “Oh, there we go!”

The energy ball exploded and unfolded into a net of electricity that entangled all of them, except for Curly, who stood off to the side.

“Ahh! Curly, quick, get this thing off of u--” BZZT! Nectarine was shocked by the net.

“Ye really messed up with this spell, matey!” Storm said.

“Curly, finish it off! We can’t-BZZT- do anything even if we get out of this net! We’re temporarily inflicted with-BZZT-paralysis!” Neko called.

“I- I don’t want to!” Curly cried. “That creature’s my friend! I can’t bring myself to hurt it!” Tears were streaming from his eyes.

“Well we kind of can’t move our limbs! So you don’t have much of a choice!” Hallbert yelled.

“No need to be harsh.” Sunnadai said.

“I was not trying to be harsh, I was just speaking-BZZT-urgently!”

The monster slammed its front legs forwards and let out a shriek.

Curly looked over at the horn that Hallbert had chopped off of Meldd’s head.

“That seems large enough to take out the creature… That is if I wanted to take it out,” Curly thought to himself.

“Yip!” Curly heard a sound coming from his pocket.

“Huh? Jiggles! I almost forgot I put you in my pocket before we arrived here!”

Jiggles shot Curly a determined look to help him gain more confidence in this situation.

“Ruff!” Jiggles insisted.

For a moment, Jiggles stared hard into his friend’s eyes and Curly looked straight into his.

“You’re right! I have to do this! Everyone else is counting on me!” Curly agreed.

Holding his bow tightly, Curly ran over to Meldd’s horn and started to position it into his bow. Jiggles jumped out of Curly’s pocket and helped him to position the horn.

“Okay, here goes nothing!” Curly exclaimed before launching Meldd’s horn at the monster.

The horn flew straight forward until it impacted its target. The monster cried out in pain and then keeled over.

Curly sniffled.

“Hey, you know what they say Curly, if you love something, let it go. Especially if that thing is a giant power-sucking rat demon.” Orange said.

Curly looked up at Orange and slowly nodded with a tear in his left eye.

“Hey, you’ve got Jiggles though!” Harmony said.

“You’re right. Jiggles is the best!” Curly said.

“Prii!” Jiggles squealed with delight.


Episode Five: Bad Case of Earworm

“Are you sure this is the place, Owl?” Austin asked. “This place is a ghost town.”

“I am certain, this it the correct location.” Owl replied.

“It just doesn’t feel right here,” Sunnadai said with a raised eyebrow. “People should be out and about in the daytime and enjoying the sunlight!”

“I have to agree, it is making me pretty uneasy not seeing anyone in this town.” Orange said, holding his staff close.

“Maybe everyone decided to abandon ship?” Storm wondered.

“It is supposed to be fully populated.” Owl informed them.

“Hey look! There’s somebody! Hey! Over here!” Warlock called.

“Shh! They might be hostile!” Neko whisper-shouted at Warlock.

“Hello, travellers. I am the mayor of this town. It has gotten awfully quiet around here lately, but I am glad to see that we have some visitors.” the man said as he neared them.

“¿Que pasa?” Extreme asked.

“Excuse me?” the mayor replied, not understanding.

“Oh, lo sien--I mean, er, sorry. I said, ‘What happened?” Extreme replied, clarifying herself.

“Oh, well, ah...why don’t you come inside and I’ll tell you over a meal? You all look tired and hungry.” the mayor said.

“Well, it has been a long journey here. Let’s go.” Neko said. They all followed the mayor into a tavern called the Nifty Spitoon.

During a meal of chicken, bread, fruit, and cake, the Tentanian heroes began to ask the mayor questions.

“Well, there was a travelling musician who came into town and played a song that was extremely popular among the townspeople. They left when he did, because they wanted to continue hearing his song.” the mayor answered.

“They all just up and left? Just dropped everything they were doing and left their homes?” Nectarine asked.

“I wish people would do the same if they saw me walking around town,” Curly commented while stroking his hair.

“Yes, they all just left. The only ones who stayed were me, the innkeeper, his daughter, and the chef.” the mayor responded.

“Did any of you hear this popular song?” Austin asked.

“No, we were all too busy working to go to the musician’s show. I wish I had, he must have been very talented!” the mayor said.

“This isn’t adding up… And not because math isn’t my best department…” Lunnadai murmured.

“It doesn’t make much sense, that’s for sure. Where did the musician go?” Austin asked.

“I don’t know, I’m sorry.” the mayor said.

“Does anyone else who stayed know?” Hallbert asked.

“I do.” a voice said. They all turned to see a young maiden descending the stairs.

“You’re the chef’s daughter, right?” Neko guessed.

“That’s right. I saw them leave, and they were headed towards the city east of here.” she said.

“Thanks, sweetie!” Harmony crooned.

“Ah, what city is that again?” Hallbert asked Neko.

“Gavinsdale...I don’t like that city. A lot of uh, desperate people there, I suppose is the best way to describe it.” Neko said.

The chef’s daughter stood behind Hallbert’s chair. “That’s a big sword you have there.” she said.

“We’re leaving.” Hallbert said, standing up and taking one last bite from his turkey leg.

“How much?” Neko asked.

“Oh, please, it’s on the house.” the mayor said.

“Well then we’ll be making a donation. We have plenty of gold to go around and with your town being abandoned, you need the money.” Sunnadai said.

“Oh, why, thank you!” the mayor replied.

After donating some gold to the town, the heroes left the ghost town and headed off towards Gavinsdale.

“Neko, what’s so bad about Gavinsdale?” Storm asked.

“I...really shouldn’t say. Hopefully we’ll be able to avoid some of the, er, ‘desperate’ people.” Neko replied.

“What does that mean though?” Orange asked.

“Oh my gosh, you guys, isn’t it obvious? He’s talking about--” Nectarine started.

“Whoa! What the heck is that!?” Lunnadai exclaimed, pointing in front of her with her staff.

A bunch of red, demonic imps emerged from the ground in front of them.

“Whoa! Okay, okay, I’ve never had to fight these things before!” Neko shouted.

“They’ve got some kind of strange technology with them!” Warlock pointed out.

The imps turned on the heroes and fired laser blasts at them from their guns.

“Take cover!” Nectarine called.

“Gladly! I just got my hair done today and it’s not getting ruined already!” Curly shrieked.

Neko blocked some of the lasers with his large shield. “Guys, get them off me!”

“Right!” they all said in unison.

Orange pointed his staff at the imps and blasted a fireball at them, and they all scattered.

Nectarine dropped from above and stabbed two of them at once.

“Wait, what did she jump off of? We’re in an open field!” Austin pointed out.

“Don’t ask questions, just fight!” Warlock said as he froze a few of the imps in time.

“Extreme, Storm, go to work on those ones!” Hallbert said.

“Aye aye, laddie!” Storm agreed before running towards the imps with Extreme.

“They’re surrounding us!” Orange said.

“It’s okay! Dual Guard!” Neko called. His shield glowed blue and then duplicated itself, now putting a shield on each of Neko’s arms. He blocked the laser blasts from all sides. “Curly, use your Stealth ability to hide yourself from their sight and attack them!” Neko instructed.

“How do we activate skills? Just call out the name of the skill?” Lunnadai asked.

“Stealth!” Curly called out. In an instant, he became less visible to everyone’s eyes. “Oh, cool!” He ran up to the imps and started firing arrows at them.

“Cool! Flight Ability!” Austin shouted.

“That isn’t how that works, Austin.” Warlock said.

“Oh...well that’s lame.”

“They’re almost finished, let’s go for one final push!” Neko called.

All of the heroes worked together to defeat the remaining enemies.

“All right! We won!” Sunnadai cheered.

“What were those things?” Harmony asked.

“Those were the infantry units of the Dark Forces of old. The ones from the legend I told you.” Neko said.

“Whoa. Hope we don’t run into any more of them.” Nectarine said.

“We will. Right now though, we must hurry to Gavinsdale!”

The heroes quickened their pace and arrived in Gavinsdale before they knew it.

“Right, now where is this musician?” Warlock wondered.

“Maybe we ought to split up.” Storm suggested.

“All right, but remember, if you get any, uh, offers, just ignore them and walk away.” Neko said.

They all split up in groups. Neko, Storm, Curly, and Harmony all found themselves in the middle of the city, where there was a large stone fountain and some shops located around the area.

“Now if I were a musician, where would I go?” Curly wondered.

“Well, there are some stores around here. Maybe they could have gone into one,” Harmony thought out loud.

Suddenly, Warlock ran over to them in a panic.

“Warlock, what’s going on?” Storm asked, eyes widened.

“Music...mind control...friends...bad…” Warlock stammered, trying to catch his breath.

“Whoa, whoa, slow down, explain what happened.” Neko said.

“My group was walking along when we ran into the other group, except they weren’t normal. Something was controlling their minds. Suddenly, we heard music, and then everyone in my group started being controlled.” Warlock explained.

“Why weren’t you mind-controlled?” Curly asked.

“What, you think this purple feather is just for show? I got this at Level 12! It’s the Mental Fortification Feather of Helmaroc!” Warlock exclaimed.

“You and your levels…” Harmony sassed while playfully flicking her wrist.

“Guys, if the musician is controlling people’s minds with his song, then we’re going to need protection against his spell. Silence!” Neko said.

“Nobody was talking.” Harmony said.

Neko raised his shield and it glowed purple. Everyone was surrounded in a purple aura.

“There, the Silence spell will protect you from his spells.”

“Does this come in yellow? I’ll take twenty,” Curly proposed.

“Before you ask, yes, I can use magic. Only magic that fortifies the defenses of my allies though.” Neko explained.

“How did you--wait, I hear the music!” Warlock said.

“Okay, Curly, can you get up to the rooftops and cover us from above?” Neko asked.

“I’ll teleport him up there.” Warlock said. He struck his staff on the ground and Curly was warped up to the rooftop.

“Thanks a ton!” Curly thanked while tipping his hat.

“Harmony, I want you to try and play a song that will counteract the mind spell. We’ll defend you until you can find the right song.” Neko said.

Harmony nodded and started trying out different songs on her keytar.

“Warlock, put down some Portal Marks around Harmony so that if any of them manage to get through, they’ll get warped away from her.” Neko said.

“I know how Portal Marks work, Neko!” Warlock said as he laid them down.

“Finally, Storm, you’ll be helping me to fight them off. Oh, and Warlock will too once he’s finished.” Neko said.

Storm pulled out his sword and got into a battle-ready stance.

The other heroes, being controlled by the mysterious musician, arrived through various streets. Orange levitated two large boulders and hurled them forth. Neko slammed the rocks aside.

Nectarine ran up the walls and took to the rooftops.

“Look out Curly, Nectarine is up there with you! Use Stealth if you have to!” Neko warned.

“Have to? I need to with all the weapons she has on her! Stealth!” Curly quickly insisted. Curly quickly disappeared from view once more.

Extreme and Hallbert surged forth with their swords drawn and began to fight Storm and Neko.

“Lass, I told ye to lay off the protein shakes! You’re starting to get stronger than me!” Storm yelped as he countered her strikes.

Neko slammed his shield into Hallbert’s face, leaving the Slayer in a daze.

“Ooh! That’s definitely going to leave a mark!” Curly winced while holding his stubs close to his face.

Austin snuck past Neko and Storm and was about to ambush Harmony, when he stepped on one of the Portal Marks. He was warped away and reappeared over an open dumpster. He fell into the large empty bin just as some men dumped large loads of garbage inside.

“Heheh, mischief.” Warlock said to himself. He looked up to see a tail coming down on him. He leapt backwards and cast a spell on Sunnadai that swapped her tail with one of her forelegs, causing her to fall to the ground.

“I found it! Now to play it…” Harmony said.

“Can’t let you do that!” a voice said. They looked up to see the mysterious musician being carried around by twenty villagers.

“What?” Harmony looked up from her keytar.

“It’s the people from that abandoned town! You turned them all into your servants!” Neko said as he held Nectarine in a headlock.

“That’s right! I was fortunate enough to find some actual warriors here in this city, though when the Warlock got away I knew I had to catch him before he spilled the beans. Well, it seems I was too late. You’ll all just have to perish now!” he said. He took out a fiddle and began playing a song on it vigorously.

“Now, my new servants, attack the fat cat and the warlock!” he said to Storm and Harmony.

“Yeah right, we don’t take orders from you!” Storm retorted.

“What? My spell, it isn’t working?! How is this possible?” he said in disbelief.

“Silence spell man. Now, Harmony, play that song girl!” Warlock said.

“You got it!” Harmony exclaimed before playing the song at full blast.

“No! Not that song!” the musician said. He began to play his own magic song on his fiddle.

All of the mind-controlled people clutched at their heads in pain.

“With both of the songs going at the same time, the people can’t decide which spell will take effect on them! We have to stop the musician from playing!” Storm said while angrily pointing his sword at the musician.

Curly fired arrows at the musician, but was unable to get a good angle. He ran along the rooftops to get a better vantage point.

“Storm, use your Blade Master ability, it’ll help you to get the mind-controlled villagers out of the way without harming them!” Warlock informed Storm.

“Sounds like a plan!” Storm responded confidently. “Blade Master!”

Storm’s blade seemed to guide itself towards its target, hitting villagers aside with the flat of the blade so as not to wound them, but still getting them out of the way.

Storm, Warlock, and Neko soon converged on the musician. Warlock used a spell that caused the musician’s fiddle and bow to be ripped from his hands. Neko took them and smashed them on the ground.

“Yar shark bait now, scalliwag!” Storm exclaimed.

The musician fell from his stand atop the villagers.

Harmony’s song took effect and the spell was broken.

All of the villagers were confused as to where they were. After the heroes explained to them that they had been led from their homes by the musician, they all thanked them and then made their way home.

“I must ask. Why is my tail where one of my legs is supposed to be?” Sunnadai asked in a concerned fashion. Lunnadai was rolling around on the ground laughing.

“You look funny, mommy!” She exclaimed between giggles.

“Sorry about that.” Warlock said, reversing the spell.

“Where’s Austin?” Hallbert asked.

“In the trash.”

“Heh, I’m tempted to just leave him in there.” Nectarine said.

Austin was pulled from the dumpster by Orange and Storm.

Austin coughed. “Thanks guys.” he said.

“Man! You stink!” Hallbert said.

“You’re gonna need more than one bath!” Curly cried. “I can smell you from up here! Woo!”

“As thanks for helping our city, some of our attendants could give him a bath.” a citizen said.

“Nope! We are gone! Come on guys, let’s go!” Neko exclaimed, running out of the city.

“What? Why is he running?” Extreme asked.

“Guys, I already tried to--oh, forget it.” Nectarine said as they hurried after Neko.

Episode Six: Stop Trying to Make Fetch Quests Happen!

“All right everyone, today we are going on a quest to find a wish-granting creature!” Warlock announced.

“Hey! I wanted to tell them!” Neko complained.

“Hehe, mischief.”

“Oh boy!” Lunnadai happily exclaimed while spinning around.

“Where does this creature live?” Curly asked. “If I were him, I’d live in a posh castle and ask people to make a line to keep order.”

“In fact, the creature does live inside of castle...allegedly, anyway. People from all around flock to the labyrinth and go through it to reach the castle where the creature is rumored to live and then they form a line at the front gate and hope it will open.” Neko explained.

“Kind of like people waiting in line for concert tickets. Or a Black Friday sale.” Nectarine said.

“Yeah, some people there have been waiting for months on end. They camp at night and protect their spot in line with their lives.” Owl continued.

“Wait, so we aren’t even sure if this creature exists? And even if we do get there, we’ll have to wait in line for an eternity?!” Harmony exclaimed.

“We’ll figure it out when we get there.” Orange said, shrugging.

“Let’s go before the line gets any longer than it probably is right now!” Extreme insisted, eager to see what the creature looked like.

They reached the entrance of the labyrinth, a passageway lit dimly by torches.

The heroes ventured deeper into the labyrinth and soon saw daylight up ahead.

“Is that the exit already?” Austin asked.

“It can’t be, we’ve only been walking in here for fifteen minutes!” Sunnadai exclaimed.

“In a straight line too.” Hallbert added.

“Wait, guys, I think that was only the start of the labyrinth. The rest is a giant hedge maze!” Orange said in surprise.

“Arr, that’s just great… Which way are we supposed to go?” Storm groaned while looking around solemnly.

“Uh, everyone, look over there.” Warlock said, pointing with his staff.

They all looked over to where the mischievous cosplayer was pointing to see a group of people standing in line formation.

“It CAN’T be!” Nectarine breathed, unwilling to believe it.

“The line goes back this far?! Mommy, I don’t want to wait for that long!” Lunnadai complained, rolling on her back.

“It’s okay, sweetie. We can always play some games while the line thins down,” Sunnadai assured.

“Why don’t we go talk to them?” Austin suggested. The others agreed and went to talk to the person in the back of the line.

“Excuse me.” Harmony said, tapping the shoulder of the person standing in line ahead of her.

The man turned around. He wore a suit of armor with the helmet removed. “Yes? How can I help you?” he asked.

“We wanted to know what this line is for, and uh, how long it is.” Extreme said.

“Well, this is the line to see the wish-granting creature that lives in the castle! The line has gotten so long that people don’t have to find their way through the maze anymore, they can just follow the line. I’ve been waiting here for two days already!” the man said, smiling.

Storm and Harmony exchanged surprised glances and Curly fainted.

“Aw, come on Curly. It isn’t that bad,” Sunnadai assured.

“It’s the worst! I could binge watch Nitrome’s Next Top Model while eating ice cream with Jiggles in that time!” Curly whined while flailing his arms like wet spaghetti.

“I’ve had a blast in just two days, I can’t wait to hear what the people at the very front of the line have done with their time in the ten months they’ve waited!” the man said, grinning.

“How is waiting exciting?” Nectarine asked.

“At night, and sometimes during the day, people play music and dance, in place of course, and overall just have a good time. We all share food, and nobody ever cuts in line, ever!” the man replied.

“Huh, actually, a concert every night does sound pretty cool.” Austin said.

“Exactly! It’s the journey, not the destination, as the saying goes!” the man said.

“That’s very insightful of you. Ten months though? Isn’t that a bit...unhealthy?” Neko asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the gates open sometimes, right?”

“Nope, never have. We all stay hopeful that they will though!”

“Well, I guess we’ll wait in line then, and hope for the best.”

All of the other heroes cried out in protest.

“Neko, nobody is going to wait a year for this wish-monster.” Nectarine said.

“Yes we will!” the entire line of people chorused.

“How did they all hear me?”

“Listen, we’ll wait for a day and if nothing happens, we’ll move onto a different quest.” Neko said.

They all grumbled, but got into a comfortable position anyway.

Over the day the heroes played card games, told stories, played music, and put on magic shows while they waited.

The man in armor clapped after one of Harmony’s songs. “I must say I have never met a group as lively as yours! I’m glad I’m waiting in line near you!” he said with a smile on his face.

“Wow, uh, thanks.” Hallbert said.

“Yeah, your enthusiasm is inspiring me to stay determined!” Extreme added.

Several hours later, the heroes got bored and were becoming impatient.

“Ahhhh! I can’t take it anymore!” Austin shouted.

“Well now friend, don’t worry! It’s always hard at first but you get used to it! It becomes funner at nighttime!” the armored man said.

“Funner isn’t a word!” Austin yelled. The man was startled by the sudden outburst.

“Austin, calm down!” Orange said.

“Shut up, nothing rhymes with your name!” Austin yelled at Orange. Orange slumped to the ground, a single tear rolling down his face.

“What about door hinge?” the armored man offered.

“Stop it!” Austin yelled.

“Yeah, knock it off! How did you last this long!?” Curly shouted. “Your hair is so tidy and mine is full of knots! Impossible!”

“Well, I use a special hair conditioner, which also works wonders as a wax for shining armor.” the armored man said, striking a pose.

“Ooh, what brand do you use? I’ve been trying to get my armor to have a certain luster but nothing I use works.” Neko said.

“Stop, you aren’t helping!” Austin cried.

“That’s it! I say we cut in line!” Curly declared angrily.

“Whoa! Okay, okay, I’ll tell you everything you want to know! The conditioner is Chain Male brand hair conditioner and armor shiner! Just please don’t cut in line!” the man said.

“We don’t want hair conditioner! We want to get to the front of this awful line!” Austin shrieked.

“Well, I’m afraid you have no choice but to--h-hey!!” the man said as Austin and Curly pushed past him.

“Uh oh.” Neko and Warlock said in unison.

“Well, time to go. Come on guys, we’ve already started cutting so we might as well keep moving.” Neko said, shrugging. “Let’s be quick though.”

They all rushed after Curly and Austin.

“They’re line cutters!” the armored man shouted. Everyone else in the line started yelling until somebody finally called for everyone to be quiet.

The silence was broken when a man said, “I’ve had enough! I’m starting a riot!” a chair flew out from the line and slammed into a bunch of other people.

“Hey! That guy cut in line in front of me!” someone said.

“I didn’t cut! I was pushed past you by that chair that that guy threw!” another voice said.

Soon everyone in the line was pushing and shoving each other. Pushes turned into punches and shoves turned into kicks. Not long after that, weapons were drawn by those that had them.

“Dang, that escalated quickly!” Harmony yelped in surprise.

“Ye could say that again,” Storm replied.

“Dang, that-” Harmony was cut off by Storm covering her mouth with one of his stubs.

“Not literally, lass!”

After thirty minutes of sprinting past brawling people, they reached the front where a man sat in a golden throne with a golden crown atop his head. He had a short brown beard and wore a red cloak. He stood up from his throne and stepped down from the platform.

“Halt!” the crowned man called.

“Are you the wish-granting creature?” Extreme asked.

“No, I am Kent, King of the Line! You twelve have broken the most sacred of laws: ‘Thou shalt not cut in line.’ Therefore, you shall be sentenced to the Eternal Prison!” Kent said most regally.

“No!” Lunnadai cried. “I’m too young to go to jail! Isn’t there some other way we can sort this out?”

“No, there is not. Rules are rules. Attendants! Apprehend them!” Kent said.

Three burly guys looked at each other.

“What are you waiting for?” Kent asked.

“Well, it’s just uh, this ain’t never happened before. We’re too afraid to step out of the line.” one of them said.

Kent sighed. “Very well, I declare your spots in line saved. Now go get those criminals!”

The three brutes saluted the line king and then charged at the heroes. The guy that was behind the three guards whistled nonchalantly as he snuck forward in line.

Nectarine slammed one of the brutes with her crossbow. “Austin, I am so going to kill you for this!”

“And Curly, I’m gonna throw away all of yar cardboard boxes!” Storm growled while whacking one of the guards with his sword.

The guards were quickly laying in a pile on the ground, unconscious.

Kent groaned and stood up again, unclasping his cloak and drawing his saber.

“I have to do everything myself, don’t I?” Kent said, stepping forwards.

They all heard a loud creaking noise. They looked over at the castle.

“Guys, the door isn’t locked. Let’s just go inside.” Hallbert said, opening the front door.

The Tentanian heroes all fled inside the castle.

“W-what!? No, you can’t just--” Kent stammered, chasing after them and tripping over the leg of his throne. “ me up.” Kent moaned from the ground.

“Well we just did!” Curly boasted before sticking out his tongue and blowing a raspberry.

The castle interior was beautifully decorated. The floors were made of white marble and in front of them was a white marble staircase that led up to a balcony on the second floor. Red and purple curtains adorned the walls and red carpets were rolled out along the stairs and in the main entrance.

The warriors ascended the staircase and found a large set of double doors in front of them.

“This must be where the wish creature is.” Warlock said.

Hallbert eased the door open and everyone filed into the room.

On the right was a table with a white tablecloth and red table centers on it. Along the table were many bowls of fruit and loaves of bread. On the left was an identical table, but with basins of water, bottles of wine, and cloth napkins set on it.

Directly ahead of the heroes was a large bed with white sheets and a canopy over it. Lying on a velvet pillow in the middle of the bed was a golden ferret. Two women in tunics and laurels in their blonde hair attended to the ferret, feeding it grapes from their hand and then dabbing its snout with a napkin.

“Wow, I wish I were that ferret. I could get used to this.” Austin said.

“A-greed.” Curly quipped.

“Excuse us, miss, but where might we find the creature that grants wishes?” Orange asked politely.

“He will be with you in a moment, we are serving him right now.” the woman replied.

“You mean that ferret? That isn’t him, right? That’s like his pet or something?” Hallbert said.

“No, this is Lord Oliver, the Wish-Granter.” she replied as the ferret ate a strawberry from her hand.

“¿¡QUE?!” Extreme exclaimed in surprise. She had been hoping that the wish-granting creature would have been something foreign.

“Thank you Vivian, Helen, but I can address our guests now, so if you would...” the ferret named Oliver said. The two attendants bowed, set down the fruit and napkins on the tables, and exited the room.

“So, you all have wishes you would like granted?” Oliver asked them.

“Yes, that is why we are here.” Neko answered.

“Actually, there are a LOT of people outside who have been waiting for months to get wishes! Why haven’t you invited them in?” Orange asked.

“The door isn’t locked. Why didn’t they just come in?” Oliver replied.

“Probably because Kent went on a power trip and forbade people from entering unless the doors were opened from the inside.” Nectarine said.

“Anyways, I will be happy to grant you wishes, but first I require something. Go and fetch me a diamond from the Crystal Forest.” Lord Oliver said.

“Oh great, a fetch quest.” Neko groaned.

“Hey, Neko, it isn’t so bad, we have been in the Crystal Forest before, and it has loads of diamonds! We’ll have a few of us stay here while the others sneak out the back door and go to the Crystal Forest.” Sunnadai said.

“All right, fine. Lunnadai, Austin, Curly, and Hallbert, you stay here. The rest of us are going on a...fetch quest.” Neko said dismally.

The others left through the back door of the castle.

“So...can you call those attendant girls back in? They’re really hot.” Austin said. Hallbert smacked him in the back of the head. “What!?”

The others returned ten minutes later.

“That was quick.” Hallbert said.

“Yeah, we just used Warlock’s teleportation spell to get there and back really quick.” Orange explained.

“Here’s the diamond.” Neko said, setting it down on the bed in front of Oliver.

“Thank you.” Lord Oliver said.

“Austin, knock it off, you’re going to suck her face off.” Nectarine said.

Austin stopped making out with Vivian. “Shut up!”

Lunnadai struggled to hold back giggles.

“Now, the next item I need is--” Oliver began.

“Whoa, whoa, next item?!” Neko cried out.

“Yes, I require a few magic items to grant your wishes.” Oliver explained.

“Where’s the next item?” Neko asked through gritted teeth.

“A feather from Falcon Forest.”

“Let’s go, guys.” Neko said, his teeth still clenched angrily.

The group of heroes left again.

“Do you think Nectarine told me to stop because she was jealous?” Austin asked.

Lunnadai snickered while shrugging.

“Don’t talk to me.” Hallbert said, sitting on the table and sharpening his sword. Austin shrugged and went back to lip-locking.

A few minutes later the others returned and gave the feather to Oliver.

“Austin, what did I say?” Nectarine said, rolling her eyes.

“Are you jealous or something?” Austin asked.

“As if, I just feel bad for that girl; she’s got her tongue in your mouth and so much annoying crap comes out of it that she’ll probably catch the annoyance from you.”

“Okay, any more fetch quests?” Neko said, struggling to control himself.

“There are three more items I need.” Lord Oliver said.

“Name them.” Neko grunted.

Forty minutes and three fetch quests later, Lord Oliver said he was pleased with their work.

“You see, I do not actually need these items. The fetch quests were a test of your patience. Patience is a virtue, and though the people outside could have just come in, they clearly showed that they had much patience.” Lord Oliver said.

Neko wiped sweat from his forehead, glad they were done with the fetch quests.

“Although there is one thing I need.” Lord Oliver said.

Neko turned red in rage.

Lord Oliver laughed. “Just joking with you. Now, I shall reward you all with this!”

The ferret stood up on his hind legs and made a...ferret noise. Helen, one of the attendants, went over to the side table and opened the drawer. She presented a small cloth bag to Storm.

“Huh? What’s this? I thought we were going to get our wishes granted!” Curly yelled.

“The wishes are inside the bag. When we need to use them, we open the bag and take out one of the pearls inside and it will grant whatever we wish it to.” Warlock said.

“I wish I could take Vivian home.” Austin said.

“Sorry Austin, but you need to be holding a pearl for it to work, and we need to use these wishes later, for emergencies.” Neko said, putting the bag of wishes in his pack.

“Give me that bag!” Austin yelled, making a mad dash for Neko. Extreme and Hallbert scooped up Austin’s arms and held him back.

“Thank you Lord Oliver.” Orange said, bowing. All of the others did likewise, save for Austin who was still being held between Extreme and Hallbert.

They left the castle through the front door to see the armored man from the back of the line standing at the front. The man set Kent’s crown atop his head, Kent laying on the ground in a beaten and bruised mess.

“I am the King of the Line now! I call order!” the man called. Everyone stopped rioting. “I am Julius, and I now rule the line! Everyone form a line from where you now stand and put down your weapons! I am the beginning of a new era of waiting in line! I hereby declare that no line-cutting shall be done! I also declare that Caesar salad be served for lunch every day, and that has NOTHING to do with the fact that my name is Julius!”

“Well, Julius seems to be doing well for himself.” Storm said, looking at him from a distance.

“Yeah, he does. Well, time to go.” Neko said.

“Do you think Julius will let the power go to his head?” Austin asked.

“I’m sure he’ll do just fine.” Warlock replied.

Episode Seven: The Crest Quest Continues!

“All right everyone, today we are going on another story quest!” Warlock announced.

“Why did you tell them? I was going to!” Neko complained.

“One, mischief, and two, the authors think you answer too many questions.” Warlock said.

“Hey, leave the fourth-wall breaking to Kapowski!” Neko exclaimed.

“Who is Kapowski?” Harmony asked.

“That isn’t important. Right now we have to be on our way to find the next stone of the Blaze Crest.” Owl reminded them.

“Okay, lead the way Neko!” Austin said.

“Right, one second...let’s see, we are in the Neutral Territory right now but the next stone is...okay, we’re heading west.” Neko said. The heroes began their trek to the west.

“So…what’s the name of the stone we’re looking for?” Sunnadai inquired.

“And why is this place called the Neutral Territory?” Orange asked.

“The stone we are going to find today is called the Ethereal Emerald.” Neko answered.

“This area is known as the Neutral Territory because back during the Tentanian War this area was a newly forming country without a name; the people here wanted to stay neutral in the war and so it became known to all as the Neutral Territory. After the war its inhabitants gave it a name, but the name has been lost to history.” Owl replied.

“I had a feeling in me spine that it had to do with war,” Storm commented. “Thar be tons of terms for that kinda stuff!”

“So...if this is a neutral territory, why are there skeletons rising from the ground!?” Nectarine asked. All around them skeletons climbed up out of the earth armed with cutlasses and spears.

They all readied for battle.

“I think the necromancer is behind this!” Hallbert shouted as he parried an attack.

“He must still be mad about my fashion remark! Well it’s true! You need to handle constructive criticism!” Curly yelled, feeling a bit offended himself.

“Pretty sure that was destructive criticism, Curly,” Lunnadai corrected.

“Potato, potahto!” Curly responded, nocking an arrow into his bow.

“To answer your question, this territory was neutral during the war, but that didn’t stop the dark forces from attacking it!” Neko explained as he blocked multiple attacks with his shield.

“Hello, Heroes of Tentania!” a voice called. They all looked over at the voice to see the necromancer standing there. “You know, I really hate wasting my time with this so if you would please, hand over the Ashen Sapphire!”

“Never! We vowed to Lady Aqua that we would never let the Ashen Sapphire out of our sight!” Orange exclaimed.

“You’re wasting our time too,” Harmony added angrily. “We outnumber you twelve to one.”

“Clearly you haven’t taken a look around you!” the necromancer yelled, raising his arms as they glowed with green magic. More skeletons erupted from the ground and advanced on the heroes.

“Come on guys, these skeletons are slow, let’s just outrun them!” Austin suggested.

“Good idea, let’s book it!” Nectarine agreed. They all sheathed their weapons and took off.

The necromancer’s glowing green eyes narrowed. He extended an arm out and green magic flowed to the ground. From underneath him a skeletal horse rose and he rode it after the Tentanian heroes.

“Whoa!? He has a horse now!?” Hallbert exclaimed.

The necromancer raised one arm and a flaming green skull appeared in the palm of his hand. He hurled the skull at the heroes and then conjured another one, lobbing one after the other.

“How about no?” Curly asked before intercepting one of the skulls with one of his arrows.

The necromancer blasted a bolt of magic at the ground and the ground turned brown and shriveled up. The Tentanian heroes began to slow down as if they were trying to run through a sea of peanut butter.

“Whoa! What the heck!?” Orange screamed.

“I knew I shouldn’t have taken a break from exercising today…” Extreme groaned.

“Ha! Now I’ve got you right where I want you!” the necromancer said haughtily.

“I don’t think so!” Warlock said, slamming his staff upon the ground. The twelve of them teleported about twenty feet away, back on safe ground. They continued to run.

The necromancer rode after them, holding up a pumpkin with green flames in it in preparation to throw it.

“Anybody else getting Sleepy Hollow vibes from this situation? You know, Headless Horseman and all that?” Austin asked.

The pumpkin landed very short of its target. The necromancer started to catch up with them again, when he suddenly stopped his horse and began to ride away.

“Yeah, that’s right! Run away!” Lunnadai shouted after him.

“I don’t think he is running from us.” Hallbert said.

“Then what was he running away from?” Sunnadai wondered.

Two growls came from behind them. They all turned to see two large monsters holding staves with blades on each end of them. The creatures had two curved horns coming out of the sides of their heads, small eyes, and a mouth in need of a mint.

“That!” Neko yelled. They scattered as the two large monsters swung their weapons at them.

“These are Utnags! Ferocious troll-like monsters that were in the armies of Living Nightmare.” Owl explained.

“I’m surprised monsters this big managed to slip out of the Sorcery Realm!” Neko said.

One of the Utnags stabbed their weapon at Nectarine; she leaped up, causing the weapon to stab into the ground, and landed on top of the weapon. She then ran up the shaft of the weapon until she reached the Utnag’s head, which she then attacked with her throwing knives and Spanish saber.

Harmony played a forte piece to stun the other Utnag while Storm and Extreme surged forth with their swords and attacked it.

The Utnag knocked Nectarine off of its arm and growled again. Orange pointed his staff at it and fired a barrage of fireballs.

“That’s not going to work, Utnags are resistant to fire.” Owl said.

“Oh.” Orange said, halting his assault.

“Guys, I have an idea, but we’ll need to be careful!” Sunnadai said.

Neko and Storm exchanged glances.

“Well then, lead the way lass!” Storm exclaimed.

Sunnadai flew back down the path, towards the edge of the forest. The others followed her until they got to the patch of decayed earth that the necromancer had created with his magic.

“What now, genius! Now we’re just stuck between two Utnags and a death trap!” Austin yelled.

“Hey! Lay off of my mom! She knows what she’s doing!” Lunnadai snapped. “Wait, what are we doing?” She whispered to her mother.

“We’re leading the Utnags to the trap that was laid down earlier,” Sunnadai whispered back.

“Ohh! Yeah, we’re obviously leading the Utnags back to the trap we had to deal with earlier! Duh!!!!”

Austin rolled his eyes as the Utnags closed in on the heroes.

Sunnadai grabbed Storm, Extreme, and Orange and flew up above the Utnags. Lunnadai grabbed Austin and Curly, while Warlock teleported the remainder of the team behind the Utnags. Once they were behind the troll-like monsters, Nectarine and Hallbert slammed them with their blades, causing them to topple onto the decayed ground. The Utngs struggled to get up, being pulled back down into the sinking earth with every move they made.

“Well, that takes care of them!” Orange said as Sunnadai set him and the others down. Lunnadai landed next to them, letting her passengers off as well.

“Yeah! Now to continue onward to our destination!” Extreme cheered while twirling her sword around excitedly.

“Be careful with that sword! You could poke an eye out!” Lunnadai warned.

“Lo siento, I’m just so excited!” Extreme apologized.

“Let’s get moving, the necromancer may have already found another way to get to the Ethereal Emerald by now.” Hallbert said.

“Hallbert’s right, we have to get going.” Neko agreed.

The heroes took off down the path.

“What do you think the necromancer wants with the Blaze Crest?” Curly asked, lounging on Sunnadai’s back. “Regardless of how much jewelry he puts on, it’s not gonna make him look any better!”

“When did you get there?” Sunnadai asked in a confused tone.

“I didn’t feel like walking!” Curly complained as Sunnadai picked him up with her tail and placed him onto the ground.

“I never gave it much thought is possible that he is a servant of Living Nightmare, our last battle, at Aqua’s Grove, he seemed to act quite childishly. It is possible that he is another player that somehow got into Tentania, similarly to how you guys did, and wants to play the role of the bad guy.” Neko said.

Finally they arrived at the base of a snow-capped mountain.

“We have to climb up there?” Orange asked.

“We could teleport there, right Warlock?” Nectarine asked.

“Sorry, my staff only has a limited number of uses before it has to recharge. Those two teleportations I did back in the forest just about used up the last of my juice.” Warlock replied.

Curly groaned.

“Oh suck it up! You don’t complain about traveling when you take Jiggles on walks!” Lunnadai cried.

“That’s because a block or two isn’t the same as a mountain!” Curly pouted.

“There has to be a way to get up there faster…” Orange thought to himself.

A sudden roar split the skies.

“Heh. Everyone form a chain, and hold on tight.” Hallbert said.

“Why, what is it?” Austin asked as he took Extreme and Neko’s hands.

“Sky serpent.”

Hallbert fired his grappling hook up into the air just as the sky serpent soared overhead, the anchor embedding itself in its scales. Hallbert reeled the grappling hook in and the twelve heroes were pulled up into the sky.

“Whoa! Ahh! Okay, now might be a good time to mention that I have a fear of heights!” Orange screamed, squirming.

“Just don’t look down!” Extreme advised. “Before you know it, we’ll be on the ground again soon!”

The sky serpent began to roar and shake around to get the anchor out of its scales.

“Does anyone have a spell that can calm it down?” Hallbert asked.

“Oh, I might have something in my spellbook!” Lunnadai exclaimed, taking out her spell book with her tail. She lost her grip on the book and it fell out of the sky. “Oh no! My spellbook!”

“I’ve got it!” Warlock exclaimed, his staff glowing purple. Her spellbook was teleported back into her grasp.


Curly’s jaw dropped upon staring at the scene.

“Um… you okay hermano?” Extreme asked with concern.

“You said you didn’t have enough magic juice to teleport again!” Nectarine exclaimed.

“I can teleport a small book with my remaining magic, not myself, two dragons, an orange enzyme, seven people, and an obese kitten!” Warlock retorted.

Lunnadai recited the spell and the sky serpent stopped shaking around. Soon they reached the side of the mountain where there was a stone platform with an arch on it.

“There it is! Everyone start swinging!” Neko said. The chain of twelve began swinging back and forth, and once they got a good amount of momentum behind them, Hallbert retracted the grappling hook from the sky serpent and they tumbled through the air, landing on the mountain just below the arch.

“Oh no, guys, I’m slipping!” Nectarine exclaimed. She fell off of the ledge and Neko and Austin dove to grab her arms; they did, but were then dragged off of the ledge with her and they began to plummet down the mountain.

“Argh!” Warlock grunted as he slammed his staff down, teleporting the three back up to safety. His staff let off sparks of fire and electricity and he was forced to drop it.

“That doesn’t look good...“ Lunnadai commented in a worried fashion.

“You all right, laddie?” Storm asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, but my staff is going to be out of commission for a little while...using too much magic overheated it. Looks like I won’t be much help if the necromancer shows up.” Warlock said.

“Who are you!?” a voice cut through the wind. They all looked up at the arch to see a reptilian creature perched atop it.

“Who are we? I think the better question is, who are you!?” Austin replied.

The reptilian creature vanished in the blink of an eye and then reappeared as quickly as he had vanished. Austin’s hat was pulled down over his eyes and his shoelaces were tied together.

“Whoa!” Austin yelled as he fell over. Lunnadai burst into laughter.

“Lunnadai, don’t laugh at other people,” Sunnadai advised. “You wouldn’t want them doing the same to you.”

“True!” Lunnadai replied in understanding.

“I am Veloc, fastest thing alive.”

“Ugh, no kidding.” Austin said as he picked himself up off the ground.

“Are you the guardian of the Ethereal Emerald?” Harmony asked.

“Indeed I am. I was awakened when the true hero of Tentania arrived here. He told me that twelve servants of Living Nightmare would come here and attempt to trick me. I am assuming you are those twelve?” Veloc replied.

“Hold up, ‘true hero of Tentania’? What did he look like?” Hallbert asked.

“See for yourself.” Veloc replied, gesturing to the cave behind him.

Inside the cave, which was well-lit, was the necromancer, searching for the Ethereal Emerald.

“You don’t understand, he’s the bad guy! He tried to steal the Ashen Sapphire from us, and attacked us on our quest here!” Orange explained.

“He said you’d say that.” Veloc replied. He then vanished from his perch atop the arch once again.

“Hey, where’d he-whoa!” Warlock shouted, suddenly vanishing.

“Lunnadai, see if you can cast a spell to slow down Veloc!” Neko exclaimed.

“Okie doki doki!” Lunnadai responded. She took her spellbook out and began looking for a spell.

“Whooooooooa!” Nectarine exclaimed as Veloc ran circles around her. She was pulled into a vortex and when Veloc ran off she was left spinning in place before falling to the ground, dizzied.

“Blowing…glowing…oh, here we go! Slowing!” Lunnadai cheered. She lifted her staff and did a series of motions with it. Afterwards, she pointed it at Veloc and a blue light shot out towards him. Veloc attempted to run away from it but the beam of light homed in on him and he started to move in slow motion.

“Excellent job, Lunna!” Sunnadai commented proudly.

“Aye, perhaps some of us should try to explain to Veloc what be going on here, while the rest of us stop the necromancer!” Storm suggested.

“Excellent plan. Let’s go!” Neko agreed. They broke up into groups of six.

“Hey, Necromancer!” Hallbert called as they closed in.

“Ahh! W-what!? How did you…” the necromancer stammered, shocked that they had gotten past Veloc. “No matter. My skeletons will keep you away while I continue the search!”

Skeletons rose from the ground and charged in from deeper in the cave.

“Eh, just more skeletons. These things are old news.” Curly commented, staring at his nails in disinterest.

“Silence! Skeletons are way cool!” the necromancer whined, stomping one foot.

“Um, not really.”

“Yes they are!”

“No they’re not, they got boring real fast!” Hallbert said in agreement with Curly.

“Argh! Fine! Not impressed by that?! Then how about...this!?” the necromancer shrieked. A flock of bats congregated around him in a swirl. When they dissipated they saw a large, green, skeletal avatar around the necromancer, who was now floating in midair inside the ribcage of the monster.

“Darn bats, they got in the way during my super cool transformation!” the necromancer complained.

“Nah, animals make everything better!” Curly disagreed.

“Who is this guy? He acts like a little kid!” Orange pointed out.

“I do not!”

“Yeah, you kind of do.”

The necromancer answered by swinging the magical scythe held in the skeletal avatar’s hands.

“Whoa! That thing looks sharp!” Sunnadai yelled, backing away.

“Sunnadai, you’re wearing armor, you should be okay.” Orange said. He blasted several lightning bolts at the avatar, only to have them blocked with the magic scythe.

“Guys! Veloc isn’t terribly convinced, and we have an Utnag closing in!” Neko called from outside.

“An Utnag...if you fight the Utnag and kill it, maybe Veloc will believe that we’re on his side!” Hallbert replied.

“More Utnags!? Oh no, forget the magic rock, I’ll steal it from you another time. I’m out of here!” the necromancer cried, running away in his avatar form.

“Get back here, you coward! My dad has more backbone than you!” Harmony jeered.

“Guys, I got it! It was sitting on this big sparkly pedestal in the middle of the room...surprised he didn’t see it. He must be more of a moron than we thought.” Orange said, holding up the Ethereal Emerald.

“Wouldn’t that make him a ‘more-on’?” Extreme joked. Everyone was quiet and someone coughed.

“Eh? Ehh????” She shrugged.

The six of them walked outside to see the others finishing off the Utnag. Veloc was reading a newspaper in slow motion, accepting the fact that he couldn’t move very quickly.

“Well Veloc? Do you believe us now?” Warlock asked.

“Yeeeeeeeeesssssss. I...beeeeelieeevvvve...yyyyooouuu...guuuuuyyy--”

“All right, he trusts us now, cool.” Austin said. “Man, you’re too slow.”

Veloc’s face slowly morphed into a frown at Austin’s comment.

“Now would be a good time for me to cancel the spell!” Lunnadai announced. She pointed her staff at Veloc and the energy she had fired at him earlier returned to the staff.

“Ah! Thank you. It felt like trying to run through a tsunami of peanut butter...anyhow, sorry for the misunderstanding. As a reward for your bravery and loyalty, I present to you...the Ethereal Emerald!” Veloc announced.

“Awesome!” Orange said, holding the gem into the air. The Ethereal Emerald floated above him and the words ‘Ethereal Emerald Get!’ flashed above him.

“I...have no idea why that happened...oh yes, and I would also like to give your enchantress a new summon spell.” Veloc said, placing his hand on Lunnadai’s spellbook. “There, now you can summon me to your aid any time!”

“Heck yeah! A new summon!” Lunnadai exclaimed.

“And a new gem!” Extreme added. “Only three more to go!”

They all jumped into the air and froze there, arms raised and faces excited. Veloc stood on the ground, looking up at them. He then shrugged and jumped into the air as well, joining them in celebration.

Bonus Episodes!

Here, you can read bonus episodes! 

Bonus Episode One: Back in my Day...

“Honey, have you seen my Alzheimer's medicine?” Grandpa asked, shifting through a box.

“No sugar! Be patient! I'm looking as hard as I can!” Grandma replied, searching the shelves.

Suddenly, a bright light filled the other side of the room and the grandparents looked up from where they were searching.

“Something about that light’s making me nostalgic…” Grandpa noted.

“Yeah, me too. I can't seem to put my finger on what it is though…” Grandma added.

When the light faded, their pet dragons and grandchildren were standing in the room.

“Wasn't I fabulous today?” Curly asked, stroking his golden locks in a fastidious matter.

“Yip!” Jiggles agreed.

“Oh Jiggles, I'm so flattered!” Curly’s cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink.

“We were all fabulous today, like always.” Sunnadai believed.

“Arr, ye took the words out me mouth!” Storm said. “Great work today, me crew!”

“¡Espero que volvamos a jugar pronto!” Extreme insisted.

“Yeah, hopefully! Towers and Terragons is just too much fun!” Lunnadai joyously commented, doing a flip in the air.

“Heck yeah!” Harmony sung, belting out some vivacious chords on her keytar in rapid succession.

“Ah, Towers and Terragons! That’s what I was trying to remember!” Grandma realized. “What a wonderful game!”

“It was only wonderful because I was there, wasn't it?” Grandpa boasted.

“Not just that! You felt like you were actually a character in the game! It truly felt like your own adventure!”

“Ye guys used to play it?” Storm asked in surprise. “We only recently started playing it and we’ve had a barrel of fun so far!”

“Played it?!” Grandpa retorted. “It was our life, Stormy! We wouldn't go a single day of our lives without putting our hands on the board!”

“Now that’s some dedication!” Curly gawked.

“Was? What made you stop?” Extreme inquired with a hint of concern.

“Oh, we beat it,” Grandpa told nonchalantly. “There wasn't anything to do afterward since we finished every quest.”

“How hard was Living Nightmare?” Lunnadai asked with a timid expression.

“Living Nightmare?” Grandma questioned.

“Well since you all are new to the game, you might not have known that every world gets a different final boss. They're completely random and some are harder than others,” Grandpa explained. “I hope Living Nightmare won't be too difficult for any of you.”

“Thanks Grandpa! When the time comes, we’ll definitely kick his badonkadonk good!” Harmony thanked.

“What classes are all of you? I’d really like to know!” Grandma inquired eagerly.

“I'm a ranger,” Curly flamboyantly stated.

“Ruff!” Jiggles added most proudly.

“Feh! A ranger?! And you're so lazy?! That’s so hard to believe!” Grandpa exclaimed.

“Well he does like animals, so I would understand why,” Grandma defended.

“Bard!” Harmony quipped in a singsong voice.

“I thought so! Music’s always been your body and soul!” Grandma complemented.

“Soy un Paladin,” Extreme dice.

“What? I can't understand you whenever you speak that other language!” Grandpa groaned.

“She said she’s a Paladin,” Grandma translated.

“Well why didn't she just say so?! We’re not a secret agency or some junk like that!”

“I be a Mercenary,” Storm admitted, striking his usual pose.

“Ah, looking out for everyone else as always, I see?” Grandpa noted.

“Aye aye!” Storm eagerly responded.

“Ooh! Ooh! And I'm an Enchantress! It’s so cool!” Lunnadai squealed. “And mommy’s the best Gladiatorial Dreik ever!!!!”

Sunnadai simply nodded upon being mentioned.

“Wait… None of you are the Gamemaster? What in the name of Dickens is this?” Grandpa asked,

“Ha ha, he said Dickens! What a silly word!” Curly chuckled.

“You and your silly words,” Harmony said, cutely rolling her eyes.

“Well you see Grandpa, the letters that we wrote in for our world actually teleported us to a world that already had a Gamemaster. There were six players there too! Since that day, we’ve played together almost everyday!” Harmony explained.

“Interesting! Such a rare thing to happen!” Grandma happily commented.

“Except for when griefers find out the name of your world and you have to chase them out…” Grandpa harrumphed, crossing his arms.

“We seem to have a ‘griefer’ of arr own…” Storm stated. “He be trying to steal all the gems required for the Blaze Crest to do goodness knows what with them!”

“But he hasn’t gotten any yet! We’re too fabulous and fashion forward for him!” Curly cheered.

“Blaze Crest?” Grandma questioned.

“Perhaps even the lore varies between different worlds in Towers and Terragons…” Sunnadai theorized.

“You’d be correct! With different final bosses come different ways of stopping them!” Grandpa told.

“Which was yours?” Lunnadai inquired.

“Ours was The Holy Hammer, and our final boss was The Glass Cannon!” Grandpa answered.

“That sounds scary!” Lunnadai whimpered, hiding behind Sunnadai

“Oh trust me, it was! It had the power to blow apart villages! Make holes in mountains!”

Jiggles quivered in fear.

“But rather than go on about how terrifying it was, how about I tell you all how my wife and I beat it?” Grandpa suggested.

“Oh, we’d love to!” Harmony agreed.

“I’ll get some snacks!” Curly suggested. “It’s not story time without them!”

“¡Sonidos bien! ¡Tengo hambre!” Extreme exclaimed, patting her chest.


After Curly returned with snacks from the kitchen, Grandpa and Grandma began retelling how they defeated Glass Cannon together.

“The day after we tackled the last of the side quests, we figured that we were ready to take on the final boss,” Grandpa began.

“Good timing too, because right after that, Glass Cannon began its attack on our world without warning,” Grandma added.

“Wait, your world’s name is ‘Our World’?” Curly assumed. “What a silly name! Tentania is way better.”

“Actually, our world’s name was HardCand,” Grandpa corrected.

Their grandchildren, Jiggles, and their pet dragons exchanged confused glances.

“Oh, as if you guys didn’t run out of spaces in something before!”

“We loved Hard Candy so much we decided to name our world after it,” Grandma clarified. “However, we ran out of spaces… Thinking about all the NPCs saying HardCand fills me with displeasure to this day!”

“Anyways, we were going to start our search for the infamous Glass Cannon when suddenly, a soldier NPC bounded up to us as quickly as he could!” Grandpa continued.

“Oh, traveling heroes! Thank goodness!” he said, short of breath.

“What’s the matter?” Grandma asked, giving the soldier a glass of water. The soldier nodded in response and then took the glass with one of his hands

“Wait, a glass of water? Where’d you get that from?” Lunnadai questioned, pointing at Grandma.

“Oh, your grandma was a Baker, which grants her the ability to create food items at will!” Grandpa explained. “And I was the finest Knight in the land. We made such a good team. Anyways…”

“Glass Cannon has began its attack on HardCand! Worse, no one has been able to retrieve the one weapon that can defeat it! We’re running out of time and nothing is working!” The soldier cried, swishing the glass of water back and forth and spilling its contents everywhere.

“Don’t worry, sir! We’ll find it!” Grandma assured.

“Yeah, we know HardCandy like the back of our hands!” Grandpa added.

“Isn’t it HardCand?” the soldier asked.

“I RAN OUT OF SPACES!” Grandpa yelled.

“Well anyways, don’t make haste! Glass Cannon must be stopped before it destroys this world with its fearsome powers!”

With that, the soldier ran off and Grandma and Grandpa looked towards the sky.

“Okay, dad. What is it that we’re supposed to be looking for?” Grandpa asked.

“Hmm… well glass doesn’t stand very well after getting whacked by a hammer, right?” Dad said, his voice echoing from the heavens loud and clear.

“Wait, Glass Cannon is literally made of glass?” Grandpa inquired.

“Yes, but the glass is so strong that no weapon in HardCand can break it…” Dad responded.

“Must be made of  rubber glass…” Grandma mumbled.

“Except for the Holy Hammer…”

“Where can we find it?”

“The Holy Hammer is located in the Grand Temple. It’s in the air not terribly far from here. After getting the Holy Hammer, you need to aim it into Glass Cannon’s mouth, defeating it once and for all. Good luck you two! If you guys finished all of the quests, I’m certain you’ll finish the biggest quest of all!”

“Thanks Dad!” Grandpa thanked.

“The Grand Temple’s in the air, huh? I think I have something that could get us there!” Grandma realized, pulling out her cookbook and beginning to look through recipes.

“Hmm… Oh yes, that’s right! Angel Wings!”

Grandma took a bowl out of her bag and began sifting through her bag for ingredients, dropping them in when she found them in differing increments. Afterwards, she stirred them together with a wooden spoon from the side pocket.

“Now for the last step!”

Grandma began fanning the mixture until it began to bubble violently.

“Every time you reach this step, I always think you missed some ingredient!” Grandpa joked.

“Ha ha… Very funny.” Grandma laughed sarcastically.

When the bubbling subsided, four large, fluffy pastries zoomed out of the bowl. Grandma caught both of them with ease while Grandpa jumped up to catch one that was floating away.

“What’s wrong? Armor too heavy?” Grandma asked, trying to hold back giggles.

“Well at least I have some! You don’t have any and I always have to be stepping in to make sure you don’t get hurt!” Grandpa boasted.

The two heroes forced their arms through the bottoms of the angel wings, creating makeshift wings. Due to the light texture of the wings, Grandma and Grandpa had no problem taking off.

“All right, let’s go!” Grandpa declared.


When Grandma and Grandpa arrived at the Grand Temple, they made no hesitation in going inside, as they were the only ones strong enough to beat this behemoth. Within the temple was piles of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds along with hammers varying in shape and size.

“Dang… How are we gonna tell which one is the Holy Hammer?” Grandpa asked.

“Maybe we could take them all and use trial and error?” Grandma suggested.

“No! There has to be a better option! With how powerful Glass Cannon is fabled to be, we don’t have time for trial and error!” Grandpa disagreed. “Oh, I know! Dad! Which hammer is the Holy Hammer?”

“I’ll give you a hint,” Dad answered. “It doesn’t appear to be what it seems! Hope that was good!”

“I suppose that will do,” Grandpa insisted. “Doesn’t appear to be what it seems… Hmm…”

While Grandpa thought, Grandma picked up the shoddiest hammer of the bunch.

“Oh, I know!” Grandpa realized. “If it isn’t what it seems, then it’s not even a hammer! It must be in the form of these jewels!”

“Really?” Grandma asked.

“Really!” Grandpa insisted, picking up as many rubies, sapphires, and emeralds as he could and stowing them in his bag. While Grandpa was doing so, Grandma had a confused look on her face.

“Now let’s put that Glass Cannon out of commission!” Grandpa declared, taking off from the ground once more.

“If you say so…” Grandma quietly responded, taking off after him.


“It didn’t take long for Grandma and I to find Glass Cannon, as it had left a wake of destruction that was easy to spot from the air,” Grandpa narrated. “We descended toward it, eager to end its havoc once and for all.”

“Hey glassface!” Grandpa jeered. The Glass Cannon turned towards him and Grandma in response. “I got something for you with your name on it!”

The Glass Cannon was six feet tall and six feet wide. Every part of it was transparent but it sparkled colors of the rainbow with each movement.

Grandpa poured the gems out of his bag and then started picking them up and hurling them at Glass Cannon. Every gem grandpa tossed bounced off of Glass Cannon.

“What? Why isn’t it working?” Grandpa questioned.

Glass Cannon slowly began glowing a bright white; it appeared to be charging up a devastating attack.

“Because… you read into the hint too much!” Grandma answered, throwing the hammer into Glass Cannon’s mouth.

Glass Cannon continued to charge up.

“And it looks like you read into the hint too little!” Grandpa retorted.

“Ugh, it doesn’t matter now. We failed… I accept our failure with poise.” Grandma capitulated, lying down in Glass Cannon’s line of fire.

“I hate to do this, but you’re right. We’re out of options.” Grandpa conceited, sitting next to her.

The two waited for Glass Cannon to completely charge, shaking in their shoes.

However, an event most miraculous occurred at the last moment. Just as Glass Cannon was about to fire upon the couple, its head tilted to the sky and it ended up firing upwards. Instead of falling towards the land, the shot that Glass Cannon fired fell into its mouth, shattering it into a million pieces upon impact. The sound of glass breaking reverberated across the land.

“And afterwards, a beautiful aura shone all over HardCandy, a sign that our work was done and the land could finally be in peace,” Grandma concluded. “Grandpa and I returned the next few days to see over the land as it returned to normal and help to repair anything that was damaged by Glass Cannon.”

“That was such a fabulous story!” Curly complemented.

“Yip yip!” Jiggles agreed.

“Yeah, it had me biting my claws the whole way through!” Lunnadai added.

“Lunnadai, you mustn’t do that,” Sunnadai said. “You don’t want your claws to be all jagged when you get more control over retracting them, do you?”

“No, mom…”

“¡Muchas gracias para la historia, Abuelo y Abuela!” Extreme thanked.

“She’s thanking us for the story,” Grandma translated.

“You’re welcome, Extreme!” Grandpa chuckled.

“Maybe one of these days you could help us out!” Harmony suggested.

“Nah, there isn’t any adventuring left in these bones. And I heavily doubt that I’d be able to lift all that armor like I used to,” Grandpa shot down.

“We’re not retired for nothing!” Grandma piped in.

“Well me hearties, let’s keep playing the best we can so we can tell just as awesome a story as Grandma and Grandpa!” Storm declared.

“Yeah!” Extreme, Curly, Harmony, Sunnadai, Lunnadai, and Jiggles agreed in unison.


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