All-Seeing Plant
Gender Female (J.U.S.T.I.N)

Male (Spacial Rider)

Species Spiky Venus Flytrap
Faction Good
Health Infinite
Level All (J.U.S.T.I.N)

1/2 of the levels (Spacial Rider)

Status Alive, Guiding moar people
Game(s) J.U.S.T.I.N

Spacial Rider

All-Seeing Plant

The All-Seeing Plant (ASP) first appears in J.U.S.T.I.N. as a checkpoint and also appears at the finish line. In Spacial Rider, it gives Ninja Bennet (aka the player) information about the level. Sometimes,he may even show up to assist in fights.


The ASP is Jade Green with orange eyes and a rather large jaw for latching onto foes. The spikes at the back at his/her head are tan; it's hard for a foe to decide where to attack her. The flowerpot that he/she resides in is brown.

Battle Tactics

  • Launch him/herself from the ceiling and clonk the foe in the head with his/her flowerpot
  • Bite foe in the butt (His/Her Favorite)
  • Make foe back up into his/her spikes
  • CHOMP!!!!
  • Leer >.i

Other Games

Pixel Hate

ASP also appears in Pixel Hate Ep.2. In this episode, The character must defeat ASP. In the End of the battle, ASP Enters the Negative Zone.


ASP in Pixel Hate.


  • (Obviously) This character looks like the Venus Flytrap from Feed Me!
  • This character can speak English, unlike the Venus Flytrap, who can only say, "Feed me!"
  • It may be a hunch, but maybe the two ASPs (Male and Female) are married.