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Gender If Enzymes had gender, it would be male.
Species Enzyme
Faction Good
Health ?
Level Not on Games
Status Alive, Mimicking stuff
Game(s) None

Aqua is one of the turquoise enzymes not tested by the Professor. It was found by me in the ruins of the Xeno Industries. Aqua is indeed a green enzyme variation, what means he can morphs into many forms.

How we know, Green Enzymes are a mixture between Orange + Blue Enzymes, Aqua is a Green + More Blue. So, Blue makes Green and Green makes Aqua.

When there's an Green Enzyme close by, Aqua mimics it, just like Green when Blue is close.

Enzymes evolution


However, he also can morph to be like liquid, and escape every place he wants. Also can do some attacks, or destroy boxes made of wood or glass, by morphing to be bigger to them and then broking it. Also can morph into other kinds of enzymes.


He is also Untesty's cousin, and Untesty's dad is his uncle.


Gallery of photos and transformations.