Attack Dashing at the player to crash into them, Harmful on Contact
Abilities Floating, Attacking Quickly
Health 2 hits with fire, water, ice, lasers, rings, or tornadoes
Points 0
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Constellations
This is an enemy from Cheese Dreams Constellations. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message for one of the collaborators working on Cheese Dreams Constellations.


Asteroids are brown masses of rock. They look like misshapen circles with squiggly sides. They have several dark spots on them that represent craters. Two of these craters, in hte middle, glow red. These are its eyes. The largest crater, just below they eyes, is the mouth. It is frowning angrily. Asteroids will vibrate when charging their attack.


Asteroids, unlike other enemies in Cheese Dreams Constellations, will float in place. When they spot the player, they will begin to charge up their attack. This is shown when they rapidly shake and vibrate. They will then charge through the air towards the player in hopes of smashing into the player and dealing damage. Their attack is very fast and actually quite difficult to avoid. It is best avoided by moving out of the asteroid's path of travel at the very last second. Asteroids are also summoned by the largest of their species, Ceres, by breaking off of his body and dashing at the player.

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