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Attack from another Dimension, aka AFAD

AFAD is a story that stars Winged Carter, Ninja Bennet, Carter, Austin, and Enda. Though it takes place after J.U.S.T.I.N, there is no possible way to make it into a game.

New Characters

The characters aren't new, they're just from another dimension. The factions, colors, and personalities are flipped, so be prepared for A LOT of confusion. The new characters are:


Because it's a fad for many franchises/fanfictions/stories to do a "Dimension" thing where personalities, sides, and apperances are ultimately flipped.

Part one of the story...

Narrator- It was a fine day in No-nameville, perhaps because it was one of those days where it wasn't raining. We cut to our faour main characters, who are at the time Winged Carter, Enda, Carter, Austin, and Ninja Bennet. After many hours of compromise, they decided to go outside, because even villans don't like to miss the opportunity to see the sun. They decided to do silly things that villans wouldn't dare to do, like loop-de-looping and drinking soda and dancing until they couldn't dance anymore...

Austin- Wow, I haven't had that much fun since yesterday!

Justin- Can we do ridiculous things more often?

Carter- It's a free world. I don't see why not *curtsies*

Austin- You have quite a few strange flaws...

Enda- Does anyone want to loop-de-loop just one more time?

Austin- No way, this is making me look...

(Before Austin can finish, a flah of lights cuts him off)

Austin- Oh, boy, here we go again...

Carter- What? You're familiar with this?

Austin- This happens whenever Dash and Flash try to teleport to Earth...

Carter- Are they aliens?

Austin- No, but they ARE Winged Unicorns...

Carter- Yay, Unicorns! With wings!

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