August Carter

August Carter

August standing right next to Winged Carter

Gender Male, always being mistaken
Species Human (ACFU)

Pegasus Pony-Person (MLW)

Faction Good
Health Unknown
Level All, starting at level 10
Status Alive, flying through the air
Game(s) My Little Wiki: NMD is Magic

Austin Carter Family Union

August Carter is Winged Carter's lesser-known separated-at-birth brother. He appears in ACFU, starting at level 10, and appears in My Little Wiki: NMD is Magic's debut episode. Like Austin's name, August's name begins with 'A', and is a variation of the name; this is similar to Applejack and Applebloom.


August Carter appears very similar to WAC, but with a few differences. August is shorter and has no emblem on his shirt. His pants are shorter, his wings are smaller, and his shirt appears to be rolled up. Finally, his complexion is the same as Holy Carter's. He appears to have the same hairstyle and pants color; he even has wings! In general, his eye color is Sky Blue. August's wings are Cerulean, his shirt is Sea Green, and his rolled-up sleeves are Teal. His pants strike a resemblence to Curly Alls' pants, except Curly's are pink.


Like his brother, August is loyal, and will do what it takes to earn his Cutie Mark. He's energetic, and likes to have adventures rather than stay in one place. When he goes to school, he is eager to answer questions and ask them, even if they are dumb questions. August is better suited for the ground, as he clusily flies into people whilst in the air. The only things he likes about the sky are birds, clouds, and its color.


Even though August isn't a fan of flying, he likes to sit on clouds and politely watch them go by. He likes singing to the birds that may stop to admire him. Unlike Austin, August likes going to school and isn't likely to cause trouble. Finally, August enjoys playing Sky Story for the Windtendo 64. He has a huge crush on Whirly Grace, even though he knows that Blowte is destined to be with her until the sky cannot hold its place anymore.

Favorite Foods

August enjoys to eat anything fluffy and blue, like blue raspberry cotton candy. He dislikes red and spicy foods, like hot wings and cherry cotton candy.


  • Though August is more similar to WAC in appearance, his personality is similar to Carter, Austin's.
  • If August is to get his Cutie Mark, it would probably be a mixture of WAC and CA's.

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