AustinCarter4Ever appears as a playable character in User RPG: CLC's Secret. She is best known for having the most healing affinity. (As well as being ridiculously hard to kill.)




(Fire Attacks)

  • FireBlast - AC4E shoots a fireball at the opponent
  • Flamethrower - AC4E takes a deep breath, then breaths flames all over the opponent. (This doesn't travel as far as FireBlast but it does more damage)
  • Burning Mustache - AC4E lights the tip of her pen on fire, then draws scribbles all over the opponent.
  • Fire Spin - AC4E spins in a circle, scattering flames across the battlefield as she does so.
  • Inferno - A much more intense version of FireSpin, in which AC4E creates a tornado of flames while spinning.

(Magic Attacks)

  • Shining Light - AC4E heals all players
  • Caek - AC4E pulls out a caek, then throws it to the user of the players choosing. The caek drastically heals the player that eats it.
  • Purply - AC4E summons her little alien called Purply. Purply then shape-shifts into a sword, which AC4E pulls a sweeping attack with.
  • Interesting Story - AC4E throws one of her stories at an enemy. The Enemy starts reading the story and won't be able to attack for a couple of turns. (This won't work on bosses.)
  • Mega Evolve - AC4E uses her mega stone to mega evolve. The Mega Evolution wears off after a couple of turns. While active, her stats are increased and she gives all players a regen-like effect.

Team Attacks

With ChiselerlikesCheese - Chiselerlikecheese and Purply flutter around AC4E before both turn into swords. AC then jumps to a chosen spot and unleashes a slashing combo attack.

With Plasmaster - Plasmaster lets AC stand on his shoulders. They both unleash a mega flare attack.

With TestSubjectFan - AC and TSF bring out Purply and Dark Blue Enzyme respectively. Purply and TSF hold some enemies in place for AC and TSF to blast them.


(To be added)

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