Austin (NF)
Gender Male
Health 175
Game(s) Nitrome Fortress

 Austin is a class in Nitrome Fortress.


Austin is very fast, can double jump and has a medium life. He is also good for capturing points, as he captures 2x faster than any class. He isn't theb est choice in a combat, but he is good to.


Machine Gun

The pistol is Austin's primary weapon. It works like a shotgun. It has a fast shooting rate, but is slow on reloading. The machine gun can hold 12 bullets (2 are consumed by each shot). Shooting with it deals knockback in enemies, and can knockback you in air.


Despite it's name, the Pistol has a small damage, but is faster to shot. The pistol is good for long ranges, as machine gun isn't precise. The pistol can hold 12 bullets.

Sucker Punch

The Sucker Punch is Austin's meelee weapon. It has a medium range, but deals small-medium damage.


  • As Austin is a fast class, try reching the capture point before others.
  • Try to not enter so much combats, this may ruin your target.
  • Try to not be seen very much to reach the capture point.
  • When dealing with stronger classes and you have small health, try to escape, as you can run fast.

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