Justin Bennet: It's a boring day.

  • Austin Carter: Wanna blow stuff up?
  • Justin Bennet: Nah.
  • Austin Carter: We could tease Carter about Curly!
  • Justin Bennet: No.
  • Austin: Then what DO you wanna do?
  • Justin: Hmm...
  • Justin: Let's buy a copy of EarthBound.
  • Austin: Not Mother?
  • Justin: We don't have a mother.
  • Austin: Ok it's decided! We will go get a copy of Mother!
  • Justin: And ice cream caek!
  • Austin: -_- Is that all you ever want?
  • Justin: So what?
  • So Austin and Justin set off to get a copy of Mother and an ice cream caek.
  • First they have to go through the Punkin Forest.
  • Austin: What's a punkin?
  • Justin: You tell me.
  • Austin: Oh well. Uh HOLY CARTER!
  • Justin: What happened?
  • Austin: BEARS!
  • Justin: Hey it's just a teddy bear picnic.
  • Austin: Oh. Yum!
  • Justin: Let's sneak in.
  • Pokemon Trainer: Go, Poke Ball!
  • Justin: Ah! These are teddy bear Pokemon!
  • Pokemon Trainer: I cought a Teddiursa!
  • Austin: Hey Trainer, wats your name?
  • Pokemon Trainer: My name is Pokemon Trainer.
  • Austin and Justin: ...
  • Teddiursa: Teddy! Ursaaaaa!
  • Austin: That's the Teddiursa call! HE'S CALLING HIS MOTHER! URSARING!

Justin: Is that the copy of Mother we wanted?

  • Ursaring: ROARR!
  • Austin, Justin, and Pokemon Trainer: AHHH!
  • The three run away, but the trainer is seperated from Austin and Justin. The Ursaring prefers non-trainers as food.
  • Austin: Look! A town!
  • They run into the town and never see the Ursaring again.
  • Austin: Oh look! A fountain!
  • Justin: I am thirsty.
  • Austin: Me too.
  • The duo drinks from the fountain.
  • Austin: Too bad that wasen't a soda fountain.
  • Elder Mickey Mouse: Did you just drink from that fountain?
  • Austin: Yaa....
  • Elder Mickey Mouse: You know that's the fountain of age, right?
  • Austin: Noo....
  • Austin and Justin turn into 28 year olds.

Justin: Hey! Nice abs!

  • Austin: Thanks!

Austin: Yay! I can get a tatoo!

  • Justin: I'm gonna donate my kidney and rob a bank!

Austin: I'm going to say "will you marry me" to MS!

  • Justin: She's not older!
  • Austin: I'll bring her some water then!

Suddenly Ally leaps down.

(Somehow Ally watches Austin like a hawk)

Ally Curls: Oh no you don't!

  • Ally magicly makes Austin and Justin about 13 again.
  • Justin: Darnit!
  • Austin: Aww. My tattoo was going to be a dragon with a sash that said Nitrome Must Die!!!!.
  • Ally: My work is done.

Ally leaps off.

  • Justin: Well, bye. I'm going to ninja flirt with that chicky.
  • Austin: Hey! We needed to get Mother, remember?
  • Justin: Oh yeah! AND THE ICE CREAM CAEK!
  • Justin runs off.
  • Austin: Wait up!
  • The duo comes to a Toys R' Us.

Austin: Let's rob that store.

Justin: What does the sign say? I can't read!

  • Austin: I can. It says; $1,000,000,000 Bank.
  • Justin: Ohh.
  • The duo runs into the Toys R Us.


  • Justin: Um... this looks like a toy store.
  • Austin: Your right.
  • Manager: SECURITY!
  • Justin: Wait! We're just here to... uh... buy the game Mother and ice cream caek!
  • Manager: Sorry, we only sell toys.
  • Austin: How about we get Club Penguin memberships?
  • Manager: Ummmmm... ok?
  • Austin hands him a bunch of money, and he buys them Club Penguin memberships.
  • Justin: We play on Club Penguin?
  • Austin: Yea, remember? Our user names are Navyman9 and Stitchwork35!

Justin: Oh yeah. Our motto is; Waddle around and meet new enemies!

  • Austin: C'mon, let's go.
  • Justin: I wanted to feed my puffle Burgermiester!
  • The duo heads off and finally finds a nintendo store.
  • Nintendo Employee: How may I help you boys?
  • Austin: One copy of Mother, please.
  • Justin: And an ice cream caek!
  • Ninployee: Uh, we don't sell ice cream cakes, but sure, one Mother, coming right up!
  • Austin: YAY! We're finally gonna get Mother!
  • The duo is exited until he comes back.
  • Ninployee: Aww, sorry, we just sold the last copy to a guy named Swindler's Servent.

Austin: Swindler's Servent?! He could work for the Master Swindler!

  • Justin: WE NEED TO STOP HIM!
  • Austin: Hey look a gambling machine.
  • The duo gambles.
  • Justin: We got nothing.
  • Austin: Now we have no money on our hands. We'll have to steal Mother from the Swindler.
  • The duo walks outside and sees a green guy.
  • Austin: Hey you! Long green and blobby!
  • Swindler's Servent: ?
  • Austin: Would you like a free subscription to Nabbers Monthly?
  • Swindler's Servent: Would I!

Austin: Yes you would! Just give us your phone number!

  • Justin: And call us mabye!
  • Servent: Ok! Just let me get out a peice of paper!
  • While Swindler's Servent isn't looking, the duo swipes the copy of Mother.
  • Justin: Copy get!
  • Servent: HEY!
  • Swindler's Servent chases them until they come to a cake shop. Luckily they brought their DSs. They played Mother in the Game Boy Advance slot.
  • Austin: That was a sweet adventure!
  • Austin: Right Justin?
  • Austin: Justin?
  • Justin: One ice cream caek, please!
  • Cake Shop Employee: Coming right up!
  • Austin: *sigh*
  • The End!

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