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Austin and Justin are at Austin's apartment room, playing video games.

Austin: Ugh! That's the fifth time we game overed!

Justin: Yeah! The cheats keep messing the game up! Wait what are we playing again?

Austin: I think we hacked into it a little too much...

Justin: Well, i'm done with this. I'm going to check my email.

Austin: Ok! Stork 'em!

Justin: "You have 1 new messages."

Austin: Read it!

Justin: "Dear Justin, it must be tough having no mother or father around. It doesn't seem fair that your best friend's clone is acting as your legal guardian. The only one who has the same blood is a pirate. I have come over to see you! You do live in No-Name Apartment, right? Sincerly, your dear Grandma."

Austin: Your grandma?!

Justin: WOW! I finally get to meet her! The only time I even got close to in touch with her is when she sent me those cookies! Those were HEAVENLY!

Austin: Well... what about my family?

Justin: Good idea! We can invite the Carters over too!


Justin: Great!


Austin types a message to Mrs. and Mr. Carter saying to call all Carters for a reunion.

Austin: Send!

Justin: Now we just have to wait...

1 day and 30 minutes later...

  • ding-dong*

Austin: Zzzz.... wha? Oh. Oh! Justin wake up! THEY'RE HERE!

Justin: Is it breakfast yet?

Austin opens the door to reveal a whole BUNCH of Carters.

Austin: HI! I'm Austin, and this is my best friend Justin Bennet! We live in the same apartment, and both are orphans!

Mr. Carter: Heh. That's our son. Nice shirt kid.

August: OMG! My bro! Here he is!

Mabel: So this is my little brother? I was picturing him to be more weak.

Mrs. Carter: Heh...

Austin: Wow! Who... are you guys anyway?

August: Oh! Well...

August (singing): This is your mo-om, Marywah Carter! This is your da-ad, Joseblah Carter! I am your bro-ther, August Carter! This is your sis-ter, Mabel Carter! This is your cou-sin, Richie Carter! This is our do-og, Killer! Killer! This is your au-unt, Katrina Irenia Summer-Carterrrrrrrrrr.... and this is your uncle Joe!

Austin: Well what's his last name?

August: Guess.


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