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Gender Female
Species Pink-Bellied Parrot
Faction Good
Health Immortal
Level Starting at level 5 (ACFU)

All (Nitrome Must Die 2)

Status Alive
Game(s) ACFU

Nitrome Must Die 2 NMDFanfictionMon
Christmas Comic
Defenders of Cloud Kingdom


Ave is the pet, friend, and advisor of Bennet, Justin. She does this in thanks of him saving her from experimentation; she debuts in ACFU.


Ave's base color is Red, while her belly's color is Pink, hence the name Pink-Bellied Parrot. As usual (when it comes to Austincarter4ever drawing birds), her beak color is the same as her talons'. Lastly, her eyes are Blue (like Bennet's) and there is a White dot that Is on her eye area (for both eyes).

Her evolved form is red on top and pink from her chest down. Her feet are thicker with three white claws and her head now has a curl. The tops of her wings have three fingers.


Ave is quick to think and act. She is curious and quite persnikety for a pirate's pet.

NMDFanfictionMon Appearance

Like the others, Ave was introduced in 'Again?!' and also attacked May, aka the reader using Quick Attack.

She joined Carter and Enda (along with Bennet) in 'Contest Practice'. She is swift, and will take on anything.The only thing she defeated so far was another water/flying type: Wingull.

Throughout the comic, she isn't given much dialogue, but is always there for her friends.

Towards the Season One finale...

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She evolves into a pterodactyl-liek creature with a curl on the top of her head. Her beak becomes one solid color, and she gets stronger wings. Her feet become clawed, and it appears that the color of her belly merges with her tail and feet. She evolves in order to aid Carter in the fight against Darker. After the party, she decides to travel with Max since her best friend Big Bennet is going with him. She does say goodbye to Enda and Skarmory though...

Ave returns in Season Two when Serena and Co. are in glittering cave. Since then, she's been traveling with them in hopes of returning to Hoenn. Her Mega Evolution is Grass/Dragon.

Appearances in Christmas Comic

Ave appears as she currently does in NMDFanfictionMon; she appears in the first arc (along with Enda). While Enda is scolding Carter and Bennet, Ave adds "Yeah, where's your Christmas Spirit?" Little did any reader of the Christmas Comic realize that it was foreshadowing... >:D

Appearances in Defenders of Cloud Kingdom

Ave is one of the two animals that is cared for by Curly. She asks for the Defender's assistance when Curly becomes possessed by an alien. 


  • Ave looks similar to Giant Gold Head Bird.
  • Though Ave appeared in NMDFFM Season 2's Arc 3, Enda did not.

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