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Axiyland is a state that takes place in The Netherlands.


  • 4,5 star Hotel: The 4,5 star hotel is a famous hotel in Axiyland, it has a giant swimming pool and a few shops like the Cheese Shop and C100, TNY has also been in that hotel once.
  • Zoo: The zoo is a place that includes animals such as: Untesties, Fish, Lions, Enzymes and Tiny Dinosaurs.
  • Skyscrapers: Axiyland has 14 Skyscrapers that are 260 meters.
  • Axiy News station: Axiy News takes place in Axiy News Station at the first 6 parts.



  • Axiy: Axiy is the leader of Axiyland and founder.
  • Boy Knight: The Boy Knight sells cheese from the Moon but the moon keeps on growing the cheese back.
  • Chiseller: The Chiseller helps Axiy in some missions and is the founder of C100.
  • Untesty and his dad: Untesty is an employee in the 4,5 star Hotel, Untesty's Dad is the founder of the company.
  • Rahama and his kids: Rahama is a builder in Axiyland and helps some people build stuff for Axiyland, and his kids help Rahama when he needs them.
  • Mechayin and his brothers: Mechayin and his brothers are very powerful soldiers in Axiyland and they protect Axiyland when Axiy is gone.

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