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This article contains content that some may find crude.

Bad Ice Cream 3

B.I.C.3 Icon



Game Type:

Main Game


WARNING:This game Not For Children Because have: Voices,Vulgar English,Vulgar Español, Vulgar FranCais,Karate Noises,Martial Arts,Violence,Blood,Pistols and many other things considered violently wrong.


Same As Previous Games


The Most Not For Kids Game

Bad Ice Cream 3 Is the third game to the most popular nitrome game Bad Ice Cream.

The player controls an Ice Cream Based Character trying to collect all the fruit in each of the sixty levels while defending themselves from enemies.


Enemies appear on every level of Bad Ice-Cream 3, attempting to flatten the Ice Cream Character while it collects fruit. While they cannot be defeated or rid of in each level, enemies can be trapped, turned around or slowed down by the Ice Cream Character's power to smash and create lines of ice blocks.

  • Green Bull Guy
  • Skull Like Criature
  • Ice Cream??? Like Humanoid
  • Electro Antennas
  • Yellow Dude


In the game have the 3 original real flauvours from the previous game and 5 new flavours And A NEW Flavour! Snot:

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