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Pink balloon
A balloon with no pattern
Ability Allowing the Flying Guards to enter the castle
Game(s) Untouched

Balloons are a interactive object found in the game Untouched.


Balloons are square shaped with a small triangle coming out from underneath them. The balloon is purple and different shades of purple.


Flying Guards were arguing among themselves what colour the blue should be. Some said blue, while others said green, pink, yellow, and red. But one of the Flying Guards decided it should be purple since it was her favourite colour. Purple was picked and now the Flying Guards had to decide on what pattern to put. It was finally decided though most tempers had flared. Unfortunately, one group decided to do a different pattern and in the end three more groups changed their patterns as well. Luckily, all Flying Guards made it to the castle.

Game Information

Balloons appear attached to Flying Guards. The player must draw the pattern on the balloon backwards to let the Flying Guards into the force field. If the player doesn't draw the pattern backwards, a Flying Guard will land on the force field. If more Flying Guards land on the force field, the force field will burst into flame and burn the Flying Guards resulting in a game over. Their are five different patterns of balloons.


For laughter click on the picture of the balloon and it will bring up the file. Located at the top left corner is the file name. What is so funny? Take a look and see.