Bennet's Sidequest

Bennet's Sidequest Is a story that stars Bennet, Justin and his quest to become a real pirate. It also stars Ave, who is Bennet's advisor and best friend.

New Characters

Blondebeard- Bennet's mentor and captain of the S.S. Scalywags

Dogbeard- A dog who does nothing but toy his days away

Featherbeard- Ave's advisor and one who toys with her heartstrings

Evilbeard- Captain of the S.S EVIL and attempts to make Bennet an evil pirate

Carterbeard- A 'myserious' character that tries to piratenap Bennet

Chapter 1: Ye be a landlubber?!

It was a wonderful day in No-Name Ville for our main characters. Everyone was happy (for once) except for Bennet; he sat and moped and moped and moped. Not one of his friends knew what to do. When Justin had the courage to approach, Bennet said, "I'm nothing but a landlubber! A LANDLUBBER!!!!" "What? You aren't a Lamb's blubber!" Justin replied. "I think you're a great pirate, and you should follow what you desire." "But pirates are supposed to follow their captain, and I don't have one! I'm a snail without a shell!" "So you're a slug?" Justin replied. "Ah, you wouldn't understand." With a wave of his sophisticated hand and a call for Ave, Bennet left the house he was allowed to stay in.

Chapter 2: ABOVE the sea

Knowing about ships gathering around the docks, Bennet and Ave knew that their teachings would begin there. But they also knew that they couldn't hail a ship without getting their attention. So Bennet and Ave thought of the silliest things possible and combined their ideas to create a SUPER silly idea.

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