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Blast RPG 2

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Game Type:



Physics, RPG


Mouse - Steer, Select, Launch


Blast RPG

Blast RPG 2 or "Densetsu no Blast RPG II" is the sequel to Blast RPG. It carries over mechanics from it's predecessor, but also has new elements such as a variety of playable characters, new elements, and boss battles. It is currently in pre-alpha stages, since TinyCastleGuy unfortunately does not work for Nitrome.


 Move mouse - Aim cannon, control boy's movement when in mid-air

[1] Click mouse - Shoot cannon, click and hold while in mid-air to steer


The evil Kitsukoyaku has attacked the village and captured the princess, so it's up to the main protagonists to rescue her and save the land from certain doom. The main menu of the game takes place in the village, where the player can buy, sell, select characters, and access levels. There are three available save slots for the game.

Playable Characters

There are five different characters to take control of in the game. The player starts out with three to choose from, but can unlock the remaining two at certain points in the game.


The standard hero. Uses a sword to battle.


An adventuring thief. Uses a bow and arrow to battle.


A conjurer of spells. Uses magic to battle.


A muscular brute. Uses a club to battle.


The damsel in distress. Uses a mirror to battle (reflection can harm enemies).


There are 8 levels to progress through before saving the princess. There are two distance-based quests for each level: the first unlocks the next level, and the second unlocks Hard Mode on that level.

Level 1

A monster-infested region not far from the village. Basic enemies are introduced.

Level 2

A magical forest filled with fairies. Enemies of the Plant element are introduced.

Level 3

A spooky cavern flooded with water. Enemies of the Water element are introduced.

Level 4

Ancient ruins surrounded by barren desert. Enemies of the Fire element are introduced.

Level 5

A steampunk warground. Enemies of the Stone element are introduced.

Level 6

A snowy mountain peak. Enemies of the Ice element are introduced.

Level 7

A cloudy sky with changing weather. Enemies of the Air element are introduced.

Level 8

Kitsukoyaku's evil fortress. Everything in the game is used against the player in this level.








  • This game is somewhat-inspired by Slayin, a game featured on Nitrome's "Pixel Love" blog section.
  • Although enemies can use attacks based around electricity, there is no element of such type.

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