• Klemen702

    Hello there, here i am going to tell you some history of mine.

    Back in early 2013 i was a way bigger fan of the Test Subject series then today, so i made an avatar of a purple enzyme, at the time Gounchnox wasn't on the wiki (i think atleast) so i thought of it as an original idea. So i decided to make an avatar of one. After that around almost a year later, Test Subject fan joined the wiki, we became friends after a while and i really liked his art, so i decided to remake it, but instead of thinking the better design on my own i tried to draw the enzyme like the one from the Avalanche skin. I have only made 2 pictures of it in my life, you can see it bellow there. This is just some sort of nostalgia blog post of mine but i hope you like it.…

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  • Deklaswas

    Now i really dont like making short blog posts, but i wanna show everyone a glitch. also, this blog is spoiler free! yay! :D So there is an avatar in super stock take, im not gonna say where or whjatever, but on level 17 there is another avatar. so when i went to the present, nothing happened. you can see it for yourselves, and tell me if this has always been here or just now. cause i never saw it there before.

    also i was this () close to cracking the name for the christmas skin. I put in: 2014xmas when the name of the skin is 2014xmasSkin. so if you ever try to crack a skin, no spaces, all lowercase, and always try SKIN!

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  • Deklaswas

    Nitrome ASCII

    December 1, 2014 by Deklaswas

    Hey, dek again! I wanna say that soon ill be making christmas legos and somewhere in january something to do with test subject blue. If i finish it... but for now here are some really cool ascii arts or nitrome!

    Ascii Art is art that is formed by text and is really cool. Some cool games with ascii art are candy box and candy box 2

    Ascii art:

    @@@@@ @;:::::@ @;::::..:@  ;:::::.::@ @;:: ::..::@ @;:: ::  ::: @;:: ::  ::: @;:: ::::::@ @;;::::::@ @;;::::::@ @;;;;;;@@ @@@;;@@ # # # # # # # # # @@ # #@; @# #@;;@# @+@ @+@ @@@@

    I have master the power of ascii art!

    I know wat youre thinking of. "you only master the power of copy and paste!"

    Well the…

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  • Deklaswas

    Lego test subject!

    November 20, 2014 by Deklaswas

    sorry if the pictures arent good

    well if you ever searched up lego nitrome, alot of the stuff is test subject blue. So with all of those variations, i have been working on my own blue for the past couple of days. So here are the instructions


    1 2x2 glass dome

    2 of 1x2 raised purple tile (kinda like a triangle)

    1 1x1 round green light stud (can be tile or not)

    2 metalic 1x1 studs

    4 purple 1x1 studs

    2 1x1 light blue transparent studs

    1 purple triange 1x3 plate (left side higher than the right side)

    1 1x2 black plate

    1 black 1x2 with 1x2 on the side like a piece of a square corner

    1 same as previous, but studs on the other side

    1 1x1 black tile with horizontal clip

    1 1x1 black with double sided ring on the side (thick)

    1 black light saber handle

    1 2x2 r…

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  • Deklaswas

    Hot air 3

    November 16, 2014 by Deklaswas

    Ill start later sometime on a hot air 3, just letting you know if you are gonna make another hot air. I already started working on the balloons. also it's gunna be about ufos.

    ,' _ `. - _(_)_o - ____' /_ _/] `____ -=====::(+):::::::::::::::::(+)::=====- (+).""""""""""""",(+) . , ` -=- '

    So this is kinda like a 'claim' like how valve copywrited the half life 3 logo. Im working on some stuff of it and i wanna be finihsed with test subject corrode first

    also, did you know the boss song for hot air 2 was this good?

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hello everyone!

    Long ago there was a series about the constant fight over 'The Austin side' and 'The Nitrome side'.

    Me and Austin want bring back the old and deleted series of this.

    So I will type in this blog the story line resumed.

    Note: There are some spoilers about NMD here. You may skip them.

    Note 2: A lot of the content here may have been changed/removed or new content added for whathever reasons from the originals.( we will do changes since AC4E will collab/ this time)

    Note 3: This should be VERY little of what me and AC4E want make.

    So, Austin made a studio called 'Best Games must die!', and built it right over the old place where Nitrome Towers were.

    Meanwhile, nitromians weren't happy. They even once tried burning then new studio with no r…

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  • Plasmaster

    Where have I been?

    November 12, 2014 by Plasmaster

    Hello everyone! You may or may not have noticed, but I have been absent from the Wiki the past few days. I was on vacation and didn't have access to a computer. Now that I am back there are a few things I have to cover; after looking at the Recent Activity for the Wiki, I saw that we have some newcomers who I would like to welcome.

    So, without further ado, welcome to the wiki Draco and Mixlix! I really liked your fanart Mixlix and also gave your Test Subject Reverse page a read Draco, really nice work there! I hope you both enjoy being active on the Wiki and if you have any questions you're welcome to leave them on my talk page.

    I saw you added some new drawings AC4E, they look really good! I am also happy to hear that you will be fulfilling…

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  • Deklaswas

    Hot snoop dog

    November 9, 2014 by Deklaswas

    should i play this at my funeral or wedding

    UPDATE: I'm gonna try to use as much space in a blog as possible. So tomorrow is a day off so ill have alot of free time just to let you know. i have pretty much nothing to do... :P

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  • Deklaswas

    Sound familiar?

    November 9, 2014 by Deklaswas

    Sounda familiar? It's the sand man game song! The song from sandman is a remix of this song. (only the beggining)

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  • Deklaswas


    November 9, 2014 by Deklaswas

    I was palying aroundin some nitrome games when i played steam lands, and i decided to maek this:

    It is me as a steam lands flag! I might take requests for other people, too. But maybe not. I'll try i guess. It is fun.

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  • Deklaswas


    November 8, 2014 by Deklaswas

    I live up in a mansion

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  • Deklaswas


    November 8, 2014 by Deklaswas

    I posted my first story! I hope you like it! send me feed back and maybe recondmendations


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  • Deklaswas


    November 7, 2014 by Deklaswas

    yay its friday can wait til weekend

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  • Deklaswas


    November 6, 2014 by Deklaswas

    My new favorite video

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  • Deklaswas

    Dek's Blog post

    November 5, 2014 by Deklaswas

    Hello this is my blog post where i put stuff. I made this cool squid a couple of minutes ago

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    AC4E News 1

    October 28, 2014 by AustinCarter4Ever

    I just wanted to start a news blog for the heck of it. Sometimes, I could get tied up with schoolwork and this would be useful. So I'll be covering upcoming Fanfictions and current Fanfictions by me and other news.

    (I'm also writing this because my RFA was a failure -.- I mean, Holy Carter! My gut was telling me it would fail…)

    For all my awesome fans, there's something super special this Friday! Stay tuned!

    • Cricket Chirps*

    It's coming sometime this weekend. I just need the time.

    And on a last note, I'm being AC for Halloween. I'll take a picture and post it and I don't mind it having my face in it because Tema already saw mine :3

    Anyways, thanks for reading!

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  • The Mysteryous user

    So, everyone knows that the wiki has a logo, right?

    In case you don't know, the past logo was this one \/ \/ \/

    Because Halloween is coming, and such a great majority is celebreating it, we decided to make a 'Halloween logo' contest. 

    To enter the contest you need to have an account and to upload ANY logo in relation with BOTH Halloween and Nitrome. (why not make some Nitrome - halloween related fanart... hm?).

    Best one will be uploaded. Good luck!

    (Contest ends around 25-28 October.)

    You may add your entries in the comments below!

    Multiple entries are allowed.

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  • Plasmaster

    Halloween Costume!!!!!

    October 18, 2014 by Plasmaster

    All right, I had had the idea to do some fan-art in the form of a Halloween costume a few months ago but decided to wait for the right time (around Halloween). I forgot about it for a while, but Nitrome's recent blog post reminded me of it. O will soon be releasing a picture of a Justin Bennet Halloween costume!

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  • XXCuboyXx

    Fan Art: No 1

    October 17, 2014 by XXCuboyXx

    Well as you guys can see i added my new Fan Art.... I Hope you guys like it!

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  • XXCuboyXx

    Fan Art!

    October 15, 2014 by XXCuboyXx

    Ok everyone, soon im gonna post my Nitrome Fan-Art!!! Finally i can do something with my talent.... After 5 years of practicing my Cartoon/Manga/Chibi... i can spread it!!!

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  • WikiaScratchboy

    RP RP RP

    October 14, 2014 by WikiaScratchboy

    I hate being alone without AC4E, together we have fun RPs. And I'm getting impatient! REALLY IMPATIENT!

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  • XXCuboyXx

    Nitrome, The Retro King!

    October 14, 2014 by XXCuboyXx

    Now some people may disagree with me on "Nitrome is the Retro King", but i truely think Nitrome is, i mean like who makes better Pixel Art than Nitrome? seriously tell me, who is better then nitrome... i've searched up Websites like Nitrome... the only thing that i saw was Nitrome and Miniclip.... but Miniclip is not half as good as Nitrome! most of their stuff looks like crap, espially compared to Nitrome! their was only one game that was as good as Nitrome.... but then they shut it down.... SpineWorld.... then Migoland came out of nowhere and turned it into some girly game that no boy would ever play! See and now Nitrome has dominated all the websites... all the retro websites to be specific! 

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  • XXCuboyXx

    Pixel Art

    October 14, 2014 by XXCuboyXx

    You wanna know what i like doing? Drawing! You wanna know what else i like doing? Gaming. You wanna know what is the best thing that happened to me?.... Pixel Art! Nitrome's Pixel Art is so uthentic, I just love it! their art is so original.... so retro!

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  • The Mysteryous user

    As you may know, on the main Nitrome fan fiction wiki page, there are 'featured article' and 'featured' media sections. How cool could it be to see your own stuff there? So, head over this message wall and suggest the best article/media you have!

    The first (or best) will be choosen!

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  • Plasmaster

    SSN2: Job Interviews! :P

    September 16, 2014 by Plasmaster

    Ahoy, sailors! So much for my break, eh? I just can't stay away from the NFF Wiki! Every time I get some free time, I'm on here editing. Who knows? I might be able to get that Cuboy Academy episode to you all this Friday after all!

    Okay, let me get to the gist of why I am writing all of this. SSN2 is turning out to be a much bigger project than I primarily anticipated. So, in order to help me manage the many SSN2 articles I have going, I am now announcing job openings! That's right, you guys can now help me with SSN2, which is now going to be a collaborative project! I have all of the things that are going to be in the game saved in a Word document, and have been announcing them all over time in order to build up hype for...a fictional game…

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  • Plasmaster

    Update Time... :(

    September 14, 2014 by Plasmaster

    Hey everyone, Plasmaster here. I am...retiring.

    Please don't feel upset, allow me to explain further. This is only a temporary retirement, a week tops. I will return, have no fear. The reason for my break is because I have recently been put under a tremendous amount of stress with school work, so I am going to take a week off from the NFF Wiki in order to refocus myself mentally. Once I have worked out a proper schedule that will allow me to finish my school work and also be able to write and edit on here in a manner that is best suited to my schedule needs, I will be back and active as usual.

    There will be no new Cuboy Academy tomorrow (Monday). I am sorry, I realize that I bailed on Friday's episode and I hate to leave you guys hanging lik…

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  • Plasmaster

    A Few Announcements!

    September 7, 2014 by Plasmaster

    Hello fellow Wikians, writers, editors, artists, and Nitrome enthusiasts! I have a few announcements concerning several of my articles.

    I have just begun my Junior year of high school, and I can already tell that it is going to take a toll on the amount of free time I have. Have no fear, this will all be good news! Allow me to explain myself.

    New episodes of Cuboy Academy WILL continue to be released every MONDAY and FRIDAY at some time between 2:00 and 5:00 ET. So don't worry, loyal CA fans, I won't let you down! If for some reason I am unable to release an episode, I will always let you know ahead of time via the edit summary on the Cuboy Academy page. The reason will never be schoolwork though; school shall never hinder my love for writin…

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hi wikians,

    We have some good and bad news!

    It was never a shock that the pounds, the steamlands coins AND the first currency ever in this wiki was replaced with bombets, a more original coin. All the users who had pounds, have been exchanged with bombets.

    But now on, it is time to say 'Good bye' to bombets! Thank you for those who earned these 2 special coins and spend them.

    • Nobody
    • Test Subject Fan
    • Klemen702
    • Cheeselerlikescheese
    • Port1967
    • Frostyflytrap
    • Sabkv
    • Austincarter4ever
    • And maybe many more

    We would like to introduce venuses, the 3rd common coin distributed by M.Bank, designed by Klem and TMU. This coin will have better organisation, better spending option and will be given as prize on every official Image contest and even more! You will be able t…

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Breaking news! Ice-breaking! Doving!

    So we need your fanarts by tomorrow to be featured on the front page.

    We have 2 categories:

    Here we will feature games, character pages, stories, etc. (past example includes 8bit Doves and Test Subject Yellow).

    Request your ideas, but note that stories have to be finished, and games have as many details possible.

    Here we will feature media, ussually images. Past examples include TSY logo.

    Request game icons, your protagonist or an enemy from your game. Fan-made levels work as well.

    Request in the comments section or in my message wall.

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hi wikians,

    Here what we will discuss about

    • NFF wiki chat
    • Test Subject Yellow
    • More soon

    Yesterday, I saw Klemen commenting just a few seconds before I refreshed the wiki activity. I said, 'hey! I will join! We chated for a while, when he left. A few minutes later Plasmaster came. After a short chat, I needed to leave. The next day I come and see the 2 chatting together on the abandoned chat, and an additional newcame user. Did I just make NFF wiki chat more popular? How long will this last? Why is caek so delicious? Comment!

    So I decided to make TSY: Raspberry Pi edition as a separate article. It will lack most commands I promised on the TSY changelog so... I also decided it will have a different logo.

    More soon!

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  • Plasmaster

    Hello everyone! Recently I have created a new Super Smash Nitrome 2 article. It is going to be bigger and better than the last one, with new characters, new stages, new items, and all sorts of other cool stuff! I want to get as many new ideas flowing into this new game as I can possibly get. That's where you guys come in! Chat with me on the Nitrome Fan-Fiction Wiki or the Nitrome Wiki and you could pitch me your ideas for characters, items, stages and more! Also, be sure to check out the Super Smash Nitrome 2 game article and all of its branch articles such as the Items, Stages, and Cublock articles. I can't wait to hear your ideas and keep up that awesome writing thing you do!

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  • Port1967

    Port's Fav Wikis Collide!

    August 15, 2014 by Port1967

    Hey Nitrome Fan Fiction Wikians! You may have seen this before on Nitrome Wiki but anyway

    A few days ago I participated in a challenge by a Miiverse user named Marco Polo where there was a bunch of video game icons and we had to guess the games they were from.

    I have decided to do my own version of this over here on Wikia! This will take place on Clicker Games Wiki and will (hopefully) have contestants from this wiki, Tasty Planet Wiki, Sling Fanon Wiki, multiple clicker games wikis(Cookie Clicker, Candy Box), Le Miiverse Resource Wiki and some Rayman Legends players! Each group will have its own team:

    Team Nitrome
    Team Tasty Planet
    Team Sling
    Team Clicker
    Team LMR(Le Miiverse Resource)
    Team RL(Rayman Legends)

    Signing up here[1]

    This will start when…

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  • Netthus

    Nitrome Soccer

    August 13, 2014 by Netthus

    A campaign for the one possible design: Nitrome Soccer. 

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  • The Mysteryous user


    We are currently changing/discussing and making an official page of how we will deal with bad behavior.

    It is advised you take part into the discussion in this blog post. By not taking part in this discussion you are stating you won't mind any changes. I will bring some topics in the comments section and I want you to take part in the discussion.

    You can read our Work In Progress (WIP) here: Warning system.

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  • Random-storykeeper

    Originally, I was going to set up a challenge where I try and produce one recording of an arrangement of Nitrome music. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to record, let alone practise making the recordings, so this blog post will be a new place to showcase some tracks I've been trying to arrange.

    I'm up for requests too, if anyone wants to hear a Nitrome tune played on the piano or in  :D. I can't guarantee I'll be able to play it, but I'm willing to post an attempt.

    (July 30, 2014)

    I started working on this maybe a couple months back. It seems to rely more on chord progression, especially near the middle-to-end. The bass line and harmonies I think are the main drive of the piece. I made a couple of recordings before, but got interrup…

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hello wikians,

    With special agreement from our admins, I have revived the image contest!

    You are able to submit an image/gallery which has to be related to Nitrome.

    The contests should last 1 week.

    More info here: Image contest

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  • Plasmaster

    Category Pages?

    July 12, 2014 by Plasmaster

    Hello everyone! I have learned so much about using the wiki, mostly thanks to all of your help. In fact, you may have noticed that I created a template recently. However, I must call on you guys for help once again. I don't know how to create a category page, and I would like to learn more. Can anyone help me and teach me how to make one? Thank you all again for your help and keep up that awesome writing thing you do!

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  • BobbyIsAwesome

    Anyone should expand the Hot Air Jr. 2 article.

    Anyone should make the levels for Hot Air Jr. 2.

    Anyone should make the startup for Hot Air Jr. 2.

    Anyone should set up the enemies and hazards for Hot Air Jr. 2.

    Anyone should set up the platforms and interactive objects for Hot Air Jr. 2.

    Here are the returning protagonists for Hot Air Jr. 2:

    Anyone should set up the returning and new antagonists for Hot Air Jr. 2.

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hello wikians,

    We at Zombified Studios wanted tell you that our Google site is up and working!


    1.Q. So what is Zombified Animations?

    A. Zombified Animations is a brand-new (not so new) small and (currently) non-profit team composed of animators, riggers, site maintanners, 'goodie finders', coders and 'helpers' (musicians and artists). We provide animated goodies related to Minecraft, Nitrome and we will expand to even more in the future!

    2.Q. What.are these 'goodies' you are talking about?

    A. Animated Awesomness (animations), wallpapers and gadgets. You can ask for a wallpaper, 100% free (note we may not make it because we are focusing on the main projects).

    3.Q. Sounds cool! How can I support your work? I'll give you my money!

    A.Haha. We don…

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  • Klemen702

    Hey i noticed that there are some nitrome games that are in the same universe without skins and NMD, SPOILERS ARE ROUND!

    In cheese dreams new moon, big daddy appears as the final planet, also the moon in small fry is the same as cheese dreams which means.

    Cheese Dreams, Nebula and Small fry are in the same universe.

    Fluffball appears as a ballon in hot air, which means they are also connected, the snot from snot put also appears there which means.

    Fluffball, hot air and snot put are in the same universe.

    I probably missed something so please comment, i will make a part 2 with more!

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  • MatiasNTRM

    My Avatars!

    May 3, 2014 by MatiasNTRM

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry for not making my post yesterday, is that I had a little problem yesterday, but now can see my avatars:

    About Hot Air Balloons, I'm making them. I don't show previews because I want to surprise.

    Have you heard of the YouTube channel called "Nitrome Fans"? It is mine.

    Visit it here.

    By Me ;)

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  • MatiasNTRM

    Thursday Update

    May 2, 2014 by MatiasNTRM

    Hi all!

    I have not done anything yet about Hot Air balloons, but still, I played Hot Air 2. I'm still stuck on level 13 (I have just advanced only 1 level).

    Tomorrow I show I have few avatars

    See yo tomorrow!

    By Me ;)

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  • Plasmaster

    I did it!

    April 29, 2014 by Plasmaster

    I did it! I finally figured out how to upload an image to the wiki! There's just one thing...I want to set the pic I uploaded as my avatar, but apparently it is 'too big' for the avatar. Is there a way I can tweak the file and make it smaller so it will fit? Because I think it's about time I actually represent myself with...myself, instead of Planet Earth. Nonetheless this is still a big achievement for me (I'm still clueless about Wiki works) and I am very proud of it. Thanks to all of you guys and keep doing that awesome writing thing you guys do!

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  • MatiasNTRM

    Sunday Update!

    April 27, 2014 by MatiasNTRM

    Hi everyone! I've been playing today to Hot Air 2 and te how cool that is. So far, I'm stuck on level 12. Still nothing has been done on what I wrote last week (Balloons Hot Air). I have defeated the Octoboss. Next week, has probably done something on the balloons. What they learned that the Icebreaker will be May 7 for Android? Great! Today I have 100 edits! I created a GIF (My first)

    By Me ;D

    P.S: Do you wanna see the large photo? Click here!

    Hey Random-storykeeper, this is a guide to how your change your balloon:

    In Hot Air, not balloons.

    In the map, appears a balloon in the controller whit arrows. Click in the arrows.

    Visit here

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  • MatiasNTRM

    I finished the page showed in the last time I wrote!! Visit here the page and comment!

    Here are five icons that I did:

    COMING SOON: Hot Air Balloons

    A preview for a Cheese Dreams Balloon:

    By Me :)

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  • Port1967

    Reload Glitch

    April 20, 2014 by Port1967

    I was playing Test Subject Arena 2 and I realoded the picture...

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  • MatiasNTRM

    Welcome to my blog!

    April 19, 2014 by MatiasNTRM

    This is my blog. Visit me in the weekends or week days. Comment here down and view my editions!!

    The Nitrome 2.0 icons has been transformated to 1.5 icons!! A example here.

    View all icons here

    By Me ;)

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  • Random-storykeeper

    My sister's high school is holding a fundraiser where they can make buttons with any design you choose to print. Even though I'm not in her school anymore, I decided I had to take the opportunity to get some buttons with Nitrome designs done.

    I'm nervous but really excited to see how the designs I chose turn out. I'll post a picture or two when they are ready. Their deal extends to only four, though. One of the designs I selected is a Pixel Love game. Bet you can guess which one it is. :)

    They came yesterday.... ~ Unfortunately, I could only pick four, and Test Subject + NES wasn't on my mind. Instead, I got these:

    (sorry I used my iPod to take these poor quality pics; I can't find my digital camera at the moment)

    I wasn't there when they got …

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  • Nitromemegafan

    You can actually make your nitrome games here:

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  • Chiselerlikescheese

    This is my first blog post so lets just get serious, I'm making a sequel for Ditto!

    (WARING SPOILER ALERT(hehe, caps lock rules))

    After ditto got turned into a shadow, somthing strange happened. When she woke up, she found herself back to normal, also her shadow reflection disapeared!  Noticing the dungeon has changed, she decides to investigate.

    Thats it for now, hope you are looking forward to it!

    Oh and another thing is, I am adding a new character! Hope you are wondering who he is!

    Bye and I will get back to you soon!

    also how do you delete blog posts?

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