• SQhi

    My Recent Changes

    October 29, 2012 by SQhi

    Does your recent changes tally with mine? =P SQhi(talk)Lucky 62k edit! 14:57, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Havemeforty

    Nitrome 50/50

    October 13, 2012 by Havemeforty

    Based on the 1997-2009 game show on BBC, 50/50. But this time it's 20/20

    Blue Team :

    1. Zapo

    2. Blue

    3. Cat

    4. Hot Air Jr

    5. Rockitty

    6. Takeshi

    7. Toxic

    8. Red Knight

    9. Austin Carter

    10. Justin Bennett

    11. Pink Angel

    12. Orange Angel

    13. Engineer (Steamlands)

    14. Eskimo

    15, Penguin on Sled

    16. Brain

    17. Onekey

    18. Rusty

    19. Young Norse Warrior

    20. Stretchy Dog

    Yellow Team :

    1. Chiseller

    2. Swindler

    3. Dark Thing

    4. Helmet Dark Thing

    5. Octoboss

    6. Dragon (Twin Shot)

    7. Two Headed Cerberus

    8. Parasite

    9. Guard (Dirk Valentine)

    10. Henchman (Enemy 585)

    11. Orange Squid (Bad Ice Cream)

    12. Jumping Ball Guy (Bad Ice Cream)

    13. Quackbot

    14. Nipbot

    15. Red Enemy (Jack Frost)

    16. Green Lizard

    17. Robotic Squid

    18. Walking Robot

    19. Mr. Nibbles

    20. Green Slime (Turnament)

    Episode 1 :


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  • Havemeforty

    Your voice ideas can go in the comments

    Each episode will have 6 sketches (30 mins) the skecthes will be based on a game

    Post voice ideas here

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 10 & 11

    October 13, 2012 by Axiy


    Here are The Test Subject Purples we will be talking about... I know the TV is not in the middle... It is almost in the middle atleast...

    Hi, this is the Axiy News 10, remember me? And now to sports with Rahama! Hello, I am Rahama and I am the talking rhino, the first pet.

    Round 1 Round 2
    The Moon 3-2 Twang (Bouncing) The Moon 2-2 Astronaut (Bouncing)
    Zapo 2-2 Blue (Testing) Blue 3-1 Hot Air (Testing)
    Chisel 3-1 Spartan (Digging) Chisel 2-0 Yin Yang (Digging)

    I am Untesty talking now, the Stranded on an island story is not so populair now, if you want to make it populair again. Contibute to the story. I will get more sand and stones in the story and maybe an escape plan, I can't wait to finish the story.

    • Mechayin: Finally, I can talk now.…

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  • Grammar Cat

    Griffin's Bravery

    October 7, 2012 by Grammar Cat

    Dear users of the Nitrome Fanfiction Wiki, the title of this story is Griffin's Bravery. Griffin's Bravery is actually the finished and rewritten story that was previously know as A winged cat, a black cat, and a blue cat. Griffin's Bravery is divided into five sections. I hope you like Griffin's Bravery and please post your thought's of this story in the comments.

    There was a place that was divided into three sections that each had a different climate. One was forest, one was city, and the other was a snowy mountain. A winged cat with black fur and deep blue wings lived in the forest.

    The winged cat surveyed the forest

    The winged cat surveyed the forest with her light grey eyes. "Nothing stirring" she thought. "It is then time". She leaped f…

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  • Havemeforty

    Scene 1 : A Nitrome School Student with a Nitromian uncle and a Nitroniam cousin

    (in Hot Air Jr's house)

    Hot Air's Wife : Well, Hot Air Jr, My sister, your aunt, technically, and her husband are coming to our house for their anniversary

    Hot Air Jr : I will be in my room, not making any noise

    Hot Air : OK! Your uncle and aunt will be here any minute

    (meanwhile in Hot Air Jr's room)

    (Squeak howls)

    Hot Air Jr : No, Squeak! Keep quiet

    Hot Air Jr's Uncle enters his room


    Hot Air Jr : He's bored, he's more interested in the great outdoors

    Hot Air Jr's Uncle : I don't care! Well, your cousin is in a tuxedo for the party


    Hot Air Jr's Cousin : I need some air, Mom

    Hot Ai…

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  • Havemeforty

    Third game of the NMD series

    Intro : Master Martin and Master Martini's games lose popularity and they think Nitrome is behind this

    Note : In this game, Agents Ann and Droid join forces with the Nitrome Boss, AC and JB

    Bosses (list is not final list) :

    Robots from Powerup

    Squirrels and Chick from Chick Flick

    Venus Fly Trap from Feed Me

    Merlin from Magic Touch

    Human Piloted Nanobot from Nanobots

    Boy Knight from Blast RPG

    Cactus Men on Handcar from Off the Rails

    Magneboy from Magneboy infected by Parasite

    Bomba from Bomba inside Skeleton from Numbskull inside Male Superhero from Pixel Pop

    Little Star from Nebula inside Parrot from Squawk inside Yeti from Cold Storage

    Racoon in Bucket from The Bucket

    Battle with Nitrome Boss, Austin Carter, Justin Bennett, …

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  • The Mysteryous user

    M.user:Hi guys! Time for:(tv news sound) The Mysterious News!

    Today the Mysterious Bomb will say the News! Bye!

    M.Bomb:So the subject....

    Who makes best turner fanart contest wins a turner gold trophy! Mysterious guys aren't allowed to enter the contest,got it Mysteryous man?

    The rules:

    1.U must enter the contest with a turner fanart.

    2.Only characters from Nitrome games,pixel love games and everybody edits!

    3.O shizl zimbl harm... BBBB TTTT MMMM....put publicity!

    Did u visit the Mysterious museum?It's full of Mysterious things and mysterious man pictures and pictues.Also has mysterious unsolved mysterys cases.Only 3 Steamlands coins the enter!

    M.Bunny:I can't belive he explod... Oh we are in live? Umm... Sorry about this.M.Skelleton writed spams at…

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  • Havemeforty

    Scene 1 : Breakfast Scene

    Me : (sigh) A quick cereal and a Peanut Butter Cup for a big day at normal school

    (a letter comes through the letterbox)

    (a labradoodle barks)

    Me : What is it, Stavros

    Nicholas : Um, Forty, my friend, I think my dog has got something

    (Stavros barks again)

    Me : Mail

    Nitrome Boss's Voice (in the note) :

    Dear Mr Have Me Forty,

    You're invited as a new student at Nitrome School.

    You will sure like it.

    Sadly, all of our remaining students have gone missing

    Lessons start at 8:45 AM and they end at 3:15 PM

    Yours sincerely, The Nitrome Boss

    Me : Cool

    French Narrator : 5 HOURS LATER

    Me : We arrived

    Zapo : Sure we did! And there is something I want to tell you!

    Me : What?

    Zapo : The Parasite Giant killed my great uncle's cousin, I mean, my othe…

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  • Havemeforty

    Nitrome School

    September 13, 2012 by Havemeforty

    I created a new imaginary thing called Nitrome School. It is really fun and banter. There is 4 classes (Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12)

    Class 9 and 10 have 15 students. Class 11 and 12 have 10.

    Class 9 (Tutor : Hot Air Balloon, not the young form from Hot Air 1 and 2, the grown up form from Hot Air Jr) (BACON) :

    Me (as Have Me Forty)

    Rockitty (from Rockitty)

    Zapo (from Fault Line)

    Hot Air Jr (from Hot Air Jr)

    Norman Noggin (from Headcase)

    Penguin on Sled (from Avalanche)

    Eskimo (from Frost Bite and Thin Ice)

    Lockehorn (from Lockehorn)

    Pink & Orange Angels (from Twin Shot)

    Knight (from Tiny Castle)

    Toxic (from Toxic)

    Takeshi (from Final Ninja Series)

    Blue (from Test Subject Series)

    Astronaut (from Space Hopper)

    Jack Frost (from Jack Frost)

    Class 10 (…

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 9

    September 11, 2012 by Axiy


    Here are The Test Subject Purples we will be talking about... I know the TV is not in the middle... It is almost in the middle atleast...

    Hi, this is the Axiy News 9, remember me? And now to sports with Rahama! Hello, I am Rahama and I am the talking rhino, the first pet

    Gunbrick 1-1 Teeny Hero (Pixeling) Grey Creatures 3-1 Astronaut (Pixeling)
    Shooter 2-0 Paint Blower (Aiming) Spider 2-4 Swindler (Aiming)
    Toxic 1-2 Takeshi (Climbing) Angry Heads 3-1 Angry Snow Spirit (Climbing

    I will set up a Minecraft server :D Now first I will get the list of people that have Minecraft. The server IP will be: I GOT IT :D I don't know what to do now.

    Nitrome Chess is here! I think...

    Da caek is bak :D!


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  • Havemeforty


    Get it up

    Songs :

    Sweatshirts (Starships Parody)

    Rahamoon got Stung (We Are Young Parody)

    What Makes Nitrome Beautiful (What Makes You Beautiful Parody)

    Cuboy Maybe (Call me Maybe Parody)

    Parasite (Paradise - Coldplay Parody)

    Ice Cream and Shout (Scream and Shout parody)

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  • Havemeforty

    A sequel to Nitrome Must Die. Levels in Random Order

    Intro : When Nitrome Towers is rebuilt, Agent Ann and her boyfriend, Agent Droid, get offended by a new game so they plan to blow the tower up while Austin and Justin join forces with the Nitrome Boss and Employees

    Chat :

    Agent Ann looks up on the game at the end saying "Ann and Droid the stupid robotic agents in the world"

    Agent Ann : HOW DARE THEY

    Agent Droid : WHAT?

    Agent Ann : They mocked us


    Agent Ann : They will pay?

    Agent Droid : Unless they delete the game

    Agent Ann : NITROME MUST DIE, FOR SURE? (bangs fist on computer table)

    (The two ride on their flying taxis to the towers and they get the gun and the logo NITROME MUST DIE 2 appears  

    Floor 0 : Acts as …

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  • Sabkv

    Suggest NML content here!

    August 27, 2012 by Sabkv

    Hello everybody! You can suggest content for NML here.

    • Achievements
    • Weapons
    • Cheats
    • Enemies
    • Useful combinations
    • 5th character?
    • And anything else!

    • Name
    • Info
    • Picture (optional)
    • Trivia (optional)

    1 accepted suggestion - thank

    5 accepted suggestions - big thank

    Accepted suggestion(s) with picture(s) - giant thank

    15 or more accepted suggestions with pictures and some trivia - permission to edit NML!!!

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 8

    August 17, 2012 by Axiy


    Here are The Test Subject Purples we will be talking about... I know the TV is not in the middle... Hi...

    Hi, this is the Axiy News 8, remember me? I just came back from Thailand. And now to sports, in a template.

    Mechasaur 2-1 Sumo Wrestler (Tennis) Blast-Man Joe 2-3 Bomba (Bombing)
    Parasite 0-0 Fire Droplets (Swimming) Enemy585 2-2 Onekey (Running)
    Fluffykins 3-3 Bearded Man (Mario) Dragons 5-0 Angry Heads (Copying)

    This is how I got to Thailand and what I did there. Once upon a time I was at an airplane, it was so fun it took about 11 hours. Then I went to the airport and took another airplane back to where my mothers house is at, and it took 1 hour and 30 minutes then when I came out I started to sweat, it was so hot. I got the lugg…

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  • Sabkv

    1,000 images on this wiki!

    August 12, 2012 by Sabkv

    Yay! Nothing more to say.

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Under MY Control

    August 8, 2012 by TinyCastleGuy

    I'm probobly kindof most likely going to make the October Logo. I think Mystery had August, and someone else had September...? And I got October. So, mabye I should show you what I had in mind for it: (I tried to put in everyone's fanart.)

    October is the month of Halloween. I dicided to make the fanart go trick-or-treating for candy. (No, not CandD.) The backround is just the backround from the Halloween skin for I'm not good at fanart so I coudn't make anything custom. Then I thought that the fanart ought to be at the doorstep of a house waiting for candy. But who would give out the candy? I dicided to go with the two odd Employees from Nitrome Must Die 2, Emberployee and Hyperworker (sprite needed). Of course Hyperworker is c…

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Where's the Logo?

    August 8, 2012 by TinyCastleGuy

    Notice anything missing in the wiki?


    Noone put it up. :(

    TCG out!

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  • CandD

    The Nitrome Olympics!!!

    August 2, 2012 by CandD

    Noticing that both this wiki and Nitrome wiki have top ten pages, why don't we have our My own olympics. All games! To the death! WHO WILL WIN?!?!?!?! (or in wrestling.... WHO IS DEADLIEST?!?!?!?!!?)


    In one lane, the biggest, the badest!!!! BBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the other..... the metal foot, the tired treader... it's SSSSSSSSSLLLLEEEEP-WWWALKERRRRR!!!!!!! He'll make you pass out just by watchin'!!!!!!

    In lane numero three, the kings of speed..... THE RUNNNNNNNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And in the last, Survivor of t…

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  • IJZM

    AC4E images

    July 28, 2012 by IJZM

    HELLO and welcome to the new IJZM's blog post!

    i am here to show you all some photos I am making with AC4E. (AC4E please put names to ur images)

    Be Sure to vote here: Top_10_list:FANART_VOTE! (coming soon)

    -- 22:55, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Chalk Zone

    July 28, 2012 by TinyCastleGuy

    Well you know my name is TCG...

    ...and the things I draw come true...

    ...when I dicided to do NMD fanart...

    ...I thought it was a pretty good idea. (Do you?)

    I dicided to draw Nitrome Must Die art from the characters in NMD 2. On my chalkboard! Now it's big and bulgy in my room. And I intend to keep it that way! :3 (Well mabye not forever.) Let me share with you the characters I drew.

    Yes, I did the hair in face, skull shirt, blah blah blah. He's angry like any other Austin Carter. Oops I just noticed something. I forgot to draw sleeves on all of them. (Exept for Heaven and Hell and NB.)

    As Austin's best friend, he's not very peachy either. When I drew his hoodie's "head" it looked like a snack bar. But the most important thing about Justin is h…

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Instead of Fanart

    July 26, 2012 by TinyCastleGuy

    I'm terrible at fanart! Therefore, I will now...

    DRAW! With a pencil and paper and a pen and everything!

    I draw just as well as... any drawing on this wiki that didn't take an hour to make.

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Ouch My Head is a story that anyone can edit!

    I'd be happy if you guys made that story. I just started it so the Wikians could make tiny adventures! Also I need a picture for the part where it rains dodgeballs. Just read, edit, and post! YAY!

    TCG ouch!

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  • Boinksmusk1

    here are the screenshots of my steamlands player pack level:

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Blueboy was talking with his friends Pinky, Moon Light, and Gothcube in thier secret clubhouse. "What should we do today?" Moon Light said. Blueboy replied "Let's bake cake!" So the cube boys and girls baked a cake. Just as they were about to eat it a car crashed in and the driver stole the cake! "Follow that car!" Blueboy shouted. "But how?" Asked Pinky, "We can't just run after it!" Blueboy knowingly (or something like that word) said "That's easy! TAXI!" A random taxi drived up to them. "Where to?" The taxi driver said. "Follow that car that has a driver plate that says; AUSTIN." "Wait!" Gothcube suddenly stopped Blueboy. "If it said Austin, mabye Austin Carter from Nitrome Must Die stole our cake!" The taxi speeded off. "Your right!" M…

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  • Frostyflytrap


    Hello guys. I'm gonna do something I've never done. Since It takes time to make plenty of blogs, I'm gonna make ONE BIG BLOG! A blog that may go on forever, a blog that always updates, and probably my last blog ever! (One Blog to Rule them All :D)

    So, here are the things I plan to put:

    1. My Dream About Nitrome
    2. My new image for the imge contest
    3. Rubble Trouble Comics
    4. Nitrome Wiki Must Die! (comics)
    5. Hot Air Balloons
    6. Ice Breaker Mobile is now playable??
    7. Pixel Love Games Crossover
    8. About the next possible Pixel Love games blog; and
    9. And some more...

    Ok, here goes...

    Not really the upcoming one. It's the old one. Just that it's playable on mobile!


    Sorry, but I won't be able to finish the blog myself, so I'm gonna do something diffe…

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    As you may have noticed, Takeshi64 posted "Final Ninja: Trinity."

    It's an epic story being made by Takeshi, RSK, and me! We are the main characters! (Or as I call us, ninja masters.) The story started on the Nitrome Wiki Chat when we were talking about SO MUCH NINJAS! We must take out the samurais! So read it! (Now exeuse me while I make a property template.)

    TCG out!

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  • Firefox5013


    July 13, 2012 by Firefox5013

    Not much to do here..

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hey guys!

    The blog is popular!!!

    Yes I will make new games like:

    • Dog House Fan Game
    • Steamlands Multiplayer
    • (possibly) NMD fan game
    • Upcoming Iphone game

    Can anyone guess what game will be there?

    What room can it be? Guess!

    M.user:So,The Mysterious Skelleton will talk about...

    M.Skelleton:So Round 1 started!Austin will get a tank and The Enginner also...So the battle started! Both have 2 determinators and 1 Valentine and some Bronze armour! On the ground is placed a Saboteur...And The Engineer grabbed it! But Austin stole with the valetine the engineer's valentine! Gr...But The engineer quckly took it back and destroyed the other valentine! Mhuahahha! And...He destroyed Austin's determinator's using coal toss!Austin is using coal toss and The Engineer…

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Cuboy Mabye

    July 8, 2012 by TinyCastleGuy

    (Also avalible on Nitrome Wiki) Here is a little song me and IJZM made up in chat. It's based off of "Call Me Mabye"

    I threw an ice cream in the well,

    It was so bad, i'll never tell

    I looked to Nitrome as it fell,

    And now Uncle Rico's in my way

    {C}I'd trade my soul for a mirror staff,

    Pennies and dimes for a fault line,

    I wasen't looking for powershakes

    But now Uncle Rico's in my way

    Your stare was zombies,

    Ripped sky serpents, Facebook was showin' Enemy night, wasps were stingin'

    Where do you think you're going, Billy?

    Hey, I just played this,

    And this is Wiki,

    But here's my flash game,

    So Cuboy mabye.

    It's hard to turn left,

    When your playing offtherails,

    But here's my Flashgame,

    So Cuboy mabye.

    Hey, I just played this,

    And this is Wiki,

    But here's my Flashga…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Carter had convinced Austin and Justin to go outside because they needed the fresh air. The three friends had much fun. They didn't notice that Enda was missing and continue to conduct outdoor activity. After a while, the sun began to set, and it was then that the 3 friends noticed that their feathered friend was missing. It was then after this realization that they heard a loud screech. Enda!

    Enda: Get away from the money and LEAVE NOW! Or you'll be sorry!

    Robber: Ha! What can a little pigeon do? You're clearly smaller than me!


    (Enda does a ferocious roar)

    Robber: Oh, that just isn't normal!

    Enda: I warned you, and now you're going to see ANOTHER side to me!

    Robber: What do you mean?

    Enda: I am half eagle, but li…

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hey Guys! So we made a new blog design! So we will speak about...

    But first...Like TV room?

    Yes,design like our great favourite incredible beatiful etc. AxiyNews!

    Looking good right? I think it's preety good.

    Did u read some of it? Click here for link!

    Mystery:Mystery Dog will comment the sports matches...

    M.Dog:So match started...Canopy is faster but Chisseller is digging in the earth...And GOOL!!!!! A Canpoy Monkey got 1 point! Wait... A chisseller is digging...And FAULT! Wow! He got a yellow...Ok,now round 2.They,wait Chisseler faulted again! Ok,another entered...Now Foreman Buzz got 1 GOOL! Score 1-1! What a grea...Awful match! Woof,I'd better choose a basketvall next time...

    Mystery:Thanks for commenting the macth,M.Dog!

    Yes,visit my user pag…

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 7

    July 3, 2012 by Axiy


    Here are The Test Subject Purples we will be talking about... I know the TV is not in the middle... Hi...

    Hai der guys, and welcome to Axiy News 7 station, it is July (IF YOU ARE FROM THE FUTURE AND IS READING THIS YOU ARE READING THE WRONG INFORMATION) Now that I don't have anything to say, I will jo ust let Boy Knight do the sports: Hi, I am Boy Knight and today the goals of tennis are 2-0 between Stretchy Dog and Spartan, Spartan won by "This, Is, SPARTA!!!" And at. You know what? I will just use a template.

    Spartan 2-0 Stretchy Dog (Tennis) Nose 4-5 Pig Cannon (Basketball)
    Paint Blower 0-0 Moon (Soccer) Blue 2-2 Swindler (Golf)
    Canary 1-0 Snot (Baseball) Zapo 2-1 Rockitty (Hockey)

    Now to something else, and Axiy will be talking. I am…

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  • Frostyflytrap

    As some of you know, Takeshi64 has made a fan image of The Nitrome Avengers.

    It was so great that I suggested him to send it to Nitrome. But he said that he isn't able to send it himself.

    If you would be kind enough to send it to them, just tell Nitrome that Takeshi64 made it to avoid confusion.



    • Someone (or possibly (it's a template)): Excuse me! Why can't you send it for him?
    • Frostyflytrap: I'm also not able to send it to Nitrome.

    - Frostyflytrap,Were done here.
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  • The Mysteryous user

    Wow guys!

    I made Test Subject Yellow! A funny game...Never to be released! We also made an icon!:

    And new enemies! Like Shield Yellow Enzyme or Double Shield! It also has bosses which are:

    Green mimicking the Proto-suit Blue,Beta Orange,Proto-suit Yellow and a Mimick red enzyme nicknamed Red!

    We also added hazards...We will ad interactive objects...And some secret levels!And more...

    Wanna be credited in this great game? Well,say some ideas in the comments bar or ask us if u'd like some of ur fanarts to be enemies there or anything else!

    — The Mysteryous user (talk) 09:40, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

    How could he forget the link?

    Link:T.S. Yellow

    The Mysterious Trap,June 27,2012 (UTC) Read more >
  • AustinCarter4Ever
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  • CandD


    June 19, 2012 by CandD

    Alright guys! I had the perfect Idea last night whil in the chat with RSK, Eat My Wiki, Billy, and TNY! I was talking with them as normal, when we got around to Fan Fiction. That suddenly reminded me, "Hey When am I going to start my 'Cats of Nitrome'?" which reminded me of Nyan Cat, which in turn, got me to Nyantrome.

    Here you can find the cats I've made so far; located at Cats of Nitrome, and a category dedicated to just cats; Nitrome Cats.

    I'm thinking of making a story about them, but I'll see how the idea goes so far :D

    If anyone wants to submit a cat, they can just leave me a message, funny how the one cat of Austin Carter turned out exactly like I seen it in my head xD

    All feedback is needed for submissions, er... something like that..…

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  • CandD

    Cat Air

    June 17, 2012 by CandD

    greetings fellow nitromians! I'm here to anounce the beginning of a new game Cat Air!!!!!

    First, there's probably little progress done on these :/

    Thanks to RSK, I'm planning on making my first sound track :D

    If anyone wuld like to help or join in with Cat Air just ask!!

    I'm almost a whole year through wikia! My first wiki being scribblenauts wiki. I'm almost over 2000 edits!!!! :O

    My second wiki was Nitrome wiki, this wiki being about my fifth. The others were hopeless wikis. I like this wiki though because... well... that's a little hard... you do stuff....

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Hello there! Frostyflytrap here! And I'm now showing you the funny moments of Nitrome wiki I've seen!


    • NOBODY
    • Grammar Cat

    The last one's the funniest! If you've spotted any, you could post it in the comments.

    UPDATE!: I found another story!

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  • AustinCarter4Ever


    It had been early in the morning when a myserious red object whizzed by Hot Air and popped him (I'm sure it was in a rush...). In a sheer rage, HAD (Hot Air's Driver) ran into the forest and tried to find objects that would mend his Air Balloon. However, he made the terrible mistake of traveling by himself (RSK's right... HAD's a blob... but go with it, people!) and suddenly, his path was blocked by a sinister red figure. "I'm done for," HAD uttered.

    HAD backed up from the huge, red monster, but it kept following him. "Great, a monster with brains," HAD muttered. He knew that he shouldn't have traveled alone, but his rage b…

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 6

    June 15, 2012 by Axiy


    Hear aer teh subjects we willz talk about... I know, the TV is not in the middle...

    Hey there guys! Axiy News 6 is 6 months old! YAYY!!! Now to sports! Lockehorn vs The Moon It was a match 2 - 2 at Soccer, The Moon was lonely but was tough. Then to tennis, Hot Air vs Paint Blower, 0 - 1 Yay! The Paint Blower won with its horns but Hot Air was good. The Tanks from Rubble Trouble has demolished a... Uh oh, we have bad connection. Uh oh, did Mechayin demolish another wire pole, why do I have to put spheres on those wire poles?! Now Mechayin will think they are lollypops. Uh oh, I placed another one at Axiy News station.

    Ok, Axiy News Station's top floor was destroyed, I will just rebuild it. While I rebuild it Mechayin will do the n…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever
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  • Rubble Troubler


    June 9, 2012 by Rubble Troubler

    Hello, people! I'm writing this because I recently made a page called Multi Zapo, and I want ideas for more characters. What characters should I mix with Zapo? You can decide it!

    Goodbye! 12:26, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

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  • AustinCarter4Ever


    Hot Air's Horrible Predicament (Part 1)

    It was another fine day in TWWON. The birds were chirping, and our heroes were still asleep. They had been up all night from their recent adventure: guiding the Sandmen AWAY from the Nightmares. They could only be stopped with the power of SAND. However, this applied to BOTH characters, and the 6 friends knew that great power had responsibility.

    A small, red object whizzed by Hot Air's... ear???? and continued on its merry way to what seemed to be a den. Hot Air didn't know of this untill he started to DEFLATE, sceaming as he lost more air. When his Driver finally woke up, he was shock…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    No, I'm not going off of the Wiki, but I AM taking a break from NMD fan art. Instead, I will be doing fan art for the following things:

    • Twin Shots 1, 2, and 3
    • Cave Chaos
    • Headcase
    • Hot Air
    • Darksongs
    • Cave Quarrel

    Everyone needs to take a break sometime, and that includes THIS gal. I MIGHT return to making more next month, but I'm trying to do something different for a change. I'm guessing that y'all were saying "Oh boy! Austincarter4ever uploaded a new picture! I wonder what it... oh man, not again." Thus, I'll take a break from NMD fan art.

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  • AustinCarter4Ever
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  • AustinCarter4Ever


    Not so sooner after freeing the moon, Hot Air noticed a silouhette under the moonlight and flew over to see what it was. He tried to call attention to himself, but they didn't stop or even look up at him. "HEY! I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!!" Hot Air finally hollered. This didn't stop the character from walking. They continued to walk toward what seemed to be a door. This angered Hot Air to his breaking point; he couldn't stand being ignored. He decided to give the ignorant stranger a piece of his mind.

    This character was dark as the night sky, and the only thing visible about it was its eerie red eyes. It kept mumbling to itself a…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Do you like my NMD Fan Art? It Sucks! Do something else! It Rocks! I love what you did with the characters! Just make more :D

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Well, This is NITROME is not going further in any direction. Some people want to forget about the development. So:

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  • CandD

    Pixel Hate!

    May 26, 2012 by CandD

    Hi other Nitromeian-Fanfictions! I think I'll begin with making a new game! Pixel Hate!

    It's gonna be just like Pixel Love from nitrome, but better!

    I've already made some characters and even the game thingy. one point of concern is maybe making a Template for me. I'll try and get to that one day.... But for now, enjoy my articles!

    — CandD (talk) 21:57, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

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