• AustinCarter4Ever


    Had been peaceful. Hot Air and his Girlfriend were finally pleased within the newfound planet. They were now eternally happy, but still knew that it was just the beginning. Every night, they waved to their new friend The Moon (as best as they could, because Hot Air Balloons and Drivers don't have hands). But this night was different. The Moon hadn't shown up, and if he didn't show up, neither did the stars; it was pitch black once more. Hot Air's Girlfriend was doing her best to calm down her boyfriend, but it was no use. Hot Air screamed angrily to the heavens once more.

    A giant spaceship whizzed by in the sky and startled…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Should Enda Have Her own Nitrome Wiki Page? YES! NO! She Belongs With Carter!!!!

    Do you like my Nitrome Must Die Fan Art? It sucks, do something else Yes, keep them coming I'm neutral.

    What Would You Like More of? Just keep doing your thing! Uh, Cheez? Austin and his Girlfriend

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  • Grammar Cat

    Hello nitrome fan fiction users! Today I will be leaving this wiki and coming back in a month or two. The reasons why is before at the Neutronized Wiki I got sort bored at there because I was cut off from the community most of the time and I was doing most of the work there. I came here, in a sense, for a brief vacation. Since I am the only other admin besides Random-storykeeper, which I could say is like being second in command, and Rsk has left the wiki for a certain period of time due to her schooling I am now the only editor and I have to return. A project I was still working on at the wiki before I left on a vacation, was to make all images of transparent backgrounds, write all articles, put categories on all articles, fix up articles…

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  • Grammar Cat

    Dear Wikians, because everyone seems to be doing it I will to. This is a blog post, as the title clearly states, about my past weeks and birthday. Below is a list of highlights witch I will divided into categories that suit them.

    • I joined this wiki and had much fun
    • I caught up with a my best friend, Austincarter4ever
    • I talked to Bluefire2 (aka tulip) and shocked him but he also did that to me
    • I entered the image contest
    • I helped with the This Is Nitrome parody song
    • I nicknamed Takeshi64 Takiboy due to him calling Takeshi from Final Ninja that
    • I learned Fishybuz had a British accent and could sing
    • I learned Takiboy had a deep voice
    • I created a template of all articles done by my best friend
    • On the nineteenth I had my birthday party and I was 11 years…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever


    Hot Air and his Girlfriend had been flying around all day in celebration of finding each other in this newly created world (for those who didn't read the last story, you didn't miss much). To happily conclude the day, the 4 friends (Teh drivers count!!!!) decided to watch the sun set and The Moon rise; also, they wanted to watch the stars and point out star formations. Hot Air and his Girlfriend landed on the ground as the sun set; it had been another fine day for flying.

    The Moon never showed up to join the party. The four friends became enraged because they wanted to see the Moon shine in the darkness and light up all the…

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 5

    May 17, 2012 by Axiy

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii and welcome to Axiy News 5! Sorry I am kinda late but anyways here are the subjects we will be talking about today!!

    Axiy News is 5 months old! Axiy news is therefore very young and now to sports! In Soccer (Football) the Ice Cream from Bad Ice Cream won from 2-1 against Ribbit then The Moon lost to the Brown Miner by 3-2 So the Brown Miner won! And now there is a battle against Caek and The Moon to see what is yummier.

    Maybe it is....

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  • AustinCarter4Ever


    there was nothing, and then there was something. Two friends, one named Mat Annal, and the other named Heather something *ahem* Stancliffe created a world named Nitrome. Eventually, Mat's brother Jon assisted the two in the creation of this new world. The first thing they came up with was a character named Hot Air and his driver simply named Hot Air's Driver.

    the two were lonely on this bare planet, so the three added mountains, rivers, and abundant flowerbeds. Soon there were even birds and octopi that learned how to float. However, Hot Air and his driver still felt lonely despite the scenery. Mat, Heather, and Jon thought…

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Help me please!

    May 11, 2012 by Frostyflytrap

    Please help! I can't make this page alone! If you would like to help me, just use my format (If you don't like my format, you can make a template to replace it.) and th first nitrome blog post is here: I hope you can help me finish it.

    -Frostyflytrap 00:32, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Zt-freak

    Tha QUIZ 1 answers

    May 10, 2012 by Zt-freak

    1. Zoroark

    2. SCM

    3. Zt-freak means Zoo Tycoon Freak

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  • Zt-freak

    ZT-freak update 1

    May 9, 2012 by Zt-freak

    Hellooowww this is the first zt-freak update...

    eh... I need some new ideas for TSO.

    (Word) (Word)

    • Black dawn- ?, Command and Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars
    • Risk, relief and victory- Jeremy Soule, Supreme Commander

    1. What pokémon am I?

    2. Who is the founder of the Dutch Nitrome wiki?

    3. What does my username mean?

    User blog:Zt-freak/Tha QUIZ 1 answers

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  • Grammar Cat

    This story you are about to read is incomplete and contains errors. If you wish to read the complete story that has been perfected, click here

    There was a place that was divided into three sections that each had a different climate. One was forest, one was city, and the other was a snowy mountain. A winged cat with black fur and deep blue wings lived in the forest.

    The winged cat surveyed the forest

    The winged cat surveyed the forest with her grey eyes. "Nothing stirring" she thought. "It is then time". She leaped from her perch and flew off into the ink black sky.

    Inside a city building a black cat arched her back and gave a long hiss.

    A black cat arched her back and hissed

    A brown dog sat a few feet away from her and gave a low growl. The cat …

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Apparently, my sister was borrowing the camera for a school assighnment. All in all, everything is forgiven, and I will continue to take pictures of hand-drawn fan-art. But you guys are probably wondering two things:

    • What's gonna happen to your pixel art?
    • What does ACFU stand for?

    1. I'm still going to make pixel art, don't y'all worry.

    2. Only time will tell (tee-hee!!!!)

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Hello, I've been working on some songs lately. Like This is NITROME. I'm just wondering if anyone could help me or if you've thought of a fan song too.

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Everyone's photo's from the photo contest look spectacular, and mine's starting to look like a scene after AC and JB did 'cleanup' on isle 20. In your opinion is my fan art pathetic???? I think I should stop drawing it because I'm terrible at drawing, and my friends that don't know a lot about Nitrome think that my fan art doesn't look like the actual characters... Should I give up????

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Hello, this is Austincarter4ever with your live-ish weekly blog post!!!! To me, this week was full of ups and downs. Here are the 'ups'

    1. Became Counselor
    2. Had a bagel for breakfast
    3. Entered Fishybuz's Image Contest
    4. Got to eat gum in school
    5. Found my Library Card

    1. Realizes there was a Garbage Pail Kids Movie >.<
    2. Made my team lose at kickball
    3. Her sister lost her famera :(
    4. Gets tickled nearly to death XD

    I was thinking of doing a Cinco De Mayo fan art for y'all, but my irresponible sister lost mah camera!!!! Without it, I can't take new pictures (I'm stuck with the ones I already took). So, yeah... No more picture-taking for this gal...

    I've been paying moar attention to Justin Bennet recently, knowing that I've given Austin too much attention. I'm going to …

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Please note that this is just a fan story and a theory that has not yet been proven.

    A long time ago, at the era of Test Subject Series, Doctor Nastidious has finally created the last enzyme. Test Subject Yellow! Dr. Nastidious was eager to test all the the enzymes but Yellow attacked him while still inside the syringe. At this moment, he realized the abilities of Yellow, to infest the body of a living being! But Dr. Nastidious even mixed Yellow with all the enzymes. Nastidious was hopeless and died with Yellow inside him. All of the enzymes escaped the facility and attacked everyone and multiplied all over the Earth. But not Blue. Blue was intelligent and wise. So he stayed inside the facility (That's why Blue isn't in Swindler). Many year…

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  • The Mysteryous user


    The Lost Treasure story was created!

    U can join anythime! Write ur name at Users in story and u can start editing!

    — The Mysteryous user (talk) 16:54, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Fishybuz

    Need Help?

    April 28, 2012 by Fishybuz

    Does anybody want me to create images for their articles?

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    It's okay if no one took the quiz from two weeks ago, and I planned a new contest. The contest doesn't go towards any of my characters. It can relate to anything that you want. The winner can decide to put their emblem wherever they want. As always, contest entries are due next week. AUGH!!!! Axiy's caught up to me on the leaderboard!!!! All I have to say is, good luck to both of us (^_^). Oh, yeah, the main title. For me, next month is Honor Justin Bennet Month. I've been giving Mr. Carter too much fangirl swag. Time to give Justin some :D. Speaking of, I've created a brand new article. Here's a picture sample:

    I think that we can all agree that I've enhanced Justin and made him more auestome... I mean 'fan'tastic.

    Any questions about the con…

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hi! Is great! The New Adventure game was released!

    Now we will speak about stories! There should be one! What do u think? If u want, say in the comments bar and tell us which should be it's name and about what should be the story! Andd what Nitrome and characters should appear on it? We wait ur reply!

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  • Zt-freak


    Test Subject Orange has 100 levels and there must be many new interactive objects/enemies/proto-suits. You can post your ideas in the comments.

    "The brotherhood has entrusted me..."


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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Before moving on to anything else, I'd like to congradulate the winner of the contest (and only participant) Takeshi64. The only error is that NB's visor remains white, but I guess that's okay. Take a look at his gallery. Both images are there. Once again, congrats, and I hope you participate in future contests! This week, there is no new contest NOR personality quiz. This week is an Austincarter4ever quiz. Yes, there are wrong answers, but it's multiple choice questions. It's not hard nor easy. It's... MEDIUM! (Sorry, My brother was gonna kill me if I didn't log off)

    1) Carter is Austin's...

    a) Brother

    b) Cousin

    c) Clone

    d) Pet

    2) Enda is Carter's...

    a) Pet

    b) Advisor

    c) Friend

    d) All of the above

    3) What kind of organization is J.U.S.T.I.N?

    a) Regal …

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 4

    April 12, 2012 by Axiy

    O HAI DER and welcome to Axiy News 4, the April news.

    We have some subjects we will be talking about ok? And here are the subjects.

    The news of Axiy News, lets talk about sports. Tennis: Lockehorn V.S. Hot Air, they won from 2 - 2 but Hot Air Jr. helped after Hot Air was tired and Lockehorn's buddy helped after Lockehorn was tired so then it is 1 - 1. Basket Ball: Toxic V.S. Shooter, turns out they were the same person (Not really) so this is hard to say. Soccer: The Moon V.S. Squawk, they did not even kick the ball because the couches said that the did not have legs. And in other news it is raining in Axiyland, you might randomly see this: . But now that the Boy Knight has all the money he made more Cheese Shops.

    Caek is yummy.

    We should make…

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  • Monkaap

    day 1

    April 10, 2012 by Monkaap

    there isn't happen anyfing

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Last week, I held a Fan/Pixel art contest for Winged Carter, and the winner was Axiy, which totally made my week. He didn't spare a single detail, and I would've given him 5 stars. You can see it in the Winged Carter gallery. Next contest will be harder. The next one will be for Ninga Bennett and Comet. Once again, the winner will have their hard work displayed in the respective gallery. I will be in the chatroom most of the time, so don't be afraid to holler. Hearing more feedback, I've done my best to devise a really good quiz. The outcomes are:

    • Enda
    • Comet
    • Ninja Bennett
    • Dash

    1) What is one thing you do to get one's attention?

    a) Scream in their ear

    b) Make circles in the ground with your hoof

    c) Fire a rope at them

    d) Jump up and down

    2) You would…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever


    April 1, 2012 by AustinCarter4Ever

    1: I will be holding a winged carter fan art/pixel art contest. Whoever wins will get their picture featured on his page. Who knows, maybe YOU will be the winner. Good luck!


    I'm usually gentle, but this is the last straw! You're pushing your luck! If you do it again, you will be VERY SORRY! I'M SERIOUS! GET PERMISSION OR ELSE I WILL MAKE AN ARTICLE TITLED MUST DIE! I'm serious! You WILL be sorry!!!!

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  • Someonethatyouprobablydontknow

    I figure its easier to make competitions here so the skywire vip extended comp is on on this wiki instead and can someone please enter this time i mean u get a trophy and everything. Its all about what level u get 2 so send me a pic of the guy on the level, if you make it 2 the end then give me youre score.


    And put your username here

    Its that simples!

    P.S. APRIL FOOLS! (The contest is still on)

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hi guys!

    Did u tried my new games?:Best CEO games must die! and Steamlands Fan game? I today finished a part of them.

    I must say at Best CEO games must die everyone can edit some levels! Yay!

    Say there suggestions for the 2 games, What i should change? What i should put? What I should remove?

    — The Mysteryous user (talk) 08:12, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Someonethatyouprobablydontknow

    HI i got told about this wiki but dont know where to start? PLZ can someone tell me whos who cause im stuck i mean can we write fanfic or what, plz help!!!!!!!!!!

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Because I'm still confused about pixel design, I shall continue to fan-draw. Also, I have Spring Break starting Monday, April 1st (APRIL FOOLS!!!!) so I'll be on this site often throughout the week. Contrary to the title, I have a SORE throat! My dad told me , "Mariah, just sit through it." What in the name of Mat Annal does that mean?! I should sit around while a random virus does Carter knows what to my throat? It feels as if someone built Nitrome Towers in there, and it keeps shaking! OUCH!!!! However, this doesn't make me depressed enough not to write another... PERSONALITY QUIZ!!!!

    The outcomes are:

    • Winged Carter
    • Justin Bennet
    • Carter, Austin
    • Enda

    1) What is one of your favorite things to consume?

    a) Soda

    b) Anything, I'll just throw it back u…

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  • Random-storykeeper

    Happy Spring!

    March 24, 2012 by Random-storykeeper

    It was a g o r g e o u s day today. The sky was clear, and the clouds had parted. The sun shone warmth and light instead of retaining feeling of winter. I went out for a walk around my neighbourhood today and didn't have to wear a jacket. It was absolutely wonderful.

    That being said, I also uploaded some fanart I had been working on. I might colour it later, and hopefully not mess up the picture in the process. It's based off of Super Treadmill, but I think that is obvious.

    I would honestly get rid of that white space but my new scanner isn't letting me edit the photos I scan on there D:< (except for rotating them). Guess that's the price to pay when you save 'em in PNG.


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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Oh, thank Carter it's Friday! I had a horrible, unrelenting week (message me for more details). Anyways, I did the requested fan art (NOT Torture, people!!!!) The picture is Justin Bennet petting one heck of a dragon (sorry, Axiy, wrong dragon). I'm also uploading some more pictures as hints to my next article (it's gonna blow your socks off!). Instead of a skit, I created a personality quiz! The choices are:

    • Justin Bennet
    • Austin Carter
    • Norman Noggin

    Okay, let's get started! DISCLAIMER: There are 5 questions, each having to do with the featured character's actions seen in the game they stared in. Choose the one that best suits you.

    1) On a regular basis, what would you wear?

    a) Red-pink sweatshirt with white visor and sky-blue pants

    b) Skull T-sh…

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  • Wolriefield

    Hello der! Okay, in this blog post I just want to ask you you opinion for some minutes. (No this is not a survey!)

    I just think Triclopians doesn't fit to me... How come creatures with no mouth and no arms and represent me? So I though of a character of a game I really like (Yea I don't like Bullethead too much) and have mouth and arms. So I though of a miner from Cave Chaos! What you do think about it?

    Thanks for helping!

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Happy Time

    March 17, 2012 by AustinCarter4Ever

    This is Austincarter4ever, and my cousin who is using my former Nitrome Wiki acount AustinCarter4ever will work on this wiki all weekend long. He's going to help me write some articles. He easily gets his feelings hurt, and he's a crybaby (go easy on him, okay?). I'm getting my bloodwork tommorow, so I can't eat anything until 12:00 PM. You woun't expect me nor my cousin to be on until then. Even I would have gone with infinitely spawning sodas :X. Well, that's all I have to write for now.

    Tommorow's my friend's birthday, and I gave away my best Nitrome Must Die Fan Art as presents D':

    Don't worry! I'll make more!

    Which would you prefer:

    (a) Austin and Justin Hugging

    (b) Austin and Justin as Angels

    (c) Either one petting a dragon

    (d) Surprise me


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    Rules done

    March 13, 2012 by NOBODY

    Hello everybody, I have finally finished the Rules of the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki. I suggest you all thoroughly read through it and fully understand it, as these are the rules of the wiki, and they were just put up, and many of you may not have read my previous blog post concerning my thoughts for the Rules of the wiki.

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  • Takeshi64

    I was working on this fanart before the image contest, but it's such a big job I couldn't resist showing how far I've gotten:

    Zoom in, if you can, otherwise you won't get why it took so much work. Any suggestions? I'm trying to avoid hand-pixeling it. It still is quite hard. It took around 2 hours to get this.

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  • David7015

    Castle Corp

    March 12, 2012 by David7015

    Hello guys! I'm sure some of you saw my idea for Castle Corp 2. I wondering if you guys could give me a few ideas. I have a lot, but probably not enough.

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  • Bluefire2


    March 11, 2012 by Bluefire2

    Hello there everyone, and welcome to the new Nitrome Fan Fiction wiki! There are some rules, but basically you can upload all your fanart here! A more detailed description can be found here. Please comment on this blog post if you have any suggestions for the wiki, and I will be glad to try them out!

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  • The Mysteryous user

    Hi,Nitrome FanFiction wikians!

    So with the release of Skywire VIP Extended and the over 100 new bean people let's make our contest! Create your bean people and enter the contest!

    — The Mysteryous user (talk) 14:17, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News 3

    March 10, 2012 by Axiy

    O HAI DER and welcome to Axiy News 3 the sequel of the sequel.

    Here are the sequelish subjects and normal subject we will be talking about this month.

    Axiy News existed 2 months, that is not alot. And lets go to the sports.

    • Sportman: Well, Hot Air won from Shooter from Graveyard Shift in basketball the scores are 1-0 they really had a hard time playing.

    Umm now we don't have alot to talk about aha we should do a quiz. Do not cheat, I will give you trophies later.

    1. Whitch color from a Nitrome character or enemy did I get the color for Rahama?
    2. When did Axiy News start?
    3. Whitch website does Axiy work for?
    4. What is Axiy's favorite game?
    5. Whitch color from a Nitrome character or enemy did I get the color for Untesty?

    I have a goldfish called Joop …

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  • Rubble Troubler

    Message Wall

    March 8, 2012 by Rubble Troubler

    Since the wiki is fanfiction, and, less profesional than Nitrome Wiki, what about using the Message Wall?

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    A wiki specifically for fan art?! AUSTOME (Austin+Awesome)!!!! I can finally show everyone how good of an artist I am while showing my love for Nitrome! THANK YOU TOWARDS ANYBODY WHO DID THIS!!!! ^_^

    I did it :D 13:13, March 9, 2012 (UTC)
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    March 7, 2012 by NOBODY

    I'm aware I have created two blog posts in less than an hour on the dy I created this blog post. The first one on this wiki on the day I created this one was to inform the (small) community about stuff on the wiki. This one is similar, but about how the rules work. This is just what I think the rules should be, and I've posted this as a blog post so that users can discuss whether the rules are okay or not, and if stuff can be added to them or taken away. Each section will be what I think the rules should be, and as I said in the past sentences, you're free to talk about them in the comments below.

    For categories that deal about something of an already existing Nitrome Game, I propose that if someone makes something that is part of an alread…

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    Stuff to do

    March 7, 2012 by NOBODY

    I have laid down some basic stuff on this blog post on the Nitrome Wiki. I've recently done some stuff to the front page, and noticed some other stuff.

    1. I've copied the content thing from the Nitrome Wiki. Instead of using stuff from the Nitrome Wiki, I thought of having fan made stuff for each section. What you can do is post in the comments a fan image you want for each section.
    2. Would everyone be okay if I added another section to the content page, titled "Stories", since at least someone is going to write a Nitrome Story?

    I may update this list.

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  • Wolriefield

    Hiello proud Nitromians!

    I'll now be transferring templates from Nitrome Wiki from this, but just the navbox we will surely use here, as characters and game infobox templates.

    If you want to help, please do it! The code colour for it is #A8C888.

    Fan Games and their Characters/Enemies page can be created too, right?

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