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Robotic Carter
Gender Male
Species Human-Robot
Faction Good
Status Alive-not destroyed
Game(s) NMDFanfictionMon

CART-R is a fully-automated robot that assists Auto at Nitrome Towers on the moon.


CART-R is rectangular like his organic counterpart except he has no curves. Rather than have five points of hair, he has eight to ten rectangular yellow pieces of metal that resemble hair. His eyes are the same as Carter's except square instead of circular. His mouth is a rectangle that is magenta on the inside. He wears a green shortsleeve shirt with light blue pants. He has visible shoulders, fingers and toes. There are bolts holding him altogether in the form of circles all over his body. 

In Season 2 of NMDFanfictionMon, he changes his appearance on his own twice. The first instance is when he takes the time to adjust his second optic sensor in Combination Override so he can literally keep an eye out for Team Flare. The second instance is in 'Were' in the World is AC4E? when he overhears Serena talking about Route 14 and how wet it is there. Afraid of shorting out, CART-R initializes another redesign for himself and END-A. This redesign entails of CART-R getting a yellow raincoat with two heart shaped buttons down the middle, a matching rain hat (with his symbol in the middle) and cerulean pants.


After Carter was launched into space and came across Nitrome Towers, he was scanned by Auto's security system. In the captain's quarters, Auto noticed that a visitor had approached his building, and so used the scanning to produce a replica of Carter, in robot form. The robot was synthesized in less than a minute, but not long after that, the alarm sounded at the front door. Carter had intruded Nitrome Towers! Auto immediately rushed to fight him, leaving his robot behind.

After the epic battle, Auto came back to his office, and saw that his robot was still there. Surprised, he activated it with a quick burst of electricity. The robot immediately began to help Auto in any way possible, by performing tasks to maintain Nitrome Towers. Pleased, Auto named the robot CART-R, after Carter and his sense of moral to help all in need.


CART-R also appears in multiple episodes of NMDFanfictionMon, starting with The End? (parts one and two). In the episodes, he appears as another forme of Carter, Austin, even though he is in a separate body. The episodes were written and drawn by AC4E!


Seen all throughout NMDFanfictionMon, CART-R drinks gasoline to continue functioning.



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