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CLAW new
Commander WIP
Base A fortress in a desert
Location Unnamed Desert
Reinforcements Soldiers of various kinds
Weapons Guns, Swords, Lasers and Bombs
Vehicles Tanks and Jets
Enemies PULSAR Incorporated

CLAW was an evil military organization bent on world domination. They created DEFECT, and serve as a major point in both her and Rusted Rusher's backstory. They were enemies with PULSAR Incorporated. In present day, they are thankfully gone.

Notable Creations

  • Many powerful tanks of different types
  • The ability to harness the Mega Laser as a weapon, which would chronologically be seen later in Nitrome Must Die.
  • Many robots. The most notable would be the dragon robots (which DEFECT was a prototype for)


CLAW was founded during an unknown time period by a man attempting world domination. Their operations were performed literally underground, so they would remain mostly undetected. CLAW made many weapons and tech for battle. However, there were still beings living underground, so CLAW made many enemies, in addition to anyone on the surface who knew of their existence. When a spy of theirs discovered that PULSAR had created robots that can think for themselves, CLAW invaded PULSAR with their forces. Despite the fact that CLAW made it away with the power they wanted, PULSAR was still standing, and war broke out between the two rivaling organizations. The battle ended with very few things surviving from either. DEFECT was one of the things that survived, since she never went into the battlefield. The Nitrome government sent police to search any survivors of CLAW. The survivors of PULSAR disbanded the company, due to lack of much resources and the death of the original founder.

DEFECT escaped CLAW's base after its shutdown. Unlike her rival, she made a home far away from her original base.



  • Their old emblem was originally red instead of blue, and the claw-like shape had an eye-like design on it. This was edited because the maker of this article thought it looked too unsettling and more like a cult's symbol.
  • CLAW is not an acronym.
  • Their base is still standing, though it's lifeless and in bad condition.