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The CLAW Organization was an evil, tyrannical military organization. They were bent on world domination. They created DEFECT, and serve as a major point in both her and Rusted Rusher's backstory. They were major rivals with the organization that created Rusted Rusher. In present day, they are thankfully gone. WIP

Notable Creations

  • Many powerful tanks of different types
  • The ability to harness the Mega Laser as a weapon, which would chronologically be seen later in Nitrome Must Die.
  • Many robots. The most notable would be the dragon robots (which DEFECT was a prototype for)

Gallery (WIP)


  • Their emblem was originally red instead of blue, and the claw-like shape had an eye-like design on it. This was edited because the maker of this article thought it looked too unsettling and more like a cult's symbol.
  • CLAW is not an acronym.
  • They did not create Rusted Rusher.
  • Their base is still standing, though it is not in a good condition, and there's no life there besides rats and bugs.