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Prequel fanfiction story about Canary

The Canary Mining Colony CM08

May 8th, 2147

Test Coordinator: Congratulations, Canary group 512. You have sucessfully passed all the tests. It's with joy we announce you are officially in the company. Canaries 512-TY, 512-VI, 512-HA and 512-RE, report for duty.

The group walks through the hallways to report for their first job as miners in the Canaries company. The whole team is both anxious and amazed by finally being able to find not only their first job but friends during the tests.

512-VI(whispering): This feels so... amazing.
512-TY: Sure does.
Foreman White: There you are. Group 721... Oh, 512, pardon me. (Silently reads a file in clipboard) The tests showed you can do fine in teamwork, all very brave... Can handle weapons... Basically, you have been chosen for a very important job we could only trust people like you to do. We need you to explore an asteriod for further colonizing. We can trust you, don't we?

They all stop to think for a moment. They then said confidently:

Whole Group: ...Yes sir.
Foreman White: Great. Please proceed to your changing rooms and then to the launch place.

They were in a huge spacial station with a fine arrangement of glass panels used as windows. A chromed white makes the main colour of the outsides and insides of the building. The Canaries made history after being the first company in outer space, since 2132.
The launch place is located above not more than a huge spaceship garage, which's ships weren't close as modern as other high-tech gear in the company. The launch pad was a metallic square with several meters. The group then arrives in their spaceship, already aware of the dangers and over prepared.

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