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Canary 718-DR is a Canary medical officer in the Canary mines, and so he wears a white suit, white gloves and boots, a yellow hard hat, and is equipped with a jet pack and first aid kit.


Canary 718-DR was collecting samples of the alien plant life when he was corrupted by the aliens. He sent Corrupted Canaries to kill or corrupt Canary 413-XL and Canary 214-LE.


Here are some quotes from Canary 718-DR.

I am going to collect some samples of some strange purple plant life that has sprung up recently. You get to the end of the tunnel and continue to Sector 9. Level 1

It seems with the plant life has come some new life forms as well. Don't touch them, I want to take down some notes and we can't afford to damage them. Level 3

I am beginning to get reports of strange new sicknesses in the area. I recommend that you steer clear of anything out of the ordinary. Level 6

I have never seen anything like this illness! The entire nervous system of these patients seems to be losing control, as if something else is gaining control of them. Level 7

The patients are becoming bloated and feel nauseous. I think it is because of these new life forms! Forget what I said, do anything you can to keep them away! Level 8

Augh! None of my medicines are working and some of the other Canaries are acting strangely. One of them tried to attack me! Get back here as soon as you can! Level 9

Oh...I fear I have caught the sickness...I do not feel very good. Level 10

Nevermind what I said. I am feeling quite fine, yes quite fine indeed. :] Level 10

Where are you going? He told you to come back here didn't he? I mean, I? Level 12

It's him--that accursed 214-LE! Canaries, kill them both! Level 13

Join us, both of you! Join our alien empire and we will rule the universe!!!111 Level 16

So, you can not be corrupted? Very well, we shall just kill you instead! Level 22

Yes, come to the base, come to us so you may be vanquished! Level 26

214-LE, get away from there! He has set a bomb! Destroy him! Level 32

The other one is getting away! Stop him! Level 32

I hate you both...stop the bomb! Come back! Join us! Nooooooooooooooo! Level 32