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Gender male
Species Sharkbearigator
Faction good
Health 100
Level Ep. 1
Status Running
Game(s) Pixel Hate

CandD is an character in Pixel Hate Ep.1.


CandD looks like a bean person. He has blackish-brown hair and a orange shirt with blue-jeans.


CandD has no known origin. He does however originates in Pixel Hate when the Cthulu invade the lands.


Pixel Hate


CandD must run from a Cthulu Fghtgn that is chasing him. He must reach each finish points with a certain amount of points/coins to make it past. To beat the Ep. he must have collected the Soul Gem.

Rubble Trouble International

Here CandD is one of the demolition crew members.RTI Cam

Zombies Must Die

Here he is a cameo zombie.
Zombie CandD


Other appearences

Stranded on an Island

CandD appears later on in the story. Toon Cam Pixel


CandD is in the downloadable version 2.1.

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