Carter, Austin

Winged Carter


And the Austin Family...

What happened to everyone else????

They were having a 'do random things' party for 10 days straight, so they had nothing to do with this story.

Part One: Confusion

(Once again, it was another shining day in No-Name Ville, a day that said 'COME OUTSIDE AND SOAK UP SOME D!' But on these days WAC hated going outside, especially because this was the time Carter became bouncier and more energetic. Before both of them could move a muscle on this fine day, there was a knock on the door. WAC decided to answer it carefully, as the last times were Salesmen and 'Crazy Mailers With Eagle Pins'. No, the people at the door were far different. They looked as if they were related to Carter! but WAC knew that nobody could be related to Carter but him because Carter's DNA consists of WAC's. But the family insisted that because Carter's last name was Austin, he was related to them. They forcefully led Carter away from his true home. WAC tried to stop them from taking away Carter, but the sooner he had flew after them, the sooner they put a restraining order against WAC. It had seemed that all hope was lost. There was nothing left to do.)

WAC: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone Else: Ssh! This is supposed to be a 'Narration Story'!

Part Two: A New Home


Is it me, or does Carter not look at all like his siblings????

(Carter wasn't fully awake yet, but when he fully opened his eyes, he looked around in wonder. He woke up on a red, gold-encrusted sofa that caused his eyes to sparkle more than usual. He didn't know that Austin had such good taste in furnature. Nor did he know that Austin had such a fancy couch. Usually, his money was in a giant vault, gathering dust. There were two other kids before Carter, looking directly at his every move and blink. One seemed indifferent, while the other seemed angry. Carter introduced himself, and the strangers did the same. Carter felf as if he had found a home from home. But why? Being with Austin and his friends seemed like a good enough family, but being with those who know and love and understand is good too! After the children came the parents. There was a lovely lady in a house dress with silky golden hair all fixed up with a magnificent red bow. The father was a guy who wore a business suit all the time and looked like no other than an Emberployee. Though he was bald, the flame on his head seemed like a nice substitute for actual hair. Carter informed the man that his head was on fire, but the man didn't notice. Carter cautiously touched the 'hair', and it felt as if his hand was on a heater; it wasn't so cold nor warm. Though these people were nice, Carter wondered what he was doing in such a magnificent home when he was rich already. He wanted to ask, but he just didn't feel the question coming directly to him. After the new friends went away, Carter wondered about how WAC was doing. Hopefully, he wasn't too worried...)

Chapter 3: Plan A

(Though Austin wasn't as intellegent as his clone, he knew he had to bust his buddy out if that house, but how? When he got to the huge home, there was a few windows on the top floors. WAC thought he saw Carter staring out the window on the third floor and waving. With much excitement, WAC flew up to the tallest window and broke the window to got in. It wasn't Carter, it was a very lighted room! WAC had to cover his face with his wings in order to protect his nearly blind eyes from such a golden light. Just before it couldn't get any worse, a lady came in the room and started screaming out nonsense and whatever a lady would scream is this weren't a narrative. The family dog walzed into the blinding room and started biting WAC's wings, which caused WAC to cry out. He couldn't take any more. So he'd retreat until the next day. There were three porblems on his hands/wings:

  1. The House is huge! Carter could be anywhere!
  1. There are crazy rooms such as the harsh light room I must avoid
  1. They have a guard dog! Great!)

Chapter 4: Plan B

French Announcer: Le Next Day...

Everyone: SSH! This is a narrative!

(In case he picked the same window again, Austin came prepared. He wore sunglasses that were so dark, it could trick anyone into thinking the world had become darker than a night when there are no stars to guide the way. In case the dog were to attack him again, Austin wore a perfume, as no one lieks having the taste of perfume in their mouth, but just the scent. Cautiously approaching the house, Austin tiptoed the best he could; due to not being a fan of wearing shoes, approaching the house was a doozy. There was no doozy when it was time to sneak in, as his wings in the wind were the equivalent of ripping paper. So Austin flapped slowly, and tried the first window. Inside, his eyes began to sparkle like how Carter's do daily. He had stumbled upon a media center full of expensive technology that his game company only had a milestone towards. He lost focus on what he was doing and took his time to look around. This was one of the few times in his life where he had been awed. But his awe was halted when he heard a hissing noise from the other side of the room. It was a cat, and Austin began to sweat; ever since he had gotten wings, he was epecially scared of cats, because they lieked eating birds and destroying the entirety of them and eating them in a cruel manner. He froze up and didn't move a muscle. Just when he was about to be safe, his wings grew incredibly tired of staying upright, and drooped downwards in drowsiness; at times Austin can control his wings, and other times, it's liek they're two different people pulling him around places. The cat yowled with claws extended. It pounced on Austin and knocked him down. When the cat was done with him, Austin's feathers were everywhere. On the television, on the computer, but most of all, on the floor. Austin retreated until tomorrow, but these events reminded him of losing consecutively at Nitrome's games; this made him grit his teeth in anger and despair that he may never see his clone again.

Chapter 5: Plan C


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