(It was a nice, chilly morning in No-Name Ville. It had snowed overnight, and all was excited, especially the two best friends, Bennet, Justin and Carter, Austin.)

Bennet: Carter, let's go! We don't want the snow to melt before we can play it it!

Carter: Yeah! Achoo!

Bennet: 'Achoo'? Is that a new catchphrase? I liek it!

Carter (nervous): No... Achoo!

(when Carter makes this noise, a sparkly purple fluid flies across his room and sticks to the wall)

Bennet (slowly becoming disappointed): Carter, are you sick?

(Carter hates lying, especially to his best buddy, but he knew that the snow wasn't gonna last long if he stayed in bed all day. So a lie slipped out of his mouth...)

Carter (lying): Um, no! I drank the purple stuff in the fridge, and I realized it gives me the power to shoot sparkly balls of purple! Enough of that though, let's go outside!

Bennet: Arr! Right behind you, laddie!

(So the two best of friends stay outside for hours upon hours giggling with glee, making snow angels, and throwing snow at each other in a playful fashion. However, for all this time, Carter's condition worsened, and he became very tired. Carter made the noise more often, and along with it, more purple sparkly fluid.)

Carter (vigorus): achoo! Achoo!! ACHOO!!!!

Bennet: Best laddie, you don't look to good. And you're saying your catchphrase too often. Let's go back inside...

Carter (weakly): Okay....

(Carter tries to walk, but all is a blur, and he keeps bumping into things. He even bumped into Steracnid!)

Steracnid: Carter, may you please watch where you're going? Not to be rude, but...

Carter (groaning): Oh, sorry Sarah, didn't see you there...

Steracnid: It's fine. Carter, you don't look too good. Was your skin always this pale? The last time I remember, you were the same tone as a peach!

Carter (lying): Trust me, I'm fine. *cough cough*

Bennet: Arr! Ye be right, 8- legged strawberry! Let's carry him back to Austin's apartment!

Carter (lying): Guys, I'm fine, I can still *achoo!*

Steracnid: Not from our standpoint you're not.


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