Carter And Enda: Together 4 Ever

This song is a parody of the Puppy in my Pocket ending theme. The comic to the right is inspired by the same song. Below the comic is the song. The genders are switched due to Carter singing as the girl, and Enda singing as the male puppy.

I can has pet-bmp

The next installment in J.U.S.T.I.N Comics is here :)


Carter: Oh, all I have, oh all I have, is this little eaglet to lo-ve

Enda: All I have, All I have, is this cute little clone to advise...

Carter: Enda and I are for each other

Enda: We always make each other feel good

Carter: My wonderful Enda, watching for allies, Smart and Speedy...


Carter: Are you there?

Enda: I am here!

Unison: Use your heart to confort me!

Enda: Are you there?

Carter: I am here!

Unison: Besides your heart, heart...

Enda: Use some birdseed ;D

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