Castle Chef






Ramming Forward, Throwing Cleavers


Three Blows to the Gut



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The Chef is fought on level 10 of Robber. He is a fat, round man. He wears brown pants and a white shirt that only covers his chest. He wears a white apron that covers his exposed belly. The apron is greasy and covered in borwn stains. The Chef wears a white chef hat on his head. He has a black beard, a large nose, and two pig-like black eyes.


The Chef can ram forward to attack the Robber, or throw large cleavers. When the Chef is being fought, he will first attack by ramming forward. Avid this by hopping onto a platform above. He will then ram in the other direction, back where he stood at the right hand side of the screen. He will then throw five cleavers, at different angles. These attacks will tire him out, and he will sit down, dazed. When he sits, his apron will fall off, exposing his weak point (the gut). The player must hit him in the gut with a throwing knife. Once hit, the Chef will stand up, put on his apron, and repeat the cycle. This cycle will be repeated until the player has hit the Chef three times. Then, he will explode into a pile of gravy. Then, the Robber can go through the wooden door to the right, thus completing the level.