Cat Cyborgs
Attack Shooting lasers
Abilities Following the player, Fire Immunity
Health 3 hits on the head, 2 hits with tornadoes, lasers, or rings, 1 hit with water or ice
Points 0
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Constellations
This is an enemy from Cheese Dreams Constellations. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message for one of the collaborators working on Cheese Dreams Constellations.


Cat Cyborgs are half cat half robot hybrids. The right side of their body is the cat half, which can either be orange or black. Their right eye is a green cat eye. Their right arm is made of metal and has a red antennae on the end that fires lasers. Their right leg is a cat leg, but their right foot is made of grey metal. Both of their ears are regular cat ears. The left half of their body is the robotic half. It is completely made of grey metal. The eye is a circular red bionic eye. The metal torso on the left half has a cat skull drawing on it. Their left arm is metal and has a circular buzzsaw on the end of it. The buzzsaw has no use. Their left leg is completely made of metal. Their tail is a regular cat tail but tipped with a metal spike.


Cat Cyborgs attack by firing red lasers at the player. These lasers are quite easy to dodge as the player is constantly bouncing, making them a hard target. They will follow the player until the player crosses a pit or molten cheese lava, or bounces to a higher platform, as Cat Cyborgs can't jump or fly due to their heavy weight. Cat Cyborgs are also quite slow, so it is easy to outrun them. They are immune to fire, being robotic, but are weak to water and ice.

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