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Cheese Dreams Teams

Cheese Dreams



Game Type:

Main Game


Player 1:↑←↓→ Enter
Player 2: WASD Spacebar
Player 3: FHTG J


Fan Sequel of an early game

Cheese Dreams Teams is an unofficial multiplayer game made by Axiy, it is about Rahamoon saving his friends and escaping from the Space Ship.


Player 1

Left Right Left, right - Move Rahamoon

Up Up - Jump

Enter key - Shoot laser

Down Down - Stop

Player 2

AD Left, right - Move Untestoon

W Up - Jump

Spacebar - Shoot laser

S Down - Stop

Player 3

FH Left, right - Move Mechamoon

T Up - Jump

J - Shoot laser

G - Stop


Mice: In the game there are mice that hold guns that shoot Headcases, they can be destroyed by lasers.


Cats: In the game cats will eat the mice.


  • Cheese Dreams 2 was originally going to be named Cheese Teams.
  • Cheese Dreams 2 was renamed Cheese Dreams Teams.

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