Cheese Related Dreams is the first story in the NMD adventure series made by TinyCastleGuy.

The story is not yet finished, but you can read a sneek peek from some random point in the adventure to another:

Sneek Peek

  • Carter: What did you figure out?
  • Head scientest: How to make a really great explosion!
  • Enda (points at beakers with liquid inside): Are any of these drinkable? I'm thirsty.
  • Scientest: Hmm. One of them's juice and the other's deadly poison. I really should label these things.
  • Enda: I'll just go get a soda.
  • Scientest: Soda! How delightfull! Would you like one Curly? And you, mystery boy?
  • Curly: This is my boyfriend. I'm too furious to introduce him.
  • Carter: Hi. I'm Carter, Austin.
  • Scientest: Carter? How wonderful. And i'm--
  • Enda: Hey! There's no soda in the fridge! Just laundry!
  • Scientest: Check in the oven!
  • Scientest: Anyway, i'm professor Edgar--
  • Enda: Why would there be soda in the oven!
  • Edgar--: Cuz the mailbox was full!
  • Scientest: Anyway, i'm professor Edgar Von Tir--
  • Enda: Found the soda! Where's the ice?
  • 'Edgar Von Tir--: 'That's a good question. Where is the ice?

The professor leaves the room.

  • Curly: That's Edgar Von Tirespoke. He's a quantum cheeseologist. Scence the Mayor of No-Name Ville's such a food fanatic, Edgar's a pretty big celebrity around here.
  • Edgar Von Tirespoke: Where did I put that ice?
  • Edgar: Oh yes. We were always running out of ice, so I installed a new ice machine in the spare room.

The door to the spare room flings open and an avalanche of ice covers Enda.

  • Edgar: I'm having a little trouble with the overflow switch
  • Enda: Augh! Cold! Eagles aren't made for the cold!
  • Edgar: Enda, make me a note for me to fix that.
  • Carter: Oh, so is Enda like Edgar's lab assistant?
  • Enda: Of course not. Don't be stupid.
  • Edgar: Tear up the note. I'll just fix it now.

Somebody knocks on the door. *Knock Knock*

  • Somebody at the door: Knock knock!
  • Carter: Who's there?
  • Somebody: Boo.
  • Carter: Boo who?
  • 'Somebody: 'Don't cry! The sing-o-gram people are here!
  • Curly: Ooh! The sing-o-gram people!
  • Enda: We're gonna need more ice!

The sing-o-gram people open the door.

  • Sing-o-Gram People: Hello
  • Hello
  • Hello
  • How Are You?
  • Sing-o-Gram People: The Mayor Sent Us
  • To Ask You Please
  • If You're Done With
  • Your Brand-New Fabulous Cheese!
  • The Party's Tonight
  • The Mayor Wants To Say
  • You'll Give Him A Fright
  • If You Cause A Delay!
  • The Whole Village's Waiting
  • We Know You Won't Fail
  • 'Cuz If You Do
  • It's Straight Off To Jail!
  • Sing-o-Gram Person: Rum Tum Rumma Tum Tum Rumma Tum Tumma Rum Tum Tum
  • Sing-o-Gram Person: Stop.

That's All Folks! If you want to read more, you're gonna hafta wait until it's released.

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