Cheezooka Cats
Attack Shooting Molten Cheese
Abilities Ranged attack
Health 2 hits on the head, 1 hit with fire, water, ice, lasers, rings, or tornadoes
Points 0
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Constellations
This is an enemy from Cheese Dreams Constellations. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message for one of the collaborators working on Cheese Dreams Constellations.


Cheezooka Cats wear purple and grey space suits. They have grey space gloves and space boots. Their tail sticks out the back of their space suit. They wear a blue space helmet. Mounted on the left shoulder is a large cyllindrical cannon with a handle and trigger sticking out the bottom. A glass cartridge filled with molten cheese is attached to the top of the cannon. When their helmet breaks, it reveals them to have an orange cat head with triangular ears and two green cat eyes.


Cheezooka Cats have a ranged attack. They will fire melted cheese at the player when they get in range. Cheezooka Cats do not move, they are stationary and will face the player at all times. The molten cheese they fire is quite easy to dodge, as the player is constantly bouncing, making them a hard target.

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