Chiselerlikescheese appears as a playable character in User RPG: CLC's Secret. He is plentiful on ATK and DEF, but not so much on HP and Speed.




(Light Attacks)

  • Light Blade - Chiselerlikescheese pulls out a sword made of light, and attacks a space in front of him.
  • Revive - Chiselerlikescheese summons light from above and revives a fallen teammate with it.
  • Light Blast - Chiselerlikescheese compresses light into a ball, then launches it.
  • Shine - Chiselerlikescheese shines his light over the field, Buffing his and his allies stats temporarily.
  • Judgement - Chiselerlikescheese attacks an opponent with a pillar of light, then uses the leftover light to heal a fighter of the players choice.

(Dark Attacks)

  • Dark Blade - Chiselerlikescheese pulls out a sword made of Darkness, then sweeps the area in front of him.
  • Doom - Chiselerlikescheese dooms an enemy, killing it in a couple of turns. This has no effect on bosses.
  • Darkness Blast - Chiselerlikescheese compresses darkness into a ball, then lanches it as it splits into three.
  • Smog - Chiselerlikescheese spreads a smog over the field, debuffing opponents stats.
  • Darkness Lost - Chiselelikescheese attacks all opponents on the field with Dark Stalagmites.

Team Attacks

With Plasmater - CLC and Plasmaster go back-to-back, then spin around, shooting two streams. One of Fire, one of Light. This damages enemies and heals allies in range

With AustinCarter4Ever - CLC and Purply flutter around AC for a second before both turn into Swords. AC4E then proceeds to attack any opponent within a chosen range with a double slashing attack.

With TestSubjectFan - TSF takes aim with his proton cannon. CLC flies in front of it and achieves a Prism-Like state. TSF fires at CLC, who multiplies the blast strength. The blast then hits any opponents in it's path.


  • Sometimes, when he uses Light Blast or Dark Blast, he jokingly references Street Fighter by yelling "Hadouken!"
  • Chiselerlikescheese is the only character to leave the team, and is also the only character the player has to fight.
  • Despite smiling on the stat page, Chiselerlikescheese spends most of the RPG in an upset and/or depressed mood :(


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