Chlorophyll is a fan-made game created on August 15, 2014. It focuses on Jack Mabuka, who is carrying on his father's scientific experiments in botany, after he has gone missing. Makuba manages to create a talisman that allows him to control plants and command them, but the Gelehrt want the talisman for themselves. It serves as a prequel that eventually explains the origin of the venus flytrap from the Nitrome game, Feed Me.


Jack Mabuka

  • UP to jump
  • LEFT to move left
  • RIGHT to move right
  • DOWN to duck
  • SPACEBAR to throw seed
  • SCROLL MOUSE to select seed of choice
  • LEFT CLICK to swing on vines
  • B to connect with roots
  • N to perform special attack
  • M to form psychic link with psychic plants


Part One

Level 1: The Plant Pendant

Jack must fight the Gelehrt guards and find a way out of the Greenhouse after one of the guards activates the self-destruct sequence after obtaining DNA samples of the botanic experiments in the Greenhouse. Jack escapes the Greenhouse, but 9 years of research is destroyed.

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