Robots can be any shape and size, here are some Classes. The higher the class, the more powerful the robot.

Household Class


Handle Robot

Despite being outdated by today's standards, the H-372 is still a popular choice due to it's cheap production cost and user friendly design.


Clock Robot

A more advanced version of the H-372. the H-694 has a built in protection system that allows it to shield it's components during tornadoes and earthquakes.



Our most popular model yet! the H-782 is self-recharging, which means it can find it's way around your household to it's patent- pending "power house"!


A model more common around homes, the H-938 is the newest in the H class of robots, It is liquid cooled, and has a built in sound system to bring out those jazzy beats.

Military Class


Green robot

Designed to be a search-and-destroy robot, the H-274 knows only one thing, killing. This is why for your future safety all M-274 units in our facility must be deactivated and secured in a safe location.

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