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Classic Nitrome Games are games set up by Axiy, it will be about classic games with Nitrome crossovers.

Nitrome Chess

Chess is the first classic Nitrome Game.


Good Side

  • Pawn = Red Pirate
  • Knight = Jack Frost
  • Bishop = Miner
  • Rook = Spartan
  • Queen = Eskimo
  • King = First Clan Ice Breaker

Bad Side

  • Pawn = Dark Thing
  • Knight = Bull Beast
  • Bishop = Lizard Man
  • Rook = Parasite
  • Queen = Medusa
  • King = King Frog


Memory is the second classic Nitrome Game. There are 18 cards and each of them have two cards.


  • Parasite
  • Fly (NMD)
  • The Moon
  • Blue
  • Hot Air
  • Angels
  • Paint Blower
  • Takeshi
  • Zapo
  • Eskimo
  • Austin Carter
  • Spartan
  • Swindler
  • Chiseller
  • Yeti
  • Dirk Valentine
  • Boy Knight
  • Fat Cat


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