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Cold Air Balloon
Cold Air
Gender Male
Species Balloon
Faction Neutral
Health One Blow (Always Pops By Touch Anything)
Level All
Status Alive But Always Dies
Game(s) Hard Air And Fan Mario Bros

Cold Air is a very delicate balloon. He is piloted by a very small driver, whose tiny size makes him often go unnoticed. cold air makes reference to hot air,from the original nitrome's first game character.


Hard Air

At the bottom of Cold Air is a small basket with his driver sitting in it. He has two ropes attaching the basket to him, and two ropes in the middle that control his movements. He has a round red face with two white eyes, green cheeks, and a pink confused mouth.

Cold Air In Mario Bros

Cold Air In The Fan Fictional Version Of Mario Bros

Mario Bros

In the fan fictional version of mario bros, a balloon appears as a enemy of that section. This character appears as a red balloon which looks exactly like Cold Air. This balloon is not Cold Air, but a balloon with a s tring attached to the bottom.


Cold Air 8-Bit Cold Air

Left: In Hard Air

Right: In Fan Fictional Mario Bros.


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