The corrupted skywire track is the first boss in Parasite ultra .


Phase 1: At first its just a track with Corrupted Skywire eneimes just go and shoot the robots intill you reach the exit.

Phase 2: Then a giant corrupted gorilla appers and you must wait in till it moves its left hand and shoot the head witch will become more and more diffecult as it takes more shots. After 10 hits it becomes half robotic then after ten more hits it becomes fully robotic then goes into phase 3.

Phase 3: It is then fully robotic it shoots lasers out of it`s eyes and after 20 it loses its lower half.gears and hands but it then shoots chains of corrupted monkeys and corrupted alligators then after 20 more hits it is then defeated and becomes only half of a head witch explodes. 



The first phase while it is fully covered with the corrupting goop.

185px-Half Robotic Gorillaedited

In the first phase but with only a remainer of the goop left.

Robotic Gorillaedited

In the first phase but with all the goop gone just before it goes into it`s phase 2.

Robotic Gorillaedited.jpg3

IN it`s second phase with its hands and lower half gone.

180px-Monkeys 1edited

The monkey`s it shoots.

180px-Monkeys 1edited.jpg3545345

The monkeys when shot with the gun

SW Alligatoredited

The alligators that it shoots.

B jkbhjgffgfffhfi

The alligators that it shoots when defeated.

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