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Hai there! this is a page by deklaswas to try to connect all nitrome games using cameos and various other things! Let's start out with rules. things that will not be used:

  • Skins: They are just for backround stuff.
  • Advertisements: Like the twitter advertisement.
  • Avatars: In this case, so far, i think, the only avatar with two people from other games is the frankenstein angel-miner thingy.
  • Nitrome must die: This is the 'out of the nitrome game' dimension, even though it is a game. Just pretend it isnt. Also:
  • Oodlegobs, nitrome towers makes an appearance int he intro, evidence of being in the 'real' world
  • Super stock take: Featuring the nitrome boss also makes it in the 'real' world

Segment one

Let's begin our first segment with the first game nitrome game, hot air! As you can imagine, hot air made many appearances in other games.

Let's start out with a skin for your balloon in hot air 2:

Hot Air 2 B 24

Recognize him? This balloon is a bit more cleaner version than the enemy from scribble,

boulder doodles!

Boulder Doodle

So maybe the mysterious unknown hot air balloon designer decided to make a balloon based off a wild creature of the scribble world! I don't know how those wings keep a boulder in the air... no wonder he's always dropping. Also not to mention the chicks from... well, chick flick, obviously. Also not to mention the egg

Hot Air 2 B 25
Hot Air 2 B 28

Let's begin where hot air takes it's place in various other games. Like sandman, which has a very realistic looking hot air balloon in it. Very realistic... Also not to mention:

  • Tanked up: As a plane
  • Pest Control: As a soda POP! Hahah... no that's really it.
  • Off the rails: As a water tower in somewhat connection... they both can be blue?
  • Final Ninja: That octopus dude is in a neon sign
  • Onekey: How ever it may not be the balloon, some people can think it is by the distinctive cheeks on it.
  • Cosmic Cannon: You probably already know many ball characters have appeared in the game cosmic cannon, knuckleheads, cheese moon, but obviously they also have the hot air balloon. But it's more like a balloon because it has no basket-thingy with the little blue dude.
Hot air in stone

Hot air balloon or not? Your choice..

I'll wrap up the first segment here, but i'll like to end up with Mega Mash. I love mega mash, and the idea of a busted game cartridge. But one of the many choosable (or mandatory) levers is creatively named:

Balloon. The balloon looks alot like the balloon from hot air, along with various other enemies like those octopuses and that weird green thing you that isnt to iconic. And SPOILER SPOILER

This navigational box contains a spoiler. To open the box, click the [show] tag.

In the ending of balloon, he started the hot air balloon travel company, and i think that that is the begining of hot air. Coincidence? i think not!

So that's all for now, see you next time!

Segment t- I mean one point one

This is kinda of a short one, so i won't call it a two but it's still a part.

So in the last article I talked about a game called mega mash. I said about the whole balloon thing. So I decided to play it, being one of my favorite games, and i recognized other things. Let's start out with the other creatively named game:


So in ninja you are- you guess it- a ninja. Now one can already tell that this may be final ninja. Why? Well we have the ninjas both having a similar suit, similar enemies, similar ninja star mechanics and one key detail.

At the end of each level, they each say something in a constipated tone. Takeshi says "Yosha!". Now in Mega Mash, our 8-bit ninja says an 8-bit sound that sounds similar to "Sha!" but it's very unclear. You can play the game and decide for yourselves.

Now let's go for a tricky one...

Carrot Story! The story not very relative to carrots but more bunnies. Now, this is VERY farfetched except for the end part...

This navigational box contains a spoiler. To open the box, click the [show] tag.

... So in the end of Carrot Story, the ending part says: Fluffykins the Bunny reigned over the Land of Carrots for many years with an iron fist. His era bringing forth the darkest of its kind yet known.

His rule was finally brought to an end by an unknown tracksuited hero! Tracksuited hero... so if ninja is takeshi then is there a slight chance of fluffykins being that fat frog in the jump suit of Enemy 585?

We shall never know. But until next time, see you later.

Wait a minute... oh. So it turns out

This navigational box contains a spoiler. To open the box, click the [show] tag.

takeshi is the little ninja dude's son. didnt notice that till know :P

Well I guess this is the real ending. Bai.

Segment 2

Still a bit of a short one, but I dont wanna make 1.2. That would be ridiculous.

So in this one we wont be crossing games very much, but an interesting theory.

Pixel pop! Yes, the first unintentional N.E.S. game that has all that music. So... some of this doesnt really have to do with nitrome, but it does in a way. Let's begin with the easy one. So in the easy one there is some guy in a suit choppin' up some fruit. Key words sound familiar? Fruit ninja! or any other spin off you wanna call, like that one with puss 'n boots from shrek. That is a thing.

So next we have that dinosaur which is kinda hard to tell, he could be that dino rampage pixel love game, or even mechasaur. It's just that mechasaur shoots lazers and can't punch or kick, but he destroys by walking!

Now we're gonna skip the dessert hobo one and the meow cat one. We're gonna skip others to, because theyre pretty hard to find a counterpart. The only one i can link withh the meow cat one is

This navigational box contains a spoiler. To open the box, click the [show] tag.

cheesedreams because the cat ship eats the mouse ship at the end. but cheese dreams 2 never came out, just a remake so we'll never know.

So the medium section, and this is the level that provoked this theory, the vampire hunting one. So try to link this to another game yourself: stabbing vampires with wooden sticks... the person stabbing is seen wearing a hat similar to...

Turn undead! This part has a striking resemblance to turn undead. except for the fat vampires. If they bite you, would you get diabetes?

So next we have 'skipping a feew... and lets go to... the one with a cloud and the floating berries!

Wow, if you never heard of nitrome this would sound like jibberish to you!

So this is is probably gonna be Droplets. Why? Well you use wind to blow small creatures with little fan-like heads that help them float. Got anything else it could be? And not nitrome jam...

So the next ones are pretty loose, but they're something. So the next one is 'simon says' with two headed cats and dogs. Jiberish, so the dog, that i think looks cute, has a pretty similar resemblance to the dog from In the dog house. You know, minus the white fur, eyes, tounge, and maybe the two heads.

So last but not least is a game where you peck little worms from an apple. Let me get some keywords and you can figure it out:

Killing and Pest.

Well, that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed the show! See ya next time!

meanwhile next time...

Segment 3

Hello! It is me, yet again in all my glory!

So this is a christmas episode special, yay us we get to celebrate

thisll be all the christmas youll be getting from this


Lets get serious,

so you probaly know of the new game that has recently came out called Platform Panic. Now, I know what youre going to say

" omg ur such a n00b!!!!11!!!one!!1!! liek evry1 knoes abut dem bing vidyer GAEEEMS!!!!!! "

Yeah yeah yeah, but lets just clear stuff up for you other people

Rosy Cheek Boy = Kirby

Blue Rodent = Sonic

Spacegirl? = Metroid

Plumber = Birdo!

Oh, mario

But let's go over the uncleared ones. Now these arent really represented by looks, but more like formation.

Brave knight = Link! Think about it, sword wielding hero? I dunno whut else, and link is a pretty big franchise, ill be weird to leave him out.

Radd Bradd? Rememebr what i said, formation...


Ok what else? They are both characters riding on a vehicle, and i just kinda though... y'know excitebikes...

Clive= Game and watch!

Yes, they are both characters with only one color scene, and i havent unlocked him and majorly see what he looks like, but i know from the Wiki!

Awesome Ninja= Ninja gaiden

What else? Mortal Kombat? Nu, Nu, Nuu.

Mr. Smooth? Dont know what he looks like! He could be G.I.Joe or pajama boy or something like that...

So lets get to the other part. Game description?

"platform guys have been abducted"

But what is really going on?

So we know theyre video games, right? So if they are captured, then why are they there? The robot enemies are obviously police! Who would be against police?

some guy: Criminal!

Me: I was going for rebels...

some guy: oh ok

Actually, a virus of video games if you will,( with the coppers being anti-virus)

And the coins are actually used to bust more rebels out of prison!

So this is how i think of it, the background looks an awful lot like a computer in my opinion, and there appears to be paint in the background,

Spray Paint!

Of various video-game-like things, such as mario with the hills and eyes, stars, and also question boxes. So here's a run down:

Virus rebels running in a computer

Anti virus Police running after them

Graffiti and vandalism in the backround

Collect coins to Break Out more rebels

Well, that is all folks, see ya next time!


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