Gender Male
Species Cuboy
Faction Evil
Health 5000 (Omega)
Game(s) Nitrometale

Cuboy is a major character in the game Nitrometale. He appears as a simple and friendly character, that is latter revealed to be the antagonist of the game.

Game Information

Cuboy doesn't have a major enemy appearence, only at the begging of the game teaching the player basics of the game, and then trying to kill it, but is stopped by [character not planned yet]. Latter, cuboy can be seen following the player when backtracking into the path. At the end of the game, after the player defeats and befriends the Nitrome Boss, Cuboy appears and kills him, and tells the player he got the Player souls, becoming Omega Cuboy.

Omega Cuboy

Cuboy (Omega)

"I am the god of this world"

After killing the Nitrome Boss, he abosrbs the 6 Player souls and becomes a demigod, and only needs a last soul to become an god, and the soul is with the player. Cuboy will then gain control of the save power and try killing the player, as the last boss of the neutral route.

True Form



  • Cuboy's Undertale counterpart is Flowey
  • Cuboy was the first character planned in Nitrometale by Mixlix.

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