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Episode One: All the Little Birdies

A bright blinding light suddenly came to life in the pitch black room. Norman Noggin raised one hand to shield his eyes from the light. Once his eyes adjusted, he saw he was in a small room with a concrete floor, a small desk, and two chairs, one of which he sat in.

"Who are you, and where am I!? I know a lot of people, so you better start talkin'!" Norman shouted.

" quick to start talking, aren't you now?" a voice said from the other chair, which was still partially hidden in the shadows.

"Listen man, you obviously ain't very good at this! You gonna kidnap someone and you make sure they're tied down!" Norman yelled, standing up from his seat.

"I didn't tie you down because I believe you and I have similar interests." the voice said.

Norman lowered his fists and took a step back. "What do you mean?"

"You and I both want to take down those six students at Cuboy Academy. I was about to get myself involved personally with them when I caught wind of your little scheme. I decided to sit back and see how it played out. The way I see it, Norman, you have resources: money and ins with bigwigs...and ambition. You have these three things, but you lack the know-how and manpower to take down these students. As you know, they are no ordinary crew."

"Of course I know that."

"Yes, yes, I know you have had your own run-ins with these particular six. Which is why I'm here."

"Who are you anyway?"

The figure leaned forwards in his seat. "I'm your know-how."

At Cuboy Academy the six students were sitting down for lunch.

"You should really consider it though, Swindler. I think you'd really enjoy it." Kapowski said.

"To be honest, it does sound like fun. Besides, I've been needing a work-out buddy for a while now." Swindler replied.

"Yeah, ever since Billy stopped being yours because he said he was too 'physically fit' for you." Teeno said with a smirk.

"What the heck, Teeno! We told you to stop nosing around in our business!" Licorice shouted.

"Hey, I can't help it. I've got eyes everywhere." he replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Snow asked.

Suddenly Teeno began to sweat. "Oh man, I've said too much..." he mumbled to himself.

"What was that?" Licorice asked.

"Uh...g-gotta go!" Teeno said, running off.

"Man, that guy is super creepy. How he seems to know everything..." Kapowski said.

"Perhaps we should look into it?" Rex209 suggested.

"I've got nothing better to do today, so why not?" Swindler said.

After lunch the six students met up in a hallway. Snow peeked around the corner and saw Teeno open his locker. The other five peeked around the corner as well, forming a pillar of heads.

Snow tip-toed over to Teeno and touched him on the shoulder.

"Ahh! W-what!? No, leave me alone!" Teeno shouted curling up into a ball on the floor.

"Whoa, Teeno, calm down its just me." Snow said. Teeno looked up at Snow but continued to tremble uncontrollably.

"Dang Snow, you broke Teeno." Blue said.

"I didn't break him. I just startled him is all." Snow said.

"He looks like he is having a panic attack." Swindler said.

"Maybe we should take him to the nurse." Licorice suggested.

"N-no...don't do that. I wouldn't be able to explain why." Teeno said, tears streaming down his face.

"Explain why...what?" Snow asked.

Teeno looked from side to side. "Come with me." he said. They all followed Teeno to a janitor's closet where they hid.

"A little crowded in here." Kapowski said, his face squished between the wall and Swindler's arm.

" must promise to tell nobody, okay?" Teeno said. The others exchanged glances and then agreed.

Teeno opened his hand and a little pink blob bounced around on his palm.

"What is that? A jelly-bean?" Licorice asked.

"’s an Oodlegob. I created them with my laptop. They are invisible to the human eye when they want to be. I control them. There are thousands of these things all around the school. At the end of the day, they report back to me." Teeno said.

"So that's how you know've got tons of microscopic spies everywhere." Kapowski said. Teeno nodded.

"You see...I trained them to be non-hostile. They wouldn't hurt a fly. They are only meant for surveillance. Do you know what it is like to know everything?" Teeno asked.

"I wouldn't know what that's like." Swindler said, scratching his head.

"You'" Kapowski choked out as Swindler leaned up against the wall.

"Oh! Sorry..." Swindler said, giving Kapowski some breathing room.

"It is absolutely maddening. It takes all my willpower, every ounce of my mental concentration to keep a calm and cool head about this. When you know everything that happens to everyone, you become a target." Teeno said.

"By who?" Blue asked.

"The government. They figured out that I created these Oodlegobs and that I trained them for surveillance. Every day I'm afraid that a government officer is going to come here and take me away."

"That's horrible...I'm so sorry Teeno, that must be really scary for you." Snow said, giving him a hug. Teeno sniffed.

"Wait...if you are so afraid of this happening, why not stop using the Oodlegobs?" Rex209 asked.

"I've already tried that once. The Oodlegobs become hostile once I release them from my control. I don't want to hurt anyone."

"That makes you all the more valuable to the government then. You are the only one who knows how to tame the Oodlegobs. If the government used Oodlegobs for surveillance the Oodlegobs would just go haywire and blow their cover by eating the ones they're spying on." Kapowski said.

"I know. That's why they want me so badly. Every day I see something odd...a drone outside my bedroom window, a surveillance camera on my backpack, a microphone on Re--uh oh. Nonononononononononono..." Teeno said, sliding down the wall with his head in his hands.

"What is it?" Kapowski asked.

"Microphone detected. Extracting." Rex209 said. A small claw came out of her hull and pulled the microphone chip off her back and dropped it to the floor. Her large metal foot then crushed the device.

"The government must have planted a mic on Rex...they've heard everything! Now they'll come after you too!" Teeno shouted.

"What!? Why us?" Kapowski shouted, suddenly panicking.

"I told you about it, and now they think that you might know about the taming ability, even though you don't!"

"Gah! We need to get out of here!" Kapowski shouted. "I need air! I need air!"

A hatch on Rex209's hull popped open and supplied Kapowski with an oxygen mask.

"That's not what I meant!" he yelled.

They threw the closet door open to see men in black and white suits running around the hallways.

"Wow, they got here fast." Snow said.

"You cannot just barge in here and start--hey! Get your hands off me!!!!!!!!111" Nitrome Boss yelled from down the hall.

"There they are! Get 'em!" a voice shouted. The seven students looked around to see they were suddenly surrounded by government agents, guns drawn.

"Oh no, this is the end of the road!" Teeno cried, falling to his knees.

Suddenly, a multitude of different weapons appeared around Rex's hull, including automatic machine guns, rocket launchers, laser blasters, cutting lasers, grenade launchers, homing missiles, and penguin cannons.

"Stand back or I will shoot!" Rex209 shouted.

The government agents stepped back but kept their guns on the group.

"Rex!" Licorice shouted.

"No, no, that was me. I just started hitting random buttons. Rex just went along with it." Blue said.

"Hold up! Hold up!" Teeno shouted. He lifted one hand which clutched a strange device.

"Teeno, what are you doing?" Snow asked.

"In my hand I hold the device that tames the Oodlegobs! It works like a sort of dog whistle. You hold this button and blow on this end. You can have it if you just leave us all alone and unharmed, and never bother us again!" Teeno shouted.

One of the government agents cautiously stepped forwards and took the device from Teeno.

"All right everyone, code green! The taming device is in our possession! Let's move out!" the agent said. The government agents left as quickly as they came.

"Teeno, why did you do that? If your taming device is with them then how are you going to control your--" Snow began. Teeno held up a hand.

"It was a fake. That wasn't a taming device. I tame the Oodlegobs through my presence alone. It calms them or something...anyways, the thing I gave them was actually my old inhaler. They won't be bothering us anymore though." Teeno explained.

"How can you be so sure?" Swindler asked.

"In that inhaler I implanted a chip that will wipe all of their data files in their entire database if they ever come within ten miles of my house or the school."

"Wow Teeno, you're really smart. You created a surveillance computer virus and that program? Wow!" Kapowski said.

"Yes. Now, guys, I still expect you to keep this a secret. I will still be kept posted on everything by my Oodlegobs, so if you blow my secret, I'll know." he said, smiling.

"You know Teeno, you aren't as bad as we thought. Thank you, and don't worry, your secret is safe with us." Snow said.

Meanwhile, at the government agency, the scientists blew on the 'Oodlegob Whistle' in an attempt to tame the virus. When they blew on it, the top of the inhaler popped off and a bunch of confetti came out. A small slip of paper fluttered down and one of the scientists grabbed it.

He read the paper and then brought it into one of their supervisors. He read the paper as well, sat back and chuckled. "That is one smart kid."

Episode Two: Front of the Class

"Uh...Blue." Swindler said.

"What?" Blue replied.

"What's that in your backpack?"

"What do you mean? I can't see my backpack, Rex is holding it at an angle where I can't see it."

"Can I just point out that I should not be the one to carry your--" Rex started.

"No. Anyways, could you just take it out of my backpack and show it to me?" Blue asked.

Swindler reached into the backpack and pulled out a poster. He unrolled it and showed it to Blue.

"Oh! must be Sorbet's, hehe, yeah, uh, she is really into that, uh..." Blue said.

"What is that?" Kapowski asked.

"SWINDLER DON'T SHOW IT TO HIM!!" Blue shouted at the top of his lungs.

The poster was already in Kapowski's hands. "Whoa, a Rockitty anime poster? Why do you have this Blue?" Kapowski asked.

"I told you it isn't mine! It's Sorbet's!" Blue shouted.

"Why does it say, 'Property of Blue' on the back?"

"Ah, g-guh...Rex! Lying program, go!" Blue yelled.

A set of speakers popped up on top of Rex's hull. A voice that sounded like Blue's came from the speakers. "The dog ate my homework!"

"Blue, you never told me you liked anime." Kapowski said.

"I DON'T!" Blue yelled.

"Don't what?" Sorbet asked as she walked over to them.

Rex's cockpit opened up and Blue hopped out. He pointed at Kapowski and Swindler and screamed unintelligible words.

"Blue! Language!" Rex said. Blue rolled his eyes and put on his translator headband.

"Oh, Blue, did you forget to take that poster out of your backpack?" Sorbet asked.

"Sorbet, is this yours?" Swindler asked.

"No, that's Blue's. He brought it to school yesterday for the anime club." Sorbet replied.

"Anime club? You said you had to do weight training yesterday!" Kapowski said.

"Wait, you guys didn't know Blue likes anime? Oh he does! I'm not all that into it, but I've watched some with him."

Blue turned red. "Blue, amino acids." Rex said. Blue let out a breath and returned to his normal color again.

"So, Blue is a weeb, huh?" Swindler asked.

"I am NOT a weeb! I am an anime enthusiast!" Blue corrected Swindler.

"Yeah Swindler, just because you watch anime doesn't make you a weeb." Kapowski said.

"Who's a weeb?" Snow asked as she joined them.

"Ugh, more people. Guys, can we not talk about this anymore? I like anime, big whoop! Lots of people do, all right!?" Blue shouted.

"Aw, Blue likes anime! He's even more kawaii than ever!" Snow said. Blue blushed and then shook his head.

"N-no! I-I mean thanks for the compliment and all, but don't say that stuff, all right? Sheesh!"

Later that day, in math class, Blue, Snow, Licorice, and Sorbet were sitting down and listening to Dr. Siamese give his lesson.

Suddenly Blue heard Hallbert and some of the other boys snickering behind him. He looked behind him and saw them looking at something and laughing about it.

Blue saw the words 'Property of Blue' written in blue pen on the back. He snatched the poster from Hallbert. "Give me that! It's mine!" Blue yelled.

"Blue!" Dr. Siamese called. Blue looked over at the teacher.

"Yeah?" Blue replied.

"If that is so important to you that you should interrupt my lesson, why don't you come up here and show it to the class?" he said.

Hallbert laughed.

"Hallbert is in book club!" Blue shouted in an attempt to throw the attention off of himself. Hallbert stopped laughing and clenched his fists angrily.

"That's very nice, now come up and show the class what you have there." Dr. Siamese said. Blue drooped with helplessness. He hopped down from his desk and went up to the front of the classroom. He unrolled the poster.

"This is, um...a poster for an anime that I enjoy. Uh, i-it is called Rockitty Kawaii-Desu..." Blue said.

A bunch of the students burst out laughing. Blue turned red with anger.

"Everyone, everyone stop!" Dr. Siamese shouted, trying to stop the other students from interrupting Blue.

Licorice snapped pictures of Blue holding his poster and went to post them on every social media site, but Snow slapped her phone down to the floor.

"Hey! Hey, knock it off!" Sorbet shouted. She went up to the front of the room with Blue. "Blue enjoys anime. I like country music. Hallbert likes reading a good book. So what? We all like different things! Yeah, we might think that somebody else likes something weird just because we don't like it or don't understand it. That doesn't make it okay to laugh at 'em for it! How would you like it if somebody laughed at you for the things you liked!? There's no point in that; we all enjoy different things; how does Blue liking anime effect any of you in any way, hmm?"

Blue calmed down. "Yeah! That's right! I like anime! I'm in anime club! I watch anime! And I have anime merchandise hidden in a drawer in my closet!" Blue announced.

"I love reading books! Right now I am reading a romance novel and I cried four times already!" Hallbert shouted.

Billy started to laugh. Canary smacked him on the head. "Hey, shut up man, you like cooking!" Canary said.

"Yeah, I've got a mean barbecue chicken." Billy said.

"You see? It isn't anything to be ashamed of!" Sorbet said.

Everyone started to stand up and talk about the things that they liked.

Dr. Siamese finally shouted, "I like combining animals to create odd animal hybrid creatures!"

The class was silent.

"Well that's just weird." Nitrome Boss' voice came over the PA system.

"P-Principal Nitrome Boss? How long have you been on the PA system?" Dr. Siamese asked.

"Uh...I definitely didn't hear Blue say he keeps anime stuff in his closet..." Principal Nitrome Boss cleared his throat. "I, uh, was actually calling down to let you all know that the rest of the school went outside for the fire drill...the alarms in your classroom seem to be broken."

"Oh, uh, yes, er, thank you. We'll go right away, sir."

The class got up to go outside.

"I can't believe Billy is such an amazing chef and yet hasn't offered me anything!" Principal Nitrome Boss's voice said over the PA system.

"Principal Nitrome Boss, your mic is still on." Kapowski said.

"Oh, uh, erm..." Nitrome Boss fiddled with the microphone, resulting in a loud brushing noise coming over the PA system until he finally turned it off.

"Right, anyways let's go outside." Dr. Siamese said.

"See Blue, nothing to be ashamed of. If you like something, own it." Snow said.

"Yeah, I guess you guys are right. Thanks." Blue said.

"Though it does get to a certain point where it's undeniably weird..." Licorice said, looking over at Dr. Siamese.

Episode Three: The Old Man

Coach Rico blasted on his whistle, signaling the end of gym class.

"All right students, hit the locker rooms!" he shouted.

In the locker rooms, Kapowski got dressed back into his school clothes.

"Man, I hate gym class because I get all sweaty, and then my school clothes get sweaty, and then I stink the rest of the day!" Kapowski complained as he pulled his shirt on.

"Why not use deodorant?" Swindler asked.

"I have deodorant but it's the spray kind and we aren't allowed to use those." Kapowski said.

"Looks like you've got yourself a pickle.." Swindler said.

"Easy for you to say! All you have to do is put on a different mask! Speaking of which, why is it that--"

"Whoa, Kapowski, whoa! Keep it PG all right?"

"All right, fine. I still have a good reason not to like it though."

"Would that reason happen to be getting stomped in basketball? And field hockey? And track?" Hallbert asked.

"No, it does not. I mean, I understand exercise is important, and I don't mind a work out, but I don't do physically competitive sports." Kapowski answered.

"Fair enough."

"Wait, do you even play a sport?" Swindler asked.

"Well, it certainly isn't an official sport, but I do have a good number of...trophies." Hallbert replied.

"What is it?" Blue asked.

"Eh, I don't play it anymore. Heck, nobody can. all trophies are gone."

"Just tell us what it is already!" Kapowski said.

"Sky Serpent Slaying."

"Whoa, what!? You killed flying snake monsters for sport?" Blue exclaimed.

"Yes. Before I came to this school, I was a Sky Slayer. I hunted for the Sky Serpents and killed them, taking their scales as trophies. I was attempting to shatter the world record."

"What is the world record?" Swindler asked.

"140. Held by a man named Mikkel." Hallbert responded.

"Wait...Hallbert Mikkelson...your dad holds the world record?!" Kapowski shouted in surprise.

"Exactly. By the time he had retired from it, he had slayed most of the remaining Sky Serpents. I only managed to find and kill the very few survivors of the species."

"You and your father are single-handedly responsible for the extinction of an entire species?" Blue asked.

"Yes, but Sky Serpents were very dangerous creatures. They wreaked havoc upon the villages of the Bear Clan and many other clans as well. In slaying them, we protected thousands of lives." Hallbert said, closing his locker and walking out of the room. The others scrambled along behind him.

"W-wait, you were a hero? Then why are you such a bully?" Kapowski asked.

"When I realized that I had not come anywhere close to breaking my father's record, I was completely shocked, and honestly, became very angered. When I first came to this school I took out this anger on others. I think that I have become, eh, nicer since then?" Hallbert explained.

"Oh of course!" Swindler said.

"Definitely." Kapowski said.

"You'll probably bash my face in if I say no..." Blue quipped.

"Right, so, now to get to my next class." Hallbert said.

Snow, Rex, and Licorice joined the boys in the gym.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Licorice asked.

"Nothing much." Blue said.


"Oh, yeah. I know." Snow said.

"What!? You knew!?"

"Of course we knew! We text back and forth with his girlfriend." Licorice said.

"He has a girlfriend?!" Kapowski exclaimed. Snow giggled.

They all went to their next classes.

At lunch, Rex209 suddenly beeped.

"What is it Rex?" Blue asked.

"Unidentified flying object is circling the school." she said.

"I knew it! Hurricane Matthew WAS created by the government to cover up an alien invasion!" Kyle said, putting a tinfoil hat on top of his soda bottle hat as he walked away.

"What is Kyle doing here?" Snow asked.

"Not important, let's go out to the courtyard and see what it is!" Swindler said. They all dashed outside and looked up at the sky.

"That's not what I think it is, is it?" Kapowski said.

"There's no way!" Blue yelled.

Hallbert ran out into the courtyard.

"Aha! I knew there had to be some left! Number 16, here I come!" he said, drawing his sword.

"How are you going to get up there though?" Licorice asked.

Hallbert took two grappling hooks out and fired them into the walls. He then walked backwards before starting a fast running speed forwards. The grappling hooks automatically reeled themselves in as Hallbert powerfully leapt off of the ground, launching him high into the air as if he was fired from a giant slingshot.

"Whoa! I want to see what happens! Rex, live satellite feed!" Blue said. A small drone detached from Rex's back and soared up into the air; she then broadcast the drone's camera feed as a hologram screen. They all began to watch the action, with other students coming out as well.

Hallbert slammed down atop the Sky Serpent's back. Spikes and holes in its sides were located all around. The serpent did a barrel roll to get Hallbert off, but he stuck his climbing dagger into the beast, keeping his hold on it. Once he was back upright, he withdrew the dagger and ran along the body until he found a soft purple area. He stabbed his dagger into it to maintain a hold and then started thrusting his giant sword into the Sky Serpent's weak point.

Suddenly, the serpent's body began to shake briefly as if something else had landed on it. Hallbert looked over his shoulder.

"You couldn't let me have just one, could you old man?" Hallbert asked.

"I thought you'd dropped that kind of talk." Mikkel said.

"I had, but then you landed on the same flying snake as me." Hallbert replied. Mikkel laughed loudly and deeply.

"I couldn't let you have all of the fun, now could I?" Mikkel asked, drawing his two gigantic broadswords. He flipped over Hallbert and upon landing on the ground dragged his blades across the ground as he ran forwards; when he found an unusual dip in the monster's scaly armor, he knew he had found a weak point and began stabbing it with both swords.

Hallbert finished up his second weak point and was running towards Mikkel.

"Stop! I won't be sharing this trophy!" Hallbert said.

"I was going to let you have it." Mikkel said. Hallbert shook his head.

"It wouldn't be mine then. Not if you helped me get it."

"I see what you mean, Hallbert. Very well, I'll leave the rest of it to you." Mikkel said. The serpent suddenly shook and began to dive downwards. Mikkel stumbled, but Hallbert grabbed him before he could fall off of the serpent. Hallbert and Mikkel dug their blades into the serpent to hold on.

"It isn't turning to stone...I don't think we've killed it yet." Hallbert said.

The sky serpent landed on the ground and out of the holes along its body sprouted legs.

"Well, never seen a Sky Serpent do that before." Mikkel said. Hallbert and Mikkel dismounted from the serpent onto the ground and took up the fight there.

Mikkel thrust one of his swords into the ground, stabbing the serpent through its foot. With the monster pinned in place, he started slashing its leg with his other sword.

Hallbert leapt into the air and rolled as he descended, executing a spin slice on the monster's leg.

"All right, since this one has legs, we'll take it down together and share the trophy, deal?" Hallbert said as the two of them continued fighting.

"Deal!" Mikkel said as he rolled out of the way of fire breath.

The two continued the battle and the serpent was beginning to weaken.

"All right Hallbert! It's time to finish this!" Mikkel said. Hallbert nodded and ran towards his father. He leapt up and Mikkel cupped his hands together, catching Hallbert's foot and boosting him high into the air. Mikkel then drew his own two swords and dove at the monster, sliding underneath its head.

Mikkel stabbed upwards with his two broadswords as Hallbert stabbed downwards into the top of the serpent's head as he descended, their blades colliding with the serpent simultaneously.

The serpent let out a loud roar and crumbled into stone, leaving behind a single scale. Hallbert picked up the scale.

"Well, since we're sharing it, I guess that doesn't put me any closer to breaking your record." Hallbert said.

Mikkel laughed. He closed Hallbert's hand over the scale. "Keep it for yourself. Call it a gift from your old man." Mikkel said.

"Dad, we killed it together." Hallbert replied.

"I know. And I want you to have my portion of the scale." Mikkel responded, sheathing his swords.

"...Thanks, Dad." Hallbert said.

Everyone else rushed to meet up with them.

Principal Nitrome Boss shoved his way through the crowd. "This is an outrage! Do you realize how much property damage you've caused!?!?!?!111"

"Do you realize that my son just saved all of your students and faculty!?" Mikkel shouted back.

The two of them walked off and continued arguing.

"So Hallbert, do you think there are more Sky Serpents out there? Could you break your dad's record?" Blue asked.

"This was a new species of Sky Serpent. I am sure there are many more of them out there. Perhaps, one day, I will break the record. I don't want to do it to stick it to my father anymore though." Hallbert said.

"Well, then what is your motivation?" Snow asked.

"To honor him."

Suddenly, a girl rushed out from the crowd.

"Hallbert! Are you okay?! Any bruises?" the girl asked.

"I'm fine, Lyn." Hallbert replied.

"Well, next time you can count me in to make sure you stay out of trouble." Lyn said.

"Of course. Sorry to have worried you."

"Aww, Hallbert is a big softie after all!" Kapowski said.

"Yeah, and if you tell anyone I'll use you as bait for my next hunt." Hallbert said.

Kapowski gulped. "Understood!"

Episode Four: A Bone To Pick

"All right class, today we are going to be learning about human anatomy." Professor said. He began pulling down a chart that was rolled up around a bar above the whiteboard.

The entire class screamed and looked away, some shielding their eyes.

"What? It's just a map of the world!" Professor said. The class sighed collectively and faced forwards.

Professor pulled down on the chart, causing it to flip back up into the bar and exposing the chart behind it. The class once again screamed and covered their eyes.

"Class, I can assure you now that it is nothing graphic, and besides, it’s your own body for crying out loud! Er, for some of you anyway. We'll be doing penguin anatomy tomorrow, and ice cream anatomy the next day,, you know this is the first time I really noticed that we have a weird class." Professor observed.

The class uncovered their faces and sighed again.

"Ew, Professor, you said there'd be nothing graphic! What is that gross stuff on the person's belly!?" Licorice exclaimed.

Professor looked at the chart. "It's a cartoon drawing Licorice. And those are called organs. Perfect segue, thank you. Now, the organs are comprised of tissues, which are made up of cells, and..." Professor continued.

Swindler elbowed Kapowski in the back.

Kapowski turned around. "What?" he asked, slightly annoyed.

Swindler whispered something to Kapowski. Kapowski smacked Swindler across the face and Swindler laughed.

"What is he laughing about?" Snow asked.

"Don't worry about it, it's probably dumb boy stuff." Licorice said, texting on her phone.

"Now onto bones. Everyone, I want you to meet Mr. Phalange." Professor said, waking over to a model skeleton in the corner. "Go on, say hello everyone! Mr. Phalange may not talk much, but I assure you, he isn't spineless!" Professor started to laugh at his own joke, but stopped and coughed into his fist when nobody else joined in. "Anyways..."

"This is boring. When are we learning about enzyme anatomy?" Blue asked.

"We already learned about that, freshman year. Remember, episode ten, you created an army of green enzymes?" Kapowski said.

"Oh yeah...right..." Blue responded.

"Kapowski please don't break the fourth wall while I'm trying to think of more skele-puns. Ooh! There's one right there! Haha!" Professor laughed.

"Dad, stop, you're embarrassing yourself." Blue said.

"How does somebody embarrass themselves?" Rex209 asked.

"Like this!" Swindler shouted, inflating a Whoopee cushion and then sitting on it. The whole class laughed hysterically.

"Swindler! Please do not disrupt my class like tha--" Professor began. As he stepped forward he slipped on a banana, cutting off his words. "Oof! Now who put that banana there?"

"Uh, Professor, did you have some kind of chemical in your pocket?" Snow asked.

"Oh, why um, yes, I did. Why do you ask?" Professor questioned.

"When you slipped it flew out and spilled all over the model skeleton."

"Oh dear, now it's a mess." Professor attempted to wipe it off with a cloth.

The model skeleton glowed purple and then leapt off its stand, startling Professor.

"Hey everybody! I'm Phil, Phil Angie! Nice to meetcha all!" the skeleton said. "Whoops, sorry for giving you a fright there, pal! Lemme help ya up!"

Phil Angie extended a bony hand to Professor and when he tried to pull Professor up, his arm snapped off.

"Oops, that happens sometimes. Oh, but hey, I did manage to give you a hand, didn't I?" Phil Angie said. Everyone laughed, even Professor. Professor got up on his own.

"I don't understand how this is possible!" Professor said.

"The chemical Professor, it must have brought the skeleton to life." Kapowski reasoned.

"It's aliiiiiiive!" Blue shouted. "What? Someone had to do it!"

"Yeah, and I'm alive too!" a voice said. Professor looked at the cloth in his hand, which was now talking as though it were a sock puppet.

"So, you wanted to learn about the human skeleton? Well, I'm the guy to ask! If I vertebrae for anything, it would be the chance to teach others!" Phil Angie said excitedly. Everybody laughed.

"Was he substituting 'vertebrae' for 'were to pray'?" Kapowski asked.

"The joke isn't funny when you explain it, Kapowski!" Swindler yelled.

"Now, who wants to go first? Ask away!" Phil Angie said.

Everyone eagerly raised their hands.

"Ah, yes, go ahead, young man in the middle!" he said.

Orange lowered his hand. "Exactly how many bones do you have?" he asked.

"206! Babies can have up to over 300 before their bones fuse together as they grow up to make a total 206!" Phil Angie answered eagerly.

"Wow, I actually didn't know that." Kapowski said. "Pretty interesting." Kapowski leaned back in his seat and his pencil rolled off his desk and onto the floor.

"Hold on, I'll get it for you." Phil Angie said, stooping down to pick up the pencil. As he was rising back up he hit his skull on the underside of the desk, knocking it off his body. He seemed unaware of this and the headless skeleton rose up and handed Kapowski his pencil.

"Uh, Phil Angie?" Snow said.

"Yes?" he replied.

"Um, you're skull got knocked off of your body." Licorice said.

"Oh, well would you look at that! It seems I've lost my head!" Phil Angie said, earning another laugh from the whole class.

He moved to retrieve his head but accidentally kicked it, sending it rolling out the classroom door and into the hallway.

"It's okay! I can still get it!" Phil Angie's head called from out in the hall. His body walked out into the hall but stopped as a group of students walked by holding signs that said 'Hallway Walking Club' on them.

"Hey guys! I'm in the hallway walking club!" Canary called. As the club members walked, the skull was kicked farther down the hall and it rolled out of sight.

"Let's help Phil Angie get his skull back!" Snow exclaimed.

"Yeah!" the other students said, though most of them only wanted to hear more of his puns.

"As long as we do some human anatomy flash cards along the way!" Professor said, grabbing a box full of flash cards.

"Don't you mean...flesh cards?" Kapowski asked. Nobody laughed at his pun. "What? Nothing?! You guys laughed at 'vertebrae'!"

"Come on!" Swindler called as he dashed out of the classroom.

They ran down the hall to see the skull being rolled across the floor by a janitor's push broom. The students called for the janitor to stop, and they got his attention, but then he slipped on the wet floor and his push broom launched the skull down another hallway.

Kapowski and Snow each grabbed a push broom from the janitor's cart and ran after the skull. They eventually caught up with it.

"Let's try to stop the skull from rolling by sweeping the brooms in front of it!" Kapowski said.

They each started to sweep their brooms across the floor in front of the skull to try and block it but to no avail.

"Hey, it's like we're curling!" Snow said.

They then both tried to stop the skull at the same time but their brooms collided and they ended up knocking the skull away with even greater speed.

"Man, he's going to have a bone to pick with us when we finally catch him." Swindler said, rejoining the two along with the rest of the class.

"Hey, Blue, what's this bone called?" Professor asked, shoving a flash card in his face.

"It's my last nerve is what it is." Blue mumbled.

"Femur." Rex answered.

"Correct!" Professor replied.

Blue rolled his eyes.

They continued pursuing the skull to find it in the gym being hurled back and forth between two students.

"Come on! At some point one of you need to not catch that ball again! This is dodgeball, not catch!" Coach Rico yelled.

"That isn't a ball! It's a skull!" Snow called.

Both players looked up. "Oh..." said the one holding the skull. He tossed it away without a second thought.

"No! Now we have to chase after it again!" Licorice said.

As they ran past the players, Blue said, "You guys are numbskulls."

Both of the players looked offended when a dodgeball hit each of them.

"There! I win! Now let's start the next game!" Coach Rico exclaimed.

The students chased the skull outside where it finally stopped in the grass. Swindler picked it up and placed it on Phil Angie' body.

"Phew! I'm really dizzy! Give me a second, if I try to walk I might rattle my bones." Phil Angie said. The students laughed again.

"Well, I hope all of you kids learned something about human anatomy today!" Professor said.

"No, I think all we learned is that there are a lot of puns about bones." Licorice said.

"No wonder Sans had so much material." Kapowski said.

"Oh, well then maybe I haven't been helping as much as I'd like to. Professor, I'll let you lead the rest of your class." Phil Angie said.

"Thank you, Phil Angie." Professor replied.

"No problem! Break a leg, Professor!" Phil Angie said as he left.

"Man, I'm going to miss that guy!" Blue said.

"Yeah, he really got me right in the funny bone!" Snow added.

Episode Five: BROTHA

Nitrome Boss grumbled to himself at his lunch table, propping his head up with one hand.

Takeshi, Professor, and Sparky sat down at the table with him.

Sparky cocked his head to the side. "What is wrong, Principal Nitrome Boss? You seem to be distressed over something."

"What!? Preposterous! There is nothing wrong at all!" Nitrome Boss exclaimed.

"It is quite out of character for you not to be eating." Takeshi pointed out as he dug into his sushi lunch.

Nitrome Boss grumbled. "Is it really that obvious?"

"YES!" the entire cafeteria chorused.

"Nobody asked you!" Nitrome Boss retorted.

"What is it that has you so stressed, Nitrome Boss?" Professor asked.

"Well, uh, there's going to be a meeting later today and well...the principal of BetterthanCuboy Academy is going to be there."

"Oh." Takeshi and Professor said in unison.

"I do not understand." Sparky Nutzinbults said.

"Ah, right. You only started teaching here this year. Well, you see, the principal of BetterthanCuboy Academy is Nitrome Boss's--" Takeshi began.

"BROTHA!" a voice called. Nitrome Boss cringed at the voice.

A man wearing a suit with red and white vertical stripes on it walked over to the lunch table. He was as thin as a rail and carried a cane with him.

"Hello, MewTube." Nitrome Boss said, forcing himself to turn and address the man.

"Whoa! Hey guys, I finally found a Mewtwo! The Pokémon Go update must've happened today!" Kapowski said looking at the thin man through his phone camera.

"So, brotha, you sit in the cafeteria and eat? And with your faculty?! You do have an office, don't you?"

Nitrome Boss smiled and said, "Well at least my school has actual food."

"OH! BUUUUURN!" Swindle said.

"You just got REKT." Rex209 said in agreement.

MewTube Boss blubbered over his own words. "Y-yeah well, the miserable little brats don't need good food now do they? They've been whipped in to shape by my teachers, unlike your students who are so misbehaved."

"Ooh, buuur-wait...did he just insult us too?" Swindler asked.

Licorice nodded.

"Aww..." Swindler said, looking at the floor.

"My teachers are the finest in the nation. Strict doesn't mean effective." Nitrome Boss replied.

"That is correct." Sparky said, Takeshi and Professor nodding in agreement.

"Oh please! You call these teachers?! An egg-headed scientist and a robot? Don't make me laugh!" MewTube Boss scoffed.

Professor and Sparky rose from their seats.

"I am a genius scientist, I'll have you know! I created the elixir of life and mecha-droids!" Professor yelled.

"And I am Sparky Nutzinbults, world-famous tournament Bump Battler champion!" Sparky added.

"Oh-ho! Big shots!" MewTube Boss said, rolling his eyes.

"I can see why you don't like him." Professor whispered.

"Anyways, I was just coming here to personally tell you that the meeting was moved up. They sent an e-mail but I doubted you'd be able to find your phone considering you haven't seen your own feet for thirty years."

Swindler and Blue cracked up at this, Swindler falling over and rolling on the floor.

"Well, see you at the meeting brotha!" MewTube Boss said as he left.

Nitrome Boss slammed a fist on the table.

"Principal Nitrome Boss, seeing as how the meeting was moved up, perhaps you should eat something." Sparky suggested.

"Perhaps you're right." Principal Nitrome Boss said, picking up his fork.

"Ew, Principal Nitrome Boss is eating, I'm leaving. Licorice said. All of the other students muttered in agreement and left, not wishing to scar themselves and their next ten generations for life.

"Where is the meeting being held again?" Takeshi asked.

"BetterthanCuboy Academy. Which just makes this all the better." Nitrome Boss said sarcastically.

After eating, Nitrome Boss lumbered over to BetterthanCuboy Academy for the meeting.

He walked through the main office and into the cafeteria where hundreds of students sat quietly and ate cold gruel. A few kids cried silently and one of the repeatedly smashed their face against the table.

As much of a jerk Nitrome Boss could be, he hated seeing students in this condition.

"Hello, Mr. Nitrome Boss!" Justin said, walking over to the principal.

"Oh, uh, hello. It's Justin, right?" Principal Nitrome Boss replied.

"Yep. So uh, what are you here for?"

"There's a meeting here."

"Oh, all right. I think Principal MewTube Boss said it was in the library."

"The library? It was supposed to be in the conference room."

Justin shrugged. "Eh, I guess they moved it. Anyways, I need to go back to smashing my face against a table."

Justin walked away.

Nitrome Boss opened the door to the library and stepped inside. Upon doing so, a bucket of water dumped all over him and he tripped over a wire, falling into a vat of honey.

Austin and MewTube Boss stepped out from behind some bookshelves.

"Well done August, for once your tomfoolery came in handy." MewTube Boss said.

"It's Austin." Austin said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just shut up and take your get-out-of-class-free cards, Audrey." MewTube Boss said, stuffing a few slips of paper into Austin's hands.

MewTube Boss stepped forwards and pushed the vat of honey over, spilling Nitrome Boss out of it.

"You have no idea how big of a vat we needed to get." MewTube Boss said, grabbing a pillow.

"MewTube! This is an outrage!!!111" Nitrome Boss shouted. MewTube Bos bopped him a few times with the pillow, covering him in feathers that stuck all over due to the honey.

"Did someone say Mewtwo?!" somebody called.

"No! Shut up! You just earned yourself an hour in...THE RESTROOM!" MewTube Boss shouted back. "Anyways, now you look like a big fat chicken, brotha! The meeting starts in twenty minutes too, you'll never get that all off in time, and when you don't show up to the meeting I'll convince the head of the schoolboard to make me principal of Cuboy Academy in addition to this school!"

"Forget it, MewTube!" Nitrome Boss.

"Mewtwo?" the voice said again.

"I TOLD YOU TO GO TO THE RESTROOM!" MewTube Boss screamed.

"The students at my school are all bright and lively people and I won't let you snuff out your lights with your awful program!" Nitrome Boss said.

"My program is perfect!" MewTube Boss replied.

"I just saw Justin slamming his face against the table because he is so miserable here!"

"It's just one student."

"One student? As a principal, one student ought to mean the world to you! I may enjoy giving out detentions but I always have a reason to do it!"

"I'm bored of this conversation brotha. I'm going to go spruce up for the meeting. Goodbye!" MewTube Boss left the library.

Nitrome Boss stood up and tried to pull the feathers off, but they stuck to him like moths to a flame.

"Principal Nitrome Boss!" a group of voices said. Snow, Kapowski, Swindler, and Sparky dashed into the library.

"Aw man, we're too late!" Kapowski cried.

"We found this on the floor in the cafeteria. MewTube Boss must have dropped it while he was there." Sparky said. "It details his whole plan."

"We must stop him! I won't let that guy mess with Taco Tuesday!" Swindler declared.

"Swindler's right, we might have been too late to stop Principal Nitrome Boss from being dressed up like a chicken, but we can still stop MewTube Boss from making it to that meeting!" Snow said.

"Let's get going then." Nitrome Boss said.

They all ran out into the hallway.

"I know where his office is! Follow me!" Nitrome Boss said. They all dashed down the halls.

"Hey! You can't run in the halls!" a hall monitor shouted, grabbing up Kapowski. "It's to THE RESTROOM with you!"

"Kapowski!" Snow called.

"Don't worry Snow, it's just a bathroom, it can't be that bad!" Kapowski replied. The others continued running.

When the hall monitor arrived with Kapowski at THE RESTROOM, he took out a set of keys and unlocked the door.

"THE RESTROOM is the smelliest, most repulsive place you will ever go in your life! You'll be lucky if you make it through today alive! Also it's a girl's bathroom, which will be even more embarrassing for you even though this bathroom isn't used for actually going to the bathroom anymore. Eh, anyways." the hall monitor explained, opening the door. He shoved Kapowski inside and yelled, "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!" He then slammed the door and locked it again.

Kapowski covered his nose with his arm and held his breath, but when he turned around he just saw a bunch of students sitting and playing on their phones or talking.

"Sup." one of them said.

"I don't get it. Isn't this like a punishment?" Kapowski asked.

"Nah, this restroom has been a safe haven for students for a decade now. We do bad stuff and then we're all like, 'No, don't put us in THE RESTROOM! Then once we are in here we just hang out and play on our phones. Better than being miserable out there." one of them explained.

"It's like B'rer Rabbit and the briar patch." another one added.

"Got it." Kapowski said, nodding.

Meanwhile, the others had arrived outside MewTube Boss's office.

"Okay, so what should we do?" Swindler asked.

"I know, let's prank him like he did me." Nitrome Boss said.

"Not a bad idea. Okay, let's do it. Swindler, get some gruel and a tray from the cafeteria. Principal Nitrome Boss, get a bucket of water. Sparky, you get some toilet paper." Snow said.

They all ran off and returned with the needed items. They then set up their trap.

MewTube Boss stepped out of his office and stepped in the gruel on the tray.

"Ugh!" he cried, repulsed. Swindler then shoved him from behind and he slid forth down the hall across the slippery, wet floor. At the end of the hall Sparky wrapped him up in toilet paper and MewTube Boss then fell on his back.

"I figured the gruel would work like a sort of cement, and I was right, that tray is stuck to his feet." Snow said.

"Get this off of me! You'll pay for this, brotha!"

Several principals of other schools and the superintendent walked out the conference door to see what the commotion was.

"What is all this?" the superintendent asked.

"Oh well, uh, I am helping my students with a bit of costume design for our latest play. I'm the chicken man!" Nitrome Boss announced.

"And what is he doing?" he superintendent asked, indicating MewTube Boss on the floor.

"Making a fool of himself, haha."

"Well Principal Nitrome Boss, you were a bit late for the meeting, but I can see that you were helping your students. I think that speaks for itself. Well done, I'm expecting greater things from Cuboy Academy in these next few years with you as its principal."

"No! I'M supposed to be the principal of Cuboy Academy!" MewTube Boss shouted, struggling to get up.

Kapowski walked up to the group.

"Hey Kapowski, ready to go?" Snow asked.

Kapowski tossed a wet paper towel over his shoulder that bonked MewTube Boss on the nose. "THE RESTROOM is a briar patch." Kapowski said.

Episode Six: Father and Daughter

"Ah, Norman, meet my associates." the voice said.

"Um, it's too dark." Norman replied.

"Oh, right." the voice replied. A lamp flicked on and revealed several other figures.

"Mr. Dove, welcome back to the team. Mr. Prastic, you as well. Oh, and how could I forget Brick?" the voice said, introducing them each to Norman.

"Who are those guys exactly?" Norman asked.

"I've tried multiple times to stop these students. These three were some henchmen I had hired, but they each failed. I brought them back here though so that I could form a team to stop the students!" the voice replied.

"Nice. Got any more team members? We're going to need more than what we have right now to stop them." Norman pointed out.

"I have many potential team members, and one in the other room. He has neglected to come in here, but I assure you he is more than capable."

"So who are these potential team members?"

"Wilbur, Blink, Austin, Akuma, Mother, Droplet, to name some."

"That's a pretty good number of team members. So, should we start profiling?"

"Already done. You three, could you please leave Norman and I alone?"

The three mercenaries nodded and filed out of the room.

At Cuboy Academy, Snow and Blue were sitting down at their lunch table.

"So Blue, when is your next date with Sorbet?" Snow asked.

Blue looked down at the table. "Don't want to talk about it."

"Oh no, did you and Sorbet break up?"

"No, no we're still together. It was supposed to be tonight but I forgot to make reservations."

"And by 'forgot' he means he procrastinated by playing Warlock Quest and watching Rockitty Kawaii-Desu all week." Rex209 stated.

"Not true! I...also had homework..."

"Which you also didn't do."

"Rex, our dad is a teacher here, do you really think I'd get away with not doing my homework?"

"Fair point."

"Hey Blue, here's all of you homework." Kapowski said, handing a stack of papers to Blue as he joined them at the lunch table.

"Oh, thanks Kapowski." Blue said, stuffing it in his backpack.

"Kapowski!" Snow exclaimed.

"What!? What'd I do?" Kapowski replied.

"You can't be doing Blue's homework for him!"

"He said our friendship would be over if I didn't!"

"Blue! Is your friendship with Kapowski really cemented by him doing your homework for you?" Snow asked.

Blue sighed. "No, it isn't. I'm sorry Kapowski, I won't ask you to do my homework ever again."

"Thanks. Oh, here, I forgot to give you your book rep--" Kapowski began. A look from Snow made Kapowski laugh nervously as he tore the paper to shreds.

"Hey sweetie!" Sorbet said as she joined the table. She planted a kiss on Blue's cheek and said, "So, where are we going tonight?"

"Uh...about that..." Blue stammered.

"B-Blue, and I were just talking about cancelling his reservation at the Sushi Karaoke Club and uh, having a double date!" Snow blurted.

"Oh, uh, y-yeah!" Blue stuttered in agreement.

"Oh! That sounds wonderful! Where are we having it?" Sorbet asked.

"Well, we were um, just talking about that when you arrived. We were trying to decide where we should go." Kapowski supplied.

"Oh, all right. Maybe I can help come up with some ideas."

"Ideas for what?" Swindler asked as he and Licorice sat down.

"The, er, double date." Kapowski said.

Licorice gasped. "Double date!? Snow that's a great idea! I've been thinking of that ever since you and Kapowski started dating!"

"Oh, well...Lick, this double date I going to be me and Kapowski and Blue and Sorbet." Snow said.

"Aww! Come on! I've wanted to do this for, like, ever!" Licorice exclaimed.

"Well, why not have Swindler and Licorice come along too? Make it a triple date! The more the merrier!" Sorbet suggested.

"That's actually a great idea!" Swindler said.

"Where are we going?" Licorice asked.

"We still haven't decided." Blue responded.

They all thought of where they should go on their triple date.

"Oh! I know! Let's go to Space Hopper Milkshake Bar!" Swindler suggested.

"No!" Sorbet and Licorice said immediately.

"Why not? It's--oh, right. Ice cream. Heh, sorry about that." he said, scratching the back of his head.

"How about we go to Castle Corp Dinner and Show?" Blue suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds good." Snow said.

"Sounds awesome!" Swindler agreed.

"Great idea!" Sorbet added.

"Sounds like fun." Rex209 said.

"Um,'re not coming." Blue said.

"Why not?"

"We've been over this; because it would be weird if my sister came with me on a date with my girlfriend. Plus, you'd just be kind of a seventh wheel."

"None of you have wheels." Rex pointed out.

"It's an expression. Sorry Rex."

That night, Blue was running around his room trying to find his top hat.

"Rex! Rex! Have you seen my top hat!?" Blue called as he looked under the bed.

"Hm? Your what?" Rex replied.

"My hat! My top hat! You know, I wear it on my head!?"

"Oh, I can not say I've seen it."

"I can't leave without it, I don't want to go to a formal restaurant without a nice hat to cover my translator headband!"

"Oh, you don't say?"

"You're acting weird Rex. Have you seen my top hat?"


"Lie detector program activate." Blue said. "Now, did you take my hat?"

"No." Rex's voice was followed by a beep noise.

"Where is it?" Blue asked.

"Definitely not in my back left compartment." Another beep.

Blue shuffled over behind Rex and pulled open the back left compartment. He produced his hat from inside, putting it on his head.

"What's wrong with you, Rex?" Blue said before leaving.

Professor sat on the couch, eating popcorn and watching a movie.

"I'm going on my date with Sorbet, see you later dad!"

"Bye Blue, have fun!"

The door closed. Rex came down the stairs and sat next to Professor.

"Oh shoot, I should have asked him if he finished that book report." Professor said to himself.

"Professor." Rex said.

"Oh, hello Rex. Are you, uh, no, wait...I just remembered you don't eat food." Professor said.

"Professor, why am I always being left out?"

"Oh Rex, I don't think people mean to leave you out. Tonight is, a very special one for Blue. You understand right?"

"Yes, but I still...I don't know how to describe it."

"You are lonely?"

"Yes, that's it."

"Well, that's only natural to feel that way...for you particularly, I'd imagine."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, your programming is to be symbiotic with that of Blue. When he isn't around, you might feel as though you can't fulfil your purpose."

"On a level higher than programming though, what about that?"

Professor took a deep breath. "Rex, I am not very good at this type of thing. I mean, Blue is a biological life form, it is easy for me to think of him as my son. Don't get me wrong, I think of you like a daughter but...I don't think I've really treated you like one. Ever since I created you I've treated you like the mechanical creation you are, so I'm not very good at knowing how to talk to...a daughter. You understand what I mean, right?"

"Yes, I understand."

"You have something Blue could never have though. You have your mother's voice."


"Ah, I won't go into any more detail than that. I will tell you when you're older. Heck, I haven't even told Blue yet. Anyway, I can understand that you feel lonely. You and Blue spend a lot of time together though, you two are as close as siblings can be. Why don't you just find something to do tonight? Do you want to watch this movie with me?"

"Yes, that sounds nice." Rex said. "Thank you, Professor."

Professor looked over at Rex, and thought for a moment. He then smiled.

"Override programming code 52966." Professor stated.

Rex209 buzzed for a moment. Rex then looked over at Professor and said, "Thank you, dad."

At the Castle Corp Dinner and Show, the three couples were having a great time.

"Man, dinner was great!" Swindler said, patting his stomach.

"Yeah, and now the show is starting. We came at great time!" Kapowski said.

The show started and knights came out from corridors located below the dining area that led out into the arena in the middle of the room. A chain net hung from the ceiling around the arena for the audience's safety.

Knights started fighting with triple crossbows, sword guns, power bombs, and of course launching themselves at each other with jet packs.

After about five minutes, each of them got bored with the show.

"This got boring pretty fast." Sorbet said.

"Yeah, even I can agree with that." Kapowski added.

"Should we go see a movie instead?" Snow suggested.

"Waiter! Check please!" Blue called.

They all left the Castle Corp Dinner and Show and went to see a chic-flick, but the guys didn't mind.

Swindler and Licorice held hands, Snow snuggled up to Kapowski, and Blue and Sorbet hugged throughout the whole movie. Everyone had a great time.

After the movie, they all went home, with Licorice dropping them each off at their houses.

Blue walked inside to hear laughter coming from the kitchen. He went deeper into the house to find Professor and Rex sitting at the kitchen table, playing Monopoly.

"Oh, hey Blue, did you have a good time?" Professor asked.

"Uh, yeah. We had a great time. What's going on here?" Blue replied.

"Dad and I were playing some Monopoly." Rex209 answered.

Blue's eyes nearly bugged out of his blobby head. "Did you just call him dad!?"

"Yes, I overrode the code in Rex's programming that required she address me as Professor. We've had a great time too, we watched a movie, we talked about the theory of alternate realities, and now we are in a very close game of Monopoly. Rex's supercomputer is nearly beating me!" Professor said.

"Oh, that's pretty room for one more player?" Blue replied.

"Oh well, uh, Rex and I are already pretty far ahead..." Professor began.

"Of course you can join. I wouldn't want you to be left out." Rex said.

Episode Seven: This School Ain't Big Enough

The door closed with a quiet click. The mysterious figure laid out a number of file folders on the desk in front of himself.

"What are those?" Norman asked.

"Files on the students. Let's see..." the figure replied, opening up a folder.

"How thorough are they?"

"They hold information on their abilities and feats. They are all quite impressive, to say the least. For instance," the figure laid out the open folder on the desk for Norman to see.

"Rex209. Ultra-powerful Proton Suit Mecha-Droid. Designed by the Professor...she has many weapons at her disposal...missiles, lasers, hunting weapons, flamethrowers, an Audio Weapons System, and of course her signature proton cannon. Also possesses a nearly indestructible hull and super computers capable of deciphering codes and solving problems in a matter of seconds. She has taken down robotic overlord Mother, defeated shadow-monsters four times her size, beaten many of my bounty hunters, and travelled through time. She is quite possibly the most powerful out of the entire group. She must be our first priority."

"I hear you. While she's never taken any shots at me, from what you just read it sounds like she will be the biggest problem for us." Norman said in agreement.

At Cuboy Academy the friends were gathered in the library for history class.

"Now, class, remember that this project will count for one-third of your grade for this course. It is imperative that you work your very best on this project." Mr. Nutsinbultz said to the class.

"A third of our grade!? That's like...half of all the work we put in!" Swindler shouted in exasperation. Kapowski facepalmed in disbelief.

"It's a good thing this is history and not math. Please, be seated, Steven. There is no need to panic. If you simply follow the steps for the project, you will do just fine."

After class, Swindler ran up to Kapowski. "Kapowski, will you do my history project for me?"

"What!? No!" Kapowski replied.

"Why not!?"

"He'll be too busy doing mine for me, that's why." Hallbert said as he stepped up.

"Huh? I'm not doing anyone else's project, okay? You'll have to do it yourselves." Kapowski said.

"You can do my project or go to the moon, now which is it going to be?" Hallbert said.

"Hey, you can't threaten Kapowski like that!" Swindler said, shoving Hallbert back.

"Thanks Swindler." Kapowski said.

"Only I can threaten him like that!"

"Never mind, I've lost all respect for you." Kapowski said, beginning to walk away.

"Did you just shove me?" Hallbert asked.

Kapowski cringed. "Uh oh."

"Yes, I did." Swindler replied.

"Hey! You can't shove around Hallbert like that!" Paul said, stepping up. Teeno, Hotair, and Guillermo were right behind him.

"Thanks Paul." Hallbert said.

"Only I can shove Hallbert like that!" Paul continued.

"I feel like I've heard this before." Blue said as he, Licorice, and Snow joined them all.

"Oh, I get it. You think you can shove me around because you have your posse here to back you up, is that it?" Hallbert asked.

"No, I just didn't like you talking to my friend like that." Swindler replied.

"All right, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll have!" Hallbert yelled.

"Who said anything about fighting!?" Snow asked.

"Later today, in the gym room. Be there, or be a square!" Hotair said.

The other group then left the hallway while our heroes tried to figure out what to do.

"Did Plasmaster just address as 'our heroes'?" Kapowski asked.

"Now is no time to break the fourth wall, we've got to figure this out! We can't have a fight!" Snow exclaimed.

"Hey everyone! These guys are going to have a fight with Hallbert and his crew! Man, let's get this trending!" Onekey said, pulling out his phone.

"Great, now there is going to be an audience." Swindler said.

"Gee, why don't you sell tickets and concessions and T-Rex repellant for it, Swindler?" Kapowski retorted sarcastically.

"Hey man, being in a relationship requires that you have a lot of money ready for dates and other stuff, all right?"

"Snow and I don't have that problem."

"Huh, Snow I guess you're low maintenance then."

"Hey! What does that make me!?" Licorice shouted.

"Can we please get back to the subject!?" Blue cried.

"Blue is right, we need to try and sort this out with Hallbert and those other guys." Snow agreed.

"What can we do though? The way I see it there isn't anything else than to just go to the gym later and fight." Swindler said.

"Yeah, otherwise we're just a bunch of squares." Blue added.

"Well, being a square wouldn't be that bad, right?" Kapowski asked.

"I mean, you seem to get by just fine, Kapowski." Licorice said.

"Thanks...wait, was that some kind of clever way of saying I'm a square?"

"Kapowski hates being a square confirmed. Which means that by default, he agrees with me and Blue, majority rules, we are fighting." Swindler said.

"Hold on, Rex has a vote too, which means it is split unless Rex agrees with you." Snow pointed out.

"Logically, I am most well outfitted for combat...I am afraid I have to agree with the boys on this one." Rex209 stated.

Snow and Licorice groaned while Swindler and Blue pumped fists.

After school hours they met in the gym.

"You guys do realize this is just season one episode three all over again right?" Kapowski asked.

"Shush! The crowd is coming in." Blue said.

Once the crowd had assembled, Coach Rico blasted on his whistle.

"Um, Coach Rico, why are you condoning this?" Canary asked.

"It's physical fitness."

"I'd say it's more physical combat..."

"Just sit down!"

Swindler and Hallbert began grappling with one another, trying to throw each other to the ground.

Snow nimbly danced around Paul as he threw punches.

Rex209 fired lasers at Teeno, who barely managed to dodge each of her blasts while closing in.

Licorice and Hotair fought a rather one-sided battle, with Licorice freezing Hotair to the ground.

Kapowski nervously walked over to Guillermo, who was hiding under his helmet. Kapowski knocked lightly on it.

"Ahh! Wh-who's there?" Guillermo asked.

"Uh, Kapowski. Listen, I don't really want to do this either, can I hide in there with you?" Kapowski asked.

"S-sure!" Guillermo lifted up his helmet and Kapowski dove under it, with the helmet covering them both up again afterwards.

"Wow, it's pretty roomy in here." Kapowski said.

"Yeah, I'm supposed to be getting an extension on the left wing, but the guy hasn't called back yet. The plasma TV and mini-fridge were just installed yesterday. Frosted lemonade?" Guillermo replied.

"Don't mind if I do!" Kapowski said, his voice followed by a loud slurping noise.

"Grr! Stay...still!" Paul shouted as he hurled punches at Snow.

"Sorry, but I know that just one of your punches could kill me, so no thanks!" Snow responded.

"I'm holding back! I don't want to injure you guys, very much less kill you!" Paul said.

"Really? You can hold back just like that?" Snow said, stopping in her tracks.

"SHORYUKEN!" Paul shouted as he leapt up and delivered an uppercut to Snow, sending her flying through the air.

Swindler shoved Hallbert away and dove across the floor, catching Snow before she hit the ground. She was unconscious, so he laid her down on the ground away from combat. When he turned back around he saw Hallbert leaping towards him.

Swindler slid underneath Hallbert and grabbed him from behind, spinning around very quickly. He then released the now dizzied Hallbert, who fell flat on his face.

"HEY! STOP THIS INSTANT!" a loud voice boomed. The fight stopped and all eyes turned to Principal Nitrome Boss who galumphed into the room. "ALL TEN OF YOU ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE! DETENTION!"

The crowd of students ran out through every exit they could find to avoid being given detention as well.

"He said ten. Have fun in detention, Rex." Blue said as he ejected from the cockpit and rushed out with the other students.

"Wait, Principal Nitrome Boss. Guillermo and Kapowski didn't participate. Snow didn't either. She was an innocent bystander." Paul said.

"Oh, yeah, yeah that's right. She was standing over there and one of Paul's punches missed me and uh, hit her instead." Swindler said.

Principal Nitrome Boss narrowed his eyes. "Hmm...very well. Those three will not be punished. As for the rest of you, detention tomorrow after school! Takeshi!"

The ninja security guard appeared in a puff of smoke, which made Nitrome Boss cough and fan the smoke away with one hand.

"Yes, Nitrome Boss?" Takeshi asked.

"Get the school nurse, Miss Fox is in need of medical attention." Nitrome Boss said.

Takeshi nodded and puffed away again, causing another fit of coughing from Nitrome Boss.

"And cough stop using smoke to appear and vanish! You're going to set off the fire alarm if you keep it up!"

Episode Eight: Violin String Theory

Blue and Rex209 entered the school, Rex having a hazmat suit on around her. A few students screamed and ran, thinking Rex was some kind of alien.

"Whoa! Whoa! Okay! I'll take you to our leader, but to warn you, he is an ignoramus!" Swindler said, raising his hands in surrender.

The hazmat Suit deflated and fell off of Rex.

"Oh..." Swindler said, lowering his arms and feeling embarrassed.

"Rex, why were you wearing a hazmat suit? Hi Blue." Snow said.

"Sup." Blue replied.

"Blue insisted." Rex said.

"Why? Blue, did you do that to trick Rex into humiliating herself again? You did that last month with the whole 'Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?' incident! We haven't seen Dave for weeks!" Snow replied.

"You should've seen the look on his face, haha. Also, no, the reason for the suit is that Kapowski is sick and we were at his house this morning." Blue explained.

"Aw, I hope he feels better soon. Why were you guys over there?"

"I thought it would be nice to bring him some soup and blankets. Blue said he would only go with me if I wore a hazmat suit." Rex209 responded.

"Why?" Swindler asked.

"Listen, Kapowski is my best friend, but I don't want to get sick!" Blue said defensively.

"Man, that's too bad. He really wanted to come to my strings concert tonight." Snow said.

"Strings? You're doing a puppet show!?" Swindler exclaimed.

"I love puppets!" Licorice agrees.

"No, guys, its strings." Snow said, taking her violin out of her backpack.

"That's a violin, not a puppet." Swindler pointed out.

Snow giggled. "Never change Swindler, never change."

"Well, since Kapowski can't go, maybe we can go to the concert to cheer you on." Licorice suggested.

"That'd be great, thanks Lick." Snow replied.

The bell rung.

"Well, we'd better get to class." Snow said, putting her violin away.

Later that day, Blue, Snow, and Licorice were in their sixth period, math class.

"Now class, when solving for x with this form of an equation..." Dr. Siamese said as he gave his lesson.

"Blue, what at you doing?" Snow asked.

"We had two cans of soup at home, we brought one for Kapowski and then I am eating this one." Blue replied, a bowl of soup on his desk.

"You shouldn't be eating that in class, and besides, you just had lunch last period."

"Yeah Blue, stop being so irresponsible." Licorice said, playing with Snow's violin.

"Yeah Blue, you need to--Lick!? What are you doing!?" Snow whisper-shouted.

"What? I just wanted to figure out how to play this thing." Licorice said. "Do I uh, hit this part with this stick thingy?" Licorice whacked the bridge of the violin with the bow, snapping the bow in half.

Snow gasped.

"Huh, I guess not. Oh well, here you go." Snow said, handing the violin and broken bow to Snow. Snow sat there, her eyes wide and her mouth agape in disbelief.

"Uh, Blue, what spoon are you using?" Rex asked.

"Uh, the one I found in your right lower side compartment, why?" Blue replied, slurping up another spoonful.

"That was the spoon Kapowski used this morning." Rex answered. Blue spit soup out across the room.

"What!?" Blue shouted.

"What!?" Snow yelled.

"What!?" Dr. Siamese cried, covered head-to-toe in soup.

At the end of the school day, Swindler was at a vending machine. The others found him there.

"Licorice broke my bow!" Snow yelled.

"You mean that stick thingy?" Swindler replied, fishing a dollar from his wallet.

"Yes, the stick thingy. I can't play in the concert tonight without it!"

"Rex gave me a germy spoon!" Blue shouted.

"You were the one who took it out of my compartment, I didn't do anything." Rex responded.

"Yeah, just for that, when the barfing party starts, I'm closing the cockpit."

"Don't you dare get that gook on my hard drive, I just had it cleaned."

"Guys! Guys!" Swindler said.

"What!?" The four of them chorused.

"Do any of you have a five? I only have ones."

Snow rolled her eyes and exchanged five ones for a single five. "What are you doing anyway?"

"The vending machines are only on after school and I want to get some snacks to eat while we watch the concert." Swindler replied.

"Snow, I'm sorry I broke your stick thingy." Licorice said.

"Bow." Snow corrected.

"Whatever. Anyways, I want to help you fix it."

"It can't be fixed. The best we can do is go to the orchestra room and hope they have a spare in there."

"All right, let's go."

The two girls left to replace the broken bow.

"All right, let's get some snacks!" Swindler exclaimed. He slid the dollar bill in. The machine spat it back out. Swindler pushed it back in and the machine rejected it once again.

"You see that, Rex? Imagine that dollar bill is soup. That'll be me soon." Blue said.

"Darn thing." Swindler said as the machine rejected the dollar bill again. Swindler slid it in again only for it to be spat back out.

"Are you making sure it is face up?" Blue asked.

"Of course it is!" Swindler yelled, putting the dollar back in the slot only to be disappointed again.

Swindler smoothed the dollar out with his hands and put it in again. The machine rejected it.

Swindler furrowed his brow as he smoothed the dollar out against the corner of the vending machine. Swindler fed the dollar to the machine and the machine returned it to him again.

Swindler growled in anger and slapped the dollar against his leg. "It's got to work this time!"

Meanwhile, Snow and Licorice were in the orchestra room. Some strings members had already assembled and were practicing.

"Excuse me, Mr. Blotsam?" Snow asked. The strings teacher turned around. He had a black and white body and big feet with a dog-like face.

"Yes, Snow?" Mr. Blotsam replied.

"My friend here broke my bow and I wanted to know if you had any spares."

"Sorry, I don't believe we do..." Mr. Blotsam responded.

"Hey Mr. Blotsam, I accidentally took two bows home with me the other day to practice. Here you go." Canary said, handing Mr. Blotsam a bow.

"Well, that was convenient." Licorice said.

At the vending machine, Swindler was still struggling to put the dollar in the machine.

Swindler ran sandpaper over the dollar and shoved it into the slot. The machine laughed at his attempt and released the dollar.

"Rex, I need an iron." Swindler said.

"Charging repulsor blasts." Rex209 said.

"No, no! I need a clothes iron!"

"Oh, right." Rex said. An iron unfolded from her proton cannon and grew hot. Rex ironed the dollar and after it cooled down Swindler reeled one arm back and full-on slammed the dollar into the slot. The machine flashed with green lights. Swindler sighed his relief. The machine stopped flashing and spat the dollar back out.

Swindler fell to his knees. "WHY!?"

"Well, we're going to the concert." Rex said, walking away.

At the concert, Snow played the violin with the other strings students skillfully and beautifully.

"Huh, you know I'm not really into this kind of music, but I can appreciate it." Licorice said.

"Oh man! Oh no, here it comes!" Blue yelled. He then farted. "Oh. I guess that wasn't it. Man, this suspense is killing me!? Why won't it just happen already?!"

Swindler exhaled and calmed himself. He then did the 'Tree' yoga position and then bowed low to the ground with one arm raised up, his hand clutching the dollar. Swindler inhaled and then exhaled and released the dollar. The dollar flew from his hand and around his body and then glided into the vending machine slot. The machine flashed with green lights and then made a beeping noise. Swindler jumped into the air and celebrated.

The snack of his choice, a bag of chips, moved forth from the shelf it was on while Swindler danced the funky chicken. The chips fell forwards and got wedged between the edge of the shelf and the glass of the door. The quiet knock it made on the glass made Swindler stop in his tracks. He turned slowly to see the snack stuck inside the machine.


The audience was leaving the concert, having enjoyed the show.

"I'm going to go find Snow and tell her how I enjoyed it." Licorice said.

"All right." Blue replied. "Oh man, Rex, I can't take this anymore. I just know I'm going to explode!"

"Well, I think you've had enough." Rex responded.


"That wasn't Kapowski's spoon. It was a clean one."

"What!? Why!? Why did you tell me it was?"

"To get even with you."

"That's it! You apologize to me right now, Rex!" Blue shouted.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."

Episode Nine: Confiscation Conniption

"Hey Swindler, why are you so nervous?" Blue asked.

Swindler wiped some sweat from his forehead. "Well, my next game is today and it is against BetterthanCuboy Academy. After our last game against them, I'm a little worried."

"What happened at the last game?" Kapowski asked.

"Our school mascot got in the way and we missed a crucial shot and lost the game. I'm afraid it will happen again."

"Don't worry about it Swindler, it was an accident, it won't happen again." Blue assured him.

"I hope you're right..."

"Don't worry, Lick and I will be there to cheer you on. Right Lick? Lick?" Snow said.

Licorice was rapidly texting on her phone, not paying attention.

"Liiiick!?" Snow repeated. Licorice still didn't look up from her phone.

"Licorice!" Swindler called.

Licorice still didn't answer.

"Hang on one second." Blue said, fishing through his backpack. He took out an ice cream scoop and dropped it in front of Licorice. Licorice screamed, dropping her phone and jumping back out of her chair and onto Kapowski's desk.

Blue broke into a fit of laughing and rolled around in Rex's cockpit. "I've ALWAYS wanted to do that! Hahahahaha!"

"That wasn't funny, Blue! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Licorice yelled.

"Considering that you weren't talking, you might have gone into cardiac arrest without the ice cream scoop." Kapowski noted.

"What-e-ver. Where's my phone?" Licorice asked. She looked at where it was on the floor to see a blue-green hand pick it up. "Hey! Professor, give me back my phone!"

Professor walked back over to his desk and set the phone down on it.

"Sorry Licorice, but school policy is no phones in class unless for educational purposes." Professor replied, sitting down.

"I was using it for educational purposes! I was learning valuable social skills through texting!" Licorice protested.

Professor smiled. "You can pick it up at the end of the day."

"WHOA. End of the day!? The school day just started!"

"I know."

Licorice rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Oh, uh, I just remembered, uh, Kapowski and I have a, uh, science project we are supposed to be working on! Come on Kapowski!" Swindler said, standing up and dragging Kapowski to the other side of the room.

"Ouch! Dude, quit pinching my arm!" Kapowski yelled.

"Sorry. Listen, you need to help me."

"With a science project? We don't have one assigned. Are you working ahead?" Kapowski questioned, surprised.

"No, I just needed an excuse to talk to you away from Licorice. When she doesn't have her phone with her she goes ballistic." Swindler whispered.

"How ballistic are we talking?"

"Last year I had to shovel snow off my driveway in summer."

"Ooch, yikes. Seriously though, it's just for six or seven hours. How bad could it get in that amount of time?"

At lunch Licorice was very angry, not saying a word.

The others ate quietly.

"Should we say something?" Kapowski whispered to Blue and Swindler.

"No. Just don't make eye contact and don't let her see anything that is the color red." Blue replied in a quiet voice.

"How could he do this!? Who does he think he is!? What gives him the right to take MY property away from me!?" Licorice exploded angrily.

"Oh, well, you did break the school rules." Kapowski responded.

Licorice turned an icy cold stare on him. Kapowski slid down in his chair.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, I have got to get a zipper and lock surgically installed on my lips." Kapowski said, turning and starting to run. He tripped over his chair and he and the chair fell to the ground in a mess. Swindler helped the chair off of him and Kapowski scrambled to his feet again and took off with his arms behind him like Naruto.

"Licorice, you've just got to stay calm." Swindler said.

"I AM CALM!" Licorice screamed.

"Right, okay, so uh, are you coming to my game later today?" Swindler asked, nervously twiddling his thumbs.


"Yeah, okay!" Swindler cried, frightened by the sudden outburst. He tumbled backwards in his chair and then rolled across the floor. Much like Kapowski he picked himself up off the floor and ran away.

Licorice looked over at Blue.

"Allow me." Blue said. He and Rex stood up and threw themselves into their chair and slid across the floor. Rex stood up and ran away, blaring the 'Super Sonic Racing' song from her speakers.

Licorice groaned. Snow smiled weakly and said, "You'll do all right, Licorice." Snow then stood up and walked away with her tray of food. Her chair teetered back and fell to the ground by itself as though it were feeling left out.

At Swindler's game Snow, Blue, Rex, and Kapowski sat down in the bleachers to spectate.

"Now, before we begin the game, let's introduce our beloved school mascot, Scotty Squirrel!" Mail Bird announced. A student wearing a squirrel suit ran out onto the court and all of the Cuboy Academy students cheered.

"Hmm...something isn't right about the mascot." Snow observed.

"Do you think it's Austin?" Kapowski whispered.

"Maybe...let's follow him."

The two of them stood up and left their seats.

"Where are they going?" Rex asked.

"Probably under the bleachers." Blue replied.


"That's one of the best make-out spots in the whole school." Blue explained.

Licorice stormed into Professor's classroom. He stood at his desk, holding her phone.

She put out her hand. "Give. It. Back."

"Oh, well you see Licorice, the thing is...this is your second offense having your phone out in class." Professor replied.

"Yeah, that's great. Give me my phone."

"I can't. I'm supposed to bring it down to the office and your parents will have to pick it up later. Sorry, I didn't look at the records until the end of the last period of the day. I was just on my way to deliver the phone, actually."

Licorice glared at the Professor and inhaled.

"Oh, I get it. You're going to try and freeze me. All right, you'll get your phone. Just give me a moment." Professor said.

Licorice stopped her freezing breath and relaxed.

Professor pulled a strange device from his desk drawer. He pressed a button on it and raised the device over his head. A circle of green energy appeared over his head and then moved down over his body and he vanished.

"Well, Licorice, you will get your phone, just not now. You'll get it back from your parents when they pick it up." Professor said after he reappeared at the other side of the room. He flipped the device into the air like a coin. "Old teleportation device. Never get to use this thing anymore." With that, Professor left his classroom.

Kapowski and Snow entered the locker room in search of the mascot.

Towels, bags, socks, sweaty clothes, and empty water bottles were strewn about the room.

"Boys are gross." Snow said.

"Yeah, some are." Kapowski agreed.

They found the mascot in the corner of the room, but it was only the suit.

"Where is the student who wore it?" Kapowski wondered. Suddenly they heard the sound of something hard hitting the floor behind them and they soon found themselves surrounded by purple energy as they floated up into the air.

"Whoa!? What is this?!" Snow exclaimed.

Warlock stepped out from behind a set of lockers. "Hahahahaha! I knew you'd try to stop me, agent. Though I can't say I've met your new partner."

"Who is this guy?" Kapowski asked.

"Warlock. He's a student at Nitrome Towers School for Delinquent Boys. I've only had one run-in with him, but he loves causing mischief." Snow responded.

"Yeah! I sabotaged the last game between Cuboy Academy and BetterthanCuboy Academy with the mascot, and I plan it do it again. I figured once I did it the first time though that you would notice, so I decided to set up a trap." Warlock said.

"Why are you doing this?" Kapowski asked.

"Listen, I really have no revenge story or ill will towards you guys. I just love causing mischief, and I don't like it when people ruin the fun!"

"Fair enough."

Warlock tied the two agents up with towels and gagged them with some socks and then levitated them higher so that they were stuck up against the ceiling. "There, that should keep you out of my way."

He then raised his staff and the mascot floated up and he controlled it like it was a puppet. The mascot humorously ran out to the gym where the basketball game was in progress.

The mascot stood on the edge of the court and waited for Swindler to come near so it could throw itself in front of him.

Suddenly the door of the locker room slammed shut and Austin Carter came into the room.

"Hey!" Austin called. Warlock looked over, confused.

Kapowski and Snow's muffled calls alerted Austin to their presence as well.

"What do you think you're doing? Only I can cause trouble at Cuboy Academy! Stop this right now!" Austin commanded.

Warlock grinned and slammed his staff on the ground, causing Austin to levitate off the ground as well. Austin then flickered and vanished. Warlock was surprised by this and was then tackled from behind by Austin.

"Hologram. Tricked Snow too a while back. Anyways, you heard what my hologram said. Cuboy Academy is my turf!" Austin said. He wrestled Warlock's staff from his hands and threw it across the room. The staff bounced off of lockers and its magic fizzled out. Snow and Kapowski fell to the ground and outside the mascot collapsed on the floor before it could sabotage the game.

"Whoa!? Did you see that? The mascot just fell to the ground! I hope he doesn't start playing music box music and then jump-scares us!" Blue shouted.

Austin untied Kapowski and Snow.

"Thanks Austin." Snow said.

"No problem. Don't expect me to do that too often." Austin said, smiling.

Kapowski and Snow ran to their seats and managed to catch the end of the game. BetterthanCuboy Academy won, but by a small amount and without the mascot sabotage.

Licorice joined the others at the bleachers.

"Hey Lick, did you get your phone back?" Blue asked.

"My daddy just picked it up and he told me I'm not getting it back until my grades in science improve." Licorice replied, clearly mad.

"Oh, wow, would you look at the time, Snow and I have to, um, go under the bleachers, to uh, find something. Yeah!" Kapowski exclaimed, taking Snow's hand and practically flying down the stairs.

"Oh, right, and I have to visit my grandmother." Rex said, dumping Blue out and running away.

Blue looked up at the angry Licorice.

"'s a good thing I'm Blue and not Red, right? Hehe..."

Episode Ten: Leaf It To Me!

"Yeah, I get what you're saying. I just hope he actually makes a New Year's episode this year like he promised to in Season Three." Blue said.

"Fourth wall Blue. Come on, at least when Kapowski does it it's a little bit justified since he does it all the time!" Licorice said.

"What!? I don't do it that much!" Kapowski exclaimed defensively.

"Yes you do." Swindler, Blue, Licorice, and Snow chorused.

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do." the entire class said.

"Fine, maybe I do do it a lot."

"Ha! You said doo-doo." Swindler said.

"Very mature of you Swindler. Now, onto the newest assignment. Over the next week, you will be taking care of...these!" Professor said, pulling a sheet off of a table. On the table were rows of Venus fly traps.

"Yay! I've always wanted to do one of these kinds of projects!" Kapowski exclaimed.

"Now, next Monday you'll bring your plant back to class and will be graded based on the health of your plant. You must ensure that they get the essential needs and in appropriate quantities." Professor explained.

The bell rang and the students all rose from their seats, gathering their bags and collecting a Venus fly trap as they left.

"Man, I'm pumped!" Kapowski said.

"It's just a plant man. All they do is sit there." Swindler said.

"These are...special plants Swindler. You'll see soon enough." Snow replied.

Swindler shrugged. "All right, if you say so."

At home, Swindler tossed the plant onto his desk and then fished his homework out of his backpack. After completing his math homework, he went over to the plant. He poked the flowerpot it sat in.

"What's so cool about you anyway? I put you here in the sunlight and you're good to go. What an easy and boring project." Swindler said. Suddenly a fly flew around his head, buzzing in his ears. He swatted the fly away with his hands, but it kept coming back.

"Go away! Stupid fly! Argh!" Swindler yelled as he swung at the fly. The fly suddenly flew over to the plant and was promptly trapped in the plant's jaw-like leaves.

"Whoa! Cool! The plant is a little exterminator! That's rad!" Swindler exclaimed.

The next day at lunch, Swindler couldn't stop talking about the plant.

"You should've seen it Kapowski! I fed it grasshoppers, flies, spiders, all kinds of bugs! My room has never been cleaner!" Swindler said.

"I'm glad you're enthusiastic about botany for once Swindler, but you shouldn't feed it too much." Kapowski said.

"Its name isn't Botany! Its name is Bethany!"

"First off, botany isn't a name, it's the science of plants. Secondly, you named your plant?"

"Well, yeah!"

"Swindler, once you name it, you become attached to it! Now put that thing back where it came from, or so--" Blue said.

"Well I think it's great that Swindler is enjoying science, and he should explore it further." Snow said.

"Of course, I'm just saying that he should explore it further with caution. You don't know if overfeeding the Venus Fly Trap will have any unforeseen consequences." Kapowski said.

"Ah, don't worry about me Kapowski, I'm like, the most careful guy around! Hey Blue, want to go bungee jumping off of the Nitrometris Bridge after school today?" Swindler asked.

"Swindler, that bridge is only six feet off of the ground." Rex informed him.

"Don't worry, I'm using like thirty feet long bungee cords, it'll be fine!"

"I...think I'll just be taking these for now." Snow said, removing the bungee cords form Swindler's backpack.


"Swindler, how about I come over to your house after school today to help you care for your plant?" Kapowski offered.

"Don't you have to take care of your plant?" Swindler replied.

"No worries, I set up a Rube Goldberg machine last night that dispenses a fly directly into the plant's mouth every two hours."

"How does that work?" Licorice asked.

"Well, first my alarm clock goes off at the one hour and fifty nine-minutes mark, then the alarm scares my pet bird into flying around in his cage. When my bird gets frightened, he rings a doorbell which is wired to a--"

"Yeeeaaah I'm already regretting asking that."

The lunch bell rang and they packed up their trash.

"Oh yeah, so we are meeting up at my house right?" Swindler asked.

"Yeah." Kapowski responded.

After school, Kapowski went over to Swindler's house and they went up to his room where the plant was being kept.

"Whoa! What is going on with the plant!?" Kapowski asked.

The Venus Fly Trap was hopping around the room eating up any bugs it could find, each one it ate increasing its size.

"What do you mean? That's what they do isn't it? Besides, I think a better question is how did all of these bugs get in my room? I guess I should stop leaving my window open all the time." Swindler said.

The Venus Fly Trap hopped out the window and onto the roof.

"Oh no! Careful Bethany! You might fall and break your pot!" Swindler exclaimed.

"Not to mention you'll get an F." Kapowski remarked.

Swindler climbed out onto the roof and scooped up the plant, bringing it back inside.

"Swindler, you fed it too much. It shouldn't be hopping around and eating bugs on its own like that." Kapowski said.

"Well, I mean, there is something I didn't tell you." Swindler replied.

"What's that?"

"After a while I got bored of it eating the same stuff over and over again. So I went into my garage and found some super-growth fertilizer that I gave to the plant."

"You did what!?"

"After a while I got bored of it eating the same stuff over and over again. So I went into my garage--"

"I got that already! If we don't do something soon it could grow large enough to eat people! We have to kill it!"

"No! I won't let you kill Bethany!" Swindler responded, turning away with the plant in his grasp.

"Look, maybe I can convince Professor to give you a C- on the project instead of an F..."

"I don't care about the grade, Kapowski! Bethany is my pet plant!"

"Did you just say 'pet'?"

"Yeah, pet plant! Seriously, look at her!" Swindler said, showing Kapowski the plant.

The Venus Fly Trap had its tongue hanging out as it panted and then it let out a sound that could only be described as a bark.

"Man, I guess she doesn't look all that harmful...all right Swindler, but you have to take care of her. Don't overfeed or underfeed her, make sure she gets plenty of sunlight..."

The Venus Fly Trap licked Swindler's face and he laughed. "I know Kapowski, I know."

"You'll still have to bring her to school next week to get the project graded."

"Yeah, okay, whatever. Come on Bethany, let's go outside and play!" Swindler said, running out of the room. The plant hopped out after him. Kapowski sighed. Swindler poked his head back inside. "Hey Kapowski, aren't you coming too? Bethany is going to fetch a Frisbee out there!"

"I do like Frisbees...all right, let's do it!" Kapowski said. They all went outside and played Frisbee with Swindler's new plant pooch.

Episode Eleven: Brawl of the Bands

"Hey guys, look! The Brawl of the Bands is next weekend!" Snow said, grabbing a flier off of the bulletin board.

"Aaaaand roll credits." Blue said.

"We should all enter!" Snow said.

"Enter what?" Kapowski said as he and Licorice joined the group.

"The Brawl of the Bands! We'd all make a great band!"

"Snow, you're the only one who knows how to play an instrument, and it doesn't even go well with, you know, bandy-type music." Swindler pointed out.

"Uh, actually, I know how to play drums, Spanish guitar, and the accordion." Kapowski said.

"Only one of those sounds appealing." Blue said.

"Great! I'll go get my accordion!"

"Not...that one." Swindler said, grabbing Kapowski's arm.

"Besides, I can sing." Snow continued.

"Really?" Licorice asked.

"Heck yeah she can! She's amazing!" Kapowski exclaimed.

"Rex can do sound mixing and keyboardist stuff." Blue said.

"I don't want to do that." Rex replied.

"Why not?"

"I have always wanted to play...the triangle." Rex explained.

"The triangle? Are you freaking kidding me?"

"You can play the triangle and do sound mixing and keyboardist stuff, Rex." Snow said.

"Okay!" Rex responded.

"I'll bet I can learn a song or two on the bass guitar, I used to play back in middle school." Swindler said.

"What am I going to do!?" Licorice asked.

" can do back-up singing?" Kapowski suggested.

"Aw, yeah! That sounds awesome! I'm gonna go practice right now!" Licorice exclaimed, skipping off.

"We're turning off her mic, right?" Snow asked.

"Oh yeah, totally." Kapowski and Swindler chorused.

"What about you Blue?" Rex asked.

"Me? I thought my job was to sit back and watch the show." Blue replied.

" could be our overbearing sarcastic jerkwad of a band manager." Kapowski offered.

"Kapowski, it isn't like a real band. It's just for the one night, we aren't playing any gigs." Snow said.

"I don't care, I'll take it. It'll give me an excuse to be an asshole." Blue said.

"Blue! This series is PG!" Kapowski yelled.

"It is? Since when? Also, don't break the fourth wall." Blue replied.

Swindler and Rex (with Blue) walked off to head to their next class. Kapowski and Snow started walking when suddenly they were stopped by four guys wearing caps. One of them had a white cap while the others wore yellow caps.

"Who are you guys?" Snow asked.

"Who are we?" the one in the white hat replied, smirking under his white cap. The four of them spun around and then struck a pose.

"Prepare for trouble!" he said.

"Make it quadruple!" the other three in yellow hats said.

"To protect the world from deconstruction!"

"To carry out plans with little instruction!" the other three said.

"To expose the evils of honesty and like-liking someone!"

"To surge forth until we are number one!"




"The Demolition Crew will win once and for all!" the one named Foreman said.

"Give up now or prepare to brawl!" the others said.

"Larry! Good call!" the last one cheered.

"Haha! That's right! We are the Demolition Crew, and we are--hey, where'd they go!?" Foreman exclaimed.

"Over there!" Barry shouted, pointing. The four of them chased after Snow and Kapowski.

"Hey! Weren't you listening?" Foreman yelled.

"Well we were but it got kind of long-winded." Kapowski replied.

"Argh! We are the Demolition Crew and we are the other band in the Brawl of the Bands this year!"

"Oh! That's great! Good luck to you!" Snow said, smiling cheerfully.

"N-no! We've entered every year the last two years and lost each time! This year we're winning, even if that means ensuring there is no competition."

"Well, out of our entire band only three of us are musically gifted, and one of them is a robot,'ve got an advantage." Kapowski said.

"Exactly! Wait...huh?"

"We've got to get to class. Good luck on Saturday though!" Snow said as the two of them walked away.

"Uh...right. Okay..."

"Boss, what do we do now?" Garry asked. "Can I blow 'em up!?"

"No! No blowing things up! Aw man, they've got a robot in their band, what do we have that can compete against that?"

"We have Larry." Barry said.

"Larry nearly drowned when he was getting a drink at the water fountain this morning. Robots are super cool and awesome, Larry is...not."

"Well what can we do?" Garry asked.

"Hmm...Barry, has your cousin Ivan gotten out of juvie yet?"

The six friends met up at Blue's house and had set up in the garage.

Swindler plugged his electric bass guitar into an amp. "What song are we going to play for the event guys?"

"I've already got one picked out! I highlighted your parts to play." Snow said, handing out music sheets.

"Awesome!" Kapowski said, setting it on the music stand in front of his drums.

"Okay, let's start practicing."

They practiced their song and after they finished they talked about what they needed to improve.

"Rex, a little less triangle on the next one, okay? Kapowski, ease up on the cymbals, and Swindler, you can't just play all of your parts in one stretch, or you'll finish way earlier than the rest of us." Snow said.

They practiced again and decided they were a lot better now.

"All right, a few more practices and we'll win the Brawl of the Bands for sure!" Swindler exclaimed.

On Saturday they assembled backstage to the auditorium.

They went out on the stage with all of their instruments and saw that a large crowd had assembled.

The other band, The Demolition Crew, was assembled at the other side of the stage with a giant speaker behind them.

"Welcome to the Brawl of the Bands! On the left side we have...The Demolition Crew!" Mail Bird announced. "And on the right we have...Fox and the Spacies!"

"That isn't the name we agreed on." Snow said.

"Sorry, when I was filling out the application I was super tired from doing band manager stuff." Blue replied.

"Let the Brawl of the Bands commence!" Mail Bird called.

Snow and the others played their song and then Mail Bird flew out onto the stage. "Let's see what the Applausometer has to say!" The crowd applauded, cheered, and whistled, and the meter on the Applausometer rose higher and higher.

"Very good! Give it up again for Fox and the Spacies!" Mail Bird said. The crowd cheered one last time. "All for The Demolition Crew!"

The Demolition Crew all jammed out on their instruments, causing quite an awful ruckus.

The crowd booed them, and Foreman got quite angry.

"All right, I was hoping we wouldn't have to do this...Barry! Turn on the Eardrum Shredder!" Foreman called.

Barry nodded and pushed a button. The giant speaker behind then rose up off the floor slightly and dozens of more speakers of smaller yet still impressive size popped out of all sides. The giant speaker began to amplify the sound of their ruckus and everyone in the auditorium covered their ears.

The glass windows in the auditorium shattered and the lights began to flicker.

"We need to stop that giant speaker!" Snow yelled.

"What!? I can't hear you! Somebody needs to turn off that giant speaker!" Licorice yelled.

"I've got it!" Rex exclaimed. She took out the triangle she had played during their song and hurled it at the Eardrum Shredder. The triangle impaled itself in the gargantuan speaker and a jolt of electricity was released from it. The entire speaker system shut down as it was shorted out.

"I don't get it, how'd you do that?" Kapowski asked.

"I placed a magnetic force around the triangle that shorted out the speaker's circuits." Rex replied.

"No! We were winning!" Foreman yelled, kicking over a microphone stand.

"You guys should probably know that louder doesn't equal better." Swindler said.

"Yeah, also, you guys are disqualified." Mail Bird said.

"Aw man, every time!" Foreman shouted as he stomped a foot.

"The winners are...Fox and the Spacies! By default, that is." Mail Bird announced.

"Cool! We won by default!" Swindler cheered.

Episode Twelve: Happy New Year!

The six friends had gathered over at Swindler's house to play video games

"Thanks again for the Christmas present, Kapowski." Blue said.

"No problem. I had no idea what to get you for Christmas this year until I found out you liked Rockitty Kawaii-Desu." Kapowski replied.

"Well, now we have to wait three hundred and fifty nine days until next Christmas. Man, if only there were some other holidays to fill the gap." Swindler said, picking up a controller.

"That's not true Swindler. There's Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Valentine’s Day." Snow replied, looking over at Kapowski on the last one. Kapowski blushed red.

"Don't forget New Year's." Blue added, rapidly tapping buttons on his controller.

"Blue, quit spamming! Besides, what's so great about New Year's anyway? For the next two weeks after it you write the wrong year for the date on your assignments, lots of people start off the year with car accidents, and all of those people wear the goofy glasses with the year number on them." Swindler replied.

"What about the New Year's parties, and watching the ball drop, and New Year's resolutions?" Snow said. She stuck her tongue out one side of her mouth as she mashed buttons on the controller. "Ha! Take that, Blue!"

"Aw man, how did I not see it coming?" Blue cried.

"Please, nobody keeps their New Year's resolutions!" Swindler exclaimed.

"There are loads of people that do, actually." Kapowski said.

"Yeah, like last year I made a New Year's resolution to never have a bad hair day, and I did it!" Licorice cheered.

"There's still fifteen more hours of this year, Lick, you could still mess up your hair." Snow pointed out.

"Oh my gosh! You're right! I need to take every precaution to make sure that doesn't happen! Swindler, do you have any helmets around here?"

"Yeah, in the garage." Swindler replied, absent-mindedly pushing on the right shoulder button of his controller.

"Wait, I can't use a helmet to protect my hair, I might get helmet hair! Snow, do you have any hair gel to keep my hair in place?"

"Not with me, sorry. You're the one who has a mobile spa for a purse." Snow responded.

"You're right, I might have something in there, I'll be right back."

Licorice left the room to get her purse.

"Wait, today is New Year's Eve?" Swindler asked.

"Yep." Blue answered.

"The calendars used to have April as the first month of the year, and after the change April 1st went from being the first day of the year to April Fool's Day to make a mockery of anyone who didn't use the new calendar system." Rex209 stated.

"Nobody asked for your history lesson, Rex!" Blue yelled.

"You're just salty that Snow and I won." Kapowski said, pressing the start button on his controller.

"Well maybe we would have won if Swindler didn't press the same button over and over."

"You know Swindler, I've been meaning to tell you, but I'm actually having a New Year's party at my house. You should come, all of our friends are going to be there!" Snow said.

"I guess I'll come, but not because it's New Year's! Just to hang out with friends." Swindler replied.

"Okay. I could not find any hair gel in my purse, crisis!" Licorice exclaimed.

"You went this long through the year with no issues, the odds of something happening are miniscule." Rex said.

"I don't want to take any risks. Swindler, come on, we're going to the store to get hair gel."

"Why do I have to come?" Swindler complained.

"I don't want my hair getting ruined by the wind, so you're holding it in place until we get to the store."

"Ugh. Fine. I'll see you guys at the party tonight." Swindler said, putting down his controller and leaving with Licorice.

"Why is she so worried? Her hair is literally the swirly part of her ice cream, it hardly counts as hair." Kapowski said.

Snow shrugged. "Okay Rex, now that Swindler is gone Blue needs a new player on his team."

A pair of robotic arms popped out of Rex's hull and grabbed Swindler's controller. "Let's do this. You won't be able to handle my Mega Man main!" Rex exclaimed.

"Haha! Now we're talking. With a supercomputer robot on my team there is no way we'll lose!" Blue exclaimed.

A few minutes later...

"How did we lose!?" Blue yelled.

"Why would you pick Jigglypuff and spam Rest? First of all, Jiggs is the worst in the game, and second, Rest only kills above 60!" Rex shouted.

"That move kills? I thought it healed teammates!"

Kapowski laughed.

"This isn't funny! Prepare for my true main...Little Mac!" Blue announced.

"Oh gosh." Rex said, knowing this wouldn't end well.

Meanwhile, at the mall, Licorice had just bought some hair gel.

"There, all done applying it. Phew! Now I don't have to worry about my hair for the rest of the day!" Licorice said.

"Man, my arms are tired from holding up your hair. Can we stop and get something to eat?" Swindler asked.

"Well, I guess, but only because you're such a great boyfriend." Licorice replied. Swindler grinned.

That evening, people were beginning to arrive at Snow's house for the party.

"Hey Canary! Glad you made it!" Snow said.

"I wouldn't miss it, Snow!" Canary replied.

"Hey Lyn, Hallbert, welcome!"

"It was nice of you to invite us Snow, thanks." Lyn replied. She bumped Hallbert in the ribs with an elbow, making him wince a bit.

"Oh, uh, right, thanks for inviting us." Hallbert said in agreement.

Soon everyone had arrived and the party was in full swing.

"Who wants to play foosball with us, the undisputed foosball champions!?" Kit asked.

"Come on Swindler, let's go play!" Kapowski said, pulling Swindler along with him.

"I don't know...we haven't played it together for years." Swindler replied.

"Swindler, you said you wanted to hang out with your friends, and this how we are doing it right now. So come on!"

"Well, I never thought I'd see the day when you were more eager to get social than I was, so why not? I really just got to get into the party mood, you know?"

Swindler and Kapowski were destroyed at foosball by Kit and Angelo.

"Man, you guys are really good! Good game." Swindler said, shaking hands with them both.

"Thanks! So, who's next?" Angelo said.

"Everyone! The ball is going to drop in ten minutes! Come on over to the living room!" Snow called.

All of the party-goers assembled in the living room with cups of sparkling cider, ready to do the countdown.

"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" everybody cheered. They all clinked glasses and drank sparkling cider. Snow and Kapowski had a midnight kiss, as did any other couples that were at the party.

"Ooh! Ooh! Let's share New Year's Resolutions!" Blue exclaimed. "I'll go first. My New Year's resolution is to start going to bed earlier."

"Uh, Blue, it's past midnight." Swindler pointed out.

"Oh...right. Well, I guess nobody keeps their New Year's resolutions anyhow."

"My resolution is to finally break my father's record!" Hallbert announced.

"Mine is to not have to run for my life as much..." Kapowski said.

"My New Year's resolution is to make more friends and less mistakes." Snow cheered.

"What about you Swindler?" Canary asked.

"Hm? Oh, uh, I don't know. Play more basketball, I guess." Swindler replied.

"Come on, you can do better than that!" Kapowski exclaimed.

"Well...I guess I will try to be more excited for next New Year's." Swindler said, smiling.

"That's the spirit!" Blue shouted, throwing his arms up into the air. His drink flew out of his hand and spilled onto Licorice.

"Ah! No! My New Year's resolution is ruined!" Licorice cried as he hair lost its shape.

"It's all right, Licorice, it's the new year, you made it all of last year without a single bad hair day!" Swindler said.

"I know that! I'm talking about this year! I had the very same resolution this year and its ruined already! Thanks a lot Blue!"

"No problem." Blue responded.

"Happy New Year, everybody!" Kapowski cheered.

Author's Note: Happy New Year indeed! I know, this episode came out earlier than actual New Year's, but whatevs. Anyhow, my New Year's resolution (one of them anyway) is to finish Seasons Four and Five before 2018. I have such an awesome (even if small) audience that I absolutely love to write episodes of this series for, so I hope you are looking forward to this next year. Also, while I love to hear your feedback via Discord or other messaging apps, the reason why I finished Seasons One and Two so quickly is because I always came back to this page to read comments, and when I did it inspired me to write another episode while I was still looking at the page, so if you could help me accomplish my goal by leaving a comment on this page after I post episodes, that'd be awesome. Happy 2017!

Episode Thirteen: The Vengeance Union!

"Aw, look, little baby Blue brought his coloring books to school!" Radd Bradd said, holding up the book.

"Argh! Give that back!" Blue shouted. Bradd put a hand on Blue to keep him away while raising the book higher in the air.

"What? You going to throw your animal crackers at me?"

"Gah! Rex, sick 'em!" Blue yelled.

Rex stepped forward and a growling sound came from her speakers. Bradd took his hand off of Blue and picked up his skateboard to defend himself.

"Bradd, give Blue his book back." Snow said. Bradd lowered the book and his skateboard.

"Of course." He gave the book back to Blue. "We were just having a little fun, right?" He rubbed Blue's head, which made Blue turn red with rage.

Bradd rolled away on his skateboard.

"Man, why is he so mean to us?" Blue asked.

"He isn't always like that. I think he's just mad about that time you high-fived his face and out him in the hospital." Snow replied.

"Man, hasn't he gotten over that already?"

"He...knows how to hold a grudge. Anyways, what are you working on in that book?"

" isn't finished yet, but I guess you can take a look."

Snow opened the book to find it full of pictures, speech bubbles, and color.

"A comic book? You're making a comic book? That's so cool!" Snow said.

"Go on, read what it has so far!" Blue urged.

Snow flipped to page one and began reading.

It was a beautiful day in the city of Xenopolis, and all was going well at the headquarters of The Vengeance Union...

"The Vengeance Union?" Snow asked.

"Don't break the atmosphere! Read it all the way through and ask questions after!" Blue responded.

"Look at that beautiful skyline. Has the city ever been safer than it is now?" said the Cerulean Spark.

The Cerulean Spark was a tall, muscular, drop-dead-gorgeous ladies-man with chiseled abs, glistening eyes, skin as blue as the Caribbean seas, a dashing smile, wavy and luscious hair, and a flowing blue cape with his emblem, a blue lightning bolt, adorning it.

"There hasn't been a villain alert from the computers for you think an evil mastermind has somehow hacked our computers into not alerting us? Or that a mad scientist is jamming our signals with some kind of space laser satellite!?" Nerdacus asked, pulling at his hair in frustration.

Nerdacus was scrawny and inferior to the Cerulean Spark in every way, but because of the Cerulean Spark's unending generosity, Nerdacus has been allowed to join his team of superheroes, the Vengeance Union.

"It's fine, Nerdacus. Nothing wrong with the computers, there just hasn't been action in a while. Just a dry spell, okay? I know you're paranoid and eager for action, but if the city is safe, then that means we've been doing our jobs right!" said Swindler Man as he walked in with a stack of pizza boxes in his arms.

"All right, lunch is here!" Cerulean Spark cheered, taking a seat at the table.

Snow looked up from the comic book. "Hold up...Swindler Man?"

"I couldn't come up with anything else, okay? Now come on, keep reading or lunch will end before you can finish!" Blue replied.

Snow sighed and went back to reading.

The other two members of their team filed in at the mention of lunch. The Purple Swirl and Silent Owl grabbed slices of pizza and began to munch on it, when suddenly the computer started beeping.

"Aha! I knew it! I knew this day was too beautiful to go without trouble! Let's see here..." Nerdacus typed a bunch of codes into the computer. "All right, what's the problem, Rex?"

On the large monitor above them displayed a number of images. "The evil mastermind Dr. Trigonoggintry is up to his old tricks. He has an evil robot army marching through the southern side of the city." Rex the computer explained.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" The Purple Swirl said, flying out the window.

Nerdacus ran at the speed of light down the stairs and out across the city while Swindler Man leapt out the window and then super jumped over the skyscrapers. Silent Owl became invisible and the Cerulean Spark's eyes glowed with light. Mechanical parts flew towards him from around the room and assembled themselves into a jetpack which he then blasted off with.

Soaring through the skies, Cerulean Spark scanned the ground for signs of trouble. He spotted the Purple Swirl and Nerdacus battling the robots in the streets below, and dove down to assist them. As he flew downwards something struck him from the side and he flew into the side of a skyscraper. His jetpack was destroyed from the impact. He leaped out from the wreckage and landed on the ground, bouncing off of his powerful ankles. Swindler Man arrived on the scene and began to hurl robots into orbit with his superhuman strength.

The Cerulean Spark looked up at the rooftops to see what it was that had hit him, but saw nothing. Despite this, he remained vigilant and wary, and being as awesome as he was, he did these things with little to no effort.

Behind him, Silent Owl appeared, making herself visible. She clapped her hands together and electricity surged throughout them, which she then blasted at the evil robots.

"Everyone, remember, we have fought and defeated Dr. Trigonoggintry dozens of times, and the key to victory is always to target him. Defeat him, and the robots follow!" Cerulean Spark announced, his battle strategy flawless as always.

"Right, Purple Swirl and I will keep the robots from harming any civilians while the rest of you get Dr. Trigonoggintry." Silent Owl replied.

Cerulean Spark nodded and commanded nearby technology to flock to him. It assembled itself into a large mechsuit around him which he then ran through the street in, bashing any foolish robots aside.

"Yeeha! Gotta go fast!" Nerdacus exclaimed, speeding alongside Cerulean Spark.

"Still trying to come up with a good superhero catchphrase?" Cerulean Spark asked.

Nerdacus grinned nervously. " was that one?"

"It left a bit to be desired..."

"Look out!"

Cerulean Spark leapt to the side in his mechsuit as his assailant slammed into the ground where he had been standing mere seconds earlier.

Swindler Man landed next to Cerulean Spark and Nerdacus, looking at the attacker.

" can't be!"

"That's right! It is I, Buzzkill! Captain of the Galactic Detention Cruiser!" the attacker said. It was an obese, blading man with a set of antennae sticking out of the top of his head. Around him he wore a metal suit of robotic armor.

"If you mean that space prison ship, then yeah, I remember. You tried to lock us up in there!" Swindler Man retorted.

"Yeah, and it would have worked if it weren't for your cunning, wise, intelligent, and handsome leader, Cerulean Spark!" Buzzkill replied.

"Hold on, why are you here? And why are you wearing that mech armor?" Nerdacus asked.

"Haha! Like it? Dr. Trigonoggintry and I have teamed up, and he was kind enough to give me this armor that amplifies my powers! Allow me to demonstrate!" Buzzkill pointed his arm at Swindler Man and fired out a bolt of electricity that forced Swindler Man to the ground, draining his strength.

"Swindler Man! Are you all right?" Cerulean Spark asked.

"I'm...I'm, his powers are stronger...he never sapped me of my energy so quickly before." Swindler Man replied.

Cerulean Spark gritted his teeth and turned to Buzzkill, firing a barrage of missiles at him. Buzzkill laughed and erected a force field around himself, blocking the attack.

"Hahahaha! You can't touch me, Cerulean Spark! None of you can! My force fields are stronger than ever! Nothing can break them!" Buzzkill said as his force field faded away.

Nerdacus dashed in with blinding speed and kicked Buzzkill in the face dozens of times, the kicks flying out like thunder and lightning.

"Argh! Little pest!" Buzzkill yelled. He grabbed Nerdacus' ankle and hurled him at Swindler Man, who was just beginning to recover from the energy draining ray.

The Purple Swirl soared overhead and spun around rapidly, conjuring a tornado around her, which she then hurled forth at Buzzkill. He was swept up in it and tossed across the road.

"All right, so Buzzkill and Dr. Trigonoggintry are teamed up. If we take out Dr. Trigonoggintry he'll shut down Buzzkill's mech armor and then we can beat him." Silent Owl said.

"Wonderful plan! Glad I thought of it..." Cerulean Spark declared. They all ran down the street, smashing robots in their path.

They soon reached the end of the road and found a large robot standing there, blasting lasers at buildings.

"Hey! Dr. Trigonoggintry! We know you're in there!" Swindler Man called.

The head of the robot opened up, revealing the large-headed scientist sitting in the cockpit.

"Haha! If it isn't the Vengeance Union! Here to let me get my revenge?!" Dr. Trigonoggintry taunted.

"Not today, Dr. Trigonoggintry!" Nerdacus responded, staring at the mad scientist.

The cockpit of the robot exploded from Nerdacus' heat vision, Dr. Trigonoggintry flying out of it. The Purple Swirl caught the evil doctor in midair and then set him on the ground. The Cerulean Spark made nearby technology collect around Dr. Trigonoggintry and form into a cage with several electric locks on it.

"Now, deactivate Buzzkill's armor!" Silent Owl commanded.

"I can't, I don't control it remotely or anything, it runs on its own power source!" Dr. Trigonoggintry replied.

"Then we'll have to shut it down ourselves!" Swindler Man said.

He picked up a car and leapt into the air, preparing to hurl it at Buzzkill. Buzzkill got up from where he had crashed into a building to see the car careening towards him. He put up a force field and the car bounced off of him harmlessly. He climbed up out of the wreckage and prepared to shoot Swindler Man with the ray when his mech armor suddenly began coming apart.

"What!?" Buzzkill exclaimed. Cerulean Spark disassembled the remainder of the armor with his technopathic powers and then Silent Owl zapped Buzzkill with an electric shock, knocking him out cold.

"Haha! All in a day's work for...the Vengeance Union!" Cerulean Spark yelled.

"Wow, that was really great, Blue." Snow said, handing him the comic book. "It had a really nice ending."

"Ending? I'm hardly finished! I'm planning a whole arc where Cerulean Spark wants to protect the world forever, and creates a computer program that Dr. Trigonoggintry corrupts with his on code, but then the program turns against him and mass-produces an army of androids that try to destroy the world with a giant meteor!"

"Where do they get a meteor?"

"You'll see when you read it."

"Well it seemed to me like it was a well-established series for the first book."

"First book? I've written dozens of these things."


"Yeah! My favorite one has to be when the Vengeance Union teams up with Rockitty Kawaii-Desu to stop the evil space squids!"

"I'd love to read the rest of your comic books. Oh, and I am loving Silent Owl."

"Glad you like it. Well, lunch is over, so I'm going to finish working on the book in study hall."

"Okay. You'll lend me the other books in the series, right?"

"Of course!"

"Hey, Blue...sorry about, you know, taking your book and all that. I actually heard the story and, it sounded pretty cool. Do you think you could put me in the book?" Radd Bradd asked.

"Hmm...yeah, I guess I could."

"Cool! My character is called Kick Flip, and he has this hoverboard that he flies around on and--"

"Listen, that all sounds cool, but I don't like my character design to be micro-managed like that, hurts the creative flow."

"Oh, right, of course. Well, thanks again, and sorry about being such a jerk."

"Water under the bridge."

Radd Bradd rolled away to his next class.

"That was very big of you, Blue." Rex209 said.

"What can I say? I just asked myself what Cerulean Spark would do."

This episode is dedicated to AustinCarter4Ever, happy birthday AC!

Episode Fourteen: Jercules and Classis

"Oh gosh, they're doing it again." Swindler said.

"Doing what?" Snow asked, turning away from Kapowski.

"That...that little, um, the uh, the thing with the, the...the...the noses! The nose thing you guys do!"

"You mean this?" Snow said in reply. She and Kapowski nuzzled their noses together and the two love-struck teens giggled.

"Yeah, that! Stop that!"

"Oh come on, Swindler, Kapowski and I are in love, what do you expect?"

"We...we are?" Kapowski asked, blushing red. Snow giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

"You're cute."

"Guh, you guys are so annoying as a couple." Swindler complained.

"Well, maybe you're just jealous that you and Licorice don't do as much romantic stuff?" Kapowski suggested.

"No way! Licorice and I do lots of romantic stuff together! Right sweetie!?" Swindler asked.

Licorice looked up from her phone. "Wait, what? Were you talking to me?"

Swindler sighed.

The bell rung and they all went to history class.

"Good morning class, I do hope that you are all ready for another exciting day for learning about our history. As you know, we are beginning our subject on Ancient Greece today, and I managed to find a very special guest speaker." Mr. Nutsinbultz said as the students took their seats.

A curtain was hung in part of the room, and a voice whispered to the robotic history teacher from behind it. "Can I come out now?"


A Spartan warrior stepped out into view with a sword in his right hand and a helmet under his left arm.

"Students, this is Vlassis, a Spartan warrior who played a key role in multiple events in Greek history, including the Expulsion of the Lizardmen, the Dethroning of Midas, the Defeat of Medusa, the Fall of the Behemoth, and the Rescue of Thessalonike, which played a pivotal role in the striking of a peace treaty between Greece and Macedonia. I will now let Mr. Vlassis take center stage." Mr. Nutsinbultz explained.

"Thanks, Mr. Nutsinbultz. Now, students, my journey began in Sparta. The Macedonians to the north were threatening war with Greece, and the legendary Behemoth Cyclops had stolen away the Macedonian princess; a circle of traitors within Greece who followed the goddess of magic, Hecate, threw the blame onto Greece. I had proven to be an outstanding warrior, and so I was chosen to go on a solo mission across the borders of Macedonia to where the Behemoth had last been seen. On the way there..."

Orange eagerly raised his hand.

"...ran into a Macedonian camp that had been set up just across the borders of Greece and--ah, yes, do you have a question?" Vlassis asked.

"Yes, I do. This all happened thousands of years ago, how are you still alive?" Orange questioned.

"Well, after I finished my mission I was rewarded with immortality from Zeus, and so, here I am."

"You didn't deserve it!" a voice shouted. From the back of the room a short, little, runty guy stood; he wore a small tunic and his muscles rippled every which way. His face was covered in long, brown facial hair, and brown hair flowed down from the top of his head as well.

Vlassis sighed. "I can't go anywhere without you popping up to bother me, can I?"

"Mr. Vlassis, who is that?" Snow asked.

"Hercules, my old rival. During my mission he popped up and challenged me to a battle, yet again. I didn't have time to be dealing with him, but he wouldn't let me pass. Nowadays he keeps bugging me because he's still salty that I won."

"You beat Hercules!?" Swindler exclaimed.

"Only because he cheated!" Hercules yelled.

"You're the one who called in back-up when you started losing, hardly a fair fight." Vlassis stated. "For you and your buddies, that is."

Hercules grew red with anger.

"I can't believe you beat the legendary Hercules!" Snow exclaimed in awe.

Hercules' rage passed and he leaned in towards Snow. "Well, hellooooo beautiful! That's right, I'm Hercules, son of Zeus, strongest man alive, of course you've heard of me."

"Actually, Paul is strongest man alive." Hallbert said, gesturing to Paul the raccoon.

"That's a raccoon, not a man. Anyhow, you're absolutely dying to go to dinner with me, I'm sure." Hercules said to Snow, smoothing his hair back with one hand.

", actually. I'm not. I have a boyfriend." Snow replied. Hercules leaned on her desk, supporting his head with his elbow which was placed on the top of the desk.

"I'm sure whoever he is that you'd dump his sorry butt for me, I mean look at me, I'm Hercules!"

"This is interrupting our lesson. If you would please leave, Mr. Hercules." Mr. Nutsinbultz said.

"I'll leave when I'm good and ready!"

Vlassis walked over and swiped an arm across Snow's desk, knocking Hercules elbow and arm out from under his head and causing him to face-plant and the top of the desk.

"Ouch! Grr! Fine, but I'll be back for my revenge, Vlassis. And for this sweet little slice of baklava." Hercules said before leaving.

"Sorry about that, students. Back to what I was saying, I fought my way through the Macedonian camp and then discovered that King Midas had come down from his castle and that he'd gone mad with his love for gold. Before I knew it I found myself fighting the mad king..." Vlassis continued.

"Thank goodness that guy left, I figured he'd get mad that Kapowski was your boyfriend and then make Kapowski fight him or something." Blue whispered to Snow.

"Admit it, you were all thinking it." Kapowski said.

"Fourth wall Kapowski." Rex209 said.

"Snow, are you okay?" Kapowski asked.

"Yeah, I just...that guy was a total jerk, talk about self-centered. I don't like how he assumed I was such a shallow person and made me feel like I was some kind of trophy." Snow said.

"...Thessalonike refused to kiss me, and then I took her home and the Macedonians sounded retreat for their armies..." Vlassis continued lecturing the students.

"Don't worry, with any luck, that's the last we'll see of him." Blue said reassuringly.

"Somehow I feel like we won't have much luck." Snow responded.

Later on, the six friends assembled in the library to work on a research project together.

Swindler finished eating an apple and discarded the core in the trash can.

"Hey, guys, Licorice and I have to go take care of something. We'll be back later, okay?" Swindler said, standing up.

"All right." Kapowski said. The two of them left the library. "Not like you'd have done any of the work anyway..." Kapowski mumbled.

"Hello, students! Working on your Ancient Greece project?" Vlassis asked as he approached them.

"Oh, hi Vlassis. Yeah, actually, we are." Blue replied.

"Great! Well, if you have any questions, any at all, don't hesitate to ask."

"Thanks, we really appreciate it." Snow said.

"Oh, and uh, sorry about Hercules earlier, honey. If he ever tries something like that again, I'll be sure to teach him a lesson."

Snow smiled weakly. "Thanks."

"You may be doing educational talker stuff nowadays, but it will be I who does the lesson teachering!" Hercules announced as he strode over to them.

"Wow, such a way with words." Kapowski said.

"Quiet you! Now, little miss, I demand that you come with me at once!" Hercules commanded.

"" Snow replied simply.

"Guh! What!? You dare defy a direct order from me, Hercules, son of Zeus!? Strongest man alive!?"


"You cannot order her around, Hercules! She is her own person and can do as she pleases!" Vlassis shouted.

"Shh!" the librarian's shushing pierced though the air from across the library.

"Why did she shush me? Hercules was yelling before..." Vlassis said quietly.

"Yeah, Hercules, leave my girlfriend alone. She doesn't like it when you go around being all flirty or demanding her to do what you tell her to." Kapowski piped in.

Snow's face lit up and she gave Kapowski a hug. "I was so sad after you didn't stand up to him before. Thank you." she said.

"Of course, and sorry about not saying anything to him before, I was just really scared."

"Enough! You, shrimpy guy, I challenge you to a battle!" Hercules yelled.


"Fine then! I shall take what is rightfully mine!" Hercules declared, grabbing Snow's arm. Snow pulled out her dart gun and fired it into Hercules' chest.

"Ha! Your weapon has no effect on me! I am Hercules! Son of Zeus! Strongest man a--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..." Hercules released his grip and collapsed on the ground.

"I'm a who, not a what. And shut up." Snow said.

"Sorry again, I'll take him back to Greece. His father Zeus will have a few words with him." Vlassis said, lifting Hercules up off the ground. "See you later!"

"Why does Snow have a dart gun?" Blue asked.

"Oh, uh, Kapowski invented it for case I need to defend myself. Yeah, let's go with that." Snow explained hurriedly.

"Uh, all right."

"Hey guys." Swindler said as he and Licorice rejoined them. "Licorice and I broke up."

"What!?" Blue, Kapowski, and Snow exclaimed.

The librarian shushed them again.

"Don't worry, it was mutual, and we're still friends. We both kind of figured out that we weren't really happy together. We were at some point, but it just kind of faded after a while. Who knows, maybe we'll get back together someday, but right now we're okay just being friends." Licorice explained.

"Wow...I never thought we'd be the couple of the group, Snow." Kapowski said. Snow smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Yeah, yeah, that's all great. We still have a project to do." Blue said.

"Let's get to work!" Swindler cheered, grabbing textbooks for everyone.

Episode Fifteen: Blue and the Tape

"Hey guys, why do you think there are so many episodes that start in the school basement?" Kapowski asked.

"Fourth wall, dude." Swindler replied. Swindler, Kapowski, and Blue were in the school's basement, rummaging around in the boxes of old junk.

"Like when do we even find time to be down here going through this junk?" Kapowski asked.

"I don't know, I'm supposed to be in English class right now." Blue replied.

"What!? Blue, you can't cut class!" Kapowski exclaimed.

"Why not? I'm doing it." Swindler said.

"Guys, come on!"

"Wait, I thought we were all cutting class. Why are you down here Kapowski?" Blue asked.

"It's my free period, and I'm trying to find the old school newspaper archives for my research project."

"Yawn. Oh hey, Blue, check this out, I found a sweater with no sleeves." Swindler said.

"That's a legwarmer, Swindler." Rex209 stated.

"Yuck! There's only one person who'd wear those...just thinking about it makes me want to barf..."

"Hey, Swindler, I found an old VHS tape. Ha, like anyone ever has VHS players any more." Blue said holding up the tape.

"Actually, I have a VHS--" Kapowski started.

"Yeah, yeah, nobody cares. Anyways, it has a label on it that says, 'Do Not Watch Ever'. Man, I've got to watch it now!"

"I don't know, I feel like this might be one of those Pandora's Box situations where your curiosity ends up getting you killed." Swindler said.

Kapowski's eyes bugged out of his head.

"What? Like I've never paid attention in history class? The Ancient Greece unit was interesting and cool, all right? Gosh!" Swindler shouted defensively.

"Rex, are you able to play this tape?" Blue asked.

"Yes, I am perfectly capable of playing any type of--" Rex began.

"Cool, let's watch this as soon as we get home."

"Dang Blue, you're just not having it today, are you?" Swindler said.

"Well, I'm not having any luck finding those newspapers and I'm supposed to meet Snow in the library in three minutes. I'll see you guys later." Kapowski said, leaving.

"See you Kapowster. Whoa, what the heck is this thing!?" Swindler exclaimed, pulling out a long ribbon.

"Beats me. All right Rex, I'm bored, let's go find something else to do." Blue said.

Later that night at Blue's house...

"All right! I made the popcorn! Let's watch this tape, Rex!" Blue cheered, hopping into the cockpit.

"You'd better not get any popcorn in my circuit boards." Rex said.

"All right, I have the tape!" Blue exclaimed, grabbing it.

"Put it in me."

"Please never say that again...ever." Blue replied as she put the tape into the slot.

Rex projected the video tape's image through her hologram projector. After a moment of static, the video began.

"Hello, everyone! I am Nitrome Boss, but you can just call me Exercise Boss!" Nitrome Boss said in the video.

"HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHA! HAHAHA! HA! No! I can't, I can't it's too...HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh...oh boy, haha, I, I, I'm good now, I'm good. Ahem...keep playing." Blue said.

"Welcome to my first workout video! Today we'll be working on our thighs and glutes! We also might do some stuff with pecs, I suppose...ahem, right! Let's get right to it!"

"Oh my gosh, this is going to get good." Blue said, getting comfortable.

"And one and two! And one and two! And one and two! And one and two! And..."

"Ahhhhhh! My eyes!" Blue screamed as Nitrome Boss did lunges in the video.

"He's wearing those legwarmers from the basement. If I could vomit, I would be right now." Rex added.

There was a bit of static and then the video cut to Nitrome Boss sitting at a table outside of a fast food restaurant, chomping on a burger whilst still wearing his workout clothes.

He swallowed a bite and then said, "I'll burn this off later." He then looked at the camera. "Wait, are you still recording!?"

"Was I not supposed to?" the camera man asked.



"You are so incompetent!"

"Yeah, well this is the worst weekend with you ever, Uncle Nitrome Boss! This is worse than that trip to the water park!"

"Oh, don't you bring that up! That slide was much too small!"

"Okay, this is getting funny again." Blue commented, sitting up.

Suddenly there was another burst of static and it cut to a new video.

Blue tilted his head to the right and squinted his eyes. "So now he's doing sumo wrestling!?"

"Blue, isn't that the ribbon that Swindler was holding back in the--"


Suddenly the phone rang. Blue hopped up and picked it up. "Hello?"

There was a lot of static coming from the phone. Nitrome Boss's voice managed to break through the static briefly. "Seven hours."

"What!? Oh my gosh, Rex! Nitrome Boss is going to kill me in seven hours for watching his forbidden video tape!" Blue shrieked.

"Blue, what are you doing up so late? It's four in the morning!" Professor asked sleepily.

"But--" Blue began.

"Off to bed you two." Professor said, ushering them into their beds.

The next morning, before class, Swindler, Kapowski, and Snow were hanging out in the halls.

"I still don't get it, Kapowski. I feel like the tutoring session yesterday didn't help much..." Snow said.

"Hmm...maybe I can try explaining it differently." Kapowski replied, taking out a black marker. "Swindler, do you mind?"

"Oh yeah, uh, no problem." Swindler responded, turning around. Kapowski drew a circle on Swindler's back and then wrote a formula next to it.

"So, the circumference of a circle is just pi, three-point-one-four, times the diameter of the circle..."

"Guys, have you seen Nitrome Boss today?" Blue asked as he and Rex joined them.

"Dude, I thought you needed a hard surface to write on, not a back to write on!" Swindler exclaimed.

"No, I haven't seen him, Blue. Why?" Snow asked.

"He's going to kill me in..." Blue checked his watch. "...four hours!"

"Blue, Nitrome Boss can be a mean guy, but he'd never kill anyone."

"He called last night and said, 'seven hours'. I think he knew I watched the tape, and now he's out for revenge!"

"Blue." a voice said.

"Ahhh!" Blue leapt from Rex's cockpit and into Kapowski's arms.

"Hi Principal Nitrome Boss." Rex said politely.

"Oh, hello Rex. Blue, I need to speak with you in my office." Nitrome Boss said.

Blue gulped. "M-me?"

"Um, yes. Come with me please."

At Nitrome Boss' office...

"Listen, if you're going to kill me, could you just do it already!? The suspense is killing me!" Blue yelled.

"Kill you? What are you talking about? Why would I kill you?" Nitrome Boss asked.

"For watching your embarrassing workout video tape!"

"You did what!?!?!?!?"

"Uh...shoot. Wait, if that's not what this is about, then why did you bring me to your office?"

"Your library book is due in three and a half hours. After all of your overdue library book offenses last year, I wanted to ensure you returned it on time."

"Wait, so that's why you called last night?"

"It was an automated message, but, yes."

"Why does the automated message only say, 'seven hours' then, hm?"

"There must've been a bad connection. Nonetheless, you watched my video tape, and you must be punished!!!!!!!111" Nitrome Boss shouted.

"Whoa, whoa, hold up. The way I see it, you don't want anyone to know about that tape and what's on it. You put me in detention and it might just get uploaded to the Internet." Blue replied slyly.

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Wouldn't I?"


"However, if you do not give me detention and also allow me free lunches on every Fired Chicken Friday, then I shall not only keep my mouth shut, but I'll also destroy the tape."

Nitrome Boss grumbled to himself. "Fine. But you have to turn in those library books."

"Deal." Blue said.

Blue rejoined the others in the hallway.

"Hey Blue, what happened?" Swindler asked.

"Oh, he and I managed to uh, come to an agreement." Blue responded.

Episode Sixteen: Super Omega Death Race!

"Now, let's see here...ah, yes. Lady Snow Fox. Seems like your ordinary school girl, gets good grades, maintains an excellent social life, and yet there's more to her than meets the eye." the mysterious figure said.

Norman Noggin nodded. "I'm aware. Secret agent and all that."

"Indeed. She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, having mastery over several forms of martial arts. She is adept when armed as well, able to take just about anything and turn into a weapon. She's resourceful, cunning, thinks quickly on her feet, and is an outstanding leader. She is very quick and agile, pulling off acrobatic stunts unlike any other. She also carries with her a grappling hook, dart gun, and retractable staff."

"She's like a one-man army."

"One woman army. Don't be sexist."

Norman rolled his eyes. "Whatever, just get to the feats."

The man cleared his throat. "She has gone toe-to-toe with two giant trolls and won, foiled Austin Carter on many occasions, defeated you and your army of robots on one occasion, quickly became the top agent of the Skate Club Agency within a year, and has even defeated some of my henchmen, Mr. Dove, Brick Brickson, and locked me out of the systems of the hall monitor robots installed in the school."

"No doubt, she kicks butt. Not that Austin Carter is much of an issue, he's a total wuss."

The man chuckled. "Right, onto the next one..."

Snow woke up with a bit of a headache. She looked around to find that she was in some kind of cell. "Hello?" she called.

"Hey, Snow!" Swindler cheered, hugging her.

"Augh...good to...see you...too...Swindl--I can't breathe!" she choked out.

"Oh, sorry!" Swindler replied, stepping back.

"Where are we?"

"You don't remember that weird alien drone thing that crashed outside the school? It nabbed us and brought us onto this ship."

"Oh...yeah, it's coming back now. I hit my head on something...ouch."

"Well, I guess we'd better try to escape."

"Where are the others?" Snow asked.

"Back at the school. The drone thing only grabbed four people, including you and me."

"Swindler, there are six people in our group."

"Yeah, I know. The other two aren't in our group." Swindler replied, pointing across the hall. In a cell on the other side of the hallway was Mr. Nutsinbultz and Ray Flipside.

"Why did the drone take you guys too?"

"Beats me." Ray replied.

Suddenly a floating robot drone came down the hall and unlocked both cells. "Follow me." it said.

Reluctantly the four of them followed the robot down the hall. After going through more doors, corridors, and passageways, they reached a grand arena where alien creatures cheered and jeered.

"What is this place?" Snow asked, shouting over the roar of the crowd.

"What!?" Swindler responded.

"What is this place!?"


The crowd's applause died down as Snow shouted, "WHAT IS THIS PLACE!?"

"Oh. I dunno." Swindler replied. "And you don't have to shout, like, jeez..."

"Welcome to the 555th annual Super Omega Death Raaaaaaaaace!" an alien creature announced from a podium. It looked strangely like Mail Bird, though colored green and with antennae sticking out of it head.

"A race? Yes! This is my kind of place!" Ray Flipside cheered.

"Our two teams today are Ray Flipside and Swindler versus Sparky Nutsinbultz and Lady Snow Fox!"

"How did they know our names?" Swindler asked.

"You guys talk in your sleep! Also we have super satellites that pick out the best contestants from each planet to compete in our arena!" the Mail-Bird-like creature explained.

"That's super creepy." Sparky stated.

"Teams, to your vehicles!"

Ray Flipside's bike sat there on the track next to a larger version of Sparky's Bump Battle Car.

The race track went upside down, sideways, corkscrews, loops, inside-out, and had all manners of terrain throughout it, truly a mind-boggling race track unlike any other.

Swindler leapt into the driver's seat of Ray's bike only to be shoves out. "Dude, my bike, okay? You sit in the back."


Sparky hopped into the driver's seat of the Bump Battler Car.

"Snow, I have bad news." Mr. Nutsinbultz said.

"What's that?" Snow asked as she climbed into the back seat.

"This is a race...Bump Battle Cars are not made or known for their speed."


"However, it is possible that they redesigned the vehicle to be better in a race so as to, as you human kids say, 'hype up the crowd'."

"A closer race is more exciting. Got it."

"Racers! Prepare yourselves for the most superset, omega-est, deadliest, most intense race you will ever have! On your marks, get set, glorpleflatz!" the announcer alien called.

Neither of the vehicles moved.

"Oh, perhaps you are not familiar with the term glorpleflatz...right, okay, uh...oh yeah, go!"

The vehicles blasted away at insane speeds.

"I was correct. It has been redesigned for racing. However, I think it still holds its, shall we say, bumping capabilities as well." Sparky explained to Snow as they went through a corkscrew.

"Wait, I don't want to hurt Swindler, and yeah, Ray can be a jerk, but I don't want to hurt him either." Snow responded.

"Neither do I. I am simply stating that if it comes to it, we have the means to bump them back."

Ray Flipside sped forwards in his bike, far ahead of Sparky.

"We need to catch up!" Sparky exclaimed, pouring on the speed.

"Oh gosh...I think I'm going to be sick..." Swindler said.

"Spew in my bike and you're roadkill!" Ray shouted back.

Mr. Nutsinbultz caught up with them and was beginning to gain a lead.

"We need to secure our lead. Start hitting buttons!" Ray called back.

"Uh..." Swindler replied, looking down at the dashboard of buttons in front of him. He covered his eyes with one hand and pushed a button. A parachute blasted out from the back of the bike, slowing them down greatly.

"You idiot! Push the one with the rockets on it!"

"There are a lot of buttons here with rockets on them!"

"Push all of them then!"

Swindler gulped and hit every button with a picture of a rocket on it.

Speed boosters unfolded from the side of the bike and blasted them forwards while rockets and homing missiles were fired out of the front.

"Oh man, Snow is going to get hurt! What did I do!?" Swindler shouted.

Farther up the track, Sparky saw the missiles in his rearview mirror.

"Oh my gosh! What do we do!?" Snow exclaimed.

"Hit the force field button." Sparky replied.

She hit it and a green energy shield was erected around the car. The rockets and missiles bounced off harmlessly.

"Oh did you know there was a force field?" Snow asked.

"I read the manual while I was in the cell." he answered.

Ray Flipside and Swindler then zoomed past them, going up the wall as the track went vertical.

"Hit the magnetic wheels button." Mr. Nutsinbultz said calmly.

Snow hit it and the car glowed red as the wheels magnetically stuck to the wall as they sped vertically up the track.

"I think I'm getting the hang of this...okay, we need more speed!" Snow exclaimed, pushing a button. A grappling hook fired out and anchored into the back of Ray's bike.

"What was that?" Ray asked.

"They hooked onto the back of us! They're trying to boost off of our speed!" Swindler screamed.

"Calm down, would you? Get the hook off of my ride, I just got a new paint job on this thing!"

Swindler hit a button and a giant pair of scissors came out the back of the bike and snipped the rope of the grappling hook.

"Augh, they cut the line." Snow informed.

"There is rocky terrain up ahead. We should try to gain the upper hand there."

Ray and Swindler were jostled up and down as the sped around rock spires and over stony formations.

"Okay, I am definitely going to hurl!" Swindler said.

Sparky and Snow passed the duo in the bike, gliding over the rocky ground with ease.

"I ain't losing to them! Come on, use your head, hit another button that'll do us some good!" Ray yelled.

Swindler headbutted the dashboard multiple times. A radio started playing, lasers fired out of the bike every which way, and a flamethrower blasted out the sides of the bike. The last time he hit it an energy ball was blasted out that hit the Bump Battle Car and flipped it hood-over-wheels.

"Haha! That's more like it!"

The Bump Battle Car crackled with electricity as it flipped back upright.

"The controls have been damaged, none of the buttons are working!" Snow informed Sparky.

"None of them!?" he replied as the car sped forwards again.

"Well, all except this one with a picture of a turtle on it."

"Push it!"

"But won't that make us slower!?"

"Push the button!"

Snow hit the button and three red turtle shells began circling the car. They each zoomed ahead and homed in on the bike, hitting it.

"I told you, I read the manual." Sparky said.

"Aw crap, they're catching up! Hit the button with a puddle on it!" Ray commanded. Swindler hit it and oil slick was sprayed out the rear bumper of the bike, making the track behind them slippery.

"Nice!" Ray said, pumping a fist.

The Bump Battle Car slipped around on the oil, spinning out of control before hitting a guardrail on the side of the track.

Ray and Swindler drove across the finish line, winning the race.

"The winner is, Team Flipside!" the alien announcer cheered. The crowd roared with applause. Ray stood up in his bike and blew kisses to the audience, raising his arms in triumph. Swindler fell out of the bike and barfed on the track.

"That's right! You all love me!" Ray exclaimed.

Mr. Nutsinbultz and Snow crossed the finish line then and hopped out their car. Two robots floated over and pinned them to the ground.

"Hey! Why did you all stop looking at me? I'm the winner!" Ray complained as the gigantic crowd turned their attention to Sparky and Snow.

"Now for the best part! The Loser's Execution Ceremony!" the alien announcer...announced.

"Whoa, what!?" Swindler screamed, standing up.

"Yeah, the winners win their freedom while the losers lose their lives!"

"Not today!" Swindler hopped into Ray's bike and started pounding his fists on every button. The two robots that held Sparky and Snow raised their laser-blades only to have their heads chopped off by two flying buzzsaws.

"Hey! Security, stop Swindler! He is interfering with the conclusion to the 555th annual--ahh!" the alien announcer screamed as he leapt off of his podium, rockets hitting the platform where he once stood.

"Hey, Swindler! Stop messing with my ride!" Ray yelled.

"Sorry! I have to save my friend, and my history teacher too even though I don't pay attention in his class very much and have a history essay due tomorrow that I didn't do yet..." Swindler replied, continuing to hit buttons.

Mr. Nutsinbultz and Snow hopped into their car and called to Swindler. He squeezed into the back seat with Snow and they drove off, bumping aside robotic security as they made their way to the escape pods.

"You had three weeks to finish that essay, let alone start it." Mr. Nutsinbultz said.

"Not the time! Look out!" Snow screamed. A large group of security robots blocked their way up ahead.

"Not to worry. If you recall, this is still very much capable of bumping." Sparky replied. The car bashed aside the robots like bowling pins.

"There it is! The escape pods!" Snow called. The three of them jumped out of the car and raced over to the escape pods. They were nearly there when suddenly, the announcer alien stepped in between them and the escape pod doors. He held a large ray gun in his feathery hands.

"Sorry, but I can't just let you, I mean, um, the Earth word is, uh...go! Right, go! Can't Right!" he said.

"Dude, what's your problem?" Swindler asked.

"You ruined the 555th annual Super Omega Death Race! Every time we have a race with all three digits being the same, we make a cake out of the losers' lungs and spleen! This was a very special occasion!"

"That is so messed up..." Snow said.

"Quiet! Now, all three of you are going back to the arena where you will be properly killed."

"If you think about it, this is a pretty dark episode." Swindler stated.

"So not only do you skip out on the execution ceremony, but you break the fourth wall as well!? Forget the formalities." the announcer said, firing the ray gun.

"No!" Mr. Nutsinbultz yelled, leaping forward. The blast hit him directly in the chest and he fell to the floor.

"Sparky!" Swindler shouted. He jumped at the alien and tackled him to the ground.

"Get off me!" the alien announcer exclaimed.

Swindler hurled the alien into a closet and locked the door.

"Oh no...Mr. Nutsinbultz!" Snow said, kneeling next to the robotic teacher.

" was an honor being your teacher. I am sorry that we never made it to chapter fourteen of the textbook." Sparky said, looking up at them both.

"Don't worry, you're going to make it. You'll get to chapter fourteen and so will we, and we'll hear all about the Bump Battle of '14." Snow said.

Swindler lifted the robot off of the ground. "And I'll listen to the whole lesson! In fact, I'll listen to all of your lessons from now on, just hang in there!"

They entered the escape pod and it fired off towards Earth.

"You were such good students." Mr. Nutsinbultz said.

"Shut up! You're not going out on us! Remember...remember the time I started the whole zombie epidemic thing? And...and...when Vlassis came to our class and talked about Ancient Greece? I actually really liked that unit, it was cool!" Swindler yelled, his eyes filling with tears.

"Yeah, and how you took on Ray in that street bump battle and--" Snow started. "Wait, where is Ray?"

Ray lounged in a lavish room back on the spaceship, eating food off of a platter. "I could get used to this!"

The escape pod landed and the students rushed out with Mr. Nutsinbultz in tow.

"Help! Somebody help!" Snow called.

Episode Seventeen: Opposites Attract

"Hey guys!" Snow announced as she walked up to her friends.

"Oh, hey Snow." said Swindler, not looking up from his phone.

"Hey Snow! Ha--" Kapowski began. Swindler bashed him in the side with an elbow. "Ow! ...are you doing, hehe? How are you doing?"

Blue coughed into his hand. "*cough* Nice *cough* save."

"Uh...okay. I'm doing great! Do you know why?" Snow asked.

"Something about hair, nails, or clothes like most girls." Swindler said with disinterest.

"No...uh, Lick, do you want to take a guess?"

"Ugh, whatever. I don't care about whatever it is you're saying, just go away." Licorice replied.

"Wow...all right, see you guys later, I guess..." Snow said. She then left, feeling quite upset.

Kapowski released the breath he had been holding. "Dude, I don't feel good about this!"

"Keep your voice down. Look, we have to make her think we forgot her birthday so that the surprise party will be all the better." Swindler said.

"Yeah, you've said that a thousand times but I still don't really get it. I don't understand..." Kapowski replied, nervously scratching his head.

"Seriously? What's not to get? It's just social math." Licorice said.

"Social math doesn't exist!"

"Then why am I so good at it?"

Kapowski raised a finger and opened his mouth to reply, but found he couldn't.

"Yeah, that's right, put that finger down, you ain't classing me today."

"Well, I'm going to class, see you." Blue said, leaving with Rex.

"Oh gosh, treating Snow like this this has to be more difficult than the Triclopians fighting off the Omega Space Dragon!" Kapowski exclaimed, grabbing his hair in frustration.

"Um, actually, the Triclopians were the invading aliens and the Omega Space Dragon was their leader, it was the Biclopians that fought them off." an orange robot said as it floated over to them.

"Tri, Bi, small mistake, what's the difference?"

"Well, bi means that you--" Licorice began.

"Stop talking, Lick!"

"Hey, I think we actually found somebody who is more of a nerd than Kapowski. God thing Blue isn't here or I'd owe him ten bucks." Swindler said.

Suddenly Rex and Blue smashed through the wall to their right. The cockpit opened up and Blue pointed at Swindler and shouted, "You owe me ten bucks!"

"Dang it!"

"He knows ONE fact better than me, big whoop! I have a 4.0 grade point average!" Kapowski exclaimed.

"I have a 4.4 GPA." the orange robot replied.


"Haha!" Swindler taunted as he gave Blue ten dollars.

"How is that even possible?" Kapowski asked.

"I took a lot of AP courses and extra credit." the robot replied.

"Who are you anyway?" Licorice asked.

"My name is Magneboy. It was a pleasure meeting you."

Magneboy floated away.

"Gosh, that guy was annoying, am I right?" Kapowski stated.

"Not as annoying as you." Swindler replied.

"Oh dang! Rex, play Wombo_Combo.mp3!" Blue exclaimed.

"I'm just messing with you Kapowski. Come on, we'd better get to class." Swindler said.

Later that day, Kapowski was walking through the halls on his way to lunch and trying to keep his mind off of Snow's birthday party.

Magneboy levitated over to him.

"Huh? Oh, it's you. What do you want?" Kapowski asked.

"I want your place in your crew." Magneboy replied.

"Wait, wha!?"

"Everyone knows your group of friends is the most talked about, and I want in. We can't have more than one nerd in the group though, so I am afraid you will have to be thrown out."

"Hahaha! Oh boy, you're really kidding yourself dude. My group of friends extends beyond us six main characters. And besides, they wouldn't cast me out of the group just because someone nerdier came along."

"We'll see about that." Magneboy then hovered away. Kapowski looked back at him.

"Man, what a nutcase."

Outside in the courtyard...

"Thanks for making time to come visit me at school, Eva." Snow said.

"No problem, Commander Snow." Eva replied.

"Eva, we're not agents right now, just friends, you don't need to use the all, actually."

"Force of habit, sorry commander...I mean, Snow."

Snow giggled.

"So, what's going on? You sounded really upset on the phone."

Snow sighed. "I's my birthday today, and I feel like everyone is ignoring me. Not even Kapowski said anything about it to me, but at least he wasn't openly rude like Swindler and Licorice were. I feel just...heartbroken over it."

"I don't mean to come off as offensive, but why does it matter so much to you?" Eva asked.

"These guys are my best friends, I've never had friends like them before. And Kapowski is my boyfriend, my first boyfriend, and he should remember stuff like this. I feel like I don't matter enough to him..."

Eva took out a box of tissues and slid them across the table to Snow. Snow wiped the tears away.

"Thanks Eva, you're always ready for everything."

"No problem Snow. I've got to get back to work, but you can always call me, okay?" Eva said reassuringly. Snow nodded and smiled. With that, Eva left.

"Hey." a voice said.

"Huh?" Snow looked around for the voice.

Later on in the hallway, a bunch of students met up to go over the plan for Snow's surprise party.

"All right, so after the confetti cannons, doves, fireworks, and balloons are done, we'll have a grand show starring the school dance team." Swindler said.

"Swindler, I keep telling you that not all of that will fit inside Snow's house." Rex209 informed him.

"Shush! We'll make it fit!"

"And when the house burns down?"

"Doves can't burn down a--oh, it. Okay, no fireworks. Fine." Swindler scratched 'fireworks' from his list.

"May I have your attention." a voice said. They all looked over at Magneboy, who hovered off the ground. The magnetic field that kept him in the air faded and he dropped to the floor.

"That was cool. Looked like something from the Iron Man movies." Swindler said.

"Silence! I am Snow's new boyfriend, and so now I am the top nerd of this school!"

"Not exactly something you should brag about..." Licorice remarked.

"What? Where did you get that idea? Where is Snow anyway?" Kapowski asked.

"Right here." Magneboy replied. Snow stepped out from behind him and wrapped her arms around him.

"What the heck!?"

"Haha! That's right! Snow's my girl now, thanks to my attractive personality!"

"The only thing attractive about you wait, I can't make an insult out of that, crap..." Blue said.

"Hold up, so you basically hypnotized her into falling in love with you?" Licorice asked.

"Well...yeah, I suppose that's one way of looking at it." Magneboy replied.

"That's super messed up!" Swindler shouted.

"The only thing messed up about it is...actually, you're right, the whole thing is messed up...but I don't care!"

Everyone gasped.

"You don't care about me?" Snow asked.

"What? N-no, I never said that, I--"

"That's it, we're through!" Snow pushed him away.

"I don't...understand..."

"Haha! You just got repelled, son!" Swindler yelled as he smashed a textbook on Magneboy's head.

"Augh...ow...bzzt...female attraction program failing...ending program..." Magneboy mumbled as he laid on the floor.

Snow blinked three times and looked around. " did I get here?"

"Oh, uh, the Magneboy guy kind of hypnotized you, or something." Kapowski explained.

"Oh...all right. Well, bye, I guess." Snow walked away.

"Snow, wait!" Kapowski called. Snow broke into a run and was soon out of their sight.

"Oh man...guys, we got to make sure this surprise party is the greatest ever, or Snow is going to be really upset and might even break up with Kapowski." Swindler said. Everyone furiously worked on planning and then later preparing for the surprise party.

That night, Snow walked home from the library and opened the door. The lights flashed on and everyone leapt out and yelled, "Surprise!"

Snow covered her mouth with both hands and laughed. "Oh my gosh! Guys, I actually thought you forgot!"

"We wouldn't forget your birthday Snow! You're awesome!" Swindler cheered.

"Duh!" Licorice said in agreement.

"Yeah, you all right, Fox." Blue added.

"Happy birthday, Snow!" Rex exclaimed.

"You're the best." Kapowski said.

Snow hugged Kapowski and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you. Sorry, that must have been really tough for you having to keep it a secret and fool me into thinking you really forgot my birthday."

"It was really difficult. I felt awful."

"See? Snow knows how to do social math!" Licorice exclaimed.

"Hey Snow, we made you a cake!" Canary said.

"Yeah, and we all went out and got you presents." Lyn added.

"I have arranged for a movie to play out in your backyard." Zapo stated.

"Couple little dudes told me what party games you liked." Teeno said, winking.

"Austin told me not to come here, but I couldn't miss it!" Justin cheered.

"You guys are all great! Really, just the best!" Snow said.

"As much as we'd love to hear you continue to tell us all how awesome we are, let's get to partying!" Swindler announced.

"Yeah!" everyone cheered.

Episode Eighteen: A Joke Too Far

"Dante Kapowski Anderson." the mysterious man said.

Norman Noggin clenched his fists at the name. "That no good--"

"He is the smartest member of the group aside from Rex209. He gets excellent grades, perfect scores on nearly all of his assignments, and is also a quick thinker as well. He has assisted in the defeat of Mother, defeated a troll with just one punch, has travelled through time, hacked into the school's defense programs on one occasion, and defeated an army of nightmares."

"Huh, I thought he was just some scrawny know-it-all, but from the sounds of it he has a bit of combat prowess." Norman commented.

"Well, not necessarily. Kapowski is actually quite fragile and not much use in a fight, until he puts on the gloves he invented. These special gloves allow the wearer to cling to any flat surface and scale incredibly high structures with ease, and they are also able to charge up with energy to increase battle performance and physical strength. He was wearing them when he defeated that troll."

"Hmm, so if we manage to get rid of those gloves, he won't be able to help his friends much, right?"

"I wouldn't underestimate him. He is very smart and as I said, thinks quickly."

Norman grumbled to himself.

At Cuboy Academy, students were playing pranks on each other left and right.

"What is the meaning of this!?!?!? This school is in unacceptable condition! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!111" Nitrome Boss yelled.

"Principal Nitrome Boss, it's April Fool's Day!" Canary explained.

" is?" Nitrome Boss replied. He took out a calendar and flipped through it. " it is. Well, carry on then, just make sure you're all in class on time and that you don't burn the school down. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Professor's chair and some shaving cream."

"Hey...hey Kit." Angelo whispered.

"What?" Kit responded.

"Check out this awesome prank."

Angelo fired out a love arrow that hit Lyn in the back. Lyn wrapped Canary in a big bear hug and kissed him on the cheek.

Angelo and Kit started laughing and high-fived one another, when suddenly a shadow loomed over them. Hallbert towered above them, blocking out the fluorescent lights.

"Uh..." Angelo mumbled. Quickly he shoved the bow and the quiver of love arrows into Kit's hands and pointed at him. "He did it!"

Hallbert grabbed both of their heads and slammed them together, leaving them unconscious on the floor.

"Wow, looks like some people just can't take a joke." Swindler said as he and Kapowski watched the scene.

"There is such a thing as taking a joke too far, Swindler." Snow said as she joined them.

"What? No way!" Swindler said.

Licorice joined the group, her hair covered in chocolate syrup and cherries. She was clearly angry.

"Doing something new with your hair, Lick?" Kapowski asked.

Licorice blew on Kapowski's leg, encasing it in ice.

"Ow! Okay, okay! I'm sorry!" he cried out.

"Who did that, Licorice?" Swindler asked.

"Hey guys. I've got some leftover chocolate syrup and cherries, who wants some?" Blue asked.

"You know Blue, one of these days you're going to have to get out of Rex, and when you do, I'll be waiting." Licorice said.

"Hey Rex, from now on when I am outside of you can you have your flamethrowers ready?" Blue asked.

The bell rang and they all made their way to class. Before entering the classroom, Mail Bird stopped Snow and Kapowski. "Early dismissals for you two." he said, handing them slips of paper.

"What? Already? You guys are so lucky!" Swindler exclaimed.

"Thanks Mail Bird." Snow said as she and Kapowski took their dismissal slips.

"Mail Bird, don't you have an early dismissal slip in there for me, too?" Swindler asked eagerly.

"Hmm...ah, yes! Here you are." Mail Bird extended a wing. Swindler grabbed it and got zapped.


"Heh, April Fools, Swindler." Mail Bird said before leaving.

In the Skate Club headquarters, Snow and Kapowski were being debriefed on their mission.

"It seems that Warlock and Austin have teamed up for a dastardly scheme. We aren't entirely sure what they have planned, but those two together can only be trouble." Monty explained.

"I don't get it, Austin helped us to stop Warlock on both occasions that Warlock decided to cause trouble, why would they team up now?" Snow asked.

Monty shrugged. "I myself am not entirely certain. It's up to you two to find out. Good luck, agents."

In the hallway at Cuboy Academy...

"Hey Foreman, guess what?" Barry asked.

"...I'm afraid to ask." Foreman replied.

"Hi, Foreman!" said Larry.

"Uh...hello Larry." Foreman responded.

"Hi, Foreman!" said a second Larry who came around the corner.

"Oh no, you didn't!"

"We did! Happy April Fools, Foreman!" Garry cheered.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Foreman cried as more Larrys flooded the hall.

"Look, there they are." Kapowski whispered. He and Snow were out on the track field at Cuboy Academy.

"Okay, now move that box over there." Warlock said.

"Yes, I will move this box over there." Austin replied as he lifted the box.

"Hmm...something isn't right." Snow said.

"There, that was the last box. Now, start opening them." Warlock instructed.

Austin began opening the boxes.

"I'm going to go and see what's inside, stay hidden." Snow whispered. She took a small disc-shaped device from her pocket and pressed it against her chest. The device expanded and molded around her until she was wearing a black jumpsuit. She pressed a button on it and became invisible.

"Whoa, when did you get that?" Kapowski asked.

"No time right now, stay here." she replied. She snuck over to the boxes and took a peek inside. Inside of the boxes were giant balloons.

"Okay, now get the hose." Warlock said. Austin picked up the hose and started to fill one of the balloons with water. Snow closely observed, trying to figure out what they were planning. Suddenly some of the water from the hose sprayed onto her, and Warlock noticed how the water didn't hit the ground but instead seemed to splash onto some invisible object.

Warlock walked over to the box and slammed his staff on the ground, releasing a purple mist that swarmed around Snow. With the purple mist now surrounding her, Warlock could clearly make out her shape.

"Heh. Invisibility spell. Pretty good, but not good enough." he said. His staff glowed with light and the stealth mode on the jumpsuit switched off and Snow found herself unable to move.

"It wasn't a spell, it was a cloaking device." Snow said.

"Whatever. Anyways, now you can't move thanks to my magic and Austin here is almost done filling up the balloons."

"Austin, why are you doing this? Why are you working with Warlock?"

"He can't hear you, I have him under a mind control spell. Does everything I want him to do, without question or resistance. Dang, am I coming across as more of an evil mastermind now? I should really dial it back the next time I try to pull something like this, I sound crazy."

"What are you doing anyway?" Snow asked. She saw Kapowski sneaking up behind Warlock, and wanted to keep Warlock's attention.

"I am filling up these giant balloons with water. What do you think I'm doing? I'm going to levitate these giant water balloons above the school and drop them on it. Just a harmless prank. It's April Fools Day, you know that right? Do you never take a day off from this stuff or do you just enjoy being a funsucker?"

Kapowski leapt onto Warlock's back, pulling him down to the ground. They both wrestled for control over the staff.

"Agh! Austin, get this guy off of me!" Warlock called.

Austin ran over and grabbed Kapowski, pulling him off of Warlock.

Warlock stood up and pointed his staff at Kapowski. Kapowski was teleported up on top of the football uprights.

"Ahh!" Kapowski screamed, grabbing tightly onto the uprights.

"Hehehehe, mischief." Warlock laughed to himself.

Warlock then raised his staff and the giant water balloons floated out of the boxes and up into the air.

"All right, Warlock. You win this one. Can I just tell you something real quick?" Snow asked.

"Hmm...all right." Warlock agreed.

"Come here."

Warlock stepped closer.

"Closer. Closeeer. Closer." Snow said as he approached her. He put his ear up so she could whisper in it. Snow then blew a raspberry in his ear and he leapt away, scrubbing at his ear with one hand and dropping his staff.

The water balloons fell from above.

"Oh NO!" Warlock screamed just before they impacted with him. The track field was flooded with water and Warlock stood up, completely soaking wet. The water washed away the effects of the magic spells as well, Austin breaking from his trance and Snow being able to move again.

"April Fools, Warlock!" Snow exclaimed.

"Uh, can I get some help over here?" Kapowski called from atop the uprights.

Episode Nineteen: Back to School

"Steven Swindler Johnson...certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer." the mysterious man said.

"Hahaha! You've got that right. The guy's as dumb as a doorbell." Norman said in agreement.

"Well...I wouldn't say that. He isn't smart, but he has shown to come through in dire situations. He has defeated the Ice Cream Gang and Hallbert, is an outstanding basketball player, briefly trained with the legendary Derek, fought and triumphed over many of my associates, and is very loyal and dependable to his friends. He has been the voice that inspired others to do great things, namely Billy, Kapowski, and Guillermo."

"Man, they have no weak links, do they?"

"They are certainly all remarkable."

"Eski, what are you doing here?" Swindler asked.

"Eh, apparently I never got my high school diploma, so I have to go back to high school." Eski replied, shrugging.

"You still work at the video game store though, right?" Swindler asked.

"Yeah man, and I'll keep hooking you up with discounts, don't worry." she responded.


"Wait, how long has it been since you've been in high school?" Licorice asked.

"Um...gosh, I don't know. I feel like I've worked at the video game store for so long that I've just lost track of time. Let's see...I'm twenty...three? I think? Man, time is weird."

"Twenty-three? An older woman, I like it." Swindler said.

"If we're all done getting acquainted with our new student," Mr. Nutsinbultz said, "then perhaps I can begin today's lesson."

"Hey, Mr. Nutsinbultz, can we call you Professor X now?" Blue asked eagerly. Mr. Nutsinbultz sat in a roving, remote-control wheelchair.

"You might as well, because I had a feeling that someone would make that joke sooner or later." he replied sarcastically.

Swindler sat up straight and concentrated on every word the history teacher said.

"Eh, I forgot to pack pencils. Hey, nerdy guy, do you have a spare pencil?" Eski asked.

Kapowski rolled his eyes and gave Eski a pencil. "Only because it's your first day back, don't expect me to give you pencils all the time." he said.

"Man, you could probably sell pencils to unprepared students like myself." Eski remarked.

"Today, class, we will finally begin...chapter fourteen." Mr. Nutsinbultz said.

Everyone cheered.

"Wow, do you guys get excited like this every time we start a new chapter?" Eski asked.

"This is the chapter we've all waited for all year long!" Blue cheered.

Mr. Nutsinbultz rolled over to his desk. "Everyone open your textbooks and begin reading."

The excitement and cheering deflated instantly.

"Textbook work? I mean, I'm not complaining, but...Mr. Nutsinbultz always has a way of making history so fun and interesting. Surely he'd want to make this chapter special, right?" Snow asked the other students.

"Snow, please keep quiet and read chapter fourteen." Mr. Nutsinbultz said sternly.

Swindler read the textbook furiously, never taking his eyes off the pages.

"Wow, my first day and I am already struggling a bit..." Eski said.

"I'm sure you'll do fine. I mean, I feel like I've been a sophomore for three years now and I have excellent grades." Kapowski remarked.

"I can't take this anymore. Close your books." Mr. Nutsinbultz said.

Everyone sighed relief as they closed their books.

"At my most recent visit to the mechanic, he said that...that the old models for my legs are out of order, and the new models are not compatible with my other mechanisms. I...may never bump battle again."

Everyone gasped collectively.

"I wanted to just skip my stories about bump battling for chapter fourteen, but I don't want to disappoint you all. So I shall tell you my stories."

At the end of the class, the students left, all buzzing with excitement from the teacher's stories.

The six friends and Eski went up to Mr. Nutsinbultz.

"Eh, teach, those were some really great stories. History has always been my worst subject, but, I think I might do well with a teacher like you." Eski said.

"Thank you." Mr. Nutsinbultz responded.

"Oh, and Mr. Nutsinbultz, we wanted to say that we're sorry about the news you got about your legs." Swindler said.

"Yeah, we all feel really upset." Licorice added.

"Thank you, but it is not your fault at all. I am an old robot model, I am not surprised at the news about my legs. In fact, I am fortunate that they even managed to repair the mechanisms in my chest from that blast. It is the news about the bump battling that is most shocking to me...but don't worry, I will be fine. You should all get to class now." Mr. Nutsinbultz said.

Later that day, at lunch, the students sat out in the courtyard.

"Eh guys, do you mind if I sit with you?" Eski asked.

"No problem, Eski!" Blue answered.

"Thanks guys. I'm still adjusting to this."

"I'm sure you are." a voice said. Eski looked behind her.

There stood a tall girl wearing an orange hoodie and jeans.

"Justine!" Eski said.

"Justine! Who's Justine?" Swindler whispered. Blue shrugged.

"Heard you got put back in the doghouse, so I figured I'd stop by and say hi." Justine said.

"Hold on, do you have a little brother?" Kapowski asked.

"Yeah, my brother Justin. You guys friends with him?"

"Yeah." Swindler said.

"Sure are!" Kapowski added.

"Kiiiiind of." Snow admitted.

"Hardly know the guy." Blue said.

"Well that's really cool. So Eski, how are your classes so far?" Justine asked.

"Eh, I got lost on my way to a few of them. The first class was awesome though! This history teacher guy used to be a bump battler and stuff, and it was really cool hearing his stories. It's too bad he might not ever do it again." Eski said.

"Really? What happened?"

"I don't know. He got blasted with something and it damaged his robot parts or something."

"Well, maybe you guys could make some efforts to help him out, yeah?" Justine suggested.

"That's it!" Snow exclaimed.

"What's it? I was trying to find Justin's number in my phone, I wasn't listening." Swindler said.

"We can start a fundraiser to help out Mr. Nutsinbultz!" Snow said.

"That's a great idea!" Kapowski said.

"I'll make a huge donation to get the ball rolling." Licorice said.

"Oh! Blue, we can get dad to use some of the old proto-suit parts to make some functioning legs for Mr. Nutsinbultz." Rex209 said.

"This is exciting guys! Let's get to work!"

By the end of the week, the entirety of the student body had raised money to help Sparky with his recovery and Professor had finished work on some replacement parts.

"I don't understand, where are we going?" Sparky Nutsinbultz asked. He had a blindfold around his eyes.

"It's a surprise field trip." Swindler said, pushing the wheelchair along.

Swindler wheeled the history teacher into the gym, where all of the students waited eagerly.

Swindler removed the blindfold.

"What...what is this?" Sparky asked.

There was a tarp over a table and hundreds of students in the room.

"Sparky, over here." Professor called.

Sparky wheeled himself over to the table.

Professor pulled the tarp off. Laying there on the table were two odd-looking plug-shaped boxes.

"Sparky, these are special converter plugs I created. Unfortunately I could not build a set of legs compatible with your current parts, but I did manage to find a way for you to bump battle again. These special plugs attach to your torso and you can then plug them into a bump battle car to control it that way." Professor explained.

"Thank you...I am at a loss for words." Sparky said.

"Hold on, there's more!"

Kapowski wheeled Sparky outside, and Professor followed them.

"This is a special bump battle car made to be compatible with the converter plugs." Professor said, gesturing to the bump battle car that sat in the parking lot.

"I...I don't believe it."

"Believe it, and there's still one more thing." Kapowski said.

Swindler and Snow came out the door holding a large check.

"All of the students at Cuboy Academy raised money to help you with your recovery." Snow said.

"You are all the best students a history teacher could ask for...thank you all so much!" Sparky replied.

"No problem, Sparky." Blue said.

Suddenly, Swindler's phone rang. He answered it.

"Hello? Oh hey Justin, thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, I just wanted to ask you why you never told me you had a hot sister!"

Episode Twenty: Cheer of the Unknown

"Licorice is next on the list..." Norman guessed.

"Correct." the mysterious man replied.

"Now that I think about it, she's probably their weak link."

"She is very susceptible to heat, but she possesses some of the same strengths as you; she is extremely popular in her school, there isn't anyone who doesn't know her, and she also has a large pool of finances as well. She also has a freezing breath ability, and while she doesn't use it often, she will use it when she becomes angered. She has quite a temper. If she has her phone confiscated, her temper spikes significantly. We've done the research, and if she were to get angered enough, she could cause a nation-wide blizzard."

"No way!"

"Hard to believe, isn't it? Science never lies though. We've done the research, as I said."

"Hey, hey Snow!" Licorice called as she ran over to the lunch table.

"What's up, Lick?" Snow asked.

"Guess what I got!"

"A shopping mall?" Swindler asked.

"Oh, she must've read this episode then." Kapowski remarked.

"I got these!" Licorice announced, producing two cheerleading uniforms.

"You're...joining the cheerleading squad?" Snow asked.

"No! We're joining the cheerleading squad!" Licorice replied.

"What? Lick,, I'm not interested."

"What? Aw, I thought you'd be totally into it! I already signed us up!"

"You signed me up already!?"

"Sorry, I thought you'd be excited."

"I don't like cheerleaders, they're a bunch of airheads. Tell her Kapowski." Snow said.

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, Snow has higher standards for herself than to join all those air-headed cheerleaders." Kapowski agreed.

"Oh, really? Do you want Snow to be on the cheerleading squad?" Licorice asked.

"Me? I mean, I'd be okay with anything she'd want to do, really. Besides, why would I want to see Snow in a tight shirt and short skirt anyway?"

"Dude, did you just hear yourself?" Swindler asked.

"To be honest, I wasn't really listening to what I was saying but now that you mention it, I sounded like an idiot."

"Come on, Snow, not all cheerleaders are airheads, I mean, I'm joining!" Licorice said.

Blue and Kapowski laughed uncontrollably at this.

"I mean, it sure seems like a lot of cheerleaders are airheads." Snow said.

"That's because of stereotypes. You should get to know some of them before you decide they're airheads." Licorice stated.

"You know, I guess you're right. All right, I'll join cheerleading squad." Snow said, taking one of the uniforms. The lunch bell rang and they all packed up their stuff. Snow and Licorice went off to class.

"Dude, you dodged a major bullet there." Swindler said.

"Oh gosh, you have no idea." Kapowski replied.

After school, Snow and Licorice arrived at the cheerleading practice in their uniforms.

"Lyn? What are you doing here?" Snow asked.

"I joined cheer squad, obviously. I'm already the designated tosser, since I can crush Hallbert at arm-wrestling." Lyn replied.

"No way, I thought only Paul and Rex could beat him!" Licorice said.

"Heh, he doesn't like to talk about it."

The other members of the cheer squad were Yang, Eski, and Canary.

"Um, Canary, why are you on the cheer squad?" Snow asked.

"Every extracurricular activity I can get, Snow. Plus, maybe one of these girls will take an interest in me." he answered nervously.

"Ew." Licorice said.

"Taken." Yang said.

"Me too." Snow added.

"My boyfriend would break you." Lyn stated.

"I'm too old for you, sorry guy." Eski said.

"Well...I guess it's still an extracurricular activity." Canary stated, shrugging.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a white tracksuit walked into the room. She blew on a whistle.

"All right girls, welcome to your first cheerleading practice!" she said.

"Who are you?" Canary asked.

"I am Thessalonike, but you can just call me Tess for short." the woman answered.

"You're Vlassis' wife?" Snow asked.

"Sure am. A long time ago, when I died, Vlassis journeyed to the underworld to retrieve my soul so that we could live happily forever."

"Aww, that's totes cute! And admittedly a little gross." Licorice cheered.

"All right girls, let's take that enthusiasm and put it into our cheers!" Tess exclaimed.

Canary coughed.

"Oh, and boy too. Sorry about that."

The next day, the cheer squad was to have its first performance at the basketball game.

"All right ladies and gentlemen, it's nearly half-time, when we'll have our first cheerleading performance of the year!" Mail Bird announced over the loudspeaker in the gym.

"Kapowski!" Snow called, running over to him.

"Hey Snow, what's up?" he asked.

"I'm having trouble tying this ribbon in my hair, could you get it for me?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, sure." he replied. He took the ribbon and tied her hair back in a ponytail.

"Thanks!" she said, kissing him quickly before running off to join her squad.

Kapowski went back to the bleachers and sat down.

"Dude, you're drooling." Blue commented.

"Huh? What? Sorry, it's She looks really good with a ponytail." Kapowski said.

"Yeah, and the skirt ain't bad either." Blue said. Kapowski laughed and shoved him.

"All right, now it is time for the Cuboy Academy cheerleading performance!" Mail Bird announced.

The cheer squad went out onto the court and did flips, cartwheels, and a pyramid, ending with Lyn tossing Licorice up into the air and then the whole team catching her.

"Not bad for their first performance. Only thing is that they could have done an actual cheer." Blue said.

Snow heard him as she went up into the bleachers after the performance.

"Yeah, sorry about that, we couldn't think of anything that rhymed with 'academy', so..."

"Did you enjoy it though, Snow?" Kapowski asked.

"You know, I actually did. None of the girls on the squad are airheads like I assumed they'd be, and neither is Canary, haha. Yeah, I think I'm going to enjoy doing some more cheer stuff. Strings concerts are done for the school year, so I could afford to find something new to do."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Snow."

"Yeah, and Kapowski enjoyed it too." Blue snickered. Kapowski's face turned red. Snow giggled.

"Scooch. Swindler's getting back on the court and I want to sit and watch it." Snow said, takin a seat.

"And we're getting right back into the game, folks!" Mail Bird announced.

Episode Twenty-One: I Vant to Steal Your Stuff

"All right, the last file. Blue. He is the least concerning of them all. He is selfish, sarcastic, and quite rude to people, and doesn't like to get involved or help others. Usually it is only because of Rex209 that he actually does get dragged into these situations. He has but one outstanding ability; the ability to give life." the mysterious man explained.

"The little guy? No way!" Norman exclaimed.

"Way. Blue is the essence of life itself, created by Professor a long time ago with the goal of reviving his deceased wife. After an ordeal involving the death of the professor and the sacrifice of the original Blue, the Professor went into a life of solitude. Before long he desired to have companionship again and recreated the enzyme known as Blue, the one that we are talking about today. Blue can bring the dead back to life if he wanted to, but his selfish demeanor has prevented him from ever using this ability, and may prevent him from ever using it."

"This is all too crazy..."

"Indeed. However, I believe Blue is the weak link. He doesn't care about other people and our research shows that Rex feels incomplete without him, as she is designed to be symbiotic with Blue, and so if we remove Blue from the equation, Rex will be weakened. I believe that it will be easy to do this considering Blue's attitude; he should be easy to manipulate..."

"Hey Blue, have you seen my basketball?" Swindler asked, digging through his locker.

"No, not for a while." Blue replied.

"I thought I put it in here..."

"Hey guys." Snow said as she and Licorice joined the group.

"What's up, Snow?" Blue asked.

"Not much, though I am a little bummed." Snow replied.

"Why's that?" Swindler asked as he continued to rummage through his locker.

"I can't find my...hairbrush anywhere. I don't know what happened to it!"

"Yeah, and I can't find my hand mirror anywhere. How am I supposed to look at myself constantly without it?" Licorice asked.

"Man, it seems like we're all having trouble finding things today." Swindler said. "I still have no idea where my basketball is."

"Did you check at the bottom of the net?" Blue asked.

"No, why would I--oh, I see what you did there. Haha!" Swindler and Blue fist bumped.

The bell rang and they all went to class.

"Good morning students, today we are going to be learning about...wait, where's my chalk?" Professor asked.

"Did you check at the bottom of the net?" Licorice asked.

Nobody laughed.

"Oh come on! Swindler laughed at that earlier when Blue said--"

"That's cause I play basketball." Swindler stated.

"Ooooooh!" Licorice exclaimed. "I get it."

Mail Bird fluttered into the classroom. "Early dismissal, Snow." he said.

"Thanks Mail Bird." Snow said as she took it.

At the Skate Club Agency HQ...

"Snow, items are going missing all over the place!" Monty exclaimed.

"Tell me about it, my dart gun seemed to have vanished." Snow said.

"As well as Swindler's basketball, my pocket watch, Nitrome Boss's spare peanut crates, objects all around the city have been going missing. I believe that Austin might have something to do with this."

"It could be Austin, but I don't think Austin is clever or quick enough to steal that much stuff so quickly. What about Warlock? He's been more active lately and he has the magic powers to pull off burglaries like this." Snow suggested.

"True, but as far as my records show Warlock is still serving major detention at Nitrome Towers School for Delinquent Boys. His staff has been confiscated. Hmm...perhaps instead of doing guesswork you should get out there and look for clues." Monty said. "By the way, where is Kapowski?"

"Band retreat."

"Where is my accordion!?" Kapowski exclaimed as other instruments blared around him at the band hall.

"Hmm...all right then." Monty said.

"Hey Foreman." Larry said.

"What is it, Larry?" Foreman asked.

"I can't find my hard hat."

"WHAT!? This is a state of national emergency, everybody! Larry does not have his hard hat, and without it his accidents could get a LOT more disastrous! Barry, Garry, keep Larry right here and don't let him move an inch! I'm going to go and get help!" Foreman shouted.

Foreman ran off, leaving the other members of the Demolition Crew in the cafeteria.

"Aha! Hey, you guys, with the robot, you're cool, can you help me out with this situation?" Foreman asked.

"Uh...wait, what?" Swindler asked.

"What seems to be the problem?" Rex questioned.

"Larry's hard hat is gone! If you thought he caused major accidents before, it will only be a hundred times worse now!" Foreman yelled.

"We've never really seen any of Larry's accidents though..." Swindler commented.

"Really? The giant worm in the school? The Cheeseburglary? The school bus on the roof!?"

"Yeah...none of those were Larry." Blue said.

"Well...they might as well have been! Anyways, we need you to come and help us get his hard hat back right now!" Foreman exclaimed.

"Foreman, if they don't do it, can I blow them up!?" Garry asked.


"Or maybe I can smash them?" Barry asked.


"What?" Barry and Garry asked.

"You were supposed to be watching Larry!"

"Oh, right...can I still blow them up though?" Garry asked.


"Don't worry, we'll help you find his hard hat, or at least a decent replacement for one." Licorice said.

Suddenly, an explosion came from the kitchen. Larry walked out the kitchen door, covered in soot. "Hey Foreman, my hat isn't in the kitchen." Larry said.

Meanwhile, Snow was looking all around the school for clues.

"Man, there's nothing around...hmm...wait." she said to herself. She pulled up the database of all of the items that were missing.

"Huh, looks like the only person not missing anything is Blue...which means that the thief might be going after Blue next!" she said.

Snow hurried to the cafeteria to find Blue.

"Could this salad bowl work as a hard hat?" Swindler asked.

Larry put on the salad bowl.

"He looks ridiculous!" Barry shouted.

"I sound like Bakey!" Larry exclaimed.

"Ugh!" Foreman groaned, swatting the bowl off of Larry's head. "No! It's all wrong!"

"Calm down, Chef Ramsey. You can't be picky about what he wears on his head if it is a matter of planetary safety." Blue explained.

"You know Foreman, I'm not feeling too clumsy today anyways, I think I can...whoa!" Larry slipped on an orange peel and knocked over a chair; the chair knock into more chairs that dominoed all around the room before finally hitting a set of knight's armor. The axe held by the knight fell out of its hands and towards Larry. Rex blasted the axe out of the air before it hit Larry.

"Why do we even have a set of armor in the cafeteria?" Licorice asked.

"My compartments are being infiltrated." Rex said, spinning around.

"Sounds hot." Swindler said.

"Who are you?" Rex asked.

"Ivan!" Garry yelled.

"Oh, hey cousin Barry, Garry, Larry, how've you been?" Ivan asked.

"Wait a minute...Ivan, are you the one who has been going around stealing people's stuff?" Barry asked.

"Uh, no...I just been borrowing stuff is all." Ivan said.

"Well you 'borrowed' Larry's hard hat and now the world could end!" Foreman shouted.

"That's a bit of an exaggeration, don't you think?"

"Give it back, Ivan!"

"All right, all right, one second." Ivan began digging through his bag and produced the hard hat. "There you go."

"Hold on, is that my basketball?" Swindler asked, pulling it out of the bag.


"And my mirror!" Licorice exclaimed.

"And my magazine!" Dr. Siamese said, pulling the magazine from the bag.

"Well, I guess the fun wouldn't last forever." Ivan said, shrugging.

"Aha! I found you, thief!" Snow said.

"Snow, we already got him." Blue said.

"Oh...okay. Well then I guess the only thing left to do is to look for something that needs cleaning. Come on, Ivan!"

"Ow! Stop pulling my ear!" Ivan cried out.

Episode Twenty-Two: Divide and Conquer (Season Finale: Part 1)

“...Well, that’s the last of the files.” the mysterious man said.

“Sounds like we’ve got our work cut out for us.” Norman said.

“That we do.” the man replied, rising from his seat. He opened the door and stepped out into the hall. “We best get started then.” With a swish of his purple cloak, his other associates, Mr. Dove, Mr. Prastic, and Brick Brickson, followed him out of the building and out into the grayness of the cloudy day.

“Uh, Rex?” Blue asked.

“What?” Rex209 replied.

“I just pulled up my email and found a bunch of messages from Sorbet in my trash folder. Did you hack into my email and delete all of them?”

“No, I did not.”

“Hmm...I am going to go and get it checked out, I’ll be back.” Blue said, hopping out of the cockpit.

“So you guys see the movie that came out last weekend?” Swindler asked.

“Gosh Swindler, which of the several movies are you talking about?” Kapowski asked in reply.

“I could do without the sarcasm.”

Later that day, Blue confronted Rex in the library.

“I had dad trace back the signature of the hacker, and it was you!” Blue shouted.

“That’s...that’s impossible. I did not hack into your email. Even so, why would I ever do that?” Rex replied.

“Uh, to get Sorbet and me to break up, of course! You’ve always been jealous about how I spend more time with her than you, you stupid machine!”

“Whoa, Blue, calm down man! You’re making a lot of assumptions here. If Rex says she didn’t do it, then why not believe it?” Swindler asked.

“Just because she is a robot doesn’t mean she can’t lie, Swindler.” Blue said.

“I know that, I’m just saying, well, we’ve never known Rex to lie, right?” Swindler replied.

“Heh, trying having to live with her. Like all the time. I’m tired of being dragged around everywhere you go, Rex, we’re done!” Blue yelled. He stormed out of the library.

“Don’t worry about him, Rex. I’m sure he’ll have cooled off by the end of the day.” Snow said reassuringly.

“Augh! Rex is just...unbelievable!” Blue shouted. He went out onto the track field to yell at nothing.

“I agree.” a voice said.

“What? Who said that!?” Blue yelled.

“Surprise attack, go!” Brick Brickson yelled, leaping out from behind a trash can. He put a box on top of Blue and slid a piece of cardboard under it.

“Shouting that you are executing a surprise attack defeats the purpose of it being a surprise attack.” Mr. Dove said, coming out of a hedge.

“And a sign that says, ‘poison ivy’ means it’s poison ivy.” Brick Brickson retorted.

“What are you talking about?” Mr. Dove replied. He started to scratch himself all over. “Aw, dang it! I didn’t see a sign anywhere!”

“In any case, let’s get this blue blob to the boss.” Brick Brickson said.

“Hey! Let me out of here!” Blue shouted.

Meanwhile, at a factory…

“Hey! You! Why is that blasted alarm going off?!” the supervisor yelled.

“It seems we’re having a break-in, sir!” the nervous employee replied.

“A break-in in broad daylight? What’s the meaning of this?”

“I’m calling securi--”

“Shut up and call security!”

“But I was--”

“Don’t backtalk me!”

The employee rolled his eyes and called for security.

Down through the warehouse of the factory, the doors exploded. A robotic samurai, a little, red, bipedal rabbit, and a couple of robotic squids entered the room. As security guards and SWAT members filed in, the robotic squids’ heads opened up and began to rapid-fire energy orbs at them.

The samurai dashed in and slashed many of the guards down with a katana that glowed green with energy.

The rabbit hopped up to a SWAT member, and when the man pointed his gun at the scarlet lagomorph, the rabbit grabbed the gun between its ears and wrenched it from the man’s grasp. After disarming him, the rabbit leapt up and delivered three quick kicks to the man, knocking him down to the floor.

“I don’t believe what I’m seeing! Quick, we need the military in here right now--” the supervisor said.

The employee stood up and turned around, a strange green creature sitting atop his head.

“Sorry sir, but we will have no need for them.” the controlled employee said. The employee grabbed a roll of duct tape from the drawer and tied the supervisor up.

Out in the warehouse the guards continued to be easily defeated by the odd crew. The three robotic squids closed their hulls as the last of the guards fell.

“Stupid robot squids, I wanted more action.” Akuma said.

“Don’t worry, Akuma, once the boss has taken over the world, you can fight as much as you want. By the way, how is your son?” the controlled employee said as it came out to the warehouse.

“My son Akuma Jr.? He’s fine. Has the makings of a great leader. It’s difficult to be a father to him when all that’s left of my body is a brain, but...hey, wait a minute! Don’t distract me, you parasite!”

The employee that Mr. Prastic controlled smiled slyly.

“Hey, I found one more!” Droplet called. He tossed the helpless security guard up in the air and then caught him again, repeatedly juggling him in the air.

The guard was suddenly knocked from the arcing path in the air and fell to the floor, a wooden stake sticking in his back.

“I had him!” Droplet yelled.

“You were showing off.” the mysterious man said, pulling his hat low over his face.

“Hey boss, I’ve got all the codes you wanted sitting in this guy’s brain but one. Should I get some higher clearance?” Mr. Prastic asked.

“Yes, help yourself. Just make sure you get all of the codes. Mother, fantastic work you did there.” the mysterious man said to the robotic squids.

“Thank you.” they said in unison. “Once we get this factory running for our own needs, I would like my old body to be rebuilt...these forms are...claustrophobic.”

“Yes, yes, of course. We’ll even throw in some of the design aspects of the Stalker X-10 to make you more mobile. Once we have the blueprints, that is.”

There were several whirrs and slams that rang throughout the factory as machinery moved around.

“Ah, Mr. Prastic is already hard at work with the codes. Excellent. I must go and oversee the programming process, if the rest of you would pick up your toys, please.” the mysterious man said, heading back to the control booth.

The others looked around at the guards that littered the floor.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us.” Akuma said.

Episode Twenty-Three: Operation: Fishing Hole (Season Finale: Part 2)

At Cuboy Academy it was lunch time.

“Guys, I haven’t seen Blue since he stormed out earlier.” Snow said.

“Neither have I. I’m starting to worry.” Kapowski added.

“Maybe he went home early.” Swindler suggested.

“Without Rex there’s no way he’d have gotten past the robotic security guards, or Takeshi for that matter.” Snow said.

“He’s probably just trying to avoid Rex, he was pretty steamed.” Licorice said.

“Hmm...maybe I should stay away from you guys for a while.” Rex said.

“What? No way, Rex! We love having you around.” Snow said.

“But if I’m here, then Blue won’t be.” Rex replied.

“I mean, we want both of you around, but like...if Blue doesn’t want to be around you right now, then that’s his problem.” Swindler explained.

“Thanks. I’m going to go and take a walk though.”

“Oh. All right...want me to come with you?” Kapowski asked.

“No, I would like to be alone right now.” Rex said.


Rex walked out of the cafeteria and down the hall, out of sight.

“Let me out of this box right now!” Blue yelled as Brick carried him into the room.

“Good job, yo! I’ll take it from here.” Norman said.

“I wouldn’t take my hands off of this box right now. He’s feisty. And he’s got a mouth on him too.” Brick replied.

“I have a bird cage here to hold him in.” Akuma said, setting down the bird cage. Brick rolled Blue out of the box and into the cage before slamming the door shut.

“What are you...hey, it’s the brick guy! And uh...the crazy bird man...some robot ninja...and...oh...this is worse than I thought it was, isn’t it?” Blue said.

“It gets a lot worse, little man.” Norman said.

“Oh gosh, how could it get worse with you here? You’re already like an infinite amount of annoying.” Blue responded.

“Hey!” Norman yelled.

Mr. Dove and Akuma laughed.

“That’s enough now. I’m bringing him straight to the boss so he can get cracking on those blueprints.” Mr. Prastic said, now mounted atop the head of the supervisor. He picked up the bird cage and headed back to the control booth.

“And the parasite guy...this is really bad…” Blue said to himself.

The next day at school, the friends met up in front of their lockers like they usually did before class, but Rex and Blue weren’t there.

“Guys, something isn’t right. Blue has been gone since he stormed out yesterday.” Kapowski said.

“Maybe he’s sick. Oh, or pretending to be sick to get out of going to school! Man, I do that all the time!” Swindler exclaimed.

Nitrome Boss was passing through the hallway and heard him say this. The principal cleared his throat.

“Oh, uh, I mean I used to do that all the time. Like back in middle school. Now that I am in high school I am a mature and responsible adult who takes education seriously.” Swindler said.

Nitrome Boss smiled and continued down the hall.

Swindler let out a breath. “Man, that was close.”

“I mean, Rex is gone too, so maybe they made up last night and now they’re just running late.” Licorice suggested.

Rex walked over to them.

“Oh, hey Rex! Glad you’re back, are you doing okay?” Snow asked.

“I am fine. However, I did some digging yesterday. Then, when dad told me that that was just an expression for thoroughly searching for information, I put away my shovel mechanism and did some metaphorical digging. I traced the hacking signature to a warehouse across town, and I think that the hacker there may have framed me.” Rex209 explained.

“Whoa, that’s crazy! Wait, why would some hacker frame you for hacking into Blue’s email?” Kapowski asked.

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” Rex said.

“Whoa, hold on, Rex, that can of worms might be best left closed.” Snow said.

“Why would I have a can of worms? I am not going fishing.”

“That’s not what we mean. What we mean is that if you dig deeper into this problem you might just end up causing more problems between you and Blue. It might be best if you just leave that alone and give Blue his space until he cools off.” Kapowski explained.

“Perhaps you are right. Thanks for looking out for me.” Rex said.

The bell rang and the friends all went to class.

Later, in third period, Snow and Kapowski received early dismissals.

“Hey Monty, what’s our mission?” Snow asked as she and Kapowski entered the Skate Club headquarters.

“We caught some alarming security footage. It seems that Blue has been kidnapped by a crazy bird man and a duck riding in a Lego brick.” Monty replied.

“What!? We’ve...we’ve got to go save him!” Kapowski exclaimed.

“We don’t have any leads on where he might be, unfortunately.”

“Hmm...Kapowski, I think I’ve got it. The hacker. They must have framed Rex so that Blue would get mad at her and separate from her. Then he’d be completely alone and unprotected.” Snow said.

“Oh man...all right, let’s get to that warehouse.” Kapowski said.

The two agents left the office and collected their equipment. Snow changed into her stealth suit and Kapowski slipped on his gloves. Snow grabbed her dart gun and Kapowski cleaned his glasses.

They went to the warehouse across town. Snow picked the lock on the warehouse doors and slowly eased it open. The two of them snuck inside and closed the door behind them. The warehouse was completely dark. Kapowski switched on his gloves so that they would illuminate their surroundings with the soft green glow.

“Turn them off. If those guys are here, we don’t want them to see us first and get the jump on us.” Snow whispered. Kapowski nodded and switched off the gloves. They walked in an aisle between two towering, metal shelves.

They continued to walk through the darkness when suddenly they heard a strange noise come from behind them. They whirled around, but saw nothing.

The two of the continued forwards, now more cautious.

Another set of sounds came from up ahead. They stopped in their tracks, and then heard more behind them.

“What was that?” Kapowski asked, his voice shaking.

“I...I don’t know.” Snow answered, keeping her voice low.

Walking slowly forwards, Kapowski slipped and fell on his back.

“Ouch…” he grunted.

“Are you all right?” Snow asked.

“Yeah, I slipped on some paper...wait a minute...these are the blueprints for Blue’s Stalker X-10 robot, the one he made in robotics club...he’s definitely here somewhere.” Kapowski said.

“Let’s find him quickly and then get out of here before anyone finds us.” Snow said.

Suddenly, a light ahead flashed to life, blinding the two of them temporarily.

A figure then stood in front of the light, casting a large shadow over the two. Snow’s eyes finally adjusted to the change in light and she looked over at the figure.

He was garbed in purple clothes, a purple cloak, and a wide-brimmed purple hat. His eyes pierced the two students from beneath the hat. Slung across his back were two crossbows loaded with wooden stakes.

“Who are you?” Snow asked.

Instead of replying, the purple-clad man took out a small metal device and pressed a button on the side of it. An ear-splitting screech was released by the device, forcing Kapowski and Snow to the floor as they clutched their ears.

“There, now that you’re incapacitated.” the man said, leaping down from the metal girder. “I am the Vampire Hunter. That is all you need to know about me. Now that you’ve fallen into my trap, I can breathe a little easier. The two of you were tied for the second-most threatening.”

Suddenly, a blast of energy came out from the darkness. The Vampire Hunter leapt away from the blast as it impacted with the ground where he had been moments before.

Rex stepped out into the light. “Stay away from my friends.”

“Argh! You’re ahead of schedule, Rex.” he said.

Kapowski and Snow started to get up. “Rex, what are you doing here?” Kapowski asked.

“I decided that I wanted to go fishing.” she replied.

The Vampire Hunter used the metal device again, sending Snow and Kapowski crashing back down to the ground. Rex was unfazed by the loud sound and started to walk towards the Vampire Hunter. He drew both crossbows and fired them, but the wooden stakes bounced harmlessly off of Rex’s metal hull.

The Vampire Hunter leapt away as she fired another blast at him. Then, several robots leapt from the metal shelves above and ambushed Rex.

The robots had four legs, one on each side of their body. The hull was cylindrically shaped, and each leg had a spade-shaped outer shell to them. On the top of the hull was a circular disc with a red light on top of it.

Seven of them were climbing on top of Rex, hitting her with their metal legs. Rex’s hull glowed red as she heated up. She blasted two of them off of her with her proton blasts and then stomped one of them into a pancake. More robots started to file in to attack Rex.

Kapowski got up and punched straight through one of the robots. Snow grabbed a metal pole and started to bash the robots around.

“There’s too many of them, we need to find Blue and get out of here!” Rex shouted.

“Right, I’ll go get Blue, you and Kapowski fend off these robots!” Snow called. She ran away from the robots, turning invisible mid-run.

Rex and Kapowski smashed through more of the robots. Rex turned on the Vampire Hunter, who still stood there. She charged at him and he moved aside to avoid her. He dodged it very narrowly, and his hat was knocked off of his head. Rex turned on him again but then stopped suddenly.


Snow ran throughout the factory, and soon found a closet that held Blue in it. Turning off her stealth suit, she opened the door and Blue leapt out and started punching her shin.

“Take this! And this! And that! Haha! Cerulean Spark in the---Snow!?” Blue exclaimed.

“No time to explain, let’s get out of here, I don’t know how much longer Kapowski and Rex can hold those robots.” Snow said, scooping him up into her arms.

They ran to the exit of the warehouse. Rex and Kapowski met them there.

“We smashed a lot of them, but there are more coming. Let’s go!” Kapowski exclaimed.

They threw the door open and dashed away.

“They’re getting away!” Mother shouted. She was now in her normal form, a tall, cylindrical robot with a green glass dome on the top. Pink orbs and electricity surged within the dome.

“Let them go, we’ve already gotten the blueprints. We need to make more of those robots, quickly. Oh and call in the others, tell them that they are not to go after Swindler and Licorice yet. We’ll have to make a minor change in plans, but the end result will be the same either way. Those six will not get in my way…” the Vampire Hunter said, his hat now back on his head.

Episode Twenty-Four: The Vampire Strikes (Season Finale: Part Three)

“What the heck is going on!?” Blue shouted. He and the others were back at the school, in the courtyard.

“Calm down Blue, we don’t have all of the answers either.” Snow said.

“Blue, the people who hacked your email were the ones who captured you.” Rex informed him.

“Hmm...that explain a few things. Oh, but you guys aren’t going to believe this, this Vampire Hunter guy, he’s brought back a bunch of our old enemies!” Blue exclaimed.

“Enemies? We don’t have any enemies! Who’d ever want to...oh yeah, that guy...and the other guy...maybe the bunny…” Kapowski said.

“Yeah, it was Akuma, Droplet, Mother, Mr. Prastic, the crazy bird man, the street performer from Brick Con, oh yeah, and Norman Noggin too!” Blue said.

“Norman? That doesn’t...last I knew he was in jail.” Snow said.

“Well, he’s out! He’s got the singing voice of an angel and the head of an egomaniac if the phrase ‘big head’ were in a literal sense.”

“Who does?” Swindler asked. He and Licorice joined the group at the lunch table. “Wait a minute, it just hit me that Blue is back! Welcome back, Blue!”

“What? Oh, yeah, thanks. Do they not know?” Blue asked. Kapowski and Snow shook their heads.

“Know about what? Are you guys gossiping about people? That’s like my third favorite pastime!” Licorice cheered.

“Swindler, Licorice, all of us are in danger. Blue was captured by a man called the Vampire Hunter, and he’s after all of us...I don’t know why he is, or what he has to gain from it, but he’s got a group of a bunch of people who ‘’really’’ hate us in addition to an army of robots!” Kapowski exclaimed.

“Uh...what?” Swindler replied.

“We just rescued Blue from the warehouse he was being held in.” Rex said.

“You guys sound super crazy right now.” Licorice said.

“We’re telling the truth!” Kapowski yelled.

“Incoming message.” Rex stated.

“From who?” Blue asked.

“The Vampire Hunter.” she answered.

“Hm...answer it.”

Rex projected a video image in front of her. The Vampire Hunter was on the screen.

“All right, the six of you had better listen up. I am marching towards the school right now as you are watching this. When I get there, you’d better be ready to surrender immediately. Otherwise I will unleash the full power of my army onto your entire hometown! See you at Cuboy Academy…” he said. The video image then vanished as the message concluded.

“What do we do?” Swindler asked.

“Against his whole army? There isn’t a whole lot we ‘’can’’ do. One thing is for sure; we can’t let him destroy the whole city.” Snow responded.

“What are you saying?” Licorice asked.

“Uh, she said, ‘Against his whole army there isn’t a lot we can do, and the only thing we can be certain of is that we can’t let him destroy the city.’ Gosh, keep up Licorice.” Blue replied.

Over the hill came thousands of the quadrupedal droids, led by the Vampire Hunter. His allies flanked him on each side, with Mother moving alongside them on four legs similar to the other robots.

Down at the other end of the large field was Cuboy Academy. The sky was gray and dreary and a slight breeze blew across the field.

Kapowski, Swindler, Blue, Rex209, Snow, and Licorice stood at the other side of the field.

“Well, it looks like you got my message after all!” Vampire Hunter called. “Ready to surrender?”

Snow stepped forwards. “On one condition. You promise us that you will not destroy the city.” she replied.

“Of course. Now, come over here so that we can properly seal the deal.” he called back.

As the six of them strode forwards, Swindler called, “What the heck do you want with us anyway, man?!”

“Ha! You still haven’t figured it out?” the Vampire Hunter responded. He removed his purple hat to reveal a bald, green head. He put a pair of goggles on and crossed his arms before uttering a laugh that can only be described as malicious.

“Doctor Nastidious!?” the six of them chorused.

“That’s right! After my last plan to dominate the world was quickly foiled by you, I knew I had to get you all out of the way. I collected research and data on you all, and I must say you’re quite extraordinary.” Doctor Nastidious said, replacing the hat on his head.

Finally the six of them got to the other side of the field. Doctor Nastidious’ henchmen moved forwards and grabbed each of them.

“There, now let’s go.” Doctor Nastidious said.

“Stop right there!” a voice called.

Doctor Nastidious whirled around and looked out across the field. A single orange blob could be seen.

“You’re not going anywhere with my cousin!” Orange yelled.

“Ha! As if you could stop me! Akuma, slay the enzyme!” Doctor Nastidious ordered. The cyborg ninja dashed at an incredible speed across the field.

“No, Orange!” Blue shouted.

A collection of throwing stars hit the ground and stopped Akuma in his tracks.

Takeshi landed on the ground and drew another set of shuriken.

“Takeshi…” Akuma growled.

“What are you waiting for!? Kill them both!” Doctor Nastidious shouted.

Suddenly, the six students were warped out of the henchmen's grasp.

“Huh? Where’d they go?!” Norman asked to nobody in particular.

The students reappeared back on the other side of the field. Zapo’s hands returned to him as the portals closed.

Akuma and Takeshi began to duel. After exchanging many blows, Akuma finally had Takeshi on the ground with a blade at his throat.

“Any last words, Takeshi?” Akuma asked.

Before he could make a move, a sword of great size smashed Akuma aside. Hallbert helped Takeshi up and brandished his broadsword.

“Come on guys, you’re not just going to stand there, are you? Let’s get to work!” Hallbert called.

Neko and Owl flew down from above. Owl’s eyes glowed blue and Swindler suddenly found himself garbed in a sheepskin vest.

“The Barbarian! Woohoo!” Swindler yelled, swinging the battle axe over his head.

Teeno grinned as his Oodlegobs all came together and formed around him until finally a large, multi-colored behemoth with a giant Oodlegob head was standing before them.

Snow equipped her stealth suit and put on two metal bracelets. Upon clapping her wrists together, electricity sparked to life in her hands.

“Whoa, Silent Owl!” Blue exclaimed.

Through the sky above them, a toboggan flew through the air. Radd Bradd dropped down from the rocket sled and landed on the ground, catching his skateboard right after.

“Gah! Attack! Attack now!” Doctor Nastidious shouted. His entire army surged forth across the field.

“We’re outnumbered.” Kapowski said nervously as he put on his gloves.

“When did that ever stop us?” Blue asked as he hopped inside Rex’s cockpit.

“Blue, to handle an army of this size will take a great deal of methodical weapons use.” Rex said.

“Right, got it, so...random button mashing?” Blue asked.

“Just like when you play Smash Bros.” Rex replied.

Proton blasts, homing missiles, rockets, flamethrowers, lasers, and bombs were blasted at the army of robots, tossing wreckage up in the air.

Neko and Owl soared above the robots.

“Owl, I’m going to need some cake.” Neko said.

“I agree.” Owl’s voice spoke in Neko’s mind. A slice of cake levitated in front of Neko and the cat hungrily scarfed it down. A tiny burp escaped his mouth.

“Let’s do it.” Neko said. He opened his mouth and a mega laser blasted forth from it, disintegrating the robots it touched.

Hallbert and Takeshi worked their way through the army, smashing them to pieces wherever they went.

Droplet bounced over to Kapowski.

“Hi there friend! Allow me to EAT YOUR SOUL!” Droplet shrieked.

“Gah! No thanks!” Kapowski stammered. He winded up and then threw a punch into the rabbit, causing him to fly across the field and out of sight.

The Rainbogeddon Twins fired energy bullets at the robots, but the robots blocked them with their reinforced leg-shields. The robots turned on them and had them surrounded. One of them raised its metal pincer and slammed it on the ground, crushing a tin can.

As the robots were about to attack the twins, a pile of garbage next to them rustled. From the trash erupted Kyle.

“YOU TOUCHED MY CAN!!!” Kyle shouted. Going absolutely ballistic on the robots, they were quickly reduced to wreckage and the twins were safe.

“Who the heck is that guy?” Rosa asked.

“And what’s his deal with cans?” Azul agreed.

Swindler ran around smashing robots with his axe, having a whale of a time.

Meanwhile, Licorice found herself cornered by Brick Brickson, who was charging up his GunBrick cannon.

“No! I can’t be melted, I just got my hair done!” Licorice screamed.

“Bubbs! ‘Nilla! Choco! Berry! Smokey! Let’s get ‘em boys!” Mint Choc Chip called. The six ice creams tackled Brick Brickson and started beating him senseless.

“If you guys think this will make me go out with any of you again, you’re dead wrong.” Licorice said, rolling her eyes.

“How are we losing!? Mother! Akuma! Get busy!” Doctor Nastidious ordered.

“I don’t see you doing anything.” Akuma replied.

“Don’t you worry about me, I’ll be sure to get my piece of the action. Now get to it!”

Akuma grumbled and then dashed off. Mother began to lumber across the field on her new legs.

Doctor Nastidious threw off the purple coat and dispensed a small white cylinder. Pressing a button on it, the cylinder began to unfold and grow in size.

Elsewhere, Mr. Protagonist was swapping robots with mailboxes, making them useless. Mail Bird was bashing robots with his megaphone and Hotair dropped fish on them from above.

Even Austin and Justin were there, armed with a baseball bat and rubber chicken.

“Come on, Austin, let me use the bat!” Justin complained.

“No way! This is the only one we had! Besides, you threw paper!” Austin replied.

“Since when does rock tear through paper!?” Justin exclaimed.

A green form stepped in front of Rex and Blue during their rampage.

“Green!” Blue yelled.

“The one and only. Let’s settle this for good, Bluey.” Green replied, changing form to mimic Rex.

The three of them started to duel, with Green narrowly avoiding Rex’s proton blasts by opening up holes in his body for them to pass through. The green enzyme finally put a green lasso around Rex’s hull and flipped over her, forcing her to the ground.

Blue opened up the cockpit and pulled out a set of headphones. He quickly put them on Green’s head and turned the mp3 player on. The Lost Moons started to blare through the headphones, disrupting Green’s molecular structure. The lasso grew loose and Rex slipped out of it and quickly blasted the green enzyme into pieces.

“Why did you have the Lost Moons in your playlist?” Rex asked.

Blue shrugged. “Just in case I ever ran into him again, I guess.” he replied.

Zapo’s fists flew around and punched clean through the hulls of the robots, Eva bombarded them with her rocket toboggan’s snowball cannons, and Teeno’s Oodlegob Behemoth tore through robots and munched on the wreckage.

Mother deployed rockets that flew into the behemoth. The monster roared as the rockets hit it, swinging its arms about. It then charged at Mother and began to grapple with the robotic overlord.

Akuma and his cyber samurai began to duel with Hallbert, Takeshi, and Kyle.

“We’re starting to push them back! Keep going!” Akuma called to his minions.

Suddenly, over the horizon, a Tyrannosaurus Rex dashed up to the cyborgs.

“Me think these metal bullies need learn lesson!” Dokie said.

“Me agree!” Okie added.

Tyra the T-Rex started to tear through the cyborgs.

Doctor Nastidious hopped up into the cockpit of the Machine. “It’s time that we turned the tides!” he announced.

Kit and Angelo’s arrows bounced harmlessly off of the Machine as it approached them.

Eski swung in and grabbed the two of them before the Machine’s laser could blast them.

“Woohoo! Do you guys have this much fun every day here?” Eski asked.

Mr. Dove and Radd Bradd were having a duel of their own. Bradd smacked away birds as Mr. Dove released them from his trench coat and was starting to close in.

Bradd finally stepped on his skateboard to cause it to jump up into his hand. He caught it and raised it overhead, bringing it down on Mr. Dove and knocking him out.

“Man, that guy is totally coo-coo.” Bradd said.

Mother managed to finally knock down the Oodlegob Behemoth and pointed a rocket launcher at its head. Before it was able to fire, a metal tail smashed her aside.

The Demolition Crew stood upon the head of the Mechasaur.

“Can I blow them up, Foreman?!” Garry asked.

“Yeah, let’s blow them up!” Foreman answered.

“Yeeha! I LOVE MY JOB!!!” Garry shouted as he pushed a button on the remote. The Mechasaur opened its mouth and blasted an orange laser beam at Mother. The robotic overlord sparked and sizzled.

“I’m making a note here...huge failure.” Mother said before exploding.

“No!” Doctor Nastidious shouted, slamming a fist down.

“Hey boss, I’m out of here, this isn’t worth it!” Brick Brickson said.

“Don’t you dare abandon me!”

“I’m out of here too. I think I’ll go conquer a planet of bees instead.” Mr. Prastic said in agreement.

“Cowards! All of you!”

“Hey Doc, what gives!? You said this would be a piece of cake!” Norman said.

“I underestimated them. I didn’t take into account that they have a lot of other friends…” Doctor Nastidious said.

“Well, what are we going to do about it?” Norman asked.

Snow suddenly became visible behind Norman and delivered an electric shock to his back.

“Ouch! Hey yo, watch it!” Norman yelled.

“Just shut up!” Snow replied. She leapt into the air and spun around before delivering a kick to Norman’s face.

Elsewhere, Paul was hurling robots into orbit, Lyn was slashing them to pieces with two knives, Sparky was bumping them around in his Bump Battler, Rusty and Verde were zapping robots until they short-circuited, and Foot drop-kicked the droids.

Soon the whole army of drones was reduced to nothing, and only Dr. Nastidious was remaining.

“Don’t even try anything! The Machine is completely indestructible! Nothing can break through it!” Doctor Nastidious shouted.

The Mechasaur blasted it with its laser, but it didn’t even leave a scratch.

“Ha! What did I tell you!?”

No matter what the students and teachers threw at the robot, it wouldn’t budge.

“As fun as it was watching your feeble attempts to stop me, I think now is the time to begin destroying you all.” Doctor Nastidious said.

All of the sudden the green-skinned doctor was shoved against the glass dome over the cockpit. A green hand pushed a button on the dashboard and the glass dome opened, exposing the cockpit of the Machine.

“What!?” Doctor Nastidious shouted.

“Mischief!” Warlock exclaimed, teleporting back out of the cockpit.

Swindler and Kapowski leapt up onto the Machine and grabbed Doctor Nastidious.

“I don’t understand! How--?” he exclaimed.

“It doesn’t matter how. All that matters is that you remember to never mess with us again!” Swindler shouted.

Kapowski threw a punch into the doctor’s gut, sending him flying up into the air.

Rex209 blasted the doctor out of the sky with a well-aimed proton blast.

“Where did he go?” Licorice asked.

“I don’t know...Rex?” Kapowski asked.

“I can confirm that my shot would not have been a killing blow. He seems to have vanished. However, it is safe to say that he will not try to concoct any nefarious plans anymore.” Rex answered.

“Thank goodness for it, I feel like I could use a break!” Swindler exclaimed.

“A break? But...what about season five!? We’ve got to get started on more adventures right away!” Kapowski exclaimed.

“FOURTH WALL!” everybody shouted.

“Besides, how could we ever top this?” Swindler asked.

“It isn’t so much about topping it. It’s just about moving forwards. I mean, we’re only sophomores, guys. There’s a long way to go, and a lot more to do!” Snow cheered.