This article has the last nine episodes from Season Three of Plasmaster's 'hit' series Cuboy Academy. You can read them here to get a robot named Walter, get a new chair, ride a bike, get called out by the substitute teacher,, get kicked in the face? Okay, so those don't make much sense, but you can still read some of the Season Three episodes here, written by Plasmaster for your enjoyment.

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Episode Twenty One-The Substitute

The group of friends filed into the classroom, taking their seats.

"Hey Blue, where's your dad? He should be here today! It's Forensics don't think he got captured by that Nasty doctor guy again do you?" Swindler asked.

"No, that guy has long since been dealt with. No, my dad's just sick today. Came down with a case of the Greens." Blue replied.

"Oh no! Is it serious? What's the Greens?" Snow asked.

"A very bad cold."

"Why do you call it the Greens?"

"Well, because the cold is very bad, and green enzymes are very bad. Just connect the dots."

"Okay...well who is going to take over for him today?" Kapowski asked.

"Take over? What are you talking about?! Our teacher is out sick, so we get to kick back and relax for the next hour and a half!" Swindler said, doing just that.

"Um, what about a substitute?"

"Substitute? You mean those creepy aliens that replace your teacher for the day!? Gosh I hope one of them doesn't show'd be like the Raid of the Identity Stealers! You know, that movie with the--"

"Yes, I know what you are referring to. And that isn't what substitutes are."

"That's what my experience with them was like! Ugh, I hope I never have to see Mr.--"

"Good morning class, I am Mr. Prastic, but you can call me Mr. P." a small, tentacle creature said as it hobbled into the room.

Swindler gasped, his eyes wide.

"Swindler, what's wrong?" Snow asked.

Swindler gulped.

"Oh, Swindler? Yes, I believe I had you a few years remember me, do you not?" Mr. Prastic said as he hopped up onto the desk at the front of the room.

Swindler said nothing, keeping his mouth agape in fear.

"Ah, you've grown so big. It is good to see you again. Now, shall we begin the class?"

"Swindler, close your mouth, you'll catch flies that way." Snow said.

Swindler shut his mouth closed with one hand but did not take his eyes off of the substitute teacher.

"Let's begin with a role call, shall we? Canary?" Mr. Prastic said.



"I prefer to be called Kapowski, sir." Kapowski interrupted.

"I see. Mr. Kapowski, please try not to interrupt me."

Kapowski gulped in embarrassment. "Yes, sir."

"Oooooh, you got called out!" Licorice taunted.

"Shut up!"

"Miss Lady Snow Fox?" Mr. Prastic said.

"Here! You can call me Snow."

"Noted. Hallbert?"




After role call, Mr. Prastic began the class.

"Now, let's start with some equation balancing."

Kapowski raised his hand.

"What is..."

Kapowski raised his hand even higher.

"...the balanced form of..."

Kapowski stretched his arm high into the air, starting to grunt from the strain.

"...Yes, Kapowski?"

"Actually, Mr. Prastic, is Forensic Friday, so we're supposed to do some lab work, not equations..."

"Mr. Kapowski, I happen to have a lesson plan from Professor Matthias outlining what I am to teach you today. He also included a note saying that 'Forensic Friday' as you put it is not going to take place today."


"Haha! Two for two!" Licorice cheered.

"Stop it!"

"Swindler." Mr. Prastic said.

"Ahh! Don't take over my brain!" Swindler cried out.

" could you come up and solve the equation?"

"Oh, um...sure..." Swindler nervously rose from his seat and went up to the board. He started working the equation, when he noticed Mr. Prastic behind him, staring at his head.

Swindler gulped.

Mr. Prastic suddenly rose one tentacle.

"Ahh!" Swindler shouted. He whirled around and pushed Mr. Prastic away. Mr. Prastic fell to the floor.

"Swindler, what was that?" Snow asked as she and Kapowski ran to help Mr. Prastic up.

"I'm sorry, I just...I thought he was going to jump on my head and take over my brain!" Swindler stammered.

"Swindler, we've gone over this! He is a substitute teacher, not an alien bent on possessing the minds of the students!"

"Hmm, it seems you haven't forgotten, Swindler." Mr. Prastic said. The substitute removed his one-lens glasses and set them on the desk. He then turned to Snow and hopped up onto her head.

"Ahh! What are you doing!?" Snow screamed. Kapowski grabbed hold of Mr. Prastic, trying to pry him off of Snow's head.

"See! I told you!" Swindler shouted, pointing.

"This is no time for 'I told you so' Swindler!" Kapowski shouted. Snow pushed him away. She opened her eyes, which were now green.

"Haha! That's right, I've taken over her mind! You can't stop me now!" Mr. Prastic said.

Swindler grabbed a measuring stick and walloped Mr. Prastic right on the head.

"Blue, help us!" Kapowski shouted, pulling on Mr. Prastic's tentacles in an effort to get him off of Snow.

Blue and Rex209 stood up from their seat and took aim at Mr. Prastic.

Mr. Prastic leaped off of Snow's head, landing on Kapowski's head.

"Ow...what happened?" Snow asked, grabbing her head.

Kapowski yelled out as Mr. Prastic started wrapping his tentacles around Kapowski's head.

"Guys, don't you get it! Prastic is just parasitic with some letters missing! He's a parasite!" Rex209 announced.

Hallbert stood up. "C'mon, everyone, we've got to help them!"

Paul followed along behind him.

"This kid is too shrimpy anyway." Mr. Prastic said, leaping off of Kapowski and onto Rex's dome.

"What? It isn't working!" Mr. Prastic said.

"I am a robot. I have no mind to overtake." Rex said, zapping the parasite with electric shocks.

Paul grabbed the parasite in one hand.

"Ah, now you're a tough one!" Mr. Prastic said, grabbing onto Hallbert's helmet.

Everyone started grabbing the parasite, trying to keep him off of each other's heads.

Swindler stepped forwards with the measuring stick and smacked the parasite to the floor.

"Ugh, I don't think I'm going to get paid after this..." Mr. Prastic groaned. Swindler started stomping on the parasite multiple times.

"Swindler, stop! He's had enough!" Snow said.

"Sorry, I just...wanted to make sure he was thoroughly knocked out.

"I have contacted the police, they will be here momentarily." Rex209 said.


At the end of the day, the parasite was being thrown into a police car.

"Well, I'm glad no one was seriously hurt." Professor said. "A-a-achoo!"

"What happened to the real substitute?" Swindler asked.

"I imagine they took care of him."

"They killed him!?"

"No, they found him locked in a closet."


"Well, you kids had better get home, and so should I-a-a-a-achoo!"

From a black car in the parking lot, a dark figure watched the parasite being taken away.

"These kids are more resourceful than I thought..." he said.

"Or maybe you're just hiring really incompetent mercenaries." another voice said.

"Shut up!"

"Well you know what they say If you want something done right..."

"You've got to do it yourself. You have a point. I think it's time we paid these kids a visit ourselves."

Episode Twenty-Two: To the Future and Back!

"Ahh! What...what happened?" Snow asked, sitting up. She looked around her. She was outside, in what looked like a construction zone. The ground was very dirty, lacking grass of any kind.

Snow looked to her left to see Kapowski sit up, groaning.

"Ouch...where are we?" he asked.

"I don't know..."

"How did we get here?"

"I guess the robotics team's time machine worked..."

"Augh! Time machine!? Where are we? Is this the dinosaur ages? Is this an apocalyptic future? Is this Mars!?"

"I don't know...I don't think we are on Mars or the dino ages though, because that construction site over there says otherwise."

"Construction site?"

"Yeah, there is a sign over there. It clearly says, 'Welcome! This is not Mars or the dinosaur ages. If you believe you are in one of these locations or timelines, please consult a doctor.'"

"Quit messing with me!"

"No, I'm serious." Snow replied, pointing at the sign.

"Why would they have that?"

"Heck if I know..."

"So, if this isn't Mars, and it isn't the dinosaur ages, it must be an apocalyptic future!"

"Why don't we go look around to find out where and when we are?"

"Okay." Kapowski said. They set out to do just that.

Meanwhile, back at Cuboy Academy...

"Guys, we've got to fix the time machine or Kapowski and Snow could be stuck there forever..." Blue said. "Rusty, hand me an Alan wrench!"

Rusty came over and gave Blue the tool.

"Unit Rex209, were you able to get a reading on the date that Kapowski and Lady Snow Fox were sent to?" Rusty asked.

"Yes. According to my readings, they have been thrown twenty years into the future."

"Well at least it wasn't an apocalyptic future." Blue said as he tightened some bolts.

"Or the dino ages." Verde supplied.

"Or Mars." Canary said.

"Yeah. Anyways, can you guys stop standing around and help me fix this thing?" Blue asked.

"Oh, yeah, sorry." Canary said, setting to work.

Twenty years in the future...

"Kapowski, another sign!" Snow said.

Kapowski adjusted his glasses and read the sign aloud. "'You are entering the construction zone of the Glassworks. Cleaning rags required.' Well that's dumb! Why would you require cleaning rags on a construction zone but not hard hats?"

"Hey! Kapowski!" A voice shouted.

"Gahh!" Kapowski cried out as he fell to the ground, surprised at the mention of his name.

"Get back to work, you're supposed to be--hey, you're not Kapowski. Sorry kid, you just look a lot like one of my co-workers. Oh, and if you are going to hang around, clean some of this glass, would ya?" the man asked. The man wore a mechanical suit. He clutched a helmet under one arm and a wrench in his hand.

The man walked away.

"What was that all about!?" Kapowski shouted.

"Kapowski, I think I've figured out where and when we are!" Snow said.

She paused.

"Are you going to tell me?"

"Yes, right after I finish pausing dramatically!" The silence continued.

"Can you tell me now?"

"No! Shut up!"

Back at Cuboy Academy...

"Okay, we did it guys! It's fixed! Woohoo!" Canary cheered.

"Canary, we fixed the backlight on the date display screen. We haven't fixed anything actually useful yet." Blue said.


"You only joined this club because you are in every extra-curricular activity, didn't you?"

"Yeah...I don't know anything about robotics..."

Rusty walked over to Canary. "Allow me to transfer all my database knowledge of robotics to your mainframe." Rusty said, prodding Canary with a USB cord.

"Rusty, not everyone in robotics club is a robot." Blue said.


"Why are you in this club anyway? You and Verde are hall monitors!" Canary pointed out.

"Someone needs to make sure you organic life-forms don't screw up." Verde retorted.

"Right, and who was it that said, 'Let's fire this puppy up!' and then plugged it in?" Blue replied. All eyes were on Verde.

"I was low on battery..." Verde said.

"You don't run on batteries."

"That's why I'm low on batteries!"

"You know what, let's just get this fixed before something bad happens in the future..."

Twenty years after present day...

"We're twenty years in the future? And this is the place I work at as an adult?" Kapowski said in surprise.

"Precisely." Snow replied.

"I want to meet my future self! I have so many questions!"

"Kapowski wait! If you run into your future self it could have major consequences on the whole of time!"

"You're could tear apart the fabric of the universe!"

Suddenly, they heard voices from around the corner.

"Oh no! Someone's coming! Who could it be?" Kapowski said.

"The walls are made of glass, just look through it." Snow said.

"Oh yeah...with everything that has happened today my brain isn't alert as usual."

"Kapowski, I think that'!"

"We've got to hide!"

"Hey Kapowski, where are you going?" a voice said.

"I hear a lot of shouting over here, I'm seeing what is going on." adult Kapowski replied.

Kapowski and Snow ran and hid behind a bench.

"Huh...nothing." adult Kapowski said. He sat down on the bench.

Kapowski and Snow peeked over the bench, looking over adult Kapowski's shoulder.

He took a locket out of his pocket and opened it. Inside was a picture of a beautiful girl.

"Who is she?" Snow whispered.

"Snow...I think that's you...but a little older..." Kapowski replied.

"Oh...aww, that's so sweet, you still have a picture of me..."

Cuboy Academy...

"Aha! It's fixed guys! It is back to full power! Let's send someone in there to bring Snow and Kapowski." Blue said.

Everyone was silent.

"Come on guys, someone has to go in the portal!"

" looks scary!" Canary said.

"I'll go in!" Rex said. She closed the dome over the cockpit.

"Rex! Open it up! I want to get out!" Blue said, pounding on the glass.

Rex stepped through the portal, ignoring his complaints.


Adult Kapowski got up and went back to work. Kapowski and Snow sighed with relief.

"Thank goodness." Kapowski said.

"What a relief." Snow said in agreement.

"I concur." a voice said.

They turned around.

"Rex!" they both cried out, throwing their arms around the robot.

"Uh, I'm here too!" Blue said.

"Yeah but knowing you, you probably got dragged here against your will by Rex." Kapowski said.

"I did not!"

"Yes he did." Rex said.

Kapowski smiled smugly.

"Don't give me that look! Let me at him, Rex!" Blue said, punching the glass.

"Do you guys have a time portal open?" Snow asked.

"Yes. Follow me." Rex said. She led them to the portal.

"Let's go!" Snow said.

They all jumped through the portal.

Cuboy Academy again...

"They're back!" Canary cried out. He switched off the time machine.

"We were so worried about you." Rusty said.

"Now let's destroy that time machine." Blue said.

"No! We should keep it!" Verde protested.

"No way! If we keep it, it could send out time waves and turn Homer into a rampaging battle droid!" Blue said.

"Oh, good point..."

Canary and Rex smashed the machine.

"Hooray! Let's never touch that machine again!" Canary said.

"Hey Snow, we never got to see your future!" Kapowski said.

"Oh, you're right. Well, I suppose that'll have to happen some other time. Get it? Time?" she said.

"Yeah, we got it." everyone replied, groaning.

Episode Twenty-Three: Mind Your Own Bus-ness!

The group of five--

"Ahem!" Rex cleared her nonexistent throat.

Sorry, I mean six friends were all waiting for the bus to come and take them to the school that morning.

Little did they know that three of them were to meet with a terrible fate that spring morning...

" we have chemistry today?" Kapowski asked.

"We have chemistry every day sweetie!" Snow said, planting a kiss on Kapowski's cheek. He blushed for a second and then shook his head.

"No, I meant the class! I forgot my essay!"

"Don't worry, I've got it right here, you silly!" Snow said, taking the essay out.

Kapowski sighed. "Thank goodness. I don't want to look bad...unlike Swindler."

"Hey man, I actually did my essay this time!" Swindler protested, presenting it to him.

Kapowski nodded approval. "I've got to say I am impressed Swindler."

Suddenly, a strong wind gust blew by, snatching their essays from their hands and making off with them like an invisible burglar.

"Ah! Our essays!" Kapowski shouted, giving chase to the flying papers. Snow and Swindler followed close behind.

The trio started to rummage through some bushes, looking for the papers. With their backs turned, they didn't notice the bus pulling up to the bus stop.

"Uh, guys!" Licorice called.

"Not now, honey!" Swindler called over his shoulder.

"Guys!" Blue shouted.

"Not now, Blue!" Snow said.

"GUYS!" Licorice yelled.

"Shut up, Licorice! This is of the utmost importance!" Kapowski yelled back without looking up. Licorice scoffed.

"Talk to me that way, fine! Hmph!" she ascended the stairs onto the bus.

"Licorice!" Blue called to her.

"Come on Blue! They are being total morons, and I am not going to be tardy because they decided to be ignorant! Now come on!" she snapped back.

Blue froze. "Yes, ma'am." he said, startled by her sudden attitude. Rex and Blue clambered onto the bus. The doors shut and the bus roved away.

"Aha! Here it is!" Snow said, lifting Kapowski's essay out of the brush. Kapowski hugged her in thanks.

"And I've got mine! Okay, Lick, what is it?" Swindler asked, turning. "Where'd Blue and Snow go?"

"Aw man! We missed the bus! I'll be that was what she was trying to tell us!" Kapowski said.

"Well what do we do?" Snow said.

"I could get us a ride from my parents." Kapowski said, getting his cell phone out.

"Kapowski, your parents already left for work!" Snow reminded him.

"Oh yeah, and your uncle Monty already left too...well Swindler, looks like it’s up to you!"

"What? Don't look at me man! I don't have a ride other than the bus! My parents don't have cars, they use bikes!" Swindler said.

"Why!?" Snow asked.

"Well, it does cut down pollution and is a better way of transportation since it keeps your body healthy and--gah! We don't have time for that! We need to get going or we'll be late for class! School starts in one hour!" Kapowski shouted, exasperated.

"We'll just have to walk." Swindler said.

"You're right...if we keep a steady pace, we should get there just in time! Let's get going!"

6:30 A.M.


"Yeah! At this pace we'll get there in no time!" Snow said, speed-walking alongside Swindler.

"I...need...a break..." Kapowski panted. They looked back to see he was struggling to keep up. He collapsed behind them.

"Come on man! We've been walking for like two minutes!" Swindler said.

6:32 A.M.


"...that was weird..." Swindler said.

"Go on without me! My perfect attendance record and I will die but you must remember me as a great hero!" Kapowski said.

"Yeah, I can see it now. 'Here lies Kapowski: He died from walking too fast.' Yep, that's hero material right there." Swindler said.

"Okay, okay. I'm a bit better now, let's keep going." Kapowski said, picking himself up off the ground.

"All right, let's continue."

6:45 A.M.


"Do you guys hear that?" Kapowski asked.

"Hear what?" Snow asked.

Suddenly, a rustling sound was heard.

"Okay, I hear it now." Snow said.

"Hmm..." Swindler said.

All of the sudden, a furry red creature leaped out from a pile of garbage. It wore a half a soda bottle on its head.

"Hey! It's Davis!"

"My name is Kyle!" the creature shouted.

"Oh, right...his name is Davis, but he prefers to be called Kyle." Swindler whispered to Kapowski.

"How do you know this old coot?" Kapowski asked.

"He taught me how to stop whining and act on problems." Swindler replied.

"You mean like how you tackled Arctic Arthur?" Kapowski replied. Swindler winced.


"Hey! You guys! What are you three doing out here? Shouldn't you be at school already!?" Dav--er, I mean, Kyle asked.

"We missed the bus." Snow said.

"Buses are for people afraid of using their legs! That's why I ride this bike!" Kyle said, pointing to an old dented vacuum cleaner with his foot.

"Right...well, you're crazy..." Kapowski mumbled under his breath.

"What was that!?" Kyle shouted.

"Uh, he said it was nice to see you, Kyle, but we've really got to get going if we want to get to school on time." Swindler interrupted, holding up his hands diplomatically.

"Hmm...very well. Go on ahead then...but remember! If you see a can, it's mine! Don't touch it!"

"Right, of course. Bye Kyle!" Swindler said, pulling the other two along.

"That slowed us down a bit, so we'll have to step it up to a jog!" Snow said.

"Gah! Are you kidding!?" Kapowski replied.

"Nope, sorry. Let's get started."

6:59 A.M.


"Hey, uh...thanks for carrying me after I passed out, Swindler, but I think I'm good now." Kapowski said. Swindler set him down.

"We only have a half an hour left, but we are just a little over half way there. We should be able to make it as long as we don't stop." Snow said.

"Right..." Kapowski breathed.

The three started to jog again.

Ray Flipside pulled up alongside them in his sports bike. He opened the hood and peeked out.

"Hey guys! You miss the bus?" he asked.

"Yeah...we...are get...there on time..." Swindler said. Even he had started to tire.

"Well, I have room in my bike. Hop on in, Snow." Ray said.

"Oh, thanks Ray," Kapowski said. Snow hopped in the back. Kapowski and Swindler started towards the bike.

"Whoa, fellas, what're you doing?"

"You said you'd give us a lift." Swindler said.

"Sorry, I've only got room for one." he said, closing the hood.

"Hey!" Kapowski shouted, pounding on the glass. The bike zoomed off.

"Whoa! That was a jerk move!" Swindler shouted.

"Let me out of here, Ray!" Snow said.

"Don't worry, Fox, you won't have to walk with those losers anymore; I'll get you to school on time; besides, I've got a class to get to myself, ha!" Ray Flipside barked.

"Kapowski just so happens to be my boyfriend, Ray, and Swindler is my friend too."

"Listen, Fox, would you rather be stuck back there with those two or cruising with me?"

"I prefer to go by Snow, and yeah, I'd rather be with those guys."

Ray let out an arrogant 'pfft' and stopped the bike. He opened the hood. "Fine, get out then!"

Snow did just that. Ray closed the hood. Snow looked around and took out her dart gun. She fired a dart into the tire and then walked away.

"Ugh, why won't this thing get going?!" Ray shouted once she had left.



"Face it, Swindler! We won't make it in time!" Kapowski said.

"Snow!" Swindler shouted.

"Yeah I know, Ray took Snow." Kapowski said.

The two boys were suddenly tackled in a big hug from Snow.

"Snow! You came back!"

Swindler sighed.

"Yeah, Ray was a huge jerk, talking trash about you guys and all." she said.

"Man! I want to pop his bike's tires..." Swindler said.

"Already done." Snow said, smiling.

"Haha, nice!"

"But we'll never make it in time! It starts in fifteen minutes and we are too far away!" Kapowski said.

Snow sighed. "You're right."

"Maybe I can help!" a voice said. They turned to see a figure clad in a yellow rubber suit.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Hiro! Hazmat Hiro! I want to help you guys out." he said.


"To repay you for that one time you helped me..." he said, looking off into the distance.

"What is he doing?" Swindler whispered.

"I think he is having a flashback...honestly, I don't ever remember helping this guy in any way..." Kapowski replied.

"Well we are going to be late without his help, so just act like we did help him before." Swindler responded.

"It seems wrong...but I guess we could always repay him later." Kapowski said.

Hiro looked back at them. "Yes, you saved me from that collapsing water slide...I shall never forget it..."

"Uh...yeah! So, how will you be able to help us?" Snow asked.

"I have teleportation devices! Simply take them and push this button to whisk you away to your desired destination!" Hiro said, handing them each disc-shaped devices.

"Okay, cool! Hey, do you mind if I keep this? My boss said if I am late to work again he'll fire me. With this, I will never be late!" Swindler said.

"Of course! It is the least I can do since you saved me from that anaconda."


"So, go on! Push the buttons!"

"Okay, here we go!" Snow said. The trio pushed the buttons and the three vanished.

They reappeared in the classroom, just as the bell was ringing.

"Oh man! We made it!" Kapowski cheered.

Licorice looked over at them, confused.

"Hey Lick, next time, tell the bus driver to wait for us!" Kapowski shouted.

"Oh, I would have, except DON'T YOU EVER TELL ME TO SHUT UP!" Licorice shouted into Kapowski's ear.

"Message received..."

Episode Twenty-Four: Days of Future Classed

"Hey guys, come look over here! I found a butterfly! What an interesting specimen..." Kapowski said.

"Ugh! Of all the places to take a field trip, it had to be an actual field? This is probably the worst place to go, my hair is starting to melt, there are bugs everywhere, and somehow, Kapowski can be more of a nerd than usual!" Licorice complained.

"Aw, come on sweetie, it isn't that bad." Swindler said.

"Uh, actually, it is. Why are you even friends with that guy?"

Swindler stopped. "Hey! Listen Lick, you're my girlfriend and I love you, but Kapowski is my friend too. You don't have to like him, but you don't have to say those things about him either."

Licorice sighed. "You're right...I'm sorry. It's guys are so different! You're a jock, he's a play basketball, he plays video watch reality TV shows, he reads science journals and fiction books. You couldn't be any more different! I just don't understand."

"Well then, allow me to regale you with the tale of how Kapowski and I became friends..."


"Sorry, Kapowski has a word-of-the-day calendar at his house. Anyways, as I was saying, it was back in elementary school, at Nitrome Tower Elementary..."

"I was in the fifth grade...I was on the basketball team and I was really good. One day, I was in the bleachers at a game, getting ready to go out onto the court. All of the sudden, this dorky kid carrying a tuba tripped and fell on top of me!"

"Let me guess, it was Kapowski."


"You met when he dropped a tuba on you?"

"That's not the end of the story! Now shush!"

Licorice rolled her eyes.

"I had broken--or I should say Kapowski had broken--one of my arms. I couldn't play that day and I was really mad. He kept worrying over me, stumbling over his words as he apologized a million times. No matter how many times he said he was sorry, I was still mad..."


"Oh, my goodness! I am so sorry!" Kapowski cried out. He grabbed at his tuba and tried to lift it, but barely made it budge with his scrawny arms.

The rest of the football team bustled over and tossed the tuba aside.

"Ow! My arm!" Swindler groaned.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry! I'm so, so, so, so, so, so sorry!" Kapowski cried, grabbing at his hair in frustration and anxiety.

Two of the basketball players helped Swindler sit up. An angry look was plastered across his face.

"Sorry Steven! I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry!"

Swindler wouldn't take his eyes off of him. He held that angry glare.

Kapowski gulped nervously.

"Listen, Swindler, you can't play with your arm like that." one of the players said.

"I know." Swindler said sternly.

"Hey guys, let's get this dork out of here!" another teammate said.

They all hoisted Kapowski into the air. He kicked and flailed his limbs to try and escape. His tuba was carried after him as the basketball team carried him outside.

Swindler sat back on the bleachers, clutching his arm as medics came to attend to it.

Three people ran outside after the basketball team, one girl and two boys.

"Where'd they go? Blue asked, his voice transmitting through his proto-suit's speakers.

"They went that way!" Nectarine said, pointing. The trio ran after the basketball team.

"Ouch! Ow! Augh! I'm sorry--ow!" Kapowski shouted as the basketball team threw punches and kicks.

"Hey! Get away from him!" Nectarine shouted.

"This isn't any of your business, stay out of it!" a basketball player said.

"It is my business! That's my friend you jerk!"

"Yeah!" Blue said in agreement.

The other boy, a kid in an orange hoodie, pulled the drawstrings shut and crouched low on the ground, eager to avoid confrontation.

"Come on, Justin, don't be a coward! These guys aren't going to beat us up just because we're Kapowski's friends." Nectarine said.

"Actually, we are." a basketball player said.

Justin hugged his knees and fell over on his side to protect himself.

One of the basketball players grabbed Nectarine's arm and yanked her into the center of the ring of bullies. She could see that Kapowski, along with his tuba, had already taken quite a beating.

Soon after Justin was thrown into the mess.

"You see what you've gotten me into, Princess?" Justin said, his voice muffled by his hoodie.

"You know I hate being called that!"

A few blasts were heard, and the trio looked up to see that Blue was fending off the bullies, but was soon overwhelmed and thrown into the group in the middle.

"Guys, this doesn't look good..." Blue said.

"I can't look!" Justin said, tucking down into his hoodie like a shy, orange turtle.

The four friends were subject to a great amount of pummeling and pounding. Once it was over and done with, the basketball team ran back inside.

Nectarine had bruises all over, including a black eye.

Blue's protosuit was cracked in multiple places, but was otherwise unharmed.

Justin was rocking back and forth, hugging his knees. They'd taken his hoodie and thrown it away, and then left several scrapes and bruises on his arms and face.

Kapowski had gotten the worst of it. Nectarine and Blue helped pry his tuba off of his head, and once they had done so, they saw he'd gotten two black eyes, in addition to all of the other scrapes and bruises.

The next day, Swindler was at the hospital, getting his arm checked out. They put a cast on it after taking a few X-rays. Of all the people Swindler expected to visit, Kapowski was the last one.

Kapowski walked in the room, his wounds not doing much better than the day before.

"What...what are you doing here?" Swindler snapped.

"I came to apologize..."

"You already apologized!"

"I know, but...I feel really bad about this..."

Swindler scoffed. "What, did you go beating yourself up over it?"

"This? The basketball team did this."

Swindler's anger dissipated in that instant.

"What?" he said, his voice softer than before.

"Yeah, but don't worry about it..." Kapowski said.

I could have stopped it...I could have done something to keep the team from doing it...I didn't know... Swindler thought.

"Well, anyways, my friends and I made this for you." Kapowski said. "Come on in, guys." Kapowski said.

Kapowski's friends filed in. Swindler shed a tear when he saw that they were in similar shape as Kapowski. Princess Nectarine, the tomboy girl with a feisty attitude and a kind heart...Blue, the kid who was able to speak fluent sarcasm...and Justin, the shy guy. Swindler couldn't imagine how awful it must've been for them to get bullied like that, and yet here they were, giving him a great big 'Get well soon' card, hand-made with markers and glitter-glue.

"Thank's the best gift I've ever gotten..." Swindler breathed.

"Aw, was nothing, really Steven." Blue said.

"My friends call me Swindler."

"Oh, that's neat, Steven." Kapowski said.

Swindler gave a short chuckle. "You can call me Swindler."

"Oh...oh!" Kapowski said, realizing what Swindler met. Swindler smiled and rolled his eyes.

Not Flashback...

"Wow...I had no idea. You guys must be really good friends then, huh?" Licorice said.

"Yeah. To think that after I let such a terrible thing happen, he still went through all that trouble for me." Swindler said.

"So whatever happened with Justin and Nectarine?"

"Well, Justin became friends with Austin, gained some more confidence, and now he goes to BetterthanCuboy Academy. Nectarine, she goes to this school, but we haven't talked to her in years. Of course, you know what happened to Kapowski after we became friends. We got into middle school and Kapowski thought he had to be cool to be friends with me, and so Coolpowski became a thing. Nectarine hated it so much that she up and left the group. Snow moved into town, she snapped Kapowski out of his insane notions, and then here we are now."


"What is it?"

"I think I'm starting to see Kapowski as more than just a dorky nuisance."

Episode Twenty-Five: Schoolhouse of the Dead

The six friends walked into history class and sat down at their desks. Mr. Nutzinbolts robotically walked through the door and set his things on the desk as the school bell rung.

"Good morning students. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Now in honor of the tradition known as 'Halloween', I will be telling you some spooky historical facts today." he said.

"Ah, sweet! I love me a good ghost story!" Swindler said.

"These are not ghost stories, they are historical events. Now, first we have a fact about the very school you are in right now. They say this school was built on top of an ancient burial ground of the Mountain Tribes of old. If anyone were to anger these restless spirits, something very bad could happen. Like a zombie apocalypse..."

Kapowski gulped.

"That's called foreshadowing kids!" he said robotically.

"Whoa, breaking the fourth wall is my thing!" Kapowski said.

"Of course. Now, next we have..."

Swindler leaned over to Kapowski and said, "Hey Kapowski, you're not scared of zombies, are you?"

"Of course I am!" Kapowski said.

"Pfft, you know they're not real, right?"

"Don't say that! What if one of the Mountain Tribe spirits hears you?"

"Oh come on, they weren't real either."

Suddenly, a loud, ominous boom was heard.

"Did you hear that?" Snow asked.

"Yeah, I heard it. Oh no, do you think it was z-z-z-zombies!? Hold me, Kapowski!" Swindler said mockingly. He started to laugh.

"Come on Swindler, you're being a jerk." Blue said.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm just having some fun with you Kapowski."

"It's too late now! Eerie music has started to play!" Kapowski shouted.

"Kapowski, Swindler, is there a problem?" Mr. Nutzinbolts asked.

"Well, actually, there--"

"Look out!" Mr. Nutzinbolts shouted, dashing towards the door of the classroom. He slammed it shut.

"What's going on?" Swindler asked.

"All right, who here said that the Mountain Tribe stuff was hogwash?"

Everyone turned and glared at Swindler.

"What? It is!"

"Stop it! You're going to make it worse! I told you it was FACT did I not?" Mr. Nutzinbolts asked.

"Yeah, but--"


Swindler peeked out through the small slotted window on the classroom door.

"Holy Poly!" Swindler said. Out in the hall was a group of zombies, shambling along.

"Do you see what you have done?" Kapowski said.

"Well, uh, that's okay, we'll be safe as long as we're in here, right?"

Suddenly, a portal opened in the middle of the room. Azul and Rosa fell out of it; they were now green and grotesque.

"Ahh! Zombies got in! How!?"

"Azul and Rosa have been zombified, so now they are zombies with the ability to teleport!" Snow said.

"I thought their mom was allergic to teleportation power-ups..." Licorice said.

"Yeah, but as zombies, all they care about is eating brains..."

"Brains!" the two zombies chorused.

"Everyone, keep them away! Ouch!" Mr. Nutzinbolts said as Azul bit his arm.

"Oh no! He's going to turn into a zombie!" Kapowski shouted.

"Don't worry, as a robot, I am unaffected by the zombification bite." he said as he picked up Azul and threw him into a glass case. "This special case will keep him from using any power-ups."

"Why do you have that?" Blue asked.

"It is Halloween. One must be prepared."

Suddenly, they all heard a clicking noise

"What was that?" Hallbert asked.

They all looked over at the door to see that Rosa had opened the door somehow.

"Oh no!" everyone shouted as zombies started coming in the room.

"Quick everyone, through the back." Mr. Nutzinbolts said. They all ran out the back door.

"Wait, where's Licorice!?" Swindler said.

"Ahh!" a voice screamed.

They all looked back to see Licorice being bitten. Soon she turned into a green, ice-creamy goop-zombie.

"It's too late for her now, she has already turned into a zombie!" Snow said.

"What do I do!? Do I need to say sorry to the Mountain Tribe or something!?" Swindler said.

"Yes, but saying sorry is not enough. You must go to the gym where the tribe chief's house used to be and make an offering of pizza and chocolate bars." Mr. Nutzinbolts said.


"Why!? We'll all be turned into zombies if you don't!" Kapowski shouted.

"No, I meant why pizza and chocolate bars?"

"The dead like pizza and chocolate bars." Snow said.

"All right, that's all I needed to know. How do we get to the gym though? The school is probably crawling with zombies by now!"

"We'll need to fight our way there. We must assemble a team. Looks like we already have a formidable one already; even so, there is power in numbers. Now who is with us?" Rex209 said.

"I will fight!" Hallbert said.

"Me too." Paul said, pumping one fist.

"I guess I'm stuck with Rex..." Blue said.

"You do realize that if I let you out of here that you'll be zombified, right?" Rex said.

"I love you more than ever Rex...just, don't let me out of here."

"You know I'm in! I'll put on my gloves." Kapowski said, rummaging through his backpack.

"I'm with you." Snow said.

"As much as I hate to team up with you guys, looks like I don't have a choice." Radd Bradd said.

"It is settled then. Let's get going, and be sure to rescue any survivors to join our group. Namely, robots." Mr. Nutzinbolts explained.

The group set out towards the gym.

They dodged lots of zombies and fought lots of zombies along the way, some of them former fellow students.

"Oh no, Arctic Arthur and Purple Frost!" Snow said, pointing.

Zombie Purple Frost froze the floor, allowing Zombie Arctic Arthur to dash in quickly.

"Look out! Trouble incoming!" Swindler shouted.

Paul drop-kicked Zombie Purple Frost while Hallbert and Kapowski smacked Arctic Arthur way golf-club style, with Hallbert ding the swinging and Kapowski being the golf club. Hallbert set Kapowski down and brushed him off.

"Thanks, nerd-geek." Hallbert said.

"Don't...mention it..." Kapowski replied, dazed. He shook his head to clear the dizziness.

"More zombies coming up from behind! We'll never make it, there are too many!" Blue said.

"No, you guys will make it." Kapowski said.

"What!? Kapowski, no. We'll leave someone who is immune to the zombies behind to hold them off." Snow said.

"You guys need Nutzinbolts as the team's zombie expert and you need Rex as the one with the biggest firepower. Trust me, there will be more powerful zombies up ahead. I will stay."

Snow bit her lip to keep from crying.

"Don't worry, just get Swindler to the gym and I'll be all right."

Snow nodded and dashed off with the rest of the group while Kapowski dealt with the incoming zombies.

"The effects of the zombification will be reversed once Swindler gets to the gym. There is no need to fear." Mr. Nutzinbolts said.

"That idiot...that brave, stupid idiot..." Snow said.

"Guys, we're coming up on the library. We're almost there." Rex209 said.

"Wait, the doors to the library are sealed shut. We can't get to the gym unless we cut through here!" Swindler said.

"I'll smash them down!" Paul stepped forth, raising one fist.

"Wait! You'll make too much noise and alert the zombies. There's got to be another way in..."

"Who goes there?" a voice boomed in all of their minds.

"Owl!" Snow cried out. "Owl, it's us! Let us in!" Snow said.

"You could just be zombies trying to trick us..." Owl said telepathically.

"Zombies aren't that smart."

"Hey, look, there is a group of non-zombies over there that probably don't know that zombies are smart enough to trick people and are complete idiots! Get them!" a voice shouted. A wave of zombies surged forth at the group.

"Ahh! Please Owl let us in!" Blue yelled.

"I will let you in if you know the is super secret and there is no way a zombie could--"

"Tarragons rule." Snow said.

"That is incorre--agh! Th-that's right! Zapo, let 'em in, quick!" Owl said.

A portal opened up in front of the library door. They all leaped through and found themselves in the library.

"I see you all know a way to stop this zombie invasion." Owl said.

"Wow, good guess!" Radd Bradd said.

"Thanks, but I actually just read your minds. Now, go and see Neko. He is in the fan-fiction section hording all of the cafeteria food."

"Why?" Snow asked.

"He is a big go!"

They all went over to the fan-fiction section to find Neko wolfing down a tub of ice cream and reading an Adventure Cubed comic book.

"Neko! There you are! We need pizza and chocolate bars! It's the only way to stop the zombies!" Snow explained.

"Oh...well, I suppose I can part with the food if it means the end of all these zombies." Neko said.

"Zapo, can you teleport us all to the gym? We need to get this food to the basketball hoop and have Swindler perform the 'sorry ritual'." Mr. Nutzinbolts said.

"How do I do that?" Swindler asked.

"Place all the food under the basketball hoop and say, 'I'm sorry.'"

"Well, okay then."

"I can get you there no problem, but there are zombies all over the gym. You must be careful." Zapo said.

"Neko and I will come with you. It is the least us noble knights can do." Owl added.

Zapo opened the portal. Neko threw all the food through and everyone else followed in after it.

They appeared right in front of the basketball hoop. The food was in the right place.

"Wow, there are a lot of zombies here..." Paul said.

"Everyone protect Swindler. Form a circle around him and don't let anyone through!" Hallbert shouted. They all did just that while Swindler stood in front of the food.

"You must form the pizza and chocolate into a statue of a giant worm." Nutzinbolts said. "Make it look good too."

Swindler started making a sculpture out of the food.

Meanwhile, Hallbert hurled dodgeballs at the zombies, Paul hurled them to the moon, Neko blasted them with his mega laser, and Owl pushed them away with his telekinesis.

Radd Bradd stepped on his skateboard, caught it in his hand, and then slammed a zombie in the face with it. "You might want to hurry up guys!"

"There, I'm done!" Swindler said.

"Now, say sorry." Mr. Nutzinbolts instructed.

"I'm sorry, Mountain Tribe! I am sorry!"

A bright white flash occurred and all of the zombies either vanished or returned back to students.

Kapowski walked over to Snow. She smacked him across the face.

"Ow! What was that for!?" he asked.

"That was for being dumb!" she said. Then she kissed him and added, "That's for being so brave."

Kapowski blushed.

"It worked guys, it worked!" Swindler said.

"Maybe now you will understand that the things I teach in my class are alive and relevant and you will have a new appreciation for it?" Mr. Nutzinbolts said hopefully.

"Yeah...I don't think so. I did learn not to make fun of things claimed as fact though."

"Okay, as long as you learned something I suppose..."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go home and tell all of those scam artists that I was sorry for not believing them. Bye!"

"I think that was the wrong thing for him to learn..." Blue said.

"I'm just glad it's all over." Rex replied.

"Yeah, all we have to do now is tell the rest of the world that zombies are real..."

"Oh boy..."

Episode Twenty-Six: Mind Over Mettle!

"Okay, seven o'clock works for me." Blue said into his cell phone.

"Blue, who is on the phone?" Snow asked.

"Not now, Snow!" Blue said, covering the mouthpiece of the phone. "Huh? Oh, no sorry, I was just talking to my friend. Yes, I know the place. The one with the fancy napkins."

"Blue, who are you talking to?" Snow asked again.


"Is it a girl?" Snow asked.

"Don't talk to me as if it's cute!"

"So it is a girl..."


"Give me the phone!" she yelled as she tackled Blue and grabbed the phone.

Blue managed to bark out a quick, "See you at seven!" and push the Hang Up button before Snow could see who it was.

"Who was it Blue?" Snow asked.

"It was Sorbet."

"Why couldn't you tell me that while you were on the phone?"

"Oh, because I wanted you to sit on my substrates before I told you."


"Ugh! When someone is on the phone with somebody else, it's rude to ask them who is on the phone!"

"Oh...sorry. You have another double date tonight?"

"No, it's my first single date with Sorbet."

Snow gasped with excitement. "Congratulations!"

"Thanks. Now can you please get off me? You're squishing my cytosine!"

"Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry." she said, getting off of him. Blue hopped back up and the two walked out of the closet where Blue had gone to make his phone call.

"Let's get back to the table." Blue said. The two of them returned table where Hallbert had occupied Snow's seat.

"Hallbert, I was sitting there. Would you mind moving?" Snow asked him kindly.

"It's no use Snow. Hallbert is dead set on keeping that seat." Swindler said.

"What if one of us were to beat you in a contest of strength? Would you give Snow her seat back then?" Kapowski offered.

Hallbert scoffed. "The only person that can best me in such a competition is Paul, and he is over there spinning Neko on one finger like basketball."

"Arm-wrestling is not about brute strength, but simple angle calculations! If I angle my wrist and apply the right amount of pressure in the right place, your arm will wilt like"

"Flower?" Swindler said.

"Eh, I was trying to make some kind of bad Undertale pun, but that works."

"You dare to break the fourth wall in front of me? Heh, I am going to enjoy slamming you into the ground." Hallbert said.

"Uh, guys, it's cool. I just grabbed another chair." Snow said from her new seat.

"This is no longer about a chair, but about my lady's honor! Prepare thyself, barbarian, for my arm of steel awaits thee!" Kapowski said, placing his arm on the table.

Hallbert glanced over at Snow. "I admire his sense of honor and chivalry, but seriously, you actually like this guy and his nerdiness?"

Snow shrugged and smiled. "I think it's cute."

Hallbert sighed. He placed his arm on the table and he and Kapowski grasped each other's hands. Kapowski took out a protractor and began taking measurements of he and Hallbert's elbow angles, wrist sizes, wind speed, temperature, pepperoni-pizza-smell to table-cleaner-smell ratio of the cafeteria's air...

After so many measurements, Hallbert got tired of waiting and slammed his arm down with great ease. Kapowski was spun around in his seat and slammed belly-down on the floor from the sheer force of the impact.

"Let me try." Swindler said, sitting down. "Math won't weasel you out of this one Kapowski! Now it is time for brawn against brawn!" He and Hallbert gripped each other's hands.

"Heh, finally someone who knows something about arm wrestling!" Hallbert said as the two began. Swindler put up much more of a fight than Kapowski, but was inevitably beaten.

Rex209 stepped as a mechanical arm popped out of her side. "I would like to accept the challenge."

"Whatever you say, robot." Rex and Hallbert gripped hands with each other.

"Rex, you're going to get destroyed! If I didn't have a chance against him, nobody does!" Kapowski said.

Swindler looked over at Kapowski and then sarcastically said, "Um...yeah."

"I observed both you and Swindler's matches and have concluded that the best way to win this contest is by combining both of your strategies. My computer has already taken all of the needed calculations and my motors are at full charge." Rex209 explained.

The two began their arm-wrestling match. Five minutes later the two of them were still in total stand-still.

"Wow, they can't even make each other budge!" Swindler exclaimed. The lunch bell rang. They all started packing their things. "Uh, guys, lunch is over, you can stop now."

"No! Rex is a worthy opponent! We members of the bear clan are taught from birth to never step down from a challenge, especially against worthy opponent!" Hallbert grunted.

"My servers are in all-out competitive mode! I am literally unable to stop until a winner is decided." Rex said.

The others shrugged and went off to class.

After school that day, Blue walked over to Sorbet's house. He held flowers in one hand and wore a very nice tie that Professor had lent him.

Sorbet answered the door. She wore a lovely, silk white dress. She took the flowers and thanked him. He took her arm in his and escorted her down the steps. They climbed into a car parked outside her house.

"Hey, you dropped something." Blue said.

"What?" Sorbet asked in her sweet Southern accent.

"Your standards. Hi, I'm Blue."

Sorbet giggled at his joke.

"Okay, let's go to the Canopy Café!" Blue said.

"Hang on." the driver said, winding up an old digital camera. Professor then leaned over and turned so that the camera was pointed at the two of them. "Say, 'Deoxyribonucleic acids'!"

"Dad!" Blue said, annoyed.

"Oh, just wanted to get a selfie of you on your first date!"

"Dad, we've been over this, it's only a selfie if you're taking a picture of your self!"

" the Canopy Café!" the Professor tossed the camera aside and started driving.

Blue groaned and sat back in his seat.

"Oh, don't worry about that; I think it's sweet." Sorbet said, kissing Blue on the cheek. Blue turned pink from blushing too much. "Heehee, Professor I think you should rename Blue."

Meanwhile, back at the school, Rex and Hallbert were still struggling to pin each other's arm down. They had begun to draw a crowd.

"WHAT IN CUBOY'S NAME IS GOING ON HERE?!!!111" Principal Nitrome Boss shoved his way through the crowd. "SCHOOL ENDED HOURS AGO! GO HOME! WHAT ARE YOU ALL GAWKING AT!?!?!?!" He saw the arm-wrestling contest. "YOU TWO! STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW!"

"Principal Nitrome Boss, they've been at this for hours! It's gotten to the point where if one of them even speaks, they'll exert too much energy for their bodies to bear!" Canary exclaimed.

"WHAT!? This is an emergency! One of them could get seriously hurt! I am breaking it up now!" Nitrome Boss said. He grabbed Hallbert's arm, but it was so full of pent-up energy that it burned his hand on contact. "My goodness!"

"Hey, Nitrome Boss, one of them is bound to lose at some point, and then it ends. Until then, why not make some money off of it? You and I will split the profits, fifty-fifty." Swindler said, a lollipop stuck in his mouth.

"Hmmm...I do like the sound of that!"

"All right people, form two lines! Those who want to place bets, form a line here!"


At the Canopy Café, Blue and Sorbet were enjoying their date. Blue apes dressed in suits swung from vine-covered canopies overhead and waited on people and served food from above.

"Here is your food." the waiter said as he lowered it onto their table from above.

"Thank you." Blue said.

"Oh my, I'm sorry, but I ordered mine with no onions." Sorbet politely said.

"Oh, right. Okay. So you expect me to take this platter and go all the way back to the kitchen just because your food has onions on it!? Is that it?" the waiter said snobbishly.

"Y-yes..." Sorbet replied, a bit startled.

"Haha, I was totally messing with you, ma'am. I'll get that fixed right away." the waiter said, swinging away.

"Well...the service is definitely...interesting." Blue said.

Back at the school, the arm-wrestling raged on.

"I'm betting on Hallbert!" someone shouted.

"Put me in for ten dollars on Rex!" another person called.

Suddenly, Hallbert shouted as his body could no longer hold in all of the energy. Sweat poured from his face as his arm faltered and Rex slammed it down against the tabletop.

The crowd's cheers stopped completely.

"ALL RIGHT, IT'S OVER! EVERYONE GO HOME!" Nitrome Boss shouted.

"I have to say Rex, you put up quite a fight. I salute your strength." Hallbert said.

"Thanks. You did great as well." Rex209 replied. They went to shake hands, but then decided against it.

The next day Kapowski approached Hallbert. "All right, Rex e-mailed me all of her calculations from yesterday and I have memorized all of them! I want a rematch!" Kapowski set his arm up on the table.

Hallbert sighed and took out his phone and set his arm on the table. Kapowski gripped Hallbert's hand, tilted his wrist at an angle and began pushing. Hallbert sat there with his arm unmoving while he absentmindedly checked his phone.

He looked up to see Kapowski struggling. "Oh, did we start?" he asked. He then easily slammed Kapowski's arm down.

"I don't understand!" Kapowski shouted.

"You may have had the calculations down, but you did not have the strength."

Kapowski looked down, defeated.

"You'll get there."

Kapowski smiled. "Thanks."

"Hey Blue, how'd your date go?" Snow asked.

"Really great actually. Sorbet and I had our first kiss last night, so that was cool." Blue replied.

"Aww! Congrats!"

"Thanks Snow. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to leave a bad review for Canopy Café..."

Episode Twenty-Seven: The One Plas Forgot To Give a Title At First

"Oh my gosh, I've been waiting for like two years now!" Kapowski shouted.

"Come on, we haven't been waiting for the bus for that long." Licorice said.

"No, I meant I've been waiting for season three to just end already! Where is it Plas!?"

Swindler promptly smacked Kapowski upside the head. "Fourth wall Kapowski!"

"Gah, sorry, I just..."

The bus screeched around the corner and abruptly stopped at the bus stop. The six of them filed onto the bus and went to the middle of the bus only to find their usual seats were being occupied.

"It's fine, we'll just sit somewhere else." Snow said. They moved to the back of the bus but before they could sit down the bus started moving forwards and they fell on top of each other in a big heap.

"Ow, Rex's cannon is digging into my gut!" Swindler shouted. They found themselves in a big tangle and couldn't get up while the bus continued to move. The bus finally stopped, but did so in such a sudden manner that the entire pile of friends ended up rolling over.

Canary, Teeno, and Arctic Arthur saw the friends in a pile as they climbed on board the bus and ran to help them get up. They all got untangled and took their seats.

"Gee, does this bus driver know what he's doing!?" Licorice shouted.

"Hey, pipe down, all right? I have a license!" the Viking bus driver called back.

"And now that we're on the bus..." Blue said, yawning. He reached up and grabbed a shutter cord at the top of the glass dome on Rex and pulled it down, hiding Blue from view inside the cockpit.

"Come on Blue, wake up." Snow said.

Rex opened the cockpit and ejected Blue from the suit, splatting him on the back of the seat in front of them.

"Can't a guy get some shut-eye around here!" Blue said.

"Blue, we've got to talk about our group date." Swindler said.

"Oh, you mean the one where all six of us go out? Yeah I think I'll pass..."

"I think it's a great idea!" Sorbet said from the seat behind him, peeking up over it.

"Ugh, but we always go on group dates and double dates. Can't we have some dates with just the two of us?"

"Next time, I promise."

"All right, fine. Where are we going?"

"Someplace fancy, we still need to decide."

The bus screeched to a halt again, throwing them all forwards.

"Why do we even take the bus!? It'd be safer if Licorice drove us!" Kapowski exclaimed.

"Hey! That', you're not wrong." Licorice replied.

"Um, guys, look who is on the next bus over." Swindler said. They all peered out the window to see a BetterthanCuboy Academy bus on the road alongside their bus. Austin sat in the seat, staring blankly out the window with ear buds in his ears.

"It's just Austin, what about him?" Snow asked.

"Quiet and listen." Swindler said. Everyone went silent. A loud screaming sound could be heard.

"Augh, what is that awful sound?" Licorice exclaimed.

"Is that...Austin's music player!?" Arctic Arthur asked.

"Oh my wonder he's so dumb. He melts his brain out with that music turned up so loudly!" Snow said.

"Dang, what band is he even listening to?" Canary asked.

"Next on 201.5 NTRM radio station, Lost Moons!" a voice from the bus's radio announced.

"Ooh! Yeah! I love this band! Turning it up!" the bus driver shouted as he cranked the volume to max.

"AAAAAH! I THINK I FIGURED OUT WHAT BAND IT IS!" Snow shouted over the music.


"Ahh...I...can' me..." Blue muttered.

Nobody could hear him, but they soon saw what was happening.


Sorbet hopped over the seat and helped Blue up, his enzyme body already beginning to break up and melt away.

"WE NEED PEOPLE TO GET HIM INTO REX AND PEOPLE TO STOP THE MUSIC!" Canary shouted. He grabbed his laser cannon from his backpack and took aim at the radio. He fired a laser only to have something block it. A ghostly form appeared in front of the radio and soon it could be entirely made out. It was a short, old Viking with a very tall horned helmet on and a long wooden staff held in one hand.

"We members of the Raven Clan love the Lost Moons! You shall not silence their voices!"

"It's killing our friend!" Swindler shouted.

"I don't care! Let this song finish first!"

"He'll die before it ends, you ghost lunatic!" Kapowski shrieked.

Canary fired more lasers but the ghost blocked them with strange energy shields.

"Come on! Let's stop him!" Swindler shouted.

Sorbet and Snow helped Blue up, who was already in worse shape. Rex moved forward to get closer to Blue.

Teeno, Swindler, Canary, Kapowski, and Licorice advanced on the ghost. Swindler picked up Arctic Arthur and hurled him at the ghost, but he phased right through the spirit and crashed into the windshield, sliding down and collapsing on the floor.

"Eesh, sorry Arthur!" Swindler called.

Licorice tried to freeze the ghost, but to no avail. Teeno stepped forth to deliver a punch but slipped on the ice and crashed to the floor.

"Wait, that's it! Guys, everyone get closer together!" Kapowski said. They all huddled closer.

"Hey, Mr. bus driver, the Lost Moons tour bus is right there on the side of the road!" Licorice called.

"Whoa! Really!?" the bus driver slammed on the brakes and all of the kids were thrown forwards in a big heap, with the ghost crushed underneath them.

"Urgh...I...can't get up!" the ghostly Viking grumbled.

"Even ghosts can't escape a tripped up pile of kids on a suddenly moving school bus!" Canary said.

Arctic Arthur got up off the floor, as he had not joined in the dogpile, and hopped up, switching off the radio.

Snow and Sorbet came over and helped the other students up off the floor as their ears were given relief from the audial torture.

Rex209 walked over, with Blue safely secured with her cockpit. He was in bad shape, but many robotic devices inside Rex's cockpit were already tending to Blue's wounds. "Scans indicate that Blue took quite a bit of physical damage from the excessive amount of sound energy, but with a few hours in my mobile infirmary he will be just fine." she stated.

"Thank goodness. Hey, where'd that ghost guy go?" Sorbet asked.

"I guess he left once he was able to get up off the floor." Licorice said.

"Strange that he even showed up in the first place." Kapowski said.

"Who are you guys talking about?" the bus driver asked.

"The ghost-guy village chief thing." Snow explained.


She explained that he was some sort of ancient ghost from the Raven Clan.

"Well, there was an old Viking that used to drive this bus, but he died a long time ago." the bus driver said.

"Wait, so this bus is haunted!?" Canary stammered.

"Nah, I'm just messing with you. You kids have such imaginations. Anyways, let’s get you all to school."

They all took their seats and fell asleep the rest of the way to school, stuffing cotton balls in their ears before they dozed off.

From the other bus, which had been driving alongside them the whole time, Austin had watched the entire thing occur. He ripped out his earbuds and laid back in his seat.

"I don't think I want to listen to the Lost Moons anymore..."

Episode Twenty-Eight: Completely Stumped

Note: Narrator lines to be read in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

My Foot. My creator wasn't all that good with names. I am literally, a foot. No body attached or anything, just a large, green foot with some metal parts sticking out of it. I know nothing of my past but for one thing: my name. Also my creator was green. And there was this cold metal table. It was also storming outside on the day I was created. Okay, so maybe I know more than just one thing.

I know nothing else of my creator though. I am green. He was green. Was I created to serve as a foot for my very own creator? I am not sure. If so, I feel kind of bad for breaking out of the lab then, he must be hobbling around looking for me.

Upon being created though I had but one question: why? What was my purpose in this world?

I broke out of the laboratory seeking answers. I don't have a mouth, so I can’t exactly ask my creator my purpose, so I set out to discover the answer for myself.

I hopped all over in search for answers. I found few things more satisfying than to kick things in the face. Was my purpose to kick things? I am not sure, but it sure does feel good.

Right now I find myself at a place known as Cuboy Academy. On my way here I had much fun kicking things in the face, finding any reason to do so.

Someone says hello to me, I kick 'em in the face. Somebody looks at me funny, I kick 'em in the face. An old lady needs help crossing the street, I help her cross the street, help her carry groceries, she bakes me a ton of cookies, I kick her in the face.

In this place there are many people I can kick in the face. I waited outside for the door to be opened for someone. This scrawny kid wearing a sweatband came out and held the door for me. I hopped inside and then kicked him in the face.

Now inside, I searched for more people to kick in the face. Was it to feel the rush of kicking someone in the face, or simply to distract me from the mystery of my creation? I know not.

A few minutes later and a bell rung. Dozens of people swarmed out of doors on each side. I hopped up and kicked a penguin in the face. The small creature fell to the ground crying. I hopped over it and kicked a purple robot in the face and then immediately turned around and kicked a kid with preppy-looking hair that wore a tie. The kid wore the tie, not the kid's hair.

Suddenly though, among the euphoria of kicking people in the face, I felt a great force come from the side and I was flung across the hallway, slamming against a wall. Towering over me was a caveman wearing a toga and a strange headdress.

"Sabertooth make you feel what like to be kicked!" the caveman named Sabertooth grunted. He then walked away.

I managed to get back up on my foot. I had taken quite a blow to my sole. This whole experience has really made me look at things from a new ankle. It was almost like before this moment I had merely been tip-toeing around the truth.

The way it felt to be wasn't nice. Though I felt good mindlessly kicking things in the face, I had never stopped to consider what pain I had caused them.

I hopped away as fast as I could. I bumped into another tall figure, a large, green creature. Had my creator come back for me? Would he now tell me all I desired to know of my existence?

The creature looked down. It wore a black mask across its eyes.

"Oh, sorry about that man, I need to watch where I am going." the creature said. He then stepped around me and continued on his way. It seems I had been merely hoping that I would find someone that knew the answers I sought, but to no avail.

I continued to hop through the building as students bustled around from class to class. I soon found myself in a large gathering area where students congregated and consumed food products. I dearly wished that I had a mouth so that not only could I ask the questions I wanted so badly to ask, but also so that I may partake in eating food. The food I wanted to devour the most would be a sandwich purchased at a restaurant chain named after a train station that only cost five dollars. The sandwich would cost five dollars, by the way, not the restaurant.

I hopped up onto a table and found five students eating there. I did not wish to disturb them, but it seems that I had, because they all stared uneasily at me as if it were discomforting for them.

"Why is there a disembodied foot on the table?" a small purple blob girl asked.

"I ran into it earlier today. It must be a new student." said the green creature I had run into earlier.

"Ugh...its so...gross." the purple blob said.

"Licorice, that isn't very nice!" said an Asian girl in a skirt and blouse.

"What? It doesn't have ears!"

Now here they were, talking as if I were not there. Feeling confused, I hopped down from the table and onto a wheeled cart. An employee of the establishment came and pulled the cart along, toeing me across the large room full of students. It seemed I had nailed it at failing at life. I knew not why I was here, and though I am here, people choose to ignore me anyways.

Once I had gotten across the room I leapt from the cart and went as fast as I could down the hall towards the exit.

Suddenly, someone shouted from behind me, 'Heel!' and so I complied, stopping.

The Asian girl and a blue liquid inside of a robotic suit ran to catch up with me.

"Hey, sorry about Licorice, she just doesn't think about others before speaking. You can come back and join us if you'd like." the Asian girl said.

I felt elated to have been accepted like this. I started to follow her when I heard another voice call from down the hall.


I turned on my heel to see my creator hobbling down the hall towards me. Sure enough, he had one leg missing.

I backed away. not wishing to go with him. Though I now knew that my purpose was to be his other leg, I did not wish to fulfill it. I wished to be my own foot, and stand tall, rather than serve as some sort of pedestal for this large man to stand upon. I had been accepted into society and wanted to make a life for myself in it rather than to be a servant to my creator.

"What's wrong buddy?" he asked. I turned and started to run, but he managed to catch up to me and scooped me up.

"Oh no you don't!" he said.

I struggled to get free but could not escape. He began to take me from my place of refuge when suddenly his arm was blasted off of his body with a blue laser.

"Put him down, or we'll be forced to bring the foot down on you!" Blue said. "Eh? Eh? Get it?"

"I'm free!" my creator's arm said, slithering away. How it managed to talk, I was not sure. Was it a developed ability over time for each of the limbs my creator made for himself to use? I am not sure, though I did wonder how he created the first arm seeing as how he didn't have any to begin with.

I managed to squirm free of his grasp. I prepared myself to have a shin-dig with my creator, but he lost his balance and fell to the floor, not even putting up a fight. I leapt forwards and delivered a powerful kick to my creator's face, sending his head flying clear off his body.

"Oh no! Did that guy kick the can?!" the Asian girl said, running over to the head.

"Get away from me! Those limbs are mine!" the head yelled.

"Phew, it's all right, he is fine."

I hopped happily to the cafeteria, ready to begin a life of my own.

"I think you'll like it here, Foot. We've even got a dance club; you should audition, I'm sure you'll be a shoe-in. Eh? Good one right?" Blue said.

"Blue, knock it off before I sock you right across your--oh gosh now I'm doing it..." Snow said.

Episode Twenty-Nine: (Season Finale) Return of the Revengineer

"Congratulations, Kapowski, you are now officially admitted into the Skate Club Agency as a full-fledged field agent!" Monty announced.

All of the secret agents in the room cheered. The room was large and white, with metal floors and large computer consoles along the walls. The ceiling was a large domed shape.

"Wow, thanks guys. I won't let you down!" Kapowski said, saluting. Monty saluted back and then proceeded to his other duties. "Your uncle Monty is so cool, Snow!"

"Yeah, he is pretty cool. Not too good at coming up with names, but cool."

"I know, like, what kind of name is Skate Club Agency?"

"Well, it is discreet that's for sure. Just...skating club? I don't know. I feel like something else would have a better ring to it."

"Oh, by the way, what team am I assigned to?" Kapowski asked.

"Let's go over to the agent board and find out." Snow said.

They went over to a large monitor located in the center of the room, with many names of agents and their respective team names displayed on it.

"You're on team...Skateboard." Snow said.

"Aw, I was hoping I could be on Team Rollerblade with you." Kapowski said.

"Well, you'll be happy to know that I was actually just transferred over to Team Skateboard as Team Rollerblade was converted into a rookie agent team!" Snow announced.

"That's great!"

"Hey!" a voice called.

Snow turned around to see Austin and Justin standing there.

"Who are you calling rookies? We're going to be the top of the line! My team will be the best team of them all!" Austin proclaimed.

"A-Austin!? You're the leader of the new Team Rollerblade?" Snow asked, surprised.

"Yeah! The director snuck a note into my locker that told me where to go. I was able to show it to Justin before it do you make paper self-destruct anyway!?"

"Why would he ask you to join the agency?"

"He said my particular set of skills would be one unique to the agency. He said it would be helpful to have a team leader that knows what it is to be on the other side of the justice system. You know, somebody who knows how delinquents, troublemakers, and evil masterminds tick."

"Well, that's pretty cool, actually. So you're done trying to sabotage Cuboy Academy?"

"I never said that..."

"Same old Austin."

"Well, Justin and I have got to go meet up with our other two team members. See you around, nerds!"

Kapowski and Snow turned their attention back to the monitor.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, we should see who our other two members are." Kapowski said.

"Hmm...let's see, its Eva Lanche and...oooooh..." Snow said.

"Aw man, are you kidding me?"

Suddenly, Monty's voice came over the intercom. "Snow, please report to my office to receive a mission."

"Be right back, okay Kapowski?" Snow said as she ran off.

A few minutes later she came back.

"We have a big mission on our hands. Let's assemble our team."

"I'm here. What's our---" Bradd said as he came over. "Oh."

"Bradd." Kapowski said.

"Dante." Bradd replied.

"Come on guys, I know you've argued in the past, but can you please work together on this mission?" Snow asked, putting an arm around each of them.

"Of course." Radd Bradd said nodding. He stepped on his skateboard, causing it to jump up into his hand.

"I'm in." Kapowski said in agreement.

"All right, now let's find Eva and--" Snow started.

All of the sudden the ceiling of the headquarters exploded and dozens of flying robots invaded the complex.

"We are under attack!" someone shouted. Agents all over grabbed for their weapons and started to combat the robot invasion.

"All agents to your battle stations! I repeat, all agents to your battle stations!" Monty called over the intercom.

The robots fired lasers all around. Snow tackled Bradd to the ground, saving him from being blasted. Kapowski dove under a table and pulled his Energy Gloves out of his backpack, slipping them on.

Across the room Austin and his team fought a robot squadron. Suddenly, a much larger robot flew over to his group.

"Come on guys, let's take him down." Austin shouted. He and his three amateur team members confronted the large drone only to be blasted with a freeze ray. They were completely immobilized.

Kapowski ran over and, charging energy into his fist, punched clean through the robot's hull.

"The big ones have freeze rays! Watch out!" Kapowski called.

Already dozens of agents had been frozen and were entirely helpless.

"Remain calm! All able-bodied agents target the larger drones before they--" Monty's voice was cut off by the sound of a laser blast.

"They froze Monty!" Radd Bradd shouted as he bludgeoned a droid with his skateboard.

"Skateboard!" a voice called. Kapowski, Bradd, and Snow all looked over to see a blue penguin sitting on a toboggan. "Hop on! We've got to get out of here and find the source of these droids!"

Kapowski and Bradd climbed onto the toboggan, as impractical as it seemed.

"We can't just abandon the station!" Snow protested.

"Snow, think about it; there are too many robots. If we stay we'll also be frozen and the nobody will be able to stop these robots. We need to go!" Radd Bradd said.

Snow clenched her fists and then let out a breath. "You're right. Let's go." Snow leapt aboard the toboggan.

"How exactly is this sled going to get us out of here?" Kapowski asked.

"First off, it’s a toboggan. Second off, hold on tight!!!" the penguin said. Engines started to rev and suddenly the four of them were blasting off as the toboggan's rocket propelled them forwards. They took off through the large hole in the ceiling, narrowly dodging robots and laser blasts. They flew a great distance away before anyone said anything.

"I'm Eva, by the way. Eva Lanche." Eva said, introducing herself.

"I'm Snow."

"I'm Kapowski."

"Radd Bradd."

"It's a pleasure. I think we'll all make a great team. Now, let's put together a game plan. My toboggan's radar indicates that a massive aircraft was here not long ago and is flying away from our current flight path. I say we follow it." Eva said.

"Good plan. Once we get there, if we deem it to be the source of the robots, we'll stealthily infiltrate it. Eva, you'll stay on the toboggan and be prepared to pick us up if we need an evacuation from the aircraft. Kapowski, you'll do a bit of hacking to figure out the schematics of the ship while Bradd and I sneak into the facility itself. Clear?" Snow said.

"Clear." everyone replied.

They flew after the aircraft and soon reached it. It was a giant, purple airship. Dozens of the robots seen in the headquarters earlier were on a landing dock.

"All right, we're going to land on that landing dock." Eva said.

"Are you crazy? It's crawling with drones!" Kapowski exclaimed.

Eva pressed a button on the dashboard of the toboggan and two small cannons unfolded from the sides of the toboggan. They rapid-fired snowballs at the robots; many of the robots were buried under piles of snow while others were able to dodge some of the snowballs. They fired lasers at the toboggan. One of the large robots stepped out onto the landing dock and saw the approaching rocket toboggan. It aimed at the flying snow transport only for Eva to crash the toboggan right into the robot's chest, toppling it over and knocking it off the airship.

"That's how you land a toboggan." Eva said. The other three hopped off the toboggan and dispatched the other robots. Kapowski took out his laptop and began hacking into the ship's firewall while Snow and Bradd guarded the door that led out onto the landing dock.

"All right, I've got a schematic. I'm sending it to your phones." Kapowski said. Snow and Bradd nodded and stepped inside the ship.

"Keep an eye on my six." Snow said. Bradd nodded and hefted his skateboard onto his shoulder, glancing back every so often to ensure they weren't being followed.

They soon came to a large room with control panels located throughout it. In the middle of the room was a swivel chair, its back turned to them, and a single spotlight on it.

"No..." Snow breathed, knowing who it was.

"What?" Bradd whispered.

"You always did like to make a dramatic entrance, didn't you?" Snow called.

The chair turned around to reveal none other than Norman Noggin sitting in it, his hands folded in his lap. "You know me to well, yo!" he replied, rising from the chair.

"Why are you doing this? Why are you sending robots to attack the agency, Norman?" Snow asked.

"Ah, ah, ah, that is where you are wrong, Lady. I am no longer 'Norman Noggin'. I am now...the Revengineer!" he announced proudly.

Radd Bradd let out a little snort. "The Revengineer? Seriously?"

"It was the best one my team of execs could come up with. Anyway, before I begin my monologue how about we bring in the rest of your friends?" Norman clapped twice and the door across the room opened up. Kapowski and Eva were tossed onto the floor, their hands cuffed behind their backs.

Another pair of robots appeared behind Bradd and Snow and grabbed them both.

"There, comfy? Now, back to me. I used some of my money to buy a giant airship and mass-produce these robots so that I could infiltrate your agency, freeze the agents to stop them from stopping me, and expose you all to the world!" the Revengineer said.

       What a dumb name, right?

"Why!? Why would you do that?" Snow asked.

"Why? So that I could get my revenge on you and Kapowski of course! You two have humiliated me one too many times! The perfect plan, obviously, is to expose your agency and humiliate the two of you in the process! It's genius!"

"Just because you have a big head doesn't make you smart." Kapowski remarked.

"Silence! Now, you and Kapowski will have to be held captive on this ship for a while; once I have hacked into the agency's firewall and exposed its secrets, I will release you two so that the humiliation can begin!"

"What about me and Bradd?" Eva asked.

"Ah, yes. As for you two, I have no need for you. Walter, throw them off the ship!" Norman Noggin shouted.

"Yo, narrator man, I am the Revengineer!"

R-right, of course.

"My name is not Walter." the robot said as it lifted Eva and Bradd up off the ground. It roved over to a door, blasted it down, and tossed them both out.

"No!" Kapowski shouted.

As they fell, Bradd struggled against his cuffs.

"If I had my skateboard I could open the compartment on it and take out my lock pick set!" Bradd shouted.

Eva looked at him blankly.

"You really think I wouldn't be prepared for this?" she asked. She pressed a button on her watch and the toboggan, controlled remotely, flew underneath her and she landed on it as it zoomed by. Bradd continued free-falling through the air. Eva rolled backwards, putting her arms back in front of her, and she then manually steered the toboggan to catch Bradd. They flew back up to the airship.

"Now, take them to their cells, Walter." the Revengineer commanded.

"My name is still not Walter." the robot said, grabbing Snow and Kapowski. Eva crashed through the wall with the toboggan and landed right on top of the Revengineer.

"Ow! Walter, get this thing off me, yo!"

"My name is NOT Walter!" the robot shouted. It dropped Snow and Kapowski to the ground and left.

Bradd grabbed his skateboard and pulled out the lockpick set, which he then used to free them all from their cuffs.

"All right, now to shut down this place." Snow said. She placed an explosive charge on the wall and set it to 'Epic Escape Scene' mode.

"What is that mode for?" Kapowski asked. Eva dragged the Revengineer, who was now handcuffed, onto the toboggan.

"Get on the toboggan fast. We need to make a quick getaway." she said.

They all climbed onto the toboggan and it blasted off, exiting the airship just as it exploded so that it would look really cool and awesome from the outside, with three different camera angles capturing the explosion for maximum awesomeness effect as they flew off on the toboggan and didn't look back at the explosion, opting to put sunglasses on instead.

They made it back to headquarters and used the Revengineer's massive head to break the ice, freeing the agents. He was then promptly thrown in jail.

"Excellent work, Team Skateboard, the whole of the Skate Club Agency thanks you and recognizes you for your great efforts." Monty said, saluting them all.

They all saluted back.

"Man, this was so awesome! I'll bet there could be a whole mini-series about this spy stuff!" Kapowski exclaimed. Bradd punched him in the gut.

"No fourth wall breaking in here, man!" Bradd said. Snow shook her head, smiling.

"By the way, Lady Snow Fox, what was that mission Monty assigned you to before the headquarters were overrun?" Eva asked.

"Please, call me Snow. Just because I'm your leader doesn't mean you need to address me so professionally. Also, our mission was actually to locate and defeat the Revengineer, who had been stealing freeze ray technology from international test sites. It was pretty fortunate that he came to us, actually." Snow replied.

Eva nodded and abruptly saluted Snow. "Well done, Lad--I mean, Snow."

"It wasn't all me. We all contributed. You in particular were incredible. You must be very talented in this line of work."

"Thank you, Snow. That means a lot, coming from you. You were, and still are, an idol of sorts to me. You inspired me to go from weapons testing to field agent. Thank you."

"Wow, that's...thank you so much. I'm honored. Hey, would you like to go and just hang out sometime?" Snow asked.

Eva smiled. "I'd like that very much."

~This episode is dedicated in its entirety to my best friend Ally-san. Ally, you are so very strong and I love you very much. Keep fighting, I will be there to support you any time.