Cuboy Adventures

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Arrow Keys, Space Bar



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This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


The game follows Cuboy and his friends and family. His family is having a barbeque. He and Cubette go into the garden to be alone, but Cubrute shows up and abducts Cubette. Cuboy races to the patio, where everyone is sitting at the table, and tells them what happened. Cuboy, Cubro, QB, Cubrat, and Phil all leave the barbeque to rescue Cubette. They fight through several worlds and finally reach Cubrute's house where they defeat him. Cuboy and Cubette are reunited and they all go home to eat delicious barbeque.


Arrow Keys or W ,A ,S ,D- move left, right, and jump

Space Bar- attack


Cuboy- throws hammers in an arc to attack, is the highest jumper

Cubro- is the fastest character, throws boomerangs to attack

QB- has the strongest attack, throws BBQ Bombs to attack

Cubrat- can wall jump, swipes a sword to attack

Phil- can pick up and carry items and even enemies, attacks by throwing those items or enemies

Cubette- a side character, is captured by Cubrute

Cubrute- final boss, is very large, attacks by summoning Cubugs and ground pounding


Cubugs- Cubrute's main force, walk along the ground or fly, harmful on contact

Cubears- tougher enemies, harmful on contact, throw rocks

Cubulls- charge at the player, harmful on contact

Cubombs- self-destruct when the player gets close

Cubeasts- very strong, attack with a ground pound


Spikes- harmful on contact

Lasers- deadly on contact, turn on and off

Rocks- are thrown by Cubears, harmful on contact


BBQ Chicken- points, will go towards your total score Cherries- super-charge the player's attacks (gives Cuboy's hammers rapid fire ability, Cubro's boomerangs explode when you click, QB's bombs have a wider blast radius, Cubrat's sword gets a dash attack, Phil's items explode when they land)

Double Jump- gives player a double jump ability

Cubette's Bow- uses Cubette's Bow (wich she dropped) to give player a gliding ability by holding the up key while in the air


There are five bosses in Cuboy Adventures, one every ten levels.

Cuboo- a Cube Ghost that attacks by firing shadow balls.

Dr. Cubrain- an evil scientist that attacks by firing a ray gun.

Cubicle- an egotistic CEO that attacks by throwing bombs and charging

Captain Cube Claws- a pirate captain that attacks by firing a cannon, throwing cherry bombs, and swiping a saber

Cubrute- the main badguy, attacks by summoning Cubugs and ground pounding


  • The gameplay is based off of the Mario Games.
  • All of the characters are cube-shaped.
  • Cubro is Cuboy's older brother.
  • Cubrat is Cuboy's younger brother.
  • QB is Cuboy's cousin.
  • Phil is Cuboy's best friend.
  • The Cube People like to eat barbeque.